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Rafizi and his ‘handcuffs’

Rafizi Ramli’s lawyer Saiful Izham Ramli issued a statement to clear the air after his client kena kutuk kaw-kaw in the social media, according to a report by BNBBC.

Saiful said it is normal police procedure for Orang Kena Tangkap (OKT) taken to court to keep their hands clasped together at the back, even if not wearing handcuffs. Continue reading “Rafizi and his ‘handcuffs’”

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Pro-Christian paper’s asst editor on Islam, again

In her article titled ‘Child marriage is disgustingMalay Mail assistant news editor Boo Su-Lyn wrote that the practice is abhorrent “paedophilia” and “an abomination”.

Boo wrote:

“It’s even worse if it’s a much older man and a young girl. That’s an abomination.