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Pot. Kettle.

“The Chinese press, which literally campaigned for the DAP, in the 2013 general election now has an estranged relationship with the state government,” wrote Wong Chun Wai in his J-Star column yesterday.

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And your newspaper did not also literally campaign for DAP, meh?

Don’t just say the Chinese-language media alone created the DAP monster.

The truth is that the DAP monster was helped in its creation by almost all the Chinese in the media.

It’s your handiwork. Own it!



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12 thoughts on “Pot. Kettle.

  1. Excellent, Helen. Agree with you fully.

    There you go, And I give credit where credit is due, don’t I?

    I have myself for a while felt that the Star has at times been writing/ posturing pro-DAP reports, comments and opinions. Wholly Chinese interest? Becoming ultra kiasu? Wanting Chinese political power, on top of the economic power they have had for decades in this country? Like that, where got unity in this country, wherefore Malaysian identity?

    The Star is supposed to be owned by MCA – is it? Or MCA is so beat up, disunited, faction-ridden and dishevelled that the head does not know where the tail(s) is/are. Hence the loss of seats, retaining only 7 of the seats with majority Malay voters. Hence appearing to be riding in the UMNO bus where the driver unwittingly gives the rather unproportionate number of seats in the Cabinet. Bent backwards to please the Chinese but got the Chinese tsunami at PRU13. Would lead UMNO/BN to the ravine if no new driver well before PRU14.

    Of course the Chinese language press “literally campaigned for the DAP, in the 2013 general election”. I sensed that even without knowing Chinese language or reading translations of what they write. Now it’s confirmed in black and white by the Wong Chun Wai in his J-Star column.

    Yet, as Helen said, Pot Black. Et tu, the Star? Awwwww, what a disgrace.

    1. yr sense is wrong. chinese press mostly report from a chinese perspective, not dap, they rarely campaign for dap, perhaps they did during the years when some djz leader join dap. how to differentiate the 2 ie dap n chinese, need sense, u dun have that, tis can be proven y many of u type assume i am a dap supporter.

      1. The above are just your opinions. “No substantiation, justification or explanation”. Not even examples.

        Anyone else’s opinions are as good if not better than yours.

        You are damn right, you are assumed as a DAP supporter – unless you justify or explain.

        1. u r right tis is solely my opinion base on my years of reading chinese newspaper, n to the fact that govt can anytime revoke the license, moreover the owner r mostly bn friendly. the target reader r mostly the poor n middle class, which suffered the most under a institutional discrimination, hence the paper oso have a role as their voice to sound critic against the govt. for example, would u call the papar protun if many of their writes hint abt najib govt corruption?

          i am from pkr, i support pr n now ph. i will anytime give my vote to dap if against bn. i have no intention to justify y i am not a dap supporter, those who read me long enough shd know.

  2. re , The Chinese press ,which literally campaigned for DAP,has now estrange relationship with the state government.

    What Wong C W is trying to tell is that the Chinese does not go along with the wrong doers ,or said to be ,unlike the Malays UMNO.

    Sindiran yang sangat tajam .

    1. Dead wrong, tebing tinggi, to say that the Chinese press estrangement is a direct result of their disapproval for corruption.

      The Chinese press in Penang were already upset with Tokong before the bungalow issue cropped up. Guan Eng’s press secretary Cheong Yin Fan famously brawled with the press corp and is disliked.

      See, Sin Chew slams Guan Eng’s press relations (1 Sept 2014) @

    2. And you assume Melayus like wrong doers, wrong doings?

      Guess what, for every wrong doings by Melayus, there are 2, 3 Cinas behind. The givers and the takers.

      Enuf said

      1. don’t shift your greed to the cinas….umno created this easy cari makan method, and umno made sure cina pays to everything……kalau cina suruh u makan taik, u makan ka?? kalau cina kasi u rasuah, u tak tau ckp tak boleh ka?? atau kasi report sprm?? what a warped logic…there are givers, so there are takers….tell the malays to stop asking and taking la, then the giving would stop too…..

  3. ‘The truth is that the DAP monster was helped in its creation by almost all the Chinese in the media.’

    Damned right and with a rabid fervor too.

    Now Tokong salutes them for their efforts with both middle fingers.

    Baru ada akai!

  4. …..“The Chinese press, which literally campaigned for the DAP, in the 2013 general election now has an estranged relationship with the state government,” …

    State gomen DAP dah mula goyang, FDI dah robek, Property investments dah dok ketaq, Melayu pun ramai dah ABC..

    these papers earn millions from advertising industry every month.. Agency houses pun Apek2 monopoli… revenue dah kulang la tu – dah mula rasa tak senang hati le!

    STAR mujuq bertopeng BN. Akaun2 Apek DAP cekop, akaun2 GLC pun cekop sikalang tambah lagi akaun2 Protuns. Hah, kan bahagia so mulut senang bole kasi laser la sana sini la.

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