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Marina Protun #1

Kata orang, ke mana tumpah kuah kalau tidak ke nasi … kedua-dua si bapa dan si anak nampaknya sudah dimesrai Dapster dah.

BELOW: Marina appointed to the NUCC by Najib in November 2013



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6 thoughts on “Marina Protun #1

  1. She thinks she is clever. Ever her dare to answer difficut Q&A and critics of herself?


    She shy away from any debate. Doesn’t have sufficient content and facts to take anyone on.

    Same as Ambiga. Dumb ….

  2. I don’t know Marina or Rosmah personally. But I do know that no matter how much I do not like Rosmah (whether based on hearsay, perception or fact), Rosmah is not a MP, Adun or Wanita Umno chief and so should not be subjected to such treatment. I have a beef with MM over some, no, make that a lot, of issues in relation to Islam. I find her views on issues wrt Islamic matters too liberal and sometimes in contradiction to Islamic values. Personally, I would not recommend either as role models to young Muslim girls.

    The Dictator above said that MM is an example of bodoh sombong. Yet I wonder if you consider her bodoh sombong, how do you see Najib’s action in appointing her and a few others like her to the NUCC? Terlebih bodoh sombong?

    1. Not terlebih bodoh sombong, just trying to be smart only to realise that he has been taken for a ride.

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