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Rafizi and his ‘handcuffs’

Rafizi Ramli’s lawyer Saiful Izham Ramli issued a statement to clear the air after his client kena kutuk kaw-kaw in the social media, according to a report by BNBBC.

Saiful said it is normal police procedure for Orang Kena Tangkap (OKT) taken to court to keep their hands clasped together at the back, even if not wearing handcuffs. This facilitates the police officer’s hold on to the OKT’s elbow.

Hence it was not playacting or wayang by Rafizi to elicit public sympathy, Saiful explained. It’s merely a usual police procedure when escorting to court an accused who is not a security risk, he added.

I believe him.


DAP leader’s staff making a scene during arrest

It’s quite simple really. When the OKT is willing to cooperate with the police, then everybody walks in an orderly manner — which you can see in the photo sequence above.

When you do not cooperate with the police, however, then you get the celaru scene below demonstrated by Azira Aziz, who is Hannah Yeoh’s senior aide.

Azira was not handcuffed but she was being arm-locked by the two women officers on either side.

BELOW: Azira battling the authorities every step of the way … so Dapster!

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA - 2015/08/01: A protester was detained by Malaysian police during the "Tangkap Najib" (Arrest Najib) protest in Kuala Lumpur.They demand that Najib resigns as prime minister immediately. (Photo by Rasid Mohd/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Resistance is futile!

Might as well just follow police instructions and put your hands behind your back so that, like Rafizi, you can walk with a calm smile on your face … unlike the unladylike sight of Miss Azira above.

(Note: Azira’s Twitter handle is @ladymissazira.)


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6 thoughts on “Rafizi and his ‘handcuffs’

  1. I disagreed with Rafizi’s lawyer Saiful that it is a police procedure when leading an accused person not in handcuff to have both his hands held behind his back. It is either hancuffs or no handcuffs. If no handcuffs, why must his hands be held behind? To me that’s wayang kulit or bollywood by Rafizi.

    I think it is high time the authorities do not practice double standard. All person arrested and prior to being bailed out MUST be handcuffed whether VIP or non VIP. Of course this will not apply to children or very sick person. Why is that Malaysian VIPs are treated specially whether in jail or during their journey to and from court???

    1. Me arrested. No handcuffs. Complying with police instruction.

      The explanation provided by Rafizi’s lawyer sounds reasonable to me. We’re low risk (non-violent) individuals so there’s no need to waste a pair of handcuffs on us.

      With our hands positioned like that, it’s easy for the police officers to grip our elbows if they wish. If you don’t follow the police order, then your arrest becomes messy like Azira Aziz has illustrated above.

      She looks like Tian Chua II and I can imagine her struggling and kicking her heels.

      The brouhaha over Rafizi is actually a good lesson. Members of the public should not jump to conclusions or prejudge a situation because the reality could be different from what they assume.

  2. Got this article from a friend of mine (Chinese of course) who has migrated to Australia

    “Channels ABC, Seven, Nine and Ten all have morning television shows that serve as a combination of news, celebrity gossip and light entertainment. But, despite the number Australians who are born overseas hitting a record high this year, not a single one of the hosts of these programs is from a racially diverse background.”

    Racism in Australia? Betul-ka. I think it is fitnah.

  3. Helen,

    Many people have been writing posts/ articles on the the PAC report to Parliament. You are not writing one?

    Just asking.

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