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Dear Dodgy Leader wants ARD to hurry up

BELOW: Lim Guan Eng at his last live debate (with Chua Soi Lek) in July 2012

Sieg heil!

Hail Dear Leader Guan Eng

God’s gif to the people of Penang gives an ultimatum to Housing Minister Abdul Rahman Dahlan on debate deadline.

Btw, one of the party’s Melayu pemakan dedak has suddenly changed his tune. The blogger prepaid-reject used to hentam kaw-kaw a certain Menteri Besar but now flips-flops to make nice. What a 180-degree pusinger!



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2 thoughts on “Dear Dodgy Leader wants ARD to hurry up

  1. Very simple Helen. LGE is giving 1001 excuses so that the debate will never go on. Excuses is the mother of avoidance. Mark my words. More and more excuses will come out from him, the Penang egg without yolk LGE.

  2. wat to debate? both r equally useless. they treat the people like idiot

    the govt n macc lagi teruk, take action if there is case, if no, shut up n close the file.

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