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Annie Anakin — a liar and a fraud

The Protun scam

Whenever I read about Internet scams where some lovelorn woman is tricked out of her life savings by a sweet-talking online suitor whom she has never met face-to-face, a Malay male blogger Annie Anakin comes to mind.

A liar and a fraud, the anonymous Annie is a scammer too.

Annie Avatar

scammer who in real life is “a fat male with a hidung sudu sendok“.

Just like those cyber con artists who dupe the gullible women into parting with their cash through promises of love and marriage. Except that in Annie’s case, he is duping some elderly Pak Haji whom I sincerely hope does not lose his wang simpanan untuk hari tua one day.

Since Annie is a man masquerading as an awek cun (hot chick), he obviously does not use his real photograph for his blog avatar. A Japanese-style anime – above – is the face of Annie who styles himself “a little lady of the valley”.

Let me assure you that Annie Anakin looks nothing like the cute cartoon above. If anything, he resembles the typical driver of those pink mini buses that used to ply KL.

But being as sneaky as his cohorts the Dapsters, Annie has been teasing readers with sexy (or cute/adorable) photos of girls sourced from the Net. Like I said, Annie is a scammer.

BELOW: An Annie tease showing the bare back of a nude

Annie topless

Some of Annie’s readers are gullible enough to hope that the photos with which Annie teases them are genuine, and showing the real Annie. So they keep bleating, “Is that you, Annie?”, “Annie, is that you?”, “My, you’re such a pretty girl”.

What a hoot. But remember, Annie is a liar, fraud and scammer.

Life of Annie China girl rss

annie-profile-faker job

Nope, the most recent photograph to adorn Annie’s blog (which some besotted readers are again hoping against hope is Annie) is that of a Chinese girl. She is not Annie who is a male online scammer.

She is Xu Pinghui from Chongqing, China and her story appears in a 20 May 2010 article titled ’10 Bizarre and Fascinating Medical Tales’ @ — screenshot below.

All the photos, be it a helmeted woman riding a motorbike, a bikini bod relaxing in a beach chalet or a foursome playing mahjong – which entice readers to ask “Is that you, Annie?” – are not Annie but pictures sourced from the Net.

che-azemi-facebook-cropIs that you, Annie?

No, it’s not. (Seriously, no, but Annie sure looks a whole lot more like this chap than he does a cute little lady of the valley.)

This fella is merely a random photo of someone who’s a fan of K-pop and Japanese anime.

In our digital age, images abound in the public domain and from all corners of the globe. A Lim family-DAP blogger even misused sexy photo shoots of a Korean model and told his readers that she is Altantuya.

Annie popularity poll

ABOVE: Only 14 percent of his own readers surveyed had reckoned Annie “knows politics”

Not only anon but knows nuts about politics

The taiko of blogosphere Rocky Bru has been subtly hinting for Annie to tamp down his unstable and out-of-control behaviour.

On 13 Dec 2015, Rocky reminded Annie and other Anons that “the truth is nobody in cyberspace is truly anonymous” and that these bloggers should not think they could continue saying the meanest things under the cloak of anonymity.

This year on Feb 10, Rocky blogged ‘Post-CNY thoughts on Monkeys with Keyboards‘, saying, “In social media and the cyber world, anonymity is providing unscrupulous people a perfect cover to behave like the proverbial monkey”.

Rocky targetted the RBA, saying “in this cybertrooper and RedBeanArmy era, we have too many monkeys with fancy keyboards making use of the cover provided by Anonymous”.

I’m going to add that Life of Annie has today become the No.1 English sopo blog infested with Dapster anon commenters. However a proposal by the authorities to register bloggers will go some way towards curbing the liars (pemfitnah), frauds and scammers in blogosphere such as Annie Anakin.

Not too long ago on March 24, Rocky again commented that Annie and others “who blog anonymously and carefreely (ie they don’t have to be fully accountable for what they write) may feel victimised by the move” suggested by MCMC to regulate Malaysian blogs.

BELOW: Dapsters have taken over Life of Annie reader space

Life of Annie_ About Guan Engs nice house RBA

Big-headed Annie suffers from massive hubris

Previously, Annie had been released by the Media Prima news outlet he was working for. He’s a reporter, okay, not a teacher/lecturer or related to the education line as he claims.

Annie’s Blogspot biodata claiming to be an “educator” working in the “education” sector is pure bullshit, just like the blogger himself.

A ‘fatal flaw’ is a character tic that makes the egomaniac keep on repeating the same transgression, over and over.

Annie was a reporter with an Umno-owned company. It’s no surprise then that he would eventually be ejected for repeatedly dissing the Minister of Communications, the PMO, Johor Menteri Besar Khaled Nordin and several other hapless Umno politicians as well as Umno-related operations.

Annie who had gotten too big for his boots as a popular blogger was firing at will on his personal whim and fancy. And Annie is now doing it again by slagging the man on the mountaintop — No.1. This is what I call Annie’s hubris.

A few days ago, Annie ranted (see screenshot above):

“What? Najib stole all those money?

“Let him lah.

“If he really did, let’s pray for Allah to make him choke to death on all those ringgit.

“Well, what else there is for us to do, isn’t it?

“Dr Mahathir and the rest had done everything that they can what.

“Najib insists he’s innocent and wants to stay in power.”

Annie’s anti-Najib and Protun bent is very clear from what he’s written above.

Well, Malaysia is a democratic country and one is free to pick his side. But there is a catch. Annie’s employer has already had a spot of difficulty with a couple of very staunch Protuns. They’ve left the organization because unlike Annie, those guys are not frauds or scammers.

If you’re wondering why Umno is in trouble today, well, the problem plaguing the party is staring it in the face. It’s people like Annie who bite the hand that feeds him.


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26 thoughts on “Annie Anakin — a liar and a fraud

  1. I also help to alert the expose by Syed Akbar that Annie tu lelaki tua muahaha..

  2. Helen, your conclusion in the last paragraph is too simplistic.

    There are a lot of problems plaguing the party, even putting aside those perceived to be related to its president. I would place entrenched old feudal lords who won’t retire as one of the worst problems in Umno. Look at the Bahagian chiefs. Some have been there for longer than the newest voter base. The system is such that they managed to get voted back in year after year. Since they are holding on to power, Umno is not getting new, fresh ideas or attracting a large number of youths.

    1. People in Annie’s position are one of the problems plaguing Umno.

      I won’t claim that Annie and his ilk are Umno’s most major or pressing problem or that this situation (parallel to Umno leaders who diss Najib but still muka tebal to ask him for project/contract) is the only problem.

      Umno has other problems. KJ is one!

      My conclusion above that you point out is confined to the contents of the article. The problem that Annie poses is seen from the POV of mt own media background.

      Similarly, AG Gani Patail was retired earlier than his tenure while the asst director of Special Branch was transferred but it is Ku Seman Ku Hussein’s departure from Utusan that caused me misgivings. AG is Law, SB is Police, Ku Seman is Journalism. Law and Police are an emotional distance from me but Ku Seman’s disquiet strikes close to home.

      Likewise, Umno assuredly has multi-faceted problems. The one is see and am highlighting is the area of info (shaping public perception). Umno is in trouble if people with Annie’s unstable and shortsighted temperament and Dapster leanings are employed within the propaganda machinery.

      najib but still
      it’s only one.

        1. re: “I like to believe that he left because he was sticking to his principles.”

          That’s what I believe too.

          I’m sad that Ku Seman parted ways with Utusan, and that it had to come to this.

      1. Glad that you said “Umno has other problems. KJ is one!” As UMNO Youth Chief, that guy could do wonders for Najib if he wanted to, but I suppose because Najib has so many problems now, he is fishing in muddy waters. Remember, he declared publicly that he wanted to be PM by 40. And now is about the time.

        Glad also that you said “AG Gani Patail was retired earlier than his tenure while the asst director of Special Branch was transferred”, To you, “Ku Seman’s disquiet strikes close to home” but to many others, the sudden transfer of senior SPRM and PDRM officers to prevent them from continuing investigations, the summary dismissal of AG and the appointment of one who not long after that declared no wrong doing by Najib on the RM2.6 billion are the greatest shocks the beleagured Najib dared to do.

        Btw, any indication of when PAC will submit its report to Parliament beyond the word “soon”? Have they resolved the issue of how to get the public let 1MDB and RM2.6 billion rest when the Auditor General’s comments on the 1MDB audit his officers have done are secret?

  3. The adage “Melayu Mudah Ditipu” is true. Imagine a fat, male with a hidung sudu sendok, an ex-reporter with a poorly circulating English newspaper masquerading as a woman with Chinese DNA and fooling the Malays.

    I only came to know, “she” was ******* ******, when I was alerted by the former JB bureau chief of “her” newspaper that this double ass (hint… hint there is a clue) was in truth a male.

    Since then she has been fooling all with “her” cutesy anime and photos of orientals and claiming “she” has all the usual issues associated with women like menstrual pain etc. Oh yes, “she” loves smoking, riding bikes while throwing names of whose’s who.

    “Her” downfall came when he upped the ante and began attacking Johor Menteri Besar Khalid Nordin, IRDA/Iskandar boys etc. That’s when, “her” bosses had enough and booted “her” out. Now, he is operating as an underground mole (hint hint). Anyway, cut off of financing, just watch “her” make “her” comeback masquerading in another form.

    Her favourite uncle is Haji Zin from Malacca which could be yet another fraud or its “her” masquerading as a Haji. Afterall don’t we know about “Big Cat”, Tinsel Cat” and what else next. But point is it matters zilch to “her” Malay followers. Afterall, bukankan Melayu mudah Ditipu. Ini pula Melayu menipu Melayu”. Strange “her” Malay readership is ok with “her” conning all. Mungkin, Melayu suka Ditipu Melayu”

    Helen, how come you were were once associated and worked together with this sod.

    1. re: “Helen, how come you were were once associated and worked together with this sod.”

      Norman, I’ve never been associated with Annie just like I’ve never been associated with the DAP. I only voted DAP twice in 2004 and 2008. That’s all.

      I’ve been to a couple of functions where alpha bloggers were invited and Annie too was one of the bloggers invited.

      Anything beyond the above is Annie’s pack of inventive lies, just like how the RBAs always lie. You have had up close and personal with how the Red Beanies work, so you’d have an idea of their MO.

      I have certainly never worked with Annie.

      What I have in common with Annie is our appearance on Rocky’s blogroll. The bloggers on Rocky’s blogroll do not work together. Also on Rocky’s blogroll are Che Det, Zam, Salleh Said Keruak, A. Kadir Jasin (I hope nobody’s gonna say that these are on Rocky’s payroll.)

      I’m aware that Annie calls Rocky his “blogging captain”. Rocky is not my blogging captain. However I’m indebted to Rocky for channeling traffic to my blog as well as introducing me to a wider audience.

      When I first started out, appearing on Rocky’s blogroll really gave my blog a boost. I like BN people better for good reason.

      Very few of the Pakatan big-time bloggers (e.g. Haris Ibrahim) put my blog on their blogroll even though I had moved in their circles earlier. Friendship counts for nothing with them. When you’re no longer aligned ideologically with them (i.e. support opposition), they’re unable to be fair.

      The first person to put me on his blogroll was Voicy (Another Brick in the Wall) even though we had been not too long ago on opposite sides of the political divide.

      In fact, when I first started blogging in mid-2011, the Umno bloggers wouldn’t have known or guessed that I’d drift to the side of pro-establishment. Also, when Rocky put me on his blogroll, we were not even friends then.

      The BN people have always been more open minded, rational and kinder.

      Now that you’re out of DAP, Norman, if you look back with the benefit of hindsight, you can make a comparison and might even come to the same conclusion that I have.

      One easy starting point. The Umno fellas didn’t contort themselves into pretzels to defend Khir Toyo. The DAP people are psychotic over the Guan Eng bungalow corruption.

      Just check out the Malaysiakini reader comments to Dr Kua Kia Soong’s most recent criticism of the Dear Leader. The attacks on Dr Kua by the DAP supporters were practically unhinged.

      Btw, Annie Anakin is turning into a Dapster. The RBAs are the ones propping up his blog. Genuine Malay readers have abandoned him.

      1. re, I only vote DAP twice in 2004 and 2008.

        Your vote is secret ,but you do say that you was supporting DAP idealism . Two General Election is quite a long gap and it cannot be pure accidental and I am sure that something that you just cannot discard like old cloths .

        Can we just forget on what we believe ?.

        1. There is no need for my vote to be secret. I’ve got nothing to hide.

          For the last general election, I also told readers of this blog on 5 May 2013 that I voted BN. See,

          re: “you do say that you was supporting DAP idealism”

          When did I ever say that?

          Voting DAP is an auto reflex for a young urban Chinese just like in the Umno families (with tradition of being civil servants, say), supporting the government would be the norm.

          re: “Two General Election is quite a long gap and it cannot be pure accidental and I am sure that something that you just cannot discard like old clothes”

          In GE11 when I voted DAP, Pak Lah lead BN to a sweeping victory. Oppo and DAP kalah teruk. There was no Pakatan — they had few YBs and definitely no Hannah Yeoh.

          Jadi pada waktu itu (2004-2008), DAP tak bongkak, tak meragam dan belum evangelis lagi. With barely a handful of seats, DAP then was not like the monster it is today.

          In 2008 when GE12 came around, DAP did not control any state and had never tasted power. There was nothing that could have made me guess DAP would ubah so much in the near future, and no reason for me not to vote for them again.

          But unlike the other Chinese whose perkaumanan is above everything else, I’m not someone who is unwilling to reevaluate my choice in the face of new circumstances and facts.

          By 2010, I was already disenchanted with the DAP’s bangsa Anak Malaysia hypocrisy. In fact, I can even pinpoint you a date which was one of my turning points — 14 April 2010. Guan Eng had written a letter to the Malaysiakini editor (exceprts below):

          Guan Eng said:

          “The time has come for all Malaysians to look at each other as fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and children faced with similar problems and filled with common hopes and aspirations.

          “For this reason, whilst I will meet with any group seeking a dialogue, I am not keen to initiate discussions on my own with organisations based on a purely communal instead of a Malaysian agenda.”

          The group that Guan Eng was referring to above that had wanted to meet him was Hindraf over the Kg Buah Pala issue. He refused to meet them on the excuse that they were racist.

          So you see, it didn’t take too long (roughly two years only) before I got thoroughly disgusted with DAP from 2010 onwards after voting for the party in 2008.

          re: “Can we just forget on what we believe?”

          There is nothing to discard in terms of beliefs by rejecting the DAP.

          They call themselves “Democratic”. They are not.

          They claim to be “Socialist”. They are not. They’re in the pocket of the property developers and the party’s Dear Dodgy Leader bought a cheaper than low-cost-flat per square foot bungalow from his tycoon crony.

          They claim to be secular. They only want to make the Malays secular and flatten Islam’s preeminent status while they themselves remain evangelical Christian.

          Your question ‘How can one forget what he believes?’ is better directed at Lim Kit Siang. His buddy Karpal Singh will soon be turning in his grave looking at what has become of the DAP today.

          1. ADD:

            The link to Guan Eng’s April 2010 letter to the editor is here,

            FYI: I would have been a first-time voter in 1999. I had registered and was among the 650,000 new voters who were disenfranchised because the Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya bagi alasan tak sempat nak proses permohonan kami untuk diwartakan, konon.

    2. What a sod this norman fella. Saying “Melayu Mudah Ditipu”, yet he (an Indian?) kena tipu by DAP like shit and had to cabut keluar that party that must have treated him like a …..

      Say what you like about Annie whoever but don’t denigrate the Malays as a whole. Just because his/her Malay readership don’t give a stuff about his/her “Big Cat”, Tinsel Cat” etc, you said Melayu mudah Ditipu?

      No wonder you were about to be sacked by DAP –

      “Will DAP sack Norman Fernandez?…/will-dap-sack-norm...

      But you resigned to avoid the sacking from DAP, didn’t you?.

      You hit out the DAP central committee, called DAP leadership like a three-headed monster, now you are out of DAP, why don’t you focus on whacking them left right and centre? Scared of having to retract your statement again like you did as reported by RPK over the not voting PAS issue?.

      Remember, shooting from the hip like a cowboy will get you shot back and it’s not nice, isn’t it?

      1. I was in DAP for more than 20 years and what attracted me to join DAP was the conviction and principles which the party and importantly the leaders steadfastly held. People like Fan Yew Teng, P.Patto, Karpal Singh, Ahmad Nor and even Lim Kit Siang (then) were men of conviction.

        The shift started after 2008 where in came a new breed of DAP upstarts, who began to devise a plan to use Malays to take power and then be the real power behind the throne. These leaders had no qualm working with PAS nevermind PAS had always the Islamic state and hudud agenda. So, DAP leaders who actually distrusted PAS went on to fool Chinese that PAS has no plans for Islamic state and to implement hudud. For DAP’s greater cause, DAP was prepared to fool and hoodwink the Chinese and the Chinese fell for the ruse hook, line and sinker.

        Despite I telling them that Hadi Awang is on record that hudud will be extended to non-Muslims, DAP leaders at a meeting with me in Thirstle Hotel, JB told me not to highlight and keep my views private although they agreed PAS was an untrustworthy partner and a danger to non-Muslims. Today, I have been proven right when PAS showed their true colours and now the same snake-oil salesmen DAP leaders are so open in condemning PAS and Hadi Awang. It would seems that DAP of today have principles like shifting sand.

        Today, DAP calls for an inclusive Bangsa Malaysia but come party elections DAP members just won’t elect Malays be it to the state or national committee. Instead, to show a Malay face they appoint Malays who must look and have the ideals of Chinese.

        Today, DAP has realised that DAP will not get the Indian votes and so they realise it is the Malay votes which can bring them to power. So, they are prepared to even “berpuasa” and “makan sahur” all with intention for a photoshoot to upload to their Facebook. In Kluang, there were DAP party leaders who met and gathered in a Bak Kut Teh shop, before going to a Malay/Muslim’s house to buka sahur and then uploading photos after photos on their Facebook. For many Malays, they are taken in by the gestures of these fraudsters.

        I have been in DAP long enough to see the shift. Just watch the saga of those who bleat competency, accountability and transparency tripping over their very principles. Now, they spend time distinguishing their wrong and saying that they did no wrong as compared to the other.

        I proved one thing : I was right about PAS and I am vindicated by DAP leaders who were quick to condemn me earlier, now eating humble pie and condemning PAS and Hadi Awang.

        I remain steadfast and firm in my conviction that DAP today has realised that to take power or be the real power, they need the Malay votes and if that requires “endearing” to the Malays, then so be it. They have tasted power and they realise that with the Malay community now divided, this is the best opportunity to sneak in and steal power.

        A party who claims to represent all races but won’t elect Malays to their leadership, cannot be a party for all.

        I have no regrets.

  4. harap antara Annie dan kak Helen bukanlah sesuatu yang peribadi. sebab nampak dah macam masalah peribadi.

    1. Ia masalah etika si Annie yang terlalu banyak memfitnah.

      Boss Annie yang terdahulu dan bos Annie sekarang ini kedua-dua pun bukannya tak kenal akan sifat Annie yang penipu dan pembohong.

      Kesian pada rakan-rakan sejawat di tempat kerja. Dah lah supervisor mereka seorang lelaki menyamar perempuan, ego besar pula tu. Takut-takut mereka dianiaya nanti oleh jenis orang yang suka mencipta cerita.

      1. …..lelaki menyamar perempuan…..

        Some are born natural Cik Helen dwi alam. A woman trapped inside a man’s body or a sexy beautiful curvy sweet woman born with the insides and organs of a male.

        JB is only a half hour across the border (border check and all) they have places like the famous Neil Street (in Chinatown, walking distance from Outram MRT). They have people like Kumar on youtube..

        For Malaysians esp Muslims, payah cikit so apa lagi.. we will get many like “Annie” .. Please give him-her some space Cik Helen. Just drive through the backlanes of Bukit Bintang areas..sedih juga memandang that many have to resort to “prostitutions”.


        1. The “famous Neil Street” in Singapore? No such road, lah. Perhaps u are referring to Neil Road, along which is situated Cantonment Complex and the Central Police Division HQ? Why is it “famous”?

          As for Singapore comedian Kumar, what’s there to say? U are not taking cheap shots at Kumar, are u? Unless u have funny inclinations that way?

          And there is no need to go to Bukit Bintang. There is plenty of “action” in the side lorongs of downtown JB or along the JB waterfront in front of the Post Office. But u didn’t know that, did u?


          1. JB? Saya oghang Kedah mana nak tau…..but nevermind, I’ll get my friends in JB to go and check tonite. Hmm this “Annie” is from JB too right?

            Now you tell me, actually whats your problem with Kumar?

            1. No problems with Kumar. I understand that he has several fans in Singapore who attend his sold-out comedy performances. He’s even appeared on mainstream TV in Singapore. A lot more accepting, Singapore, wouldn’t you say?

              And what’s with your “Neil Street”? Got your geography wrong, Kak?

              And please do check out the seamy underside of JB….especially in the downtown area from Pejabat Pos to HSBC to Jln Trus to Komtar. Plenty of “action” there, if u know what I mean.

              1. “And please do check out the seamy underside of JB….especially in the downtown area from Pejabat Pos to HSBC to Jln Trus to Komtar”

                Good to know for all the Singapore husbands. With the high exchange rate, Singapore wives can outsource all the fun. Certainly everyone can fun. (or the more suitable verb).

  5. Let me assure you I am ugly balding and male……….lest I fall foul of your pen (and mind)……ha ha ha.

    Let em have it sis.

    1. And your physical attributes translate into your musings on social media? Not that they often make much sense anyway.

      Like referring to Singapore as a “money laundering haven”. As in the “Panama Papers”, perhaps?

      1. “Like referring to Singapore as a “money laundering haven”. ”

        “Singapore has become an increasingly popular haven for money laundering and tax evasion. But now it faces calls for reform and a difficult dilemma: Can it be both a home for fortune hunters and a bastion of integrity?”

        “The Fountain of Wealth, the world’s largest fountain, is a bronze monstrosity located on the boulevard and surrounded by five gray office buildings, the Suntec Towers. The firm Portcullis Trustnet has its headquarters there. Portcullis builds what amount to virtual catch basins for fountains of wealth, establishes trust companies and moves assets to tax shelters.

        Portcullis Chairman David Chong sharply rejected the indirect accusation by the journalists behind the Offshore Leaks investigation that Portcullis helps tax evaders hide their money. In the spring, Chong declared that Portcullis strictly adheres to laws and regulations against money laundering and tax evasion, and that it doesn’t do business with people who may engage in those activities. He has been silent since then.”

        Don’t know whether we can trust Das Spiegel? Maybe fitnah kot?

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