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“Won’t elect Malays to their leadership cannot be a party for all” — ex-Johor DAP deputy chairman

By Norman Fernandez

I was in DAP for more than 20 years and what attracted me to join DAP was the conviction and principles which the party and importantly the leaders steadfastly held. People like Fan Yew Teng, P. Patto, Karpal Singh, Ahmad Nor and even Lim Kit Siang (then) were men of conviction.

The shift started after 2008 where in came a new breed of DAP upstarts, who began to devise a plan to use Malays to take power and then be the real power behind the throne. These leaders had no qualm working with PAS never mind PAS had always the Islamic state and hudud agenda.

So, DAP leaders who actually distrusted PAS went on to fool Chinese that PAS has no plans for Islamic state and to implement hudud. For DAP’s greater cause, DAP was prepared to fool and hoodwink the Chinese and the Chinese fell for the ruse hook, line and sinker.

Despite I telling them that Hadi Awang is on record that hudud will be extended to non-Muslims, DAP leaders at a meeting with me in Thirstle Hotel, JB told me not to highlight and keep my views private although they agreed PAS was an untrustworthy partner and a danger to non-Muslims.

Today, I have been proven right when PAS showed their true colours and now the same snake-oil salesmen DAP leaders are so open in condemning PAS and Hadi Awang. It would seem that DAP of today have principles like shifting sand.

Today, DAP calls for an inclusive Bangsa Malaysia but come party elections DAP members just won’t elect Malays be it to the state or national committee. Instead, to show a Malay face they appoint Malays who must look and have the ideals of Chinese.

Today, DAP has realised that DAP will not get the Indian votes and so they realise it is the Malay votes which can bring them to power. So, they are prepared to even ‘berpuasa’ and ‘makan sahur’ all with intention for a photoshoot to upload to their Facebook.

Photo credit: Antarapos
Photo credit: Antarapos

In Kluang, there were DAP party leaders who met and gathered in a Bak Kut Teh shop, before going to a Malay/Muslim’s house to buka sahur and then uploading photos after photos on their Facebook. For many Malays, they are taken in by the gestures of these fraudsters.

I have been in DAP long enough to see the shift. Just watch the saga of those who bleat competency, accountability and transparency tripping over their very principles. Now, they spend time distinguishing their wrong and saying that they did no wrong as compared to the other.

I proved one thing : I was right about PAS and I am vindicated by DAP leaders who were quick to condemn me earlier, now eating humble pie and condemning PAS and Hadi Awang.

I remain steadfast and firm in my conviction that DAP today has realised that to take power or be the real power, they need the Malay votes and if that requires ‘endearing’ to the Malays, then so be it. They have tasted power and they realise that with the Malay community now divided, this is the best opportunity to sneak in and steal power.

A party who claims to represent all races but won’t elect Malays to their leadership, cannot be a party for all.

I have no regrets.

Norman Fernandez is the former Johor DAP deputy chairman. He resigned from the party in July 2014. The write up above originally appeared here.



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9 thoughts on ““Won’t elect Malays to their leadership cannot be a party for all” — ex-Johor DAP deputy chairman

    1. Norman wrote, “gathered in a Bak Kut Teh shop, before going to a Malay/Muslim’s house to buka sahur”

      Buka puasa, perhaps?

      1. don’t tell me now some authoritarian gets to decide where people should not gather…..and why is this even as issue?

        1. If you ‘buka puasa’ during Ramadan, it presumes that you have been fasting since dawn. Is the DAP evangelista below better described as ‘tumpang makan’ rather than as someone breaking fast?

          Going along with Norman, we should also ask if Hannah Yeoh had partaken of her favourite food Bak Kut Teh just before being chauffeured to the mosque to join those makcik-makcik.


          1. Norman wrote the bak kut teh gathering event happened at Kluang, don’t think HY would go all the way there to attend sahur event. And HY certainly blends well with the situation from the picture above.

            ok, i agree. there are cunning crooks in DAP too. BUT, they can never get far if they are corrupt wholly. And, DAP can never gain control of government cause they are only contesting 50+ seats. so, the fear of DAP controlling Malaysia is absurd. They can have their say, but the Malays will always rule.

            Seriously, i would prefer to see the “cream of the crop”, immaterial of religion and race, to take up the jobs of working for the people

  1. Basically its like this. Corruption and mismanagement of funds are serious issues.

    Cukai-cukai yang korang satu malaysia dok bayar, itu duit pergi mana?

    Incometax, GST, RPGT, business tax, toll, rokok tax, road tax, stamp duty, zakat, tax itu ini, tax ini itu etc etc

    Tiap-tiap tahun, kutipan cukai berbillion-billion.So duit itu pergi mana? Jangan la masuk poket depa sahaja. 2.6billion bole bina banyak low cost homes tau

    Rakyat tak nak bayar cukai bole? Tak bole kan. Penjara for you.

    So you have a right to know what they do with your money

  2. “DAP wont elect Malays to their leadership ”

    I believe ,everybody knows that , if you non Chinese the best they can go is being elected as deputy chairman at state level or national level like Tengku Aziz .

    DAP is Chinese Majority party ,though they claim to multiracial ,how could they ,’the Majority Chinese ‘ select non Chinese to their CWC where majority play their role .

    I am sure they are not color blind and we cannot blamed them for that.
    They are not like UMNO who gave their Malay majority seat to MCA , MIC , Gerakan and the Malay voters gave them their vote,yet they are call raciest .

    1. Tunku Aziz was not elected. He was appointed.

      As is Dr Ariffin Omar, who currently fills the ‘Malay quota’ vice chairman seat allocated by the party. The delegates simply refuse to elect a Malay during their democratic congress.

  3. whats wrong with having bak kut teh? i dun understand what gesture u r talking abt. u sound like one that live under an islamic state. n i see nothing wrong with dap strategy to work with pas. if pr did win, hadi might take a totally diff stance. what we dun know is some so called islamist is more cunning n hypo than the corrupted bn politician. listen to hadi speech b4 n after ge13. no wonder rpk like hadi so much, they r the same type.

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