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  1. You are with me or against me ,that the rule of season , there’s no need for ,’tinjuan pendapat’ .
    Mahyudin has been sack from the cabinet lineup ,UMNO membership is just a small thing to do.

  2. Helen,

    Many people including UMNO members would have been cowed and voted against Muhyiddin after a series of Najib’s harsh actions against him re the 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion – sacking from Cabinet, temporary suspension of his Deputy Presidency of UMNO.

    Plus the sacking of Khairudin of Batu Kawan, Anina of Langkawi, threats on the dissenting Ketua2 Cawangan (one revealed his sacking at the Shah Alam Save Malaysia event). And the banning of Malaysian Insider and Malaysia Chronicle and threats on others that publish dissenting views.

    Not sure how much censorship was applied but let’s see if the situation changes after the Australian Four Corners programme and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation report “Najib Razak 1MDB scandal..” at


    So much money was pouring so rapidly into the Malaysian Prime Minister’s personal bank accounts that it rang internal money-laundering alarms inside AmBank, a major Malaysian institution part-owned by Australia’s ANZ.

    PM’s personal account held under codename ‘Mr X’

    Account received more than $US1 billion in two years
    Millions of dollars spent on luxury hotels, cars and jewellery

    Malaysian state-owned company topped up the Prime Minister’s credit card accounts with millions of Malaysian ringgit in cash.

    Mr Najib’s Platinum Mastercard and Platinum Visa had been overdrawn thanks to a 3,320,670.65 ringgit ($US1,039,369.91) purchase of jewellery in September 2014 — a spending spree described inside AmBank as a “huge volume”.

    1. re: “And the banning of Malaysian Insider and Malaysia Chronicle and threats on others that publish dissenting views.”

      TMI was not banned for publishing “DISSENTING” views. Its last transgression which finally elicited the MCMC block was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

      The opposition black propaganda outfit is infamous for its “kenakan” orang, especially our religious authorities (Jakim, Majlis Fatwa, Jais, etc), ulama and anything/any individual who’s Islamist.

      was pro-Christian sakan and its incessant fitnah qualifies the people running it for dajjal status.

      In fact, TMI even fitnah the Majlis Raja-Raja to the point that the Rulers’ Council unprecedentedly lodged a police report and the dajjals-in-chief were hauled up for questioning.

      Even Nik Abduh – see below – perasaan the sneaky hatchet jobs that TMI has been carrying out without break, and at one time was required to issue a record-breaking four apologies in the span of a single week to victims of its slander.

      TMI did not represent journalism. It was the epitome of the Black Art of Mendajjal.

  3. Here’s another link to news that might vindicate Muhyiddin for raising the 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion issue, and get him more votes for the above poll –

    Excerpts –

    The Financial Times has said that Najib Razak has turned out to be a “disastrous” prime minister for Malaysia, having plunged the country into international disrepute while deepening the trust deficit towards him and his administration among the people at home.

    The news portal also noted that Tim Leissner, a senior Goldman Sachs banker who dealt with 1MDB, had taken “personal leave” and returned to the US.

    It said .. the lack of any clear accounting was giving the impression that democracy in Malaysia was being “shredded by a self-serving Malay elite”.

    “.. Many may wish for a more accomplished leader, but the problem runs deeper than personalities,” the Financial Times said.

    1. Correction:

      Should have been

      ” .. another link to news that vindicates Muhyiddin …”

        1. Thank you for the Bloomberg link which shows not only how Malaysia was whacked by Najib’s 1MDB but also how the bankers Goldman Sachs and their bossman in Malaysia got wanked down.

          From “one of the top banks four years ago, it has fallen far. It ranked 17th for local mergers and acquisitions work last year.”

          Goldman Sachs is Jewish, the bossman in Malaysia, Leissner, is also Jewish. Money genius, shrewdness etc, but pandai pandai tupai melompat …

          Some of the points in that report were not generally known and may be shared here:

          1. “The bank’s $6.5 billion deals with 1MDB made money and trouble”. It made $593 million working on three bond sales that raised $6.5 billion for 1MDB in 2012 and 2013.

          2. There was “Anger about the bank’s profit”. But that anger was over-shadowed by controversy over whether the money 1MDB raised was spent as intended on local projects or was siphoned off.


        2. [Continuation] –

          3. “I am not a thief,” Najib said last July, as investigators probed the hundreds of millions of dollars (RM2.6 billion) that were said to have shown up in his bank accounts. Recently he said “I’m not a crook,” as investigations continued and people refuse to let the 1MDB issue go away.

          4. Malaysia’s Attorney General said in January that Naib did no wrong doing but that same month, Switzerland’s prosecutors asked for Malaysia’s help investigating 1MDB, saying they suspected $4 billion may have been misappropriated.

          5. The U.S authorities are also doing investigations connected with 1MDB. Investigators subpoenaed leissner in February over the 1MDB work. The government told him he’s not a target.
          Authorities are exploring whether Goldman Sachs misled 1MDB bondholders or broke anti-corruption laws.

          6. The firm put Leissner on leave in January, and he resigned soon after. But look at the kind of man who deals with 1MDB and Najib – he provided a biography at a forum saying he got a doctorate in business administration from Somerset University. But a retired federal investigator told a U.S. congressional committee on education in 2004 said a school with that name offered degrees for $995,

          7 Yet Leissner went back to US in January and lives in a US$11 million Beverly Hills mansion just north of Sunset Boulevard. Presumably not far from Najib’s stepson Riza Aziz’s abode which Najib and Rosy visit periodically. And possibly bought with ill gotten money as commission of one kind or another from 1MDB. And the Malaysian rakyat may well have been the suckers – those were the rakyat’s money.

          1. Bloomberg does cover the trade deficit, monthly, sometimes even daily, if you are interested in reading about it. Some are quite insightful. But we are not talking about trades, deficit or surplus, are we?

    2. Bole caya ke apa Omputih ni bebel? Where did they get all the figures from, reliable sources again, amboi ujud Mr ‘X’ pulak dah? Sana pun bela burung Tiong ke?

      They cannot even commit Blair and Bush into the mental facility for hallucinating toyol2 manufacturing weapons of mass destructions in Iraq..

        1. How to percaya Najib, adiknya sendiri pun hantam dia sekarang.

          Haduiii, malu la this Najib

  4. Lepas ni kena buat pula Tinjauan Pendapat: Patutkah Najib di dakwa di mahkamah?? Tinjauan pendapat je Helen. ….buatlah

    1. It is up to Helen what type of survey she wants to conduct because this is her blog. Why don’t you conduct your own survey and see how many people will respond? Memang tak laku punya. Tiada sambutan sebagaimana yang telah terjadi pada perhimpunan “Save Malaysia’ di Pandan baru-baru ini. Mahathir & his ilk have failed.

      1. Mengarut mengatakan tidak penuh dewan di himpunan Selamatkan Malaysia di Shah Alam dan tiada sambutan di Pandan.

        Lihat gambar gambar menunjukkan dewan itu penuh, tiada kerusi kosong pun, di laporan selari Malaysian Digest.com – http://www.malaysiandigest.com/frontpage/282-main-tile/602590-live-update-people-s-congress-convenes-in-shah-alam.html

        Himpunan di Pandan itu telah di lakukan secara tidak di jadualkan/ di beritahu dalam masa yang singkat. Namun demikian, beratus di laporkan hadir.

        Mengarut juga mengatakan kempen itu mendapat 100,000 tanda tangan beberapa hari yang lalu dan sejuta tanda tangan dari 24 juta rakyat (tidak termasuk pekerja asing berizin dan PATI) tidak menunjukkan sambutan yang baik. Tapi, saperti biasa lah, sudah tentu ada yang mengata 40,000 dari tanda tangan itu di kutip dari Bangla. Bebudak punya pemikiran.

  5. Muhyiddin did nothing wrong, he just called Najib a crook.

    Ok ma. Apa salah?

    Jika Najib tak suka, he can sue Muhyiddin… but I don’t think he dare because he will lose. He has everything to hide.

    So now you have someone like Muhyiddin yang tak bersalah tapi nak expose orang yang buat salah, dia pulak yang kena bantai

    Manakala orang yang buat salah masih PM lagi


    1. Muhyiddin is the deputy president of Umno. He is working with Umno’s arch enemy — the DAP.

      While the prime target of TSMY’s attacks may be Najib, nonetheless the (perhaps unintended) consequence of his actions serves to bring down his own party.

      If you were the Deputy General Manager of a company, your job would require you to support your boss, not to bersubahat with the rival company to help them corner the market.

      1. If I were the Deputy General Manager of a company and I found out the General Manager has been embezzling the companies money then I will have to report him.

        First to the board of directors and shareholders (rakyat). And finally the relevant authorities so they can tangkap the fella and put him behind bars

        And that was what Muhyiddin did

        1. 1MDB and the donation are already being investigated by several local authorities.

          What the “Deputy General Manager” should do is wait for the outcome of the PAC report rather than go on a roadshow badmouthing his company while being seated next to the chairman of his boss’ stiffest competitor.

          What Muhyiddin is doing is hurting the business (fortunes) of his employer.

          1. What Muhyiddin is doing is exposing a massive cover up, his boss dok songlaping and you want him to just keep quiet

            Mana boleh

            1. A lot of exposure has already been made. That’s why the MACC, police, attorney-general, auditor-general and Bank Negara have all, in one way or another, been involved in the ‘investigations’.

              We’re now awaiting the PAC report. Why can’t Muhyiddin wait for the PAC report?

              What he’s doing is sabotaging his own party. You can’t keep attacking the party president and pretending that the incessant attacks will have no impact whatsoever on the party he leads.

              1. Attacking the president doesn’t mean attacking the party. But that is what you are spinning isn’t it

                Come on now, Helen

                1. You can’t attack the president without his party being adversely affected by the consequent fallout.

                  Look at Tun’s latest marahkan nyamuk, bakar kelambu attack.

                  He called the 3.5 million Umno members as pemakan dedak. He accused them of being “tamak” all because Umno refuses to oust Najib as per Tun’s wish.

                  He alleged that the members, “Kerana kepentingan diri, bangsa, negara dan agama juga sanggup dijual”. He’s portraying the Umno people as hypocrites who are willing to close one eye because of dedak.

                  Although it’s obvious that Tun’s amok is largely against Najib alone, yet he’s descended to badmouthing the entire party membership.

                  And because Tun is unable to muster support from within Umno as the vast majority of the division chiefs are with Najib, he’s turned to soliciting support from the general public by using the opposition vehicle.

                  Muhyiddin bersekongkol dengan Tun.

                  1. The adverse effects will be temporary and minuscule,

                    1) Najib steps down and stand trial.

                    2) Zahid takes over his duties for the time being.

                    3) If Najib is cleared of all charges then he gets reinstated as PM, if he doesn’t then well… he can’t be PM anymore la

                    1. re: “The adverse effects will be temporary and minuscule”

                      Already 3.5 million Umno members have become collateral damage to Tun M’s personal vendetta by having negative traits imputed to them.

                      re: “Najib steps down and stand trial.”

                      Guan Eng steps down and stands trail. Look at the DAP’s stinking double standards. When Khir Toyo was accused, we did not see other Umhno leaders and Umno supporters twist their panties into knots to defend him.

                      re: “Zahid takes over his duties for the time being.”

                      Chow Kon Yeow takes over the Dear Leader’s duties as Penang Chief Minister for the time being, boleh?

                      re: “If Najib is cleared of all charges then he gets reinstated as PM”

                      If Guan Eng is cleared of all charges then he gets reinstated as CM. But in meantime, he should take a leave of absence and show leadership by example in Transparency and Accountability.

                    2. In relation to step aside pending outcome of investigation vis-a-vis Najib vs LGE, what is the benchmark you apply? Why should LGE be treated on par with Najib when it comes to stepping aside? Truth remains that Najib has never stepped aside despite him being capable of interfering with the authorities whereas LGE has no such capability. Moreover, all the exposure on Najib came from foreign media and LGE’s bungalow purchase exposure came from local unknown parties.

                    3. re: “In relation to step aside pending outcome of investigation vis-a-vis Najib vs LGE, what is the benchmark you apply?”

                      Practise what you preach — Transparency and Accountability.

                      The DAP campaign is on the platform that Najib and Umno are (seen to be) corrupt. If DAP wants to whack Umno on the issue of corruption and expects the public’s vote on its policy of UABH to anti-corruption, then Caesar’s wife (LGE) has to be beyond reproach.

                      re: “Why should LGE be treated on par with Najib when it comes to stepping aside?”

                      The Golden Rule. Guan Eng’s followers were clamouring for Najib to step aside pending the MACC investigation. Now MACC is investigating Guan Eng too. Therefore what they had demanded of Najib should be applied to their own leader. Let’s not have double standards.

                      re: “Truth remains that Najib has never stepped aside …”

                      Truth remains that Guan Eng has no intention of stepping aside either.

                      re: “interfering with the authorities whereas LGE has no such capability”

                      Guan Eng is a bully and a despot in his state. Remember his Rainbow press conference when he was asked about his alleged affair? The Chief Minister threatened the reporters, “you see what I do to you”.

                      re: “Moreover, all the exposure on Najib came from foreign media”

                      They were feed leaks by local insiders.

                      re: “LGE’s bungalow purchase exposure came from local unknown parties.”

                      1MDB is federal while bungalow is a state affair. But both are under investigation by MACC. If Khir Toyo can be sent to jail, then Guan Eng should be too.

                    4. So nice in theory but whoever replaces Najib will get same treatment.

                      And the oppo just want UMNO buried, not just oust the Prez… Smacked in the face, not difficult to read but for those who can’t see, a thousand excuses to justify one’s thoughts.

                      And when PAS joins UMNO, officially or not, the oppo will be torn to shreds. Even past UMNO peple are welcome with open aqrms into their fold. Still blind?

                    5. re: Practise what you preach — Transparency and Accountability.

                      Can agree with you. LGE should step aside. However, this is only a moral perspective (practise what you preach). Another significant perspective (I call it impartiality), the risk of investigation being influenced is very real in the case of Najib as he appoints the respective chief of authorities. In contrast, there is no such risk on the part of LGE. I think you have put too much emphasis on moral perspective and overlooked the impartiality perspective. In this respect, I don’t see the need for LGE to step aside.

                      re: Let’s not have double standards.

                      Again, I refer to my explanation above. We have 2 standards i.e. Morality vs Impartiality. I would put more weight on the latter.

                    6. re: “I think you have put too much emphasis on moral perspective and overlooked the impartiality perspective.”

                      The opposition is riding the moral high horse. They proclaimed that whoever did not support their Bersih must be/is kotor.

                      Secondly, they’re delusional and unhinged. Demented Dapsters are incapable of impartiality — see their going completely ape shit at Dr Kua Kia Soong and currently the Penang rebel Adun (DAP-Tanjong Bungah) for criticizing LGE on this matter.

                      We need to stick to realpolitik and treat our political opponent exactly like the kind of people they are. They set the bar for Najib, they can jolly well adhere to it for their Dear Leader.

      2. Tu la Cik Helen.

        Mujuq he was never appointed to the Ministry of Defense or Menteri Hal Ehwal Dalam Negeri!

  6. Actually Zahid pun tak boleh pakai lah.

    And Id say his own daughter doesnt help his cause as well :D

    1. Correct. You see Najib dia pandai, bila dia sacked Muhyiddin dia pilih orang yang paling tak popular sebagai TPM (Zahid)

      This will help cement his position knowing that people don’t like Zahid

      Sepatutnya Muhyiddin sekarang PM dan Najib pulak….. you know la

  7. Actually Helen, can I ask you something:

    If the latest claims by WSJ ( the money trail on Najib/Rosmah’s spending) is proven true…would you still defend him ?

    1. An insightful question that cuts to the core ,)

      The Projibs have been pushing this acid test to the back burner while we can, quite obviously. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

      All things considered, as the situation is now, I strongly believe that Najib is still the best man for the job of BN chairman.

      Albeit as Joceline Tan wrote, some of the Umno warlords are supporting Najib through gritted teeth.

      I believe that if Najib falls at this juncture, BN will be upended and thus opening the door for to opposition to seize power. To me, DAP in Putrajaya is totally unacceptable. I do not think a significant number of Malays will stand for it either. Zaid Ibrahim today invokes our country becoming Syria.

      Read this – something I wrote in 2012 – about Zaid idea of revolution. Zaid mudah lupa.

      The Reign of Terror by stormers of the Bastille


      1. OK, noted your stand on this.

        As much I despise Najib, i believe everyone is free to make their own choices. I have friends who are ProJibs as well ( really hard core..not the gritted teeth ones). They are of course, still my friends ( and they know my stand abt najib) however everyone is responsible for their own choices :).

      2. quote,”I believe that if Najib falls at this juncture, BN will be upended and thus opening the door for to opposition to seize power.”unquote.

        I don’t agree.

        BN will still be the government. Zahid will be the PM.

        You overestimated the opposition capability to seize power.

        The opposition is in much disarray, as bad as BN.

        Sometimes statistics do not reveal everything that are happening or had happened on the ground.

        1. re: “You overestimated the opposition capability to seize power.”

          They’re cucu-cicit komunis who inherited the saka of the Bintang Tiga.

          They need to be fought like we’re in keadaan Darurat (1948-60). This is how seriously we have to take the red alert.

      3. Good to know that Joceline Tan wrote “some of the Umno warlords are supporting Najib through gritted teeth.”

        The dictionaries say people do that usually in anger. Presumably about such things as Najib deciding to discard the Sedition Act which protects the rights and interests of the Malays, which the Ketua2 Bahagian, MT, Pemuda and Wanita UMNO objected to and Najib had to flip flop on that.

        Zaid may have spoken about the French Revolution. But people don’t think he is speaking for it or have it in mind when organizing the Selamatkan Malaysia assembly at the Shah Alam Convention Centre last Sunday. It was not even a street demo.

        It’s against the Sedition Act, the Penal Code and other laws to do anything that smacks of a revolution. Anyone suggesting the Save Malaysia campaign is on that agenda is provocative.

        The same for the Roadshow to collect 1 million signatures in support of the Save Malaysia campaign. Banglas may be around to see what’s going on but they have no Malaysian ICs to sign. They don’t even know what a revolution is, anyway. Hehe.

        1. re: “some of the Umno warlords are supporting Najib through gritted teeth.” / “The dictionaries say people do that usually in anger.”

          More in exasperation, methinks. As one example, Tun obtained some effective ammo by dubbing the nuptials of Rosmah’s daughter as the ‘Wedding of the Century’.

          On a separate note, they may be the warlords but I don’t think the party leaders are themselves too controversial or that they make the rakyat angry. Take ketua bahagian Umno Johor Bahru, Shahrir Samad.

          Going by the numbers with JB being the biggest division (paling ramai anggota), that makes Shahrir the biggest warlord through size-of-membership criterion. He seems a pretty decent guy and is popular … far more popular than his fellow Johorean Muhyiddin in Pagoh.

          Tengku Li – who has been in politics since forever – is much beloved in Gua Musang, I heard.

          They (warlords and middle-rankingh\ leaders) are all supporting Najib because they can see clearly Tun is a wrecking ball that is out if control.

    2. Orang Perlis,

      US Navy officer pun mudah di manipulasikan;

      ……”It is truly unimaginable to the court that someone in your position with the United States Navy would sell out based on what was provided to you – hotel rooms, entertainment and the services of prostitutes.”…..


      Hang ni tak faham2 la.. Baru kepaih SPM ke you ni?

      1. Are you compering US navy officer and our PM Najib , it’s mean to say that they are better then Najib ,pon kena kelentong .

        Now I understand .

        1. Setem,
          Just by reading the article on the US Navy opiser, pemahaman kamu beza dengan pendapat saya. See? Habaq mai sat..

          Have you seen all the documents/proof with your own eyes or thru the eyes of Sarawak report, NYT, WSJ, Apek itu ini, Mat Salleh ini kata itu ini?

          Sekadar hearsay atau you sendiri ada bukti2 sandaran tu pasai hang confident bermati matian bebel siang malam yang Najib did all the things you people accused him of doing?

          Kalau ada, share la..kami pun nak juga tengok. Tapi takpa, kalau hang takde, TDM dah saman Najib..I am sure he has all the proof, we wait and see.

      2. Cik Rina

        direct to the point dah la: are you implying our PM kena manipulate? if so…. :D

        1. Just show us whatever documents to support your claims..itu saja. Jangan main ya. You are accusing the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

          What is your problem? Share le..
          Kami pun nak tengok juga.

  8. Akim, Mad Hater and other protun commentators,

    Say what you like to defend Mahathir but the fact of the matter is his ship is sinking fast. He tried since early 2015 to oust Najib but all his attempts have failed. That’s qada’ dan qadar and the will of Allah. Daim who used to support him has since abandoned ship as he comes to know that all the monies alleged to have been stolen by Najib are not true . These are all trumped up charges concocted by the trumped up charges expert, Mahathir who else! I was once his diehard supporter but I have had enough of his lies and shenanigans. I was never a Najib fan and am still not but I support him because he is a good leader , a gentleman and a fair person for all Malaysians.

    1. Aku Melayu

      I, a fan of NEITHER.

      do you really want to search the skeletons of the closet of Tun, Najib and Muhyiddin?

      Because if you do you will realize one thing: some things never change in UMNO ;)

      ( yes you can say the same about the DAP dynasty as well..)

      ( and yes I really REALLY dont trust politicians. When you have seen and experience the machinery of politics here, no thanks to me unfortunately related to an UMNO member…you will prob have a diff view of things)

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