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Tun dah jadi kaki rally sekarang nih dah

Tun menyertai demo anti-GST petang tadi. Beliau memakai kemeja biru berpetak yang kini menjadi trademark pemberontakannya.

BAWAH: Siti Hasmah mengiringi suami; Umie Aida mana?

Mahathir GST
Gambar Astro Awani

Melayu jer yang mahu berjemur di bawah matahari. Biasalah juga Tian Chua-PKR pasti hadir.

Tapi ada nampak tak mana-mana orang besar Cina DAP yang mahu turun padang? Takut kena strok haba, kot.

For the Protuns and the Projibs, enjoy!

‘Wan Azizah’ makes a brief cameo @ 0:59 – 1:01 … wakakaka



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21 thoughts on “Tun dah jadi kaki rally sekarang nih dah

  1. kesian tengok muka2 nak sangat berkuasa..tunggulah pru14..mungkin sbb tak yakin menang maka cara ikut pintu belakang lah..kalau setakat tu berdemo mana rakyatnya..situa2 keladi makin tua makin parah hasad dengki..

  2. Do you all notice one thing? Back in his days as PM, his wife, Tun Siti Hasmah was never part of any of his political circus. No matter how hard he fought the battle, his wife is never in the picture.

    But in this ANC campaign, his wife has been carried around in all his campaign, including as a signatory of the deklarasi Mahathirisma. This makes him sound desperate.

    He is also following the footstep of the ex-KETUM of using his wife as a symbol of gaining sympathy. And guess what, she also carries a KIPAS.

  3. The Malays are a proud race. Some pride is noble dignity, some pride is haughty arrogance. May noble dignity carry the Malay people.

    1. Would you like to substantiate what you said? Others can say hell of a lot about other races and that’s no good for anybody.

      Justify, man, justify. Or your jade emperor status becomes a tokong. And the Penang tokong is now down in the gutter in terms of “noble dignity”.

      And that’s not talking bad of the Chinese. Just shitting the DAP Chinese like you.

      1. re: “Just shitting the DAP Chinese like you.”

        How come you suddenly (in February this year) appeared out of nowhere to do the above (constantly pick fights with my other readers) such vehemence in this blog?

        1. Helen, be fair lah. The person concerned has not even reacted to my comment. Note that in the first instance, I asked him/her to substantiate and justify what he/she said.

          1. Here’s a definition of “haughty arrogance” –

          “A haughty person acts superior and looks down on others. Haughty people are disdainful, overbearing, prideful, swaggering, and obnoxious.”

          Now, why does he/she have to say those of my race? What purpose does saying so serve him/her or anybody? Am I not right that, because of that, “Others can say hell of a lot about other races and that’s no good for anybody”? That’s advising to refrain from doing so. So, who “picks fights”?

          2. Read again my last para – ” that’s not talking bad of the Chinese. Just shitting the DAP Chinese like you.” Can’t I assume that he/she, talking that way, could be a DAP Chinese? Is it wrong to “shit” DAP Chinese? Others have used words worse than shit. And the words “Fucking Melayus” allowed in here are ok? Come on, be fair.

          3. I have said repeatedly my objection to anyone saying bad about my race, my religion and the Constitution of the country. But remember, I didn’t fuck back another race when the bloke used the words “fuck Melayus” – I turned that comment to our advantage by saying something like “We Fucking Melayus are proud to have fucked you and the like of you.”

          Surely I deserve the right of reply. Everybody deserves it when their race is made fun of, degraded, insulted, etc. And the word “shit” is not as vehement as “Fuck Melayus”. Or “(Malayu) acts superior and looks looks down on others .. are disdainful, overbearing .. swaggering, and obnoxious.”

        2. Haha Helen, asking you to be fair, I’ll also be fair to you – I’ll answer your question “How come you suddenly … appeared out of nowhere ..?”

          I came in because the Protun and Projib issue was hotting up. You appear solidly Projib and I’m solidly Protun. It’s not my intention to win arguments over you – I just want the Protun views heard as much as you want the same of Projib views.

          I only hope you are fair and not pick on me when I use such timid words as “shit” compared to “Fucking Melayus” etc that you have allowed in.

          I know you are generally broad-minded – I have praised you 1-2 times in the past – and let’s have a good exchange of views and interesting discussions for your readers, shall we? It’s a cliche to say opposites attract but opposing views do make a blog interesting, lessening the repeating of the same stuff over and over again.

      2. I agree with Helen on this one. Keep it light, bro

        Try to argue without dragging race and religion into it

        1. Did you not see who started it?

          Do you not have maruah such that when someone makes fun, degrades and insults your race, you need to defend it and in the most effective manner so long as not breaking the laws?

          Read my reply to Helen submitted 2-3 minutes ago to see how the bloke degrades and insults your race – can I assume you are Melayu?

          I have also called (more than once) for decorum and decency when commenting. Anyone interested can always check the back post comments.

          One Christian teaching says that when slapped on one cheek, turn the other cheek. Do you know of any doing so now?

          And, for goodness sake, don’t say I’m dragging religion now.

          Broaden the mind and have some dignity, bro.

          1. Helen is right, Akim. Where were you all this while? We didn’t know your existence until Feb this year. Why the sudden appearance? Are you getting paid by Tun to whack projib bloggers? Why don’t you try putting your good for nothing comments in RPK’s MT? Go there lah, we’ll be waiting for you! Or you ni jenis lelaki yang hanya tunjuk samseng kepada kaum Hawa tapi bola menjadi kecut apabila berhadapan dengan kaum Adam!

            1. Cakap macam budak kecik.

              Usually not worth replying but this time just to know whether it’s alright for me to use those words, hehe.

              Good night, folks. Time for TV news, documentaries and stuff.

            2. OK, I’ll do another public service before I go offline to nite –

              Aku Melayu.

              Try to write your comments constructively. Find something useful in Helen blog post or the comments in here. Just say you agree or disagree. Then, state your reasons.

              That’d be productive and much better than asking the same that Helen had asked and I have replied. Doing that would irritate the discerning readers because you are making them look or feel unintelligent.

              And quit accusing people dedak this dedak that. Did you read about the dedak besi that I wrote that those who talk about dedak beras endlessly should eat.

              Why ask people to go RPK or wherever when you can counter argue them right here. Promote Helen’s blog while you are here, not asking people to go away to others’ blogs. That’s indecent of you, ungrateful ingrate for having been allowed by Helen to be here but you try to get people to others’ blogs.

              Think about it, see if my advice is right or not.

              1. Oh I forgot to add. Mahathir went to the GST rally naik kereta Porsche Cayenne! And his *** A Kadir Jasin has revealed that some ‘ anonymous’ persons have told him some secrets only for his ears which would unravel this month. But his secrets have become no more secrets as we have already known what those secrets are all about. His other *** Outsyed The Box should continue staying outside the box for barking the same old things! Zam alzakam is still very confused – got mixed up between ‘ election’ and ‘erection’! Hahaha! Kesian Mahathir for having these people [deleted] as they are not doing their jobs up to the mark but I suppose they deserve each other! Oh! Mat Sabu is now Mahathir’s new BFF! I can’t wait for another episode of comedy of errors!

    2. We often recall the reminder of the blessed Prophet s.a.w., that no soul shall enter the gates of Paradise if they bear so much as a grain of arrogance.

      Abdullah bin ‘Umar reported Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: “Allah, Most Exalted and Glorious, will fold the Heavens on the Day of Judgment in His right hand and say: ‘I am the Lord: where are the haughty and where are the proud (today)? And He shall fold the Earth in His left hand and say: ‘I am the Lord, where are the haughty and where are the proud (today)?’ ”
      (riwayat Muslim no. 6704)

      1. Abdullah, may I take this opportunity to remind our Muslim brethren against attributing anthropomorphic characteristics to Allah Most Sublime and Transcendent. The hadith above must be understood allegorically. The Lord Creator does not have a “Hand” as human beings conceive “hand”. Rather the Lord is signifying His Almighty Will above His creation.
        Allah Most High is described in the Qur’an 42:11 as:
        لَيْسَ كَمِثْلِهِ شَيْءٌ
        (laysa kamithlihi shay’un)
        “Nothing resembles Him (Allah) in any (conceivable) manner.”

        This essentially means that Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala does not resemble His creations in any of their physical characteristics.
        It was related that a group of Jews came to the Prophet s.a.w. and asked: “O Muhammad, describe to us your Lord Whom you worship,” whereupon surah al-Ikhlas was revealed:
        “Say (O Muhammad): ‘Allah is One, Allah is Absolute; He does not beget (offspring) nor was He begotten (from parents), and there is no associate to His Oneness’.” And Prophet Muhammad said: “This is the description of my Lord.”

        The answer of the Prophet s.a.w. indicates that Allah has attributes – as in the 99 most beautiful Names – that do not resemble the attributes of the creation. Allah is attributed with perfection, free of all creaturely imperfections.
        Allah Most High says in the Qur’an 16:60:
        وَلِلّهِ الْمَثَلُ الأَعْلَىَ
        (wa lillahil mathalul a’la)
        “To Allah applies the highest of similitudes.”
        The Lord is Transcendant beyond the physicality of space and time dimensions.

        All created things need to be continually sustained by the Will and Power of the One Unique and Absolute God. The Lord Creator – without beginning and with no end -depends on none. Allahu Akbar. This is the classical mainstream Islamic understanding of Allah Most High.

        The Hanbali-Wahhabis have for hundreds of years burdened the ummat with their “human-like” attributions to Allah Most Sublime making the Lord appear in created dimensions (mujassimah & mutasyabihhah). In this they are partners to the trinitarian Christians who make Jesus son of Mary an associate to God on High. And worse still, the Wahhabis pronounce Muslims who do not share their deviant understanding as heretics and people without faith (kafir).

        1. In the Name of Allah All-Compassionate and All-Merciful

          Those Muslims who accuse others of falling outside of the fold of Islam (ie. the takfiris) are indeed arrogant ignorant people. Do they believe they will go to Paradise behaving in such coarse and evil ways? Grand Imam of Al-Azhar University says among other things:

          “In truth, I believe that there is another main reason that stands aside and makes people feel easy (careless and bold) about the Takfir of others (accusation of heresy and disbelief), and this is the huge accumulated heritage that we may call “The Heritage of Extremism and Fanaticism in Islamic Thought”. In reality, this heritage, since its inception (1400 years ago), has deviated from the (established) theologies of the Ummah and its members (Ahl Sunnah wal Jamaah); it is, in one way or another, attributed to the heritage of the Kharijites (radical bedouins) whom the Prophet (pbuh) had warned against and whom the masses of the Ummah, in the past and in the present, reject. ”

    1. Memang kesian betoi.

      Monsterball not only will be turning in his grave but laughing berdekah2.. Usaha dia bertahun2 tak sia2. He managed to lure his most hated enemy into their camp!

      Bravo to Namewee and Alvivi couple juga telah berjaya dalam usaha mereka. Tak sia2 “kemaluan” sendiri dipapar FOC dalam internet. Wonder what sort of video they are going to come out with soon?

      1. what i meant was, ‘kesian tun, dap buat dia tool depa’.

        phrase yg nombot 2 tu sj tak buh.

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