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What kind of Melayu would want to join the DAP?

Yesterday, DAP Youth Subang chief Edry Faisal Eddy Yusof came under the spotlight when he was directed to receive the memo from Ali Tinju. (See my previous posting).

None of the Chinese leaders in the DAP’s Pudu headquarters had wanted to come out and face the Baju Merah. So they sent their errand boy to do the needful.

BELOW: Edry Faisal is in white T-shirt; Ali Tinju is wearing the sun shades

edry faisal ali tinju

What were they thinking when they joined?!

DAP is full of Chinese but when it came to the crunch (facing a group of angry red-shirted Malay protestors), it was a Malay who was pushed to the forefront to be cannon fodder.

Edry Faisal writes about his face-to-tace yesterday with Ali Tinju, saying, “[beliau] menolak untuk menyerahkan memorandum mereka kepada saya hanya kerana saya berketurunan Melayu. Apakah yang sedang bermain di dalam otak mereka? Sekadar mahu cetus provokasi kaum?”

The same question can be asked of Dapsy Subang chief Edry and his fellow Roketkini boys like Izmil Amri (Hannah Yeoh’s Twitter pet): “Apakah yang sedang bermain di dalam otak mereka ketika menyertai DAP?”

BELOW: The DAP national exco is full of Chinese

DAP Central Committee

Malays not worth satu kupang in the DAP

The sole Malay guy (Dr Ariffin) and two Sabah (Dr Edwin Bosi) and Sarawak (Dr John Brian Anthony) pribumis were appointed to the committee. They did not win delegate votes in the party election despite their impressive ‘Doctor’ titles.

This lack of appreciation for non-Chinese is like casting pearls before swine. No Malay has ever made it in the DAP on merit with the exception of Ahmad Nor.

Former DAP vice chairman Zulkifli Mohd Noor said the party leadership considered Malays to be “ahli 50 sen” who are irrelevant in the bigger scheme of things.

However Amran Ahmad (who is Ahmad Nor’s son) told Antarapos that Malays are actually only worth 5 sen in the DAP.

DAP’s appointed Malay vice chairman not in limelight

The DAP Malay quota vice chairman is Dr Ariffin Omar who has an NGO background with Penang’s Aliran. Like Tunku Aziz Ibrahim before him, he is given the senate seat allocated to Penang in the Dewan Negara.

Despite Dr Ariffin’s exalted position – on paper, that is – he’s in reality out of the loop with regard to party matters.

Aside from the Lims, those we hear speaking publicly on behalf of the DAP are Tony Pua, Anthony Loke, Teresa Kok, Liew Chin Tong and Teo Nie Ching (assistant national publicity secretary). All Chinese.

One hilarious facet of the Melayu presence in DAP is that the only Malay MP in the party is an ex-Umno man — Mohd Ariff Sabri (see table below).

DAP GE13 MPs race

DAP Aduns GE13 one Malay

ABOVE: The table shows that Malay Aduns make up less than one percent of the total DAP reps in the state assemblies

DAP takes good care of its Malay mouthpieces — Zein Isma

Umno Selangor info chief Zein Isma Ismail revealed that these Malays are well fed (“kebajikan mereka dijaga sepenuhnya”) by DAP.

Zein Isma said, “Ramai anak muda Melayu dilantik dalam organisasi DAP diberi imbuhan tetap”.

According to him, the DAP believes that putting Malays on its payroll “merupakan satu pelaburan yang amat berbaloi untuk jangka masa panjang”. He cites self-professed “liberal” Azira Aziz (picture below) who is Hannah Yeoh’s aide, as one example of the DAP’s Melayu Baru investment.

BELOW: It is Malays who confront the police while their DAP bosses stay safe and snug at home

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA - 2015/08/01: A protester was detained by Malaysian police during the "Tangkap Najib" (Arrest Najib) protest in Kuala Lumpur.They demand that Najib resigns as prime minister immediately. (Photo by Rasid Mohd/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images)
Azira arrested during the ‘Tangkap Najib’ protest last year

Malay window dressing a front for Chinaman party

Calvin Sankaran observes @ 2016/04/01 at 10:36 am,

“You can be almost sure that when there is an issue related to Islam/Malay culture, the fake Malay Zairil, Syerleena, Dyana, etc will be writing to the press to express ‘their’ liberal views.”

Calvin believes that these Malays are merely parroting the views of Komtar.

Despite Zairil being given such a high profile by the Lim Dynasty, he had originally scraped the bottom of the barrel among the Top 40 finishers in the party’s disputed and controversial election.

(Note: Only the top 20 finishers are elected to the DAP central committee.)

BELOW: Zairil in the twilight zone between Malay and Chinese identity


Apart from Godfather Karpal and his son Gobind plus Perak’s Kula, the rest of the top 20 are Chinese contestants — see bar chart below.

Among the Malays, the top finisher was Dr Ariffin (No.37), Ahmad Ton (No.38) and Zairil in the 40th spot.

Imagine! You finish 37th place in the party election but you get to be appointed DAP vice chairman solely on account of the colour of your skin.

Now if the DAP is willing to do the Malay individual such generous favours, what does it ask of him in return?

Edry Faisal is a Malay appointed to the DAP Selangor exco. We can see what the DAP expected of him — face the Baju Merah.


How did the DAP Malays drift to the Dark Side?

One way of looking at it is to ask, What kind of Melayu would want to join the DAP?

Turning the question around, what kind of Malay does the DAP seek to cultivate?

Those rejected by Umno, for one. Ariff Sabri – the DAP’s Raub MP – was previous Umno Adun for Pulau Manis in GE11 (2004). But he was not offered to recontest or defend his seat in GE12 (2008).

Likewise the prepaid blogger who was rejected by Umno Johor and PMO and ejected by Media Prima would be ripe for the picking by his DAP handlers.

sailor moon pencil

DAP Malays are willing to be the propaganda channel for the DAP Firsters.

When the Malay is in cahoots with Cina DAP, the inevitable outcome is that the domineering Chinese take over. You can see this clearly in one particular Protun blog dominated by Dapsters.

DAP Malays are those Melayu yang tidak mempunyai jati diri. One of them is even willing to go to the hilarious extent of creating an imaginary half Chinese family for himself.

Don’t be surprised if the DAP Malays know how to sing Majulah Singapura. But seriously, what do they brainwash them in Sekolah Demokrasi DAP?


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40 thoughts on “What kind of Melayu would want to join the DAP?

  1. Melayu yang sanggup jual maruah diri, Agama dan bangsa.

    Also juga the Melayu desperadoes and rejected by their own party (UMNO and PAS).

    Melayu yang berpelajaran tinggi, tetapi lemah jati diri

    Melayu yang liberal, berpaksikan hukum dunia dan ketepikan hukum Maha Pencipta

  2. What a waste, after all these years of picturing DAP as a chinese only party, and DAP pulak seats malays and indians somewhere up there. Looks like the new age Malays find the idea of a nation with integrity to be better than Ketuanan Melayu (and they know it’s ketuanan umno). as long as DAP is not running a race based political party, DAP’s policies attracts the new age.

    1. The DAP is NOT “seating Malays [anywhere] up there”.

      There are 30 exco positions in DAP. There’s only one Malay Dr Ariffin and he’s not there through election by delegates but appointed.

      There are 37 DAP Parliamentarians and only one Malay MP, Ariff Sabri.

      There are 105 DAP Aduns but only one Malay among them, Tengku Zulpuri as YB Mentakab. Malays form less than one percent of DAP Aduns.

      Malays are useful to DAP only to deflect the punches by Ali Tinju and his ilk.

      1. well, umno positioned tiong lai for transport, subra for health. and the others are second ministers or deputies. and this controlled positioning has been practiced for ages… the “divide and conquer” method – and mca and mic being umno’s balajis until the end of time… this is the actual picture that you umno goons gotta debunk….that umno being a racist party that lives on fearmongering the mass while using race and religion as the ammo

        1. Race and religion are a fact of life. Both elements loom large in the US presidential run-up too.

          Under Umno we have had peace. Don’t forget that Jakarta rioted against the Chinese in May 1998. If not for the Perikatan-BN myth of Ali, Ah Chong & Muthu, the Chinese here would be as much hated by the majority population as the Rohingya are in Rakhine.

          Post-GE14, there will be no more need to reserve Transport or any other portfolio for the MCA.

          1. ah…now i see your problem….you have a warped vision that only umno can deliver peace…and umno uses this idea as fearmongering tool….you should thank me for diagnosing your problem F.O.C.

            the actual case is – umno segregates the nation as per race, and sets up a mandur for each race group, provided the mandur kow-tows to umno…

            umno is always ready to cause chaos….even the recent video on this ali tinju, it’s so clear that umno wants to flex it’s Ketuanan shit…..but only can flex when these faggots get together donning red t-shirts……ali faggot belum temu ruas…

            1. RE: “the actual case is – umno segregates the nation as per race”

              It is not Umno that invented race segregation.

              We choose to segregate ourselves even when there is no Umno interference, e.g. certain areas or housing estates are one-race predominant or when a Chinese landlord refuses to let his room to a Malay or Indian tenant.

              re: “and sets up a mandur for each race group, provided the mandur kow-tows to umno”

              Like how Mat Sabu kow tows to Guan Eng?

              re: “umno is always ready to cause chaos”

              If Umno were always so ready to cause chaos as you allege, we’d already have had severe pogroms instead of Chinese perennially dominating the Forbes list in Malaysia.

              re: “even the recent video on this ali tinju, it’s so clear that umno wants to flex it’s Ketuanan shit”

              Is Article 152 (BM as our national language) Ketuanan? Every country can revere its national language be it Thai or Korean or Finnish or whatever but here we have the minorities who don’t know and refuse to speak it.

              We have Dapsters who refuse to stand up when the national anthem is played. We have Dapsters who turn the national flag upside down and pour scorn on our soldiers.

              How has Umno flexed its Ketuanan muscle when the minority races in the peninsula remain so anti-national?

              1. hallo, umno started race segregation when it didn’t want other races to join umno during jaafar onn’s time. will umno open up membership for all citizens of Malaysia? do you see DAP members going to umno hq and behaving like hooligans @ as how ali faggot usually does in front of DAP buildings?

                1. re: “hallo, umno started race segregation when it didn’t want other races to join umno during jaafar onn’s time.”

                  Dato’ Onn set up the Independence of Malaya Party, which was multiracial, after he left Umno.

                  IMP and Onn’s subsequent party (Parti Negara) lost the election badly. The people voted their choice and gave the race-based Alliance a handsome victory in the 1952 city council election and later 51 seats out of 52 in the 1955 pre-Merdeka general election.

                  It was the rakyat’s choice to have communal politics and in fact, Dato’ Onn felt bitterly betrayed by the Chinese who left him in the lurch.

                  re: “will umno open up membership for all citizens of Malaysia?”

                  Why in the world should Umno open up to a racial community that wants nothing better than to kill it?

                  Umno already accepts non-Malays as members. Ronald Kiandee is a four-term Umno MP for Beluran, Sabah. John Ambrose is the Umno division chief of Penampang. Mustapha Ong is an Umno member. Plenty of Indian Muslims are Umno members.

                  re: “do you see DAP members going to umno hq ad behaving like hooligans @ as how ali faggot usually does in front of DAP buildings?”

                  I’d certainly like to see them don their yellow shirts and demo in front of bangunan Umno. Kalau berani, buatlah. Just don’t send a delegation comprising DAP Malays such as Pak Samad, Edry Faisal, Izmil Amri dll. Make sure the protestors are Cina DAP, baru ada ong.

    2. Nonsense to suggest that DAP is a multi-racial party and is not running a race-based political party just because of a handful of Malay and some Indian members. It’s only Red Bean propaganda claiming so. Anyone has a verifiable list or composition of DAP members by race now?

      What “new age Malays” you talking about? Some desperado, attention-seekers, attention-deficit sufferers and frusto like UMNO-reject si Mongkol Arif Sabri, denied a 2nd term ADUN chance, started promoting Khairy who Najib ignored and who ignored Arif Sabri until DAP offered him a safe seat to enable them to hoodwink the Malays and whack the Najib gomen. It doesn’t negate the image of DAP being a racist party, anti-Malay, anti-Islam etc, man.

      Nation of integrity? What integrity? Whose integrity? Do you know the meaning of the word? What basis do you use to determine a nation having integrity or not? Lim Guan Eng integrity? Awww shiiiit, the imbroglio he is in now is a huge no integrity thing, Mister. .

      And do you know what Ketuanan Melayu is? I’ll let you explain your perception of that term and I’ll show you whether you are correct or delusional the next time.

      Btw, I already explained the justification for Mahathir being on the same line as Lim Kit Siang on getting Najib undur or be replaced or UMNO/BN be replaced at PRU14.

      1. it’s clear umno is a raced based party, since it caters to malays only. can a chinese or indian enrol themself in umno?? no way, jose……BUT, in DAP, a malay or indian can enrol and become member…..this is clear cut……and if you think lge has embezzled as what all umno leaders always do, charge him in court la. what are you waiting for, dungu??

        My explanation on Ketuanan Melayu is basically (drum roll)……..shit. in this era, 21st century, a group of fellow citizens, thinking of themselves being lords while plundering the nation is totally unacceptable. My call on Ketuanan Melayu, shaft it where the sun doesn’t shine. there is nothing good to say on this Ketuanan Melayu shit except it’s a tool to fool the gullible malays.

        1. Surrhead
          (whatever your name means),

          Faggot you used in your earlier comment refers to Anwar – a male homosexual now in jail. But you are a maggot – “a soft-bodied legless larva, especially that of a fly found in decaying matter”, like shit.

          You obviously are a DAP Red Bean. Paid or not, you behave like one. Making “wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified allegations.” Small-minded, not liking history (DAP even opposed History made compulsory in schools), having got citizenship right agreed to by the Malays at Merdeka, you and your kind don’t even respect the quid pro quo, the Special Position of the Malays and Ketuanan Melayu that have been enshrined in the Constitution of the country.

          You and your kind do not respect the Constitution, the highest set of laws in the country from which all other laws emanate. For that you and your kind have been told to migrate to places whose Constitution or laws you respect. Notable personalities have also said words to that effect.

          You obviously are ignorant of, yet want to be offensive and seditious regarding the Ketuanan Melayu. In my next comment below I’ll tell you maggots what it is – as a public service to the likes of you.

        2. Surrhead
          (whatever your name means),

          Like many Red Bean blokes, you are childish and nutty, trying to pretend drama by writing the words “(drum roll)” and that kind of shit. Be that as you maggots are, read the following explanation on Ketuanan Melayu well and good:

          Ketuanan Melayu is that concept inherent in and manifested by the Articles of the Constitution that are deemed “sensitive” and protected by the Sedition Act. They cannot be amended even with a two third majority in Parliament, cannot even be discussed for that purpose, as doing so is seditious.

          Those “sensitive” articles pertain to the functions, roles and responsibilities of the YDP Agong, the Malay Rulers, the Rulers Council and such. Those that mean that the Prime Minister or Menteri Besar can only be appointed with the royal assent by and the signature of the YDP Agong and the Sultan respectively.

          Where the YDP Agong has doubts, he may refer to the Rulers Council which can meet without the advice of the PM, as happened in the past. This may have relevance to the Save Malaysia assembly last weekend calling for the rulers to listen to the call for Najib to withdraw or be replaced.

          There are other Articles of the Constitution that are also sensitive and have a bearing on this subject. Like Article 3 stating that “Islam is the religion of the Federation” and Article 153 stating the Special Position of the Malays.

          Calling the Ketuanan Melayu shit is not only seditious as it brings ill feelings towards the Malays, but it’ll also bring you all the nasty words that may be heaped upon you, much worse than maggot.

        3. Surrhead,

          Funny . Is it not?

          No one except here talking about “Ketuanan Melayu”.

          We too are experiencing “ketuanan Cina” . You know. The one habit of bulldozing Malay stalls but spare Chinese stalls. We too heard something that no other countries would tolerate “Mandarin is preferred”.

          Mohd Sabu, Arif Sabri and messy Sasterawan Negara maybe some misguided souls. Not majority of Malays. why would we choose DAP that is anti malays.

  3. Baru nak respon komen Aku Melayu | March 31, 2016 at 8:28 pm
    dan komen Orang Perlis | April 1, 2016 at 10:22 am di pos yang lalu, ternampak pula pos baru ini. Tapi respon itu relevan juga di buat di pos ini –

    Melayu macam kamu lah yang senang di kelentong dek musuh, tak ada fahaman yang mendalam, tak memikirkan di mana terletak hak dan kepentingan Melayu, siapa sabenar nya yang memusnahkan nya sejak 6 tahun yang lalu, sanggup menjual maruah bangsa nya (Najib tak mengaku Melayu, menghebahkan dia bangsa Bugis, “pendatang” juga konon nya) kamu rela makan banyak dedak si Najib, jika DAP sampai ke Putrajaya, kamu akan memikul depa yang merintah di atas bahu, tak kira kentot depa atau apa lain yang berbau.

    Menuduh Mahathir “trumped up charges .. all his attempts (to oust Najib) have failed,” mengata “the skeletons of the closet of Tun, Najib and Muhyiddin” tapi tidak perakui tahi busuk yang sentiasa ada di gerobok Lim Guan Eng – jenis kamu ini bukan saja mengarut, tapi juga kalut.

    Kalut di terangkan sebagai “mixed up, confused, disorderly, disturbed, chaotic” .

    Tun dan Protun telah mengambil kira bahawa bersama dengan DAP itu hanya setakat mendapatkan Najib undur atau di gantikan, tapi akan pertahankan pemerintahan UMNO/BN berterusan. Sebalik nya, kamu berdua langsung tak fikirkan atau senang di tipu/ di putar belit kan hingga tak sedar bahawa Najib telah kalah popular vote, dapat undi terburuk di PRU13, isu 1MDB dan RM2.6 bilion dan songlap duit telah membusukkan lagi nama UMNO/BN kapada pengundi dan itu semua akan menyebabkan UMNO/BN kalah di PRU14 jika Najib tidak undur atau di ganti.

    Mungkin kamu berdua bangga dengan si Cina Zairil menyamar sebagai Melayu, kamu memikir Zairil menambah jumlah orang Melayu. Teruk lah bangsa Melayu jika ramai orang seperti kamu.

  4. ‘oh melayu DAP’

    tak cukup ka DAP menolak bahasa melayu/malaysia sebagai bahasa rasmi dan tak puas hati dengan tulisan jawi diguna untuk jalan2.

    theresa kok dgn kurang ajar menuding jari ke arah tulisan jawi pada papan tanda. mana maruah kita? dengan orang yg mcm ni ka kita nak bersekongkol? mana maruah kita?

    tulisan jawi sebenarnya dah pupus sebab dah tak ada significance-nya. jangan associate tulisan jawi dgn budaya arab. walaupun tulisan jawi berasal dari tulisan arab tapi ianya telah di develop-kan. so, tulisan jawi is ours.
    sama jugak dgn bahasa2 lain spt english pun adopts banyak words dari bahasa2 lain.

    melayu DAP dan PKR tak faham ka yang DAP cuba memusnahkan identiti melayu. kalau depa tak mau cthnya 2 identiti melayu kat atas tu, okay tak pa, tapi dgn 1 syarat, pi mintak kat kerajaan republik china ubah bahasa rasmi china kpd melayu tgk buleh dak (kita tukaq).

  5. asyik dok baca komen lupa plak nak pegi solat jumaat nasib baik solat jumaat not wajib on me.

    sory kak helen lari tajuk plak.

    1. jawapannya : tak yah join umno tak yah join dap, join yang boleh mempertahankan islam, melayu dan tanah melayu ……fikir2kanlah….okay???

  6. DAP is far better than GERAKAN, both are chinese-based. Malays in GERAKAN are valued RM0.01.
    MCA is more racist than DAP. More than 80% of MCA members voted for opposition. They, MCA and GERAKAN never fight for Malays compared to DAP. You are a day dreamer lah Helen Ang. Awak patut perbaiki MCA dan GERAKAN bukannya mengampu Melayu UMNO.

      1. No Chinese base party had ever concern of Malay well being ,never did MCA ,never did Gerakan and of course never shown in DAP’s too, like the UMNO did to the Chinese.

        At time UMNO shows too concern about the Chinese ,neglecting the Malays who voted them to presidential post .

        Chinese are Chinese ,they cannot be others .that’s the Malays haven’t learned .

  7. Mahathir should be invited to join DAP as an honorary member. Bestowed with a Doctorate title and as one of the first mixed Malay who received a PhD, his acceptance into DAP should boost DAP’s Malayness characteristic especially among his “we-dont-eat-dedak” macais.

  8. Monsterball, Namewee, Alvivi pair, Teresa Kok dan Tony Pua have done their share, dah bole relax ma.. kasi laluan bagi muka2 baru tunjuk bakat masing2. Roh Monsterball berjaya meresap kdalam jiwa beberapa pengomen2 Melayu (?) diblog Cik Helen. Sikalang depa ini pula akan berdepan bagi pihak DAP untuk Selamatkan Malaysia.

    Sekadar remake of old drama aje. Pot2, kettle2 dan kuali2 hitam dengan semangat baru naik pentas buat audition untuk merebut tempat pelakun2 yang dah mati dan yang dok tengah relax sikalang.

    Hehehehe.. Dengan kerjasama media2 omputih mereka telah berjaya mengasah lidah2 burung kakak tua supaya membebel siang dan malam untuk meracuni minda rakyat agar mudah bagi mereka menggulingkan Saddam eeh..silap…….Najib!

  9. Helen, if they are going to sing Majulah Singapura, that might as well know their National Pledge as well. These days though there is an identity crisis of sorts for the 3 million native-borns as 2 million imports are squeezed into the little red dot … most costly living conditions in the world and no minimum pay regulations.
    The erosion of social egalitarianism has boosted capitalistic elitism.

    English version:

    We, the citizens of Singapore,
    pledge ourselves as one united people,
    regardless of race, language or religion,
    to build a democratic society based on justice and equality so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and progress for our nation.

    Malay version:

    Kami, warganegara Singapura,
    sebagai rakyat yang bersatu padu,
    tidak kira apa bangsa, bahasa, atau agama, berikrar untuk membina suatu masyarakat yang demokratik,
    berdasarkan kepada keadilan dan persamaan untuk mencapai kebahagiaan, kemakmuran dan kemajuan bagi negara kami.

  10. Ah the pemakan dedak Protun is here again. I have one piece of advice for him. Start your own blog. Look at your comment, so long it can fit as an article. How about that pemakan dedak Protun ? Your masters are so rich asking them to finance your own blog should be as easy as abc. Pemakan dedak !

    1. Those calling others pemakan dedak beras are pemakan dedak besi. Dedak besi will get your digestion and metabolism perfect, no uncalled for comments that bring no good unto you but only blunderbuss shots.

      My advice to the bloke calling himself Spectre (the American definition being a ghost, phantom; threat, menace) are

      1. he starts his own blog if he does not want to read others’ views

      2. he learns to be decent and tolerates dissent

      3. if he has short attention span or attention deficit disorder, do see the psychiatrist and take the prescribed pills

      Other advice shall be given as and when he makes uncalled for and unproductive comments again. .

      1. protun n the so called rba is equally rude n hypo, no wonder their leaders behave in the same pattern n can work closely.

          1. yr one liner still sound so dry n boring no matter how u change yr nick, u need some stimulus, call yrself foreplay the next round la. n ask kak annie if u dun know how.

            1. I’m not the one using the nic “Foul play” as Helen can testify from my IP, though she’s not likely to, in the interest of maintaining the confidentiality of journo sources or blog participants.

              But, for lack of interesting subjects or comments to respond to on a dull and dreary Saturday afternoon like now, I’ll try to entertain readers and myself with some not ill-intentioned say say related to foreplay.

              During these extremely hot days, being dry is not only boring – it can cause abrasion, painful and hell of a sweating and swearing. Whatever you may be doing.

              Stimulus usually brings about a reaction. But the wrong kind can make one askance. Or even bring frustration.

              Asking “kak annie” may not solve the problem as Helen has almost daily been insisting she is a he. Though in these days of so-called liberalism, he he and she she dos have become quite rampant in the West. In Malaysia, maybe asking Teresa Kok is a better bet, hehe

              Pssst, as a Protun, I still don’t mind to play play with her. I won’t say more in order not to spoil the pun and the fun.

            2. Fill your mind before you empty your mouth … we’d rather share your wisdom than put up with the rude noise.

        1. HY @ 948 am,

          You reap what you sow, man. Or woman.

          Don’t expect to say nasty things and get away with it every time. Especially on one’s race and religion and regarding the Constitution. No matter DAP or whoever.

          Protuns may learn 1-2 things from the Red Beans (no Army, just a handful of them paid by Guan Eng’s people). Responding in kind is often the best way to teach nasty people a lesson.

          But you, for example, when making a harmless comment or observation like the above, is ok. We just respond in a mild manner.

      2. it seem the protun n the ready to flee chinese share the same trait, they do name calling from time to time. another similarity is one wanna flee to whiteman country n the other one suka make complain n accusation against their leaders in whiteman country. sama hypo.

        1. “the protun n the ready to flee chinese share the same trait”?
          You sure you don’t have squinted eyes?

          And you don’t “do name calling from time to time”? And you began your comment by saying “.. protun n the ready to flee chinese ..” Those are not name calling? What ta ….

          OK to criticize Protuns tapi jangan cakap tak serupa bikin, ok?

        2. It is no secret that the RBA and the descendants of coolies are able to work together, after all both are uncouth in similar fashion.

    2. Hmmm Pemakan dedak?

      Zaman TDM takde pemakan dedak. Depa tak main sekadar makan dedak2 tu semua. Depa telan teghuih bendang2, kilang beras dan guni2 begaih semua sekali.

      Tak caya tengok le Forbes richest men in Malaysia.

  11. Okay okay.. Akim and HY.

    Haiyaaa macam mana TDM, Muhyiddin nak sehati dan sejiwa dgn DAP kalo you both also cannot get along? Nanti atas pentas your leaders dok bagi syarahan..kat padang hangpa dok bertumbuk tarik rambut, payah la.

    I dont follow Annie’s blog tapi sekarang ni Cik Helen, kalau betoi macam dikata dah tak jadi anih oghang macam dia;

  12. Tolong tanya juga what kind of Melayu would joint UMNO as it is today under Najib as the President ?

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