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Annuar Musa: “Orang yang menentang itu tak dapat dedak”

There’s a Malay political operative close to DAP that has been going around belittling PAS.

This Malay prepaid blogger (who’s egotistical enough to think he’s worth RM20,000) has been saying repeatedly that the Islamist party possesses no electoral clout outside its rural heartland.

Hence, he insists that PAS will not be able to bring anything useful to the table for talks of cooperation with Umno. In fact, he has been incessantly pooh-poohing even the idea of Perpaduan Ummah itself.

As a pemakan dedak with the opposition, his present line of attack in trying to alienate Umno from PAS – particularly in Johor – is only to be expected. After all, a positive development on the unity front is an anathema to his new Chinese paymasters.

His efforts to undermine Muslim unity by constantly pouring cold water on the suggestion is in defiance of what the Umno liaison chiefs are themselves actually signalling.

For example, this Malay prepaid blogger we’re talking about has decried that PAS is quite useless in the advanced west coast states and that PAS has nothing to offer Umno in Johor.

Fortunately in real life, Khaled Nordin – who is Umno’s Menteri Besar in Johor – is not one bit like what the Malay blogger has been falsely depicting. (No wonder Mr Big Headed Blogger has been soundly rejected by Khalid media’s team.)

The Malay reject’s sneaky public advice is that the parti Melayu should not to bother or waste its time with the parti Islam.

However, the reality of Khaled’s stance is that the Johor MB remains open minded to the proposed cooperation — see Sinar Harian story below. So, the Malay fraudster clearly lied (something he does quite frequently just like his Dapster brothers and sisters).

A reason for one particular Malay drifting to the Dark Side

sailor moon charcoal← Hell hath no fury like a [man pretending to be a cute] woman scorned.

Umno info chief Annuar Musa suggests that Malay troublemakers start opposing the party when their services had been scorned or rejected by the Najib camp.

The Protun blogger (above) is kempunan (mighty sore that he did not get a cut) and thus his envy.

According to Annuar, “orang yang menentang [Najib] itu tak dapat dedak”. Thus their drift to the opponent’s camp because they weren’t getting any or not being given the 20k they had demanded as deserving.

[Note: DAP is generous with Malays because the Cinapek party desperately needs orang berkulit sawo matang on its payroll to act as stooges.]

You can listen to Annuar’s interview in the video here.

Annuar said:

“… tiga juta ahli Umno makan dedak? 22,000 cawangan makan dedak? […] Saya rasa sekarang ini bukan seorang-orang yang menyokong [DS Najib] soal makan dedak. Orang yang menentang itu tak dapat dedak.”

See minutes 2:22 – 2:26, ‘Annuar: Ku Li makan dedak jenis apa?’

Protun rejects wreaking vengeance

Tun Mahathir, who was unable to get his way within Umno, has taken his crusade outside of the Malay nationalist party and is undeniably working now with the opposition.

Likewise some of the Protun.

One ex-mainstream media man (yup, the same Malay blogger we’ve been discussing) threw a hissy fit when Johor Umno refused to heed his supposed and self-proclaimed expertise on the ground.

But then again, why listen to losers? Team Ghani lost Gelang Patah, after all, and they didn’t even see the Chinese tsunami coming.

No wonder then that the Prime Minister’s Office didn’t think much of the prepaid blogger’s ability and acumen, and in the same vein, his readers don’t think much of his political analysis skill either.

The truth is PMO is right on track with its perpaduan ummah agenda.

Malay political operatives, especially those in the pay of the opposition, are cluck-cluck-clucking their dissatisfaction over this matter of Umno being nice to PAS.

Of course it suits the DAP-led Pakatan Harapan to deter a closer cooperation between PAS and Umno. No doubt more dirty tricks will be pulled from the black propaganda bag by those doing their utmost to derail perpaduan ummah.

But these musang berbulu ayam Malay operatives have revealed themselves too early by their over-eagerness to split the majority community by deriding the need for PAS and Umno to draw closer together.


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  1. Kenyataan yang mengesahkan , Anuar Musa dan mereka-mereka yang menyokong Najib adalah mereka-mereka yang diberi ‘dedak’ .

    Sekarang dedak makanan kemewahan .

    1. Annuar Musa ni Melayu bodoh lama dulu dalam UMNO. Bolasepak kelantan pun tak tahu nak urus sampai komplen kos pergi Singapura mahal dan suruh anak Melayu Singapura jangan main dalam liga super.
      Ini lah standard Melayu dalam UMNO.
      Di Kelantan sokong hudud PAS [deleted] … moderate konon..haha

  2. Che Helen, you seem to be so pro perpaduan ummah. In the first place who really split the ummah. It was PAS. I know because I am from the old generation.
    But then for survival, let bygones be bygones.

    1. re: “who really split the ummah. It was PAS. I know because I am from the old generation”


      Why I think perpaduan ummah is necessary?

      (a) Chinese voters are one solid bloc of 95 percent. Malays are split three or four or more ways: Umno, PAS, PKR, DAP/PAN, fence-sitters/boycotters

      The above is a common and widespread argument, and if you crunch the numbers, the argument is proven to be true,

      i.e. 95% out of an over-registered quarter of the population-electorate vs let’s say 45-55% support out of the 55 percent (Melayu ethnic excl. non-Malay Muslim/bumiputera) population-electorate

      So although Malays are a clear majority by race, your voting power is not all that strong if you’re divided.

      (b) More importantly, it is my belief that PAS is better equipped to fight the DAP.

      PAS is political Islam, DAP is political Christianity … whereas Umno’s ideology is — look at “KJ rasuah”, Rafidah Ratu AP, Khir Bali mansion, Muhammad x2 Taib bags of cash airport and the rest of the colourful characters.

      You need to fight fire with fire and the DAP’s evangelical zeal with PAS’s own brand. Fat-cat Umno is just not cut out for the job. PAS will use their lutut dan siku di bawah jubah to lash out.

      (c) Umno just doesn’t get what DAP’s deceitful and dangerous evangelism is all about. PAS on the other hand gets it.

      That’s why at their last muktamar, the timbalan ketua dewan ulama said in his address to the persidangan that the DAP is full of Christians. See,

      The oppo’s recent Kongres Rakyat to kick-off their uprising took place on March 27 – which was Easter Sunday. I do not see that any Umno leader had grasped the religious significance of the date (“the rising of Jesus Christ”) and why it was specifically chosen by the DAP and not the rest of the 365 days of this year.

      (d) I do not believe that Umno Youth will fight the DAP. After all, KJ had proclaimed that he did not mind hiring oppo people to be on his satff, and his own press secretary is a Dapster formerly from the Nest of Evangelistas.

      I trust PAS Youth to understand the real and deeper danger of the DAP in the same way that Nik Abduh had realised how The Malaysian Insider was dodgy – see his FB link below. This criticism of TMI is not something that you would ever hear from Khairy.

      The Islamists, such as Isma, will fight the evangelical party (DAP) tooth and nail. They have the right mental frame to carry out the battle. Umno is clueless as to what makes the DAP tick and how dajjals carry out the deception.

      Since the Clash of Civilizations battleground is on the religious field, I’m worried as to when the lightbulb will turn on for Umno so that the parti Melayu understands what is at stake. The parti Islam already understands.

      China understands too. That’s why Beijing has cracked down on the evangelical movement.

    2. Latest update on the China situation

      Authorities in Zhejiang province have removed more than 2,000 crosses from church rooftops since the beginning of the (informal) em>Fear the Cross operation in 2014.

      In this past week alone, Chinese authorities have demolished a dozen church crosses in Wenzhou city “and beating protesters bloody”.

      The protesters are church activists trying to prevent the law enforcement from demolishing the crosses. See,


    3. ph,

      The old generation always right? Not so. Unless you have ruled the country for 22 years like Tun Dr Mahathir had. Even so, he has admitted having made a few mistakes. Though not on asking Najib berundur or be replaced.

      let bygones be bygones? Just like that? Then people can just make mistakes to satisfy their lust for whatever, knowing that people like you will say let bygones be bygones.

      Cannot Pakcik. Or Ah Pek (btw Ah Pek is not a derogatory form of address, is it?) We must point out, criticize, discuss – whatever you want to call it – the mistakes so that others will not repeat them will nally.
      History repeats itself despite Winston Churchill having written huge-sized and multi-volume accounts of World War II. The stupid George W Bush creating the Iraq War on the pretext of Weapons of Mass Destruction which have not been found until now has been continually whacked until now. The Iraq War has contributed greatly to the current turmoil in the Middle East and cannot say let bygones be bygones on such things as well.

      W need to say “Don’t do such things in future”.

  3. re, I trust PAS Youth to understand the real and deeper danger of DAP.

    Agreed with you Helen , sebab mereka pernah tidor sebantal . ‘Fight fire with fire’ and who will get the serious burned .

  4. Akhirnya…pengesahan dari pemakan dedak :)…

    The coward must abandon his dignity before he abandon the field of battle.

    1. Tun Mahathir in his recent Che Det entry on March 29 wrote:

      “Mungkin kerana dedak yang disuap oleh Najib. Shahrir mengaku dia terima 1 juta dan Ahmad Maslan 2 juta. Takkan yang lain tidak dapat habuan.”

      Like I’ve said before, Shahrir is the Ketua Bahagian of Umno’s biggest division with 27,000 members. Divide Shahrir’s allocation of one million ringgit evenly over the Johor Bahru party membership and the “dedak” – if Tun want to call it that – is RM37 per pax.

      It’s called funding the party grassroots/machinery and the money would not have been disbursed per head but more like grants for programmes conducted by the cawangan be it football tournament, tuition class assistance, kursus IT untuk makcik-makcik, whatever.

      Ahmad Maslan’s allocation of two million can be explained by the fact that he was Umno info chief at that time. (Note: Annuar Musa has stepped into Ahmad Maslan’s shoes and so the allocation should be going to him this year.)

      Some of the money would have gone to the Umno cybertroopers and Umno news portals, which in my opinion are doing a decent job of holding the fort and fending off the RBAs.

      On the other side of the coin, the DAP being now the second most powerful party after Umno would have had its huge war chest too and the Red Beanies are certainly paid, and the admins of the many, many DAP official and party-linked Facebook pages and other social media.

      Other DAP propaganda costs money too, such as shooting the music video parody of Psy’s Gangnam Style featuring the Rosmah impersonator flashing her ‘diamond’ ring and fake Birkin bag.

      So dua kali lima lah both sides of the political divide. And since the Umno civil war, we see the DAP tabur dedak to the Protun reject prepaid blogger and other Malays to shield Cina DAP officials from the Baju Merah.

      Since you do so like quotes, Abdullah, and have kindly shared with us your pick of “The coward must abandon his dignity before he abandon the field of battle”, let me return the caring and sharing. Below is one quote which tickles my fancy,

      “He was very religious; he believed that he had a secret pact with God which exempted him from doing good in exchange for prayers and piety.” ― Jorge Luis Borges

      I do not think the Umno-ites (these will be the Projibs and not the Protuns) going into battle against the DAP will abandon the field. Like I said, the Umno bloggers are decent people.

      However I do expect some DAP dedak Malays/Protuns to go into the battle of GE14 alongside the evangelical party and the New Hope coalition that it leads.

      1. Helen,

        This is my observation on what Malays feel about current Malays in politics and current Malay politics. I will not talk about how Chinese feel as I come to conclude that whatever goodwill gestures UMNO did, or doing or going to do, they(Chinese) will reject it outright.

        Many many Malays are unhappy with 1MDB or the figure RM2.6billion. Though all of whom I asked about RM2.6 billion are not 100% sure it is from 1MDB, they nonetheless feel it is unnecessary burden to UMNO.

        Many curse Najib, Rosmah, UMNO. Many ridicule Najib and by extension , UMNO. And situation made worse as quite a number of UMNO “who’s who ” who maintain a “could not be bothered” attitude.

        Many are upset that Tun is whacked for attacking Najib and UMNO. To them it is sign of disrespect. Never mind that Tun is actually becoming an ally of the very party that wants UMNO( and Najib and Tun himself) dead. Dead and buried . Literally speaking.

        BUT MANY are worried too. Though they are not happy with Najib, 1mDB, they too realise garbages concocted by “pembangkang” when Justo was arrrested in Bangkok.

        These malays weigh the options. With UMNO weakened but PAS not seen as ready as respected and more importantly credible alternative, they prefer to maintain status quo.

        They too cant accept Tun on same stage with Najib. sctually i notice Tun’s joining PR( at least on same stage) actually strengthening UMNO.

        Another factor that needs to be addressed is changing demography. Sudden surge on non Malays as voters in places like Bentong, Rembau, Bangi, Hulu kelang, Pandan, Titiwangsa, Ampang will mean UMNO or BN’s chances are further eroded.

        And some politicians actually need to be replaced. The list is quite long actually. But to name a few, KJ, Nazri Aziz, Tengku Razaleigh among other

    2. abdullah,

      do you have bukti that they makan dedak ? if you don’t then it is fitnah and yet you came here with loooong and looooong hadith.

      1. Can anyone do a public good by explaining to me and others how to determine reliability of a Hadith, please? I genuinely want to know and I think many others do, too. And not questioning the concept of Hadith, I must say – just wanting to know how to determine reliability. Especially when so much is quoted so often here.

        What I read is that there are about 1 million Hadith. Bukhari alone collected some 600,000, he memorized 220,000 of them, yet his Kitab contains slightly less than 6,000.

        Muslim, Sayuti and others collected a few hundred thousand each. No doubt they say “Sahih” so and so, but when some one quotes a Hadith, how to and where to check if that quote is a genuine one out of about one million?

        Remember, the authorities have warned against religious deviants and unscrupulous politicians are not averse to claiming some of what they say as Hadith. Wasn’t there a PhD fella not allowed to give ceramah in a certain state?

        1. Akim,

          In summary, there are six books of Hadith, namely :

          1. Sahih Al Bukhari
          2. Sahih Muslim
          3. Sunan Abu Dawood
          4. Sunan At-Tirmidhi
          5. Sunan An Nasa’i
          6. Sunan Ibn Majah

          The first two, Al- Bukhari and Muslim are considered truly authentic (sahih) beyond shadow of a doubt. Whereas the other 4 have a mixture of sahih and Hasan (good). How do we know that Al Bukhari and Muslim are completely authentic? Well You have to learn the science of hadith and the history of the compilation of hadith. And it will take years and years to master this science.
          For brief introduction to the science of hadith, I would recommend listening to Yasir Qadhi, an ustaz from the US. Here is the link:

          With regards to that certain someone who was barred by that certain state, personally I think he should not be barred. He is good despite his character of being too outspoken.

          1. Thank you Hafizah. But tak larat lah to study or listen to those you linked – “it will take years and years to master this science.”

            Can you say for the average guy

            1. what happens to the 500,000 over Hadith that Bukhari collected when his Book has less than six thousand Hadith?

            2. If Bukhari and Muslim are considered sahih, what about the Hadith collected by Tirmidhi, Sayuti etc?

            3. Where do we go if we want to check any Hadith being quoted or mentioned but don’t have those books, 4 of which are not quite sahih anyway? Among the Jabatan Agama and the many religious institutions, which one best to go to get convincing answers on the reliability of Hadiths one comes across anywhere.

            Txs and hope to hear from you again. Txs Helen for the space.

        1. Rasulullah s.a.w., bersabda:
          “Sesungguhnya diantara hamba-hamba Allah itu ada beberapa orang yang bukan nabi dan syuhada, tapi ia menginginkan keadaan seperti mereka, kerana kedudukan mereka ada disisi Allah.”

          Sahabat bertanya: “Ya Rasulullah, tolong memberitahu siapa mereka itu?”

          Rasulullah s.a.w. menjawab: “Mereka adalah satu kaum yang saling cinta-mencintai dengan ruh Allah tanpa ada hubungan sanak saudara atau kerabat diantara mereka, serta tidak ada hubungan harta benda antara mereka. Maka, demi Allah wajah-wajah mereka sungguh bercahaya, sedang mereka tidak takut apa-apa pada masa orang lain takut, dan mereka tidak berduka cita pada masa orang lain berduka cita.”
          (H.R. Abu Daud)

          Semoga kita suka menuntut perilaku kaum mukminin yang tersebut.

  5. akim,

    while waiting for hafizah to come back to you, i would say that if you have the interest to learn more, it is better to listen to lectures that are many being uploaded on youtube but becareful because not all sheikhs are on the right path. some of them are deviated. the ones on the right path are the ones that teach and preach only what is in the quran (the pure revelation and words of Allah S.W.T.) and authentic hadith of Rasulullah S.A.W., as you knew.

    if hafizah is recommending sh. yasir qadhi i think she is following the same path as i do (despite this i am not infallible and make lots of mistakes), that is ‘we will not add or omit anything from the pure teaching of Allah and His Prophet’ and no one has that authority not even the imam of masjid al haram in makkah.

    some people might accuse these people/sheikh as wahhabi, in fact they were and are on the right path. they are accused wahhabi just simply because they are stressing and holding fast on the sahih hadith therefore they are labelled as wahhabis. those who are labelling them by this name are in fact people who made new things into the religion of islam and could not accept it when they were reprimanded. these fabricators could not even give proofs of the new teaching they brought/made into islam.

    if we seek the truth and closeness to Allah S.W.T., He will surely guide us. we will feel that, biiznillah. when we turn to Him, He will surely turn to us, even if we forget Him, He will not leave us alone. may Allah guide you, forgive you and shower you with His rahmah (mercy and love) as much as i wish for myself.

    with regard to point no. 1 and 2, i would advise that you forsake it for the time being, it will be very complicated, even myself has no knowledge of it.

    i would like to recommend you this website (this website is giving fatwas only from recognized ulamas and the fatwas are subtantiated with proofs from the quran and authentic hadith. their fatwas are not restricted to a certain mazhab rather they accept all imams and ulamas of the mazhabs-furthermore Rasulullah S.A.W. did not teach or order us to form groups rather we must be united). the other website is islamweb which is prone to shafii mazhab.
    venture yourself through these webs and i believe a smart person like you will come to know its reliability.

    with regard to the guy, dr. maza is actually on this right path, if you read the last part of hafizah’s para she said “he is good despite his character of being too outspoken”. i agree with her but dr. maza is not a sheikh of my choice for me to listen to anymore due to he is too much into political emotions.

    i would like to recommend you to listen to lectures (on youtube) by sh. assim al hakeem, mufti ismail menk, nouman ali khan, said rageah and dr. muhammad salah (prof. at uni. al azhar/shafii’s sheikh). among all i like sh. assim’s and mufti menk’s moderation.

    semoga you mendapat kebahagian dunia dan akhirat. ameen.

    please pardon me for my poor english.

    1. re:Thank you Hafizah. But tak larat lah to study or listen to those you linked – “it will take years and years to master this science.”
      Can you say for the average guy
      1. what happens to the 500,000 over Hadith that Bukhari collected when his Book has less than six thousand Hadith?
      – not really sure about the amount 500,000 hadith he collected. But as far as i know, his book contains around 7,000 hadiths ( Anyway, the sole reason why that much hadiths were reduced to that number of hadiths in his book was because his meticulous attention to details and far stricter rules than other hadith scholars for accepting a hadith as authentic. In other words, his standard of authenticity is extremely high. in my humble opinion, imam bukhari probably perfected the science of hadith.
      For example, In order for him to consider the hadith authentic, he had to study the lives of all the people in the chain in depth. He studied where and when the narrators lived, in order to make sure that if someone narrates from someone else, they must both have been in the same place at the same time and have actually met and discussed hadith. Other hadith scholars did not all require evidence that two consecutive narrators met personally. Imam Bukhari also studied the lives of narrators, to make sure they were trustworthy and would not fabricate, or change the wording of a hadith. If he discovered that someone in a chain openly sinned or was not considered trustworthy, that hadith was immediately discarded and not included in his book unless a stronger chain for it existed.

      re:2. If Bukhari and Muslim are considered sahih, what about the Hadith collected by Tirmidhi, Sayuti etc?
      – Other than Bukhari and Muslims, as mentioned before, contains a mixture of authentic, good, weak and even fabricated hadith.
      (Yasir Qadhi

      re: 3. Where do we go if we want to check any Hadith being quoted or mentioned but don’t have those books, 4 of which are not quite sahih anyway? Among the Jabatan Agama and the many religious institutions, which one best to go to get convincing answers on the reliability of Hadiths one comes across anywhere.
      – To tell you the truth, I really dont know who we can refer to nowadays. Probably I would suggest asking scholars/ustaz who specifically study the science of hadith.
      I think UIA has a specialized department teaching Hadith & its Sciences.

      I have to agree what being said by ‘truth’, some people accuse them wahabi and deviate from the true teaching of islam. well, in my defense, what Yasir Qadhi is teaching is strictly based on the Quran and Sahih Hadith, his methodlogy is very systematic and clear. And more importantly, he didnt say that you should not follow the 4 main mazhab (school of thoughts), but rather we have to be more cautious when it comes to Islam. All in all, in my humble opinion, we should celebrate other opinions and not easily say “sesat” to other groups.

      Thanks Helen for providing the space :)

      1. Thank you again, Hafiza.

        We now can exchange some information. I managed to get the book, “The Religion of Islam, by Maulana Muhammad Ali (also author of An English Translation of the Holy Quran With Commentary” and other books) saying Bukhari “took cognizance of 600,000 reports and knew some 200,000 of these by heart … his book contains no more than 9,000 Hadith … 7.397 said Guillaume in “Life of Mahomet” or 7,295 according to other authorities.” (Pg 76),

        But Maulana also said, “It is not true that (Bukhari) found the other 591,000 reports to be false or fabricated.” So, what do we do when someone quotes Hadith that may not be in the Bukhari (9,000 Hadith) or Muslim (not sure how many Hadith) books?

        In general, the place to go to enquire is the Jabatan Agama and the agency(ies) under them because they were set up in pursuit of Article 3 of the Constitution stating Islam is the religion of the Federation” and they are to administer the practice of Islam in this country. But sorry to say, people nowadays have all sorts of motives e.g “tangan ghaib” summarily dismissing the Peguam Negara and immediately transferring senior SPRM and PDRM officers involved in the 1MDB and RM2.6 billion investigations, now 50 Officers in “sensitive posts” being transferred out from 1MDB-linked Federal Treasury, etc.

        One wonders if any Hadith are used to justify unwholesome actions or even to lead people into supporting those with not good intentions.

        You mentioned those that “contains a mixture of authentic, good, weak and even fabricated hadith.” I am most concerned about the last two.

        Salam to you and all.

        1. Akim,

          You cakap pasal Hadith pun nak selitkan 1MDB dan RM2.6b. Stick to topic lah.

      2. dear hafizah,

        jazakallahukhairan sister for sharing the ‘ilm’ with us, very beneficial.

        i forgot to thank kak helen for allowing the space. i wrote a very long comments earlier. TQ :)

        1. Re:”But Maulana also said, “It is not true that (Bukhari) found the other 591,000 reports to be false or fabricated.” So, what do we do when someone quotes Hadith that may not be in the Bukhari (9,000 Hadith) or Muslim (not sure how many Hadith) books?
          – I think there is no problem with Sh. Muhammad Ali’s statement. The reason why Sahih Bukhari was called “Sahih” in the first place was because he only put authentic hadiths in his book. The rest of the hadiths that were not up to his standards were dropped.The rest of the hadiths were categorized to mainly : Hasan (good), daif (weak) and Mawdu’ (fabricated).

          re:” So, what do we do when someone quotes Hadith that may not be in the Bukhari (9,000 Hadith) or Muslim (not sure how many Hadith) books?
          – Maybe as per your suggestions, we have to refer to the Jabatan Agama. However, the Hadiths quoted from these 4 Books (Sunan Abu Dawood, Sunan At-Tirmidhi, Sunan An Nasa’i, Sunan Ibn Majah) should be okay. Generally speaking, if the Hadith quoted sounds too weird or contradicts basic pillars of Islam, then you should probably go ask ustaz/scholars.

          re:”One wonders if any Hadith are used to justify unwholesome actions or even to lead people into supporting those with not good intentions.”
          – One of the reason why scholars in the past made the efforts to preserve Hadiths were because a lot of people at that time concocted the sayings of our Prophet to further their own agendas.

          re:You mentioned those that “contains a mixture of authentic, good, weak and even fabricated hadith.” I am most concerned about the last two.
          – There a lot of Hadiths compilations out there, not just these six.

  6. You should make an effort to mix more with other races. Apek, Aney, Aci, Ahkow, Tamby Minachi are names we casually address to friends in our daily life Pakcik, Makcik, Tok, Mek, Hang, Cik dan Puan.

    I know my neighbours’ names but its more comfortable and friendlier (dengan nada manja to the elders) to address them as Apek or Aso. Using names are too formal among friends.

    Hang ni macam mana nak kowteem sama DAP if you dont even know how to communicate with them?

      1. truth….

        ….Cannot Pakcik. Or Ah Pek (btw Ah Pek is not a derogatory form of address, is it?) We must point out, criticize, discuss – whatever you want to call it – the mistakes so that others will not repeat them will nally…

        Dok merapu macam Akim diatas la…satni dia boring pulak…Kekekeke

  7. dari topik makan dedak dah melencong ke hadis pulak dah. Helen, mintak ruang sikit utk mencelah berkenaan hadis bukhari & lain2. sekiranya alquran direkod selepas hayat rasulullah saw, kemungkinan besar those hadis wud become part of the scripture, & bound to contain contradictions. proofs:

    Sahih Muslim Book 008, Number 3310:
    ‘A’isha (Allah be pleased with her) reported: Allah’s Apostle (may peace be upon him) married me when I was six years old, and I was admitted to his house when I was nine years old.

    Sahih Bukhari Volume 7, Book 62, Number 64
    Narrated ‘Aisha:
    that the Prophet married her when she was six years old and he consummated his marriage when she was nine years old, and then she remained with him for nine years (i.e., till his death).

    kita tengok apa alquran sebut;

    4.6. Put orphans to the test until they reach a marriageable age. If you find them capable of sound judgement, hand over to them their property,and do not deprive them of it by squandering it before they come of age.

    Sahih Bukhari Vol 5.Book 59 no.713
    Narrated ‘Aisha: The Prophet in his ailment in which he died, used to say, “O ‘Aisha! I still feel the pain caused by the food I ate at Khaibar, and at this time, I feel as if my aorta is being cut from that poison.”

    allah swt said:

    69.44-46 And if he [Muhammad] had fabricated against Us some of the sayings, We would certainly have seized him by the right hand, then We would certainly have cut off his aorta.

    banyak lagi la hadis2 yg kelam kabut & berserabut. nobody can ever corrupt His word & that’s His promise. the following is a hadis narrated by ali bin abi tholib which is not found recorded by any of the named individuals.

    the prophet saw said; no doubt, there will be hadis coming after me claiming that i said things. you must test the hadis with the quran and if it is in accordance with the quran, accept it and if not reject it.

    ada akai sendiri mau pikiaq.

    1. I have to reiterate: Im not a scholar i am just a layman (since im a female, should it be laywoman?). And to answer your questions in details, there are already many refutations. such as this two links :
      Point 1:

      Point 2:

      Or you can just engage with Yasir Qadhi to get better explaination :)

      Dont want to bog down Kak Helen’s blog about this. Anyway, I have to thank Kak Helen for approving my comments on her blog. My comments got nothing to do politics at all yet she still approved them. Big hug to you Kak Helen :)

      -kalau akai je ade x cukup, kena ada ilmu lain juga

      Peace :)

      1. salam to you too.

        1. my entry above was not directed at anybody, merely addressing the hadis issue.
        2. no questions asked, so, tak perlu jawab.
        3. nak dapat ilmu perlu kena ada akai (intellect), ada beberapa ayat yg menyebut tentang akai.
        4. engage with that person? not my problem/business. i dont have to prove anything.

        one for the road: 45.6 These are the verses of Allah which We recite to you in truth. Then in what STATEMENT (hadis in arabic) after Allah and His verses will they believe?

        cukup sampai disini. cheers!

      2. kak helen, saya nak minta laluan gak !

        “kalau akai je ade x cukup, kena ada ilmu lain juga”

        betul tu i setuju. quran dan hadith asalnya bahasa arab, kalau quran dah di-translate-kan ke bahasa lain bkn dipanggil quran lg tapi dipanggil ‘terjemahan al quran’. yg dlm bhs arab saja yg dipanggil quran.

        there are more than 5 english translations presently and many of the words used in each translation differ from one another but the quran in the arabic language remain the same over 1400 years.

        the best way to understand quran is to master the original classical arabic language as in the quran, it is a pure arabic language. if we are unable to, then strive to listen to trustworthy scholars in whatever way we can, in order to learn. not only that we read the quran/translation, it is also crucial that we learn the tafseer and listen to lectures on tafseer.

        the famous quran translator to english, dr. muhammad taqiuddin al hilali (an excerpt) wrote : “Translations are mainly meant for informing the people who have not yet embraced Islam to make clear to them the principles of Islam and the teachings of Muhammad (peace be upon him) and to know its exact facts. When they reach this state and Allah has blessed them with Islam, they must take the Qur’anic and the Messenger’s language (i.e. Arabic) as the only language to understand Islam”.

        the classical / quranic arabic is a strong language, greater and superior compared to any other language not even english. (i don’t speak much of arabic but i try, at least i undersatnd few percentage of the quran).

        Allah says :
        “And if you are in doubt about what We have sent down upon Our Servant [Muhammad], then produce a surah the like thereof and call upon your witnesses other than Allah , if you should be truthful.”

        the arabs during the time of the prophet s.a.w. were challenged (during that time the arabic was very much pure) yet they can’t do it.

        according to ust. nouman ali khan in 1998 in the US a group of university professors who have phd in classical arabic had taken the challenge, and their work ended up to be very hilarious and no one interested in the book (purportedly to challenge the quran). their book had gone down the drain. however, the quran still remain until today not a dot has been added to or omitted from it. we have more than 10 million muslims all over the world memorized the quran from cover to cover. isn’t that amazing ? what has inspired them to do that ? can anyone take the challenge to get just 10million people to memorize any thin book (e.g. tom sawyer :)) and preserve it in their memory in the entire life ? who wants to do that ? isn’t quran is amazing and beyond explanation ?

        if there is a mistake in the quran writing it will be noticed and corrections will be made. unlike the bible, no one can tell mistakes or something that is unoriginal in it. its original text is no longer there and no one has memorized it.

        the quran amazingly still intact and by merely reading the translation will touch the hearts of people whom Allah wills.

        about the importance of tafseer, we will not be able to understand for example what does Allah mean by saying :
        “Do you not see (i.e. know) that to Allah prostrates whoever is in the heaven and whoever on the earth and the sun and the moon and the stars, the mountains, the trees, the moving creatures and many of the people ?….”

        do we see trees prostrate ? no right ?
        i would recommend anyone to listen to ‘moutasem al-hameed’ on his tafseer of surah ar-rahman by an-naseeha foundation on youtube. it’s clear and beautiful.

        another disadvantage of the translation, for example 5 different words which give 5 different meanings in the quran cannot be translated in another language therefore we will see only one word has been used to describe 5 different words in different verses, which will lead to confusion and i had came across of this.

        for instance the word ‘ibadah’ cannot be translated to malay, so it remains as it is, while the translation to english is worship which is inaccurate ; unless we learn its tafseer.

        some people doubt abt hadith. mmmmm…if hadith to be considered pieces of a history, i would say that it is the most accurate history ever from the first human existence till the last hour (after the quran). because each hadith has chain of narrators (isnad/sanad) which trace back to prophet s.a.w. and each narrator in each hadith has a complete bioraphy to the extend that we will know when he was born, died, his teachers and scholars that he had been learning from, if he was a trustworthy or a liar etc etc and so on and so forth. the hadith categories are not only sahih, hasan, dhaif and maudhu. there are more like hasan lighairihi, dhaif jiddan, mauquf and so on. very complicated. i just wonder why some ppl take knowledge of islam from the ppl who do not have proper islamic knowledge.

        i don’t really put much efforts in learning deeper of its sciences because it will take time and what will happen to my practicing and performing the ibadah. some people are blessed with a deeper knowledge but for me, i think i am not it just that i hope Allah will bless and grant me with the efforts to learn, understand and ‘beramal’ as much as i can.

        the above is merely a little knowlege that i’ve learned and also based on my understanding. may Allah forgive me if i have made mistakes in my explanation and i don’t expect nor welcome anyone with harsh, rude and extereme comments towards my writings. just leave it alone if you don’t like it.

        kak helen,
        you don’t have to publish my comments if you think it is inappropriate to be on your blog. i personally think it is too much.

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