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Ridhuan Tee: Kuasa dan kekayaan mereka diguna untuk beli cai Melayu

“Ultra kiasu sudah menguasai ekonomi sepenuhnya. Tetapi masih belum cukup. Mereka mahu segala-galanya, terutama kuasa politik,” kata Ridhuan Tee dalam kolum Sinar Harian beliau hari ini.

Menurut Ridhuan, PRU14 adalah perjuangan hidup mati di mana mereka amat mengharapkan kemenangan. “Malah, mereka sudah bersedia dengan segala kelengkapan perang.”

‘Mereka’ puak ultra kiasu yang dirujuk Ridhuan adalah “dalam kalangan Kristian Evangelis yang sedang menguasai BN atau Pakatan”.

evangelista meter

Melayu jenis apa yang rela bersekongkol dengan musuh Islam?

“Evangelis amat bahaya,” pesan Ridhuan kepada para pembacanya.

Beliau mengingatkan umat Islam bahawa evangelis cemburu kerana kepentingan mereka dijejaskan oleh keistimewaan Islam dan kedudukan orang Melayu yang dimaktubkan dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan kita.

Ridhuan juga menjelaskan bagaimana sifat evangelis yang anti-Islam telah mendorong mereka untuk memusuhi dan memecah-belahkan PAS sehingga tertubuhnya parti serpihan PAN.

Yang mereka suka ialah Melayu Islam jenis liberal yang sanggup “mencanangkan diversiti agar negara ini tidak ada identiti Islam dan Melayu”, sambungnya lagi.

anime sailor moon snigger
Pemakan dedak DAP canangkan ‘diversiti’

Si Kitol — ‘senjata sulit’ dalam kempen pilihanraya ultra kiasu

Dengan strategi mahu jauhkan Melayu dari Islam, pencacai-pencacai liberal (Melayu Islam yang digaji) parti ultra kiasu sedang berusaha memujuk masyarakat Melayu supaya tidak mengundi Umno dan PAS nanti, kata Ridhuan.

Tambah beliau, Melayu moden yang boleh diajak untuk “memperjuangkan pluralisme dan liberalisme” akan disasarkan sama ada “diambil bekerja di syarikat mereka” ataupun “dibeli” sekaligus.

“Kekayaan dan kuasa digunakan hari ini untuk membeli dan meliberalkan anak muda Melayu,” begitulah kesimpulan Ridhuan tentang percaturan si ultra kiasu yang pantang kalah.

Mereka bertekad menang pilihanraya dengan apa cara sekalipun, termasuklah menerusi kaedah gunakan Melayu untuk tipu Melayu.

sailor moon giggling

GAMBAR HIASAN: Selain menipu dan membohong, Melayu yang makan dedak DAP pandai menyamar dan berlagak lebih Cina dari Cina



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134 thoughts on “Ridhuan Tee: Kuasa dan kekayaan mereka diguna untuk beli cai Melayu

  1. He is right on the money! The pendatangs really think they might have a shot but as you have so clearly pointed out, they are delusional if they think they can change our system.
    Now the Indians are also starting to act out. See those parents in the school from Penang? Who the hell does Ramasamy think he is? This race is also starting to naik tocang. If the parents think the school is not good enough for them, pergi tempat lain lah!

      1. TT. Masa untuk bersabar dah lama over. Janganlah kita ulangi kesilapan dengan bangsa Cina. The Indians are now interfering with Islam. See how they are making a fuss about Dr Zakir Naik. This is a MUSLIM seminar. Takda kena mengena dengan mereka How dare they?.

        1. Ketua Polis Negara tak bagi seminar tersebut diteruskan.

          Pihak berkuasa kita mesti ada sebab munasabah untuk mengeluarkan larangan.

          1. Yes, they made it an issue and put the IGP in a corner. This is exactly how the Christians were making a fuss about the the seminar at UiTM. It is not their place and they are now challenging the position of Islam.

            1. Zakir Naik was going to talk about Hinduism in comparison. So you can’t claim that the talk was going to be a solely Muslim affair.

              The hindus objected. Blocking a speaker who has been similarly banned from other countries is not tantamount to “challenging the position of Islam” in our country.

              1. The Christians made the same argument. They complained that the seminar talked about Christianity.This IS a solely Muslim affair. It doesn’t matter whether we are making comparisons with Hinduism, Christianity or Scientology. It’s about Islam……’s non of the their business and by trying to make it so, they are challenging the place of the religion of the Federation.

                1. The speakers at the UiTM seminar do not have a track record of being banned or barred, insofar as I’m aware.

                  IGP doesn’t buy the argument that blocking Zakir Naik is equivalent to “challenging the place of the religion of the Federation”. Between the UiTM and the Zakir Naik events, it’s up to the discretion of the police on maintaining peace and stability.

                  1. Yes Helen, the IGP has to consider issues like safety. These Indians are doing what they do best to get their way, being thugs. Between Hindraf and MIC, you can see how they were trying to stoke this issue and create trouble. In the current climate, the IGP is showing kindness but we all saw what Malay kindness has yielded. As you oft say, parti paling tidak apa………

                    1. re: “Between Hindraf and MIC, you can see how they were trying to stoke this issue and create trouble.”

                      Hindraf and MIC are based locally. It is Zakir Naik who (in the opinion of the Indian protestors) is the outsider bringing trouble to our shores.

                      If he didn’t show up, then you wouldn’t hear a squeak from either MIC or Hindraf. So you can;t imply that either organizations were out looking to cari pasal.

                      re: “In the current climate, the IGP is showing kindness”

                      In the current climate where some Malay renegades are trying to spark an Arab Spring, it’s good that the IGP is cooling down temperatures.

                      re: “As you oft say, parti paling tidak apa………”

                      There’s no indication that the IGP is a card-carrying Umno member.

                2. re: This IS a solely Muslim affair. It doesn’t matter whether we are making comparisons with Hinduism, Christianity or Scientology.

                  Using the same logic, can the non-Muslims organise a seminar and discuss adversely on Islam and Malay rights? After all, the legal positions of Islam and Malay rights remain unaffected post seminar. However, Muslims will be offended. How?

                    1. Art 153 does not expressly prohibits anyone from discussing adversely the positions of Malays and Islam in Malaysia. Let us take the example of Deepa case. Without going into the facts, Deepa or her lawyer was arguing the unfairness of Islamic law in the civil court in relation to her custodial rights against the similar rights of her divorced ex converted husband.

                      How the above contravene Art 153?

                    2. Drinho,
                      Answering your comment from below.
                      In essence, yes. Deepa’s position saw her question the ruling of the Syariah courts. And anyone who suggests that the secular courts are above Syariah……..well consider that the IGP ignored the high court ruling to pick-up that other Indian woman’s child.

                  1. ‘can the non-Muslims organise a seminar and discuss adversely on Islam and Malay rights?’

                    No you can’t. Sedition act covers that!

                    1. Have you not read in the news various adverse comments made by non-Muslim politicians from both sides of the divide to reject hudud in Malaysia?

                      In fact, some Muslim politicians are echoing the same.

                    2. Drinho, if its a Muslim who makes a comment, that’s all ‘within the family’. We can discuss our own affairs, and deal with things because we are bound by Syariah. It’s when you infidels start talking about Islam that causes trouble.
                      You are right, sometimes some MCA and MIC guys make some ‘small’ statements but we recognize that it’s just a wayang so that their peoples can’t accuse them of being under UMNO’s thumb completely. This we let go because we need their votes but it isn’t a real concern because they know they don’t have any say.
                      It’s the opposition that IS a big problem because they mean it.

              2. Malaysian Indians are known to have followed closely, what transpired in mother-India. The fact is, they know more about India’s politicians more than Malaysian Politicians.
                Since Dr Zakir Naik is an Indian citizen, I just hope MIC and Malaysia Hindus are not bringing India’s Hindu-Muslim hatred to Malaysia.

                1. re: “Since Dr Zakir Naik is an Indian citizen, I just hope MIC and Malaysia Hindus are not bringing India’s Hindu-Muslim hatred to Malaysia.”

                  Your argument cuts both ways. We can also say that we hope Zakir Naik is not bringing India’s Muslim-Hindu hatred to Malaysia.

                2. India: From the One Lord first came the wise men who served all, and then the clever people came making caste taboos and idolatrous chauvinism.

          2. Kehadiran Dr. Zakir adalah atas jemputan kerajaan negeri Terengganu. Dia telah dianugerahkan Tokoh Maal Hijrah, 2013. Apa yg tak munasabah? Good for MB Terengganu for having the guts to say ‘the people were fortunate’ to have him here. The Hindraf and MIC are no better in this instance, than any of the Christians who try to meddle with Islamic affairs.

            1. I’m not sure about Terengganu but the latest news reports say that his talk in Malacca will not proceed.

              It’s the prerogative of the authorities to weigh the sensitivities of the complainants, in this case, the Hindus.

              Concerts have been cancelled too after tickets sold and venue booked because Muslims complain that the singer is too sexy. I wouldn’t claim that such concert cancellations are a threat to democracy in Malaysia.

              1. Helen, you may have a soft spot for Indians and that is your right, however, what’s good for the goose, is good for the gander. I will not apply double standards when it comes to religion.
                We have learnt, perhaps a little too late, to stand up to the audacity of the Christians. We cannot repeat the same mistake with these Hindus. Why should we let them get away with it? I applaud you for being a ‘crusader’ in the fight against the Chinese and the Christians.

                1. re: “what’s good for the goose, is good for the gander. I will not apply double standards when it comes to religion”

                  There may be parallels in the UiTM and Zakir Naik events but ultimately on the issue of maintaining public order, the decision lies with the police.

                  re: “We have learnt, perhaps a little too late, to stand up to the audacity of the Christians. We cannot repeat the same mistake with these Hindus.”

                  The Indian political parties pose no threat whatsoever of taking over Putrajaya. Neither are Hindu priests converting Malays to Hinduism. So you can’t compare MIC to DAP.

                  re: “Why should we let them get away with it?”

                  The IGP has put his foot down.

                  re: “I applaud you for being a ‘crusader’ in the fight against the Chinese and the Christians.”

                  I am not crusading against the Chinese. Like I’ve said many times, the ‘real’ Chinese in Beijing and the rest of China are even more freaked out by evangelistas. They’ve demolished hundreds of churches in the last couple of years alone.

                  At the turn of the last century, the British government in control of the Federated Malay States did not recognize an ethnic Chinese who is Christian as being a Chinese national. It’s like Article 160 of our FedCon stating that a Malay must be Muslim. Likewise a Chinese who wants to be recognised as Chinese (citizen of China) cannot be a Christian — according to that law at the time (in the past).

                  Secondly, I’m not fighting against the Christians. Never have I disparaged Jesus Christ or God.

                  I’ve merely pointed out that the pastors of the City Harvest Church are crooks (the Singapore court verdict attests to this).

                  The DAP Yang Berhormat of Stampin is a City Harvest churchgoer. His fellow YBs in the DAP are also evangelical Christians. The DAP is an evangelical party. They preach political Christianity and they want to grab federal power.

                  Our political feud with the DAP cult of City Harvesters has nothing to do with the 2,200,000,000 Christians in the rest of the world. I’m not fighting against 2.2 billion Christians, just the sneaky bastards in Jerusubang.

                  1. re: ‘The Indian political parties pose no threat whatsoever of taking over Putrajaya. Neither are Hindu priests converting Malays to Hinduism. So you can’t compare MIC to DAP’….
                    This does not make the crime any different or less. This is about Ketuanan Melayu and the supremacy of Islam. How much of a threat they are, does not detract from their insolence.

                    Responding to your earlier comment – Hindraf and MIC are based locally. It is Zakir Naik who (in the opinion of the Indian protestors) is the outsider bringing trouble to our shores.

                    If he didn’t show up, then you wouldn’t hear a squeak from either MIC or Hindraf. So you can;t imply that either organizations were out looking to cari pasal.

                    By the same logic, the organizers of the UiTM Seminar were also ‘bringing trouble’? Can we then say that it was not the Christians fault for making a fuss?

                    Once again, the Hindraf and MIC, like DAP and the Christians seem to have forgotten their place in society.

                    1. re: “This does not make the crime any different or less.”

                      No crime has been committed. The MIC and other Indians made some press statements in protest against one foreign individual. That’s all.

                      re: “By the same logic, the organizers of the UiTM Seminar were also ‘bringing trouble’? Can we then say that it was not the Christians’ fault for making a fuss?”

                      Unlike Zakir Naik whose reputation preceded him, the Christians had no inkling of who the Indonesian speakers were and did not protest before the event took place.

                      The Christians nonetheless protested after the fact with a stack of police reports against the UiTM speakers.

                    2. This is similar to one Ms Boo from MMO. She made her opinions known about an Islamic matter that did not concern her. While some Muslims did not agree with child marriage, you pointed out that it wasn;t about the issue but her presumptuousness in commenting about a matter of Islamic faith.
                      See the parallel – it is exactly the same. MIC and Hindraf are commenting on matters of Islamic faith. It has nothing to do with them. Let’s at least apply the same yardstick in the interest of not being biased.

                    3. re: “MIC and Hindraf are commenting on matters of Islamic faith. It has nothing to do with them.”

                      It has everything to do with them and that’s why not only MIC and Hindraf but the Indian NGOs are up in arms.

                      Zakir Naik has a track record of disparaging Hinduism. And as he promised in the title of his talk, he was going to discuss Hinduism in comparison with Islam.

                    4. Let me understand this, so You are now saying its ok for non Muslims to ‘comment, talk. complain, protest etc about Muslim issues? So the next time a Christian complains that they are being ‘infringed’ in some way, its ok? Or does this rule on;y apply to Christians?

                    5. As the title of Zakir Naik’s talk reveals, he will be speaking on Hinduism.

                      So to you, the Indians cannot comment or protest when a speaker/preacher – known from his track record – disparages their religion?

                    6. My point is that this is a double standard. Don’t get me wrong – I like that you whack the Christians when they make noise. What I am alluding to is your selective persecution – when you don’t apply the same principle to other religions when they do the same.

                    7. There is a difference. Zakir Naik is criticizing Hinduism.

                      The UiTM seminar was to warn (make aware) young Muslims so that they will not be Christianized by the missionaries and convert out of Islam.

                    8. re:”There is a difference. Zakir Naik is criticizing Hinduism.”

                      This is the Hindu pov. The same pov that the Christians always raise – ‘you hurt us’. The ‘insult’ is always a perceived one. Are you saying we should respect the Hindus when they feel ‘hurt’ but not the Christians?
                      The point once again is – Ketuanan Melayu – Article 153 – Supremacy of Islam – this is an Islamic matter.
                      In any case, Perlis is openly having him talk and PAS has now invited him to Kelantan. That should teach these Indians a lesson.

                    9. re: “Are you saying we should respect the Hindus when they feel ‘hurt’ but not the Christians?”

                      There was a purpose to the UiTM seminar at targeted at undergrads. The Muslim authorities as well as the Special Branch know that the Christians are proselytizing to Muslim youths (incl. pribumi and Orang Asli).

                      They also know that there have been secret conversions to Christianity. This is happening underground because of our country’s strict laws and social sanction on Malay Muslims.

                      Aggressive evangelism is what the Christian missionaries are known to do. South Korean missionaries even tried to preach Christianity in Afghanistan and then they get kidnapped and held hostage and that’s how we know about their activities due to the international news headlines.

                      The Christians are rich, come from developed countries, and are well-organized and efficient/effective in their missionary activity.

                      The Hindus are not rich on a per capita basis. India is not a first world country and there are no signs that the Indians are preaching Hinduism to outsiders (non-Indians) in the way or on the scale that the Christians are doing.

                      Christianity has a long, bloody history of spreading the faith through conquest.

                      Hinduism is largely confined to the region of the Indian sub-continent and has not been imposed on colonies across the sea unlike how Christianity has spread to Africa, Asia and the Americas due to the imperialism of he European conquerors.

                      The fundamental difference between the two religions in our Malaysian context is the impact and threat of conversion to Malay Muslims in Malaysia.

                      Malay Muslims have been enticed or persuaded to convert to Christianity. There’s no social issue or problem of Malay Muslims converting to Hinduism.

                      The evangelical Christians are motivated (not just to save souls but politically too) to try and convert Malay Muslims. The Hindus have no such incentive.

                      So definitely the Christian and the Hindu situations are different.

                    10. So again, go after the Christians but leave the Hindus alone?
                      If the argument is that non- Muslims shouldn’t get in the way of Islam, why are we being selective? It’s ok for Hindus to question how a Muslim approaches his faith?
                      It’s simple – non Muslims CANNOT question our way of life or practice. It doesn’t matter what sort of non- Muslim.
                      But if I understand what you are saying, we should only fight with the Christians. When the Hindu does the same thing, we must look the other way.
                      The wealth or poverty of the ‘offender’ is of no concern to the central question.
                      Helen, please I respect you as a strong anti-Christian crusader but this bias is too much. In any case Perlis has now invite the good Dr. and PAS has now asked him to come to Kelantan. That should teach these Hindus a lesson. ANd btw, did you see what happened to Ramasamy……………….padan muka.

                  2. re: ‘The UiTM seminar was to warn (make aware)’…….so Dr. Zakir is just ‘making aware’ of some points about Hinduism to a Muslim audience.

                    1. Hatter, No. Only with people who question the supremacy of Islam and Ketuanan Melayu.

                  3. In any case, Shahidan has just secured the forum for Dr Zakir in KL. This is brilliant news. A multitude of Muslim groups from across the divide have shown their support. PAS has invited him to Kelantan. This is Perpaduan Ummah! The Indians better learn from this. They should consider themselves lucky to get what they get. I can understand the stoking from Hindraf but MIC as a so called ally…… are right Helen. We can blame it all on the Christians. Once before I said in a post that if we don’t put the others in their places, they too would start to make demands. For once, it’s good to see unity amongst us. After all the divisiveness of the last year, this has served as an important clarion call to come together and protect the faith. Hidup Melayu!

                    1. In democracy, the majority rules. The Malays and Muslims are the majority and their numbers are increasing by leaps and bounds. The Chinese and Indians OTOH are dwindling and in the near future, what they want or don’t want does not matter. Not happy, just go elsewhere! Who cares!

        2. Mohd Salim,

          Naik should be banned purely on the basis that he’s a clueless clown who has the ability to fool an even more clueless audience. The fact that you are standing up for this guy tells me all I need to know about your level of intelligence.

          According to Naik, homo sapiens are extinct. I kid you not!! Here’s the link in case you don’t believe me.


          1. @zoolander the pendatang,

            i never called anyone pendatang before since you called that yourself, i think you deserve it. you said that dr. zakir is a clueless clown but look at how you clowned yourself.

            about the video, nabeel qureshi was an ahmadiyyah guy who has converted to christianity, he is wasting his time attacking islam in a silly manner, i just watch the video half way bcoz there is no rational facts or justication except attempts to mock zakir naik by a clown. years ago this nabeeel qureshi had made a moron statement on a radio show in the US, where he said I’M HAPPY JESUS DIED FOR MY SINS and if i’m not mistaken he further said that he can sit and relax because JESUS DIED for his sins. what ?!! this moron clown is happy that jesus died ?!!! that video by nabeel qureshi the clown suits for a clown like you.

            it is a shame for malaysia to bar and ban zakir naik. he was never been barred and banned by negara islam before even the hindu priests in india praise his work and efforts. with regard to him being barred from the UK he had explicitly and openly explained it.

            1. Zakir Naik said that homo sapiens are extinct. Truth, are you honestly trying to defend someone who reckons the human race is extinct? I’m sorry, but Zakir has lost all credibility with that statement alone and any Muslim who supports him after coming to know this is a moron in my opinion.

                1. I don’t like to listen to lightweights. Unlike you, I am not impressed by a clueless talking parrot who sounds like Appu from the Simpsons. I watch his talks when I feel like having a good laugh. To be fair, his audience are a lot more clueless than he is.

          2. @zoolander the pendatang,

            if zakir is a clueless clown why afraid his coming here. if he comes you will get a chance to confront and challenge him then we see who is the clueless clown ? you or him ?

      2. Memang Melayu takkan hilang di dunia ini tapi makin ramai yang dah sesat! Kaum Melayu ini mudah sangat ditipu oleh Si Kitol dan Si Mandaliar yang ada di keling (oops…maaf), maksud saya di sekeliling mereka.

    1. I suppose all the Chinese funds pouring into the country must be giving them a boost….

      So much so that the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson can claim with a straight face that Chinese fishing boats are merely plying their trade in “traditional waters”.

      Is he being “delusional” or what?

      Or are you careful about who you label as “delusional”?

      Like there are some parties out there that you don’t want to mess with. Even when they inveigh about “traditional waters”….

      1. Kineas, Yes, you are right. The government seems to have very little testicular fortitude when it comes to dealing with China. And yes, maybe we can’t stand up to them but that doesn’t mean we can’t go after the Malaysian Chinese. This is realpolitik.

        1. Edra Energy – sold to China

          Bandar Malaysia – sold to malaysia- china consortium

          Apa lagi cina mau? Apa lagi najib mau jual?

  2. Re: ‘Mereka’ puak ultra kiasu yang dirujuk Ridhuan adalah “dalam kalangan Kristian Evangelis yang sedang menguasai BN atau Pakatan”.

    The sayings below are taken from Sheikh Hamza Yusuf’s book “Walk on Water – The Wisdom of Jesus”:

    Jesus (pbuh) met IblÏs [Satan] and IblÏs said, “Is it not true that only what has been decreed will happen?”
    Jesus replied, “That is true.”
    Then IblÏs said, “So throw yourself down from the top of this mountain, and let us see if you live or not!”
    Jesus answered, “The servant does not test his master; rather, it is the master who tests his servant.”

    Jesus (pbuh), the son of Mary said, “God has given me the power to give life to the dead, sight to the blind, sound to the deaf; but He did not give me the power to heal the fool of his foolishness.”

    Some people once said to Jesus (pbuh), “O Spirit of God (Ruhullah), inform us about the nature of wealth.”
    He answered, “The possessor of wealth always has one of three qualities: he either gains it by unlawful means, or he obstructs it from reaching the one who deserves it, or he by accumulating it, is distracted from worship of his Lord.”

    Once someone asked Jesus (pbuh), “How are you able to walk on water?”
    Jesus replied, “With certainty (yaqin).”
    Then someone said, “But we also have certainty!”
    Jesus then asked them, “Are stone, clay, and gold equal in your eyes?”
    They replied, “Certainly not!” Jesus responded, “They are equal in mine.”

      1. Ms. Helen, these Jesus words echo the wisdom of Sage Lao Tzu

        Tao Te Ching, Ch. 8

        The highest goodness resembles water.
        Water greatly benefits myriad things without contention,
        It stays in places that people dislike.
        Therefore it is similar to the Tao.

        Dwelling in the right place,
        Feeling with great depth,
        Giving with great kindness,
        Speaking with great integrity,
        Governing with great administration,
        Handling with great capability,
        Acting with great timing.

        Because it (the good soul, like water) does not contend (with others for the world),
        It is (beneficence) beyond reproach.

    1. Why not quote directly from the New Testament? Or from commentators on the Christian Bible?

      Is Sheikh Hamza Yusuf a well-known Biblical scholar? Have his views been published in academic journals?

      And in any case, Ridhuan Tee does not have the locus standi to comment on Christian issues. Is he a practising Christian? Has he attended Bible and Christian Theology classes? Has he participated in inter-religious forums alongside scholars from other religions including Christianity?

      If Ridhuan is “qualified” to comment on Christians and Christianity, then others are just as qualified to comment on Muslims and Islam.

      Donald Trump springs to mind….hahaha.

      1. Does RT need to hold a diploma from a Christian theological college in order to be able to decide that “evangelis amat bahaya”?

        It would seem that a number of high officials in Beijing and other China province capitals agree with his opinion. After all, they’ve ordered for scores of Chinese pastors and Christian activists to be arrested in the last couple of years.

        Here’s one of the recent cases. Pastor in Jinhua slapped a 14-year jail sentence.

        1. Yes, but Christianity still continues to flourish in China…

          Now, about the Uighurs and Xinjiang…..

          1. And the action to remove thousands of crosses from rooftops and demolish hundreds of churches in the last couple of years alone reflects how strongly the evangelistas have spooked China.

            Here in Malaysia, the Jerusubang Chinese cry “racist” when Malays express their unease as well as allege “extremism”/”religious bigotry” when the Muslims have misgivings over the supremacist tendency of the evangelical Christians.

            What’s happening in China tells us that it’s not a case of racism since the enforcement is being carried out by Chinese officials against Chinese churchgoers.

            And nor does Islam (Muslim fear of the cross) play any role in the decisions taken by Beijing and the other provincial authorities.

            It’s simply that the government considers the aggressive and subversive evangelistas to be a threat.

            China has a history of two bloody revolutions (the Taiping Rebellion and the Boxer Rebellion) to prove how far the Christian convert zealots freaked out ordinary Chinese. Millions of lives were lost.

            1. And what about the Uighurs and Islam in China? Aren’t the Uighur militants considered to be “aggressive and subversive”? Like in the bombing at the Erawan shrine in Bangkok?

              The CCP is an “equal opportunity” anti-religion political organisation…..anything that threatens the dominance of the CCP is verboten.

              1. re: “The CCP is an ‘equal opportunity’ anti-religion political organisation”

                You took the words out of my mouth ,)

                re: “…..anything that threatens the dominance of the CCP is verboten.”

                There’s a difference. Tibet and Xinjiang are territories annexed by China. So the revolts by the Tibetans and Uighurs are also a fight for administrative autonomy, and not solely on religion.

                With the evangelistas, they’re in the heart of China proper and even the capital city. They’re not Uighur or Tibetan minorities but Han Chinese.

                I can understand China’s fear of them. I would say they pose an existential threat to the Republic tapi nanti you kata when did the PRC appoint me their spokesman.

                1. kalau macam ni malaysia kena antar hannah yeoh pegi china. bagi dia buat dakwah christianity church of harvest apa tu….? ntah apa2 ntah

              2. Kineas, I don’t know how else to put it to you. If you can’t read between the lines, let’s spell it out: 1. Anyone who in any way challenges Islam, or makes Muslims feel threatened, is the enemy! 2. The Christians are at the top of the list. 3. A reading of Helen’s postings can suggest she is anti-Christian and so what. That is her right. 4. In Malaysia, if you are non-Bumi, shut-up, stay within your space and we’ll let you earn a living.

                1. “That is her right. 4. In Malaysia, if you are non-Bumi, shut-up, stay within your space and we’ll let you earn a living”

                  Translation: I am an insecure little man who can’t compete on a level playing field and need the government to give me a leg up otherwise I am royally screwed.

                  You truly are pathetic.

                  1. Zoolander, you may be right but so what? The point is that this is MALAYsia. Ketuanan Melayu is the name of the game. It may not be fair to you but let’s be clear, the DAP and liberal agenda of equal rights is what we will fight to the death. If you want equality, go to some country that has that in their constitution.

                    1. Translation: I can’t compete on a “level playing field”?

                      Oh, wait – that’s work-related! Nothing to do with “equal rights”.

                      It must be galling, though, to always invoke the “superiority complex”, albeit on a carefully selective basis. Translation: you pick and choose the objects of your ire.

                      A lot of “translations” here, it seems. Maybe a concordance is called for?

                    2. Not galling at all. I quite enjoy the fact that the law gives me superiority over you, albeit very temporal. You can toss all the ‘can’t compete’ narratives you want but ain’t gonna break my bones. In MALAYsia, you are 2nd class and all the wailing in the world will never change that.

                    3. You are right. ” ketuanan melayu “. It is the rights of melayu to continue to be tuan.

                      Ya tuan, berapa ko nak, ” tuan “?
                      Hati hati ya ” tuan “, kita dah hubungi Sprm ” tuan “!

                2. I won’t debate with you on self-evident fallacies.

                  Suffice it to say that Malaysia still has to earn it’s place in the world. Demonising the followers of any religion isn’t going to achieve that.

                  Interpret that any which way you will.

                3. Dear Mohd Salim, why don’t you take your opinion and put it where the sun don’t shine? And whilst you’re at it – stay the fuck there? Many thanks .

                  1. One commenter [you] calling on another commenter [individual X] to feel free to whack a fellow commenter [individual Y] is not good form.

                    1. Come on, Helen, surely you know that meant “verbal whacking”.

                      I challenge you to publish the comment and let readers judge if I meant anything other than “verbal whacking”.

                      Publish it to show your broad-mindedness and fairness when judging your blog participants.

                      You are not just looking for excuses, are you? You could have deleted just the word or the sentence not acceptable to you instead of the whole comment.

                    2. I never implied that you meant anything other than verbal whacking.

                      Namun begitu, saya tidak ‘teruja’ dengan syor beserta galakan Akim agar Individu X senang-senang menghentam Individu Y.

                      Biarlah kita seboleh-bolehnya memupuk budaya berbahas dengan cara berhemah.

                    3. And what’s wrong with “verbal whacking”?

                      You allowed the comment just above mine by the fellow using the name “Fat” and asking mohd salim to take his opinion elsewhere and “stay the fuck there”.

                      Is that not “verbal whacking”, too?

                    4. Fat is most obviously a Dapster troll from the Anakin’s blog.

                      Sometimes I let through the RBA mindless and profanity-laced comments as an occasional reminder that those people are ‘out there’, and their vitriol is reflective of what they think and what they feel.

                      You’re a different kettle of fish. It’s also equally obvious that you’re pushing an agenda.

                      I stand by my earlier hunch that you’re a regular in my blog and you’re someone familiar with my writings and the crowd here.

                      You’ve been exploiting my platform on the 1MDB issue which I don’t blog about as a topic but you keep bringing up in the comments section.

                      Your comment was deleted to rein you in ‘cos you keep pushing and pushing the envelope, incl. encouraging Commenter X to “whack” Commenter Y. Why should I allow you to do this in my space?

                    5. I’m holding you to a higher standard than the stereotypical Dapster. It merely means that I consider your comments to be generally of substance.

            2. Helen, do we differentiate between the so-called “prosperity gospel” evangelists and the others? There are Christians who do not partake in their “worldly success” credo; neither in their dogma of the believer’s lightning deliverance by pre-tribulation rapture, into the heavens at the second coming of Jesus the Messiah.

              1. A DAP evangelista is the star of a viral video clip that’s the current talk of Malay blogosphere and soc-med. He’s YB Stampin, Julian Tan.

                We do differentiate because the troublemakers in Malaysia are clearly DAP evangelistas such as YB Julian and Teresa Kok, Teo Nie Ching and Tony Pua (all three evangelistas) who have been banned from entering Sarawak.

                And not to forget Hannah Yeoh and Ong Kian Ming. The key elements is that they’re high ranking politicians, they’re from DAP and they’re evangelistas.

                I don’t see any Buddhist YB from MCA – say for example – being banned from entering Sarawak or embroiled in a social controversy like YB Julian (airport fuss), YB Teresa (CNY greetings) or YB Teo (mosque visits).

                1. Why was the YB of Stampin, Sarawak held up by the authorities at the Kuching airport? It doesn’t seem out of place that he is plenty flustered.

                  1. He was trying to get through security without a pass and tried to pull rank as an MP of the kawasan.

                2. re: I don’t see any Buddhist YB from MCA – say for example – being banned from entering Sarawak………

                  Did Sarawak CM ever banned his colleagues in the BN from entering Sarawak? Can’t remember any.

      2. Kineas,
        I am not speaking on behalf of Ustaz Ridhuan Tee. Please be informed that Jesus, son of Mary, the Messiah from Allah Most High, has always been revered in the Sufi tradition of Islam. We do not consider the Pauline gospels and Trinitarian godhead as representing the original teachings of Prophet Jesus a.s. We believe he taught the Jewish people to return to the spirit of the Ten Commandments. He taught them to realize the kingdom of God through their own soul purification. The apocrypha Gospel of Thomas is an opening into the teachings of Jesus the Messiah.

        1. We are not getting into a debate about Christian theology, are we?

          I am sure that there are plenty of Christian theologians who have addressed the points you raised, among others.

          It’s all about mutual respect, wouldn’t you agree?

          1. Yes, it is always about mutual respect and truth seeking, sir.

            In the Name of God the Most Compassionate and Merciful
            “By Time,
            Mankind is at loss,
            Except for him of true faith and good works,
            And they who mutually counsel one another in truth and equanimity.” (Quran, surah Al-Asr)

            Have you visited “A Common Word between Us and You”?

            . . . . . “In the Holy Qur’an, God Most High enjoins Muslims to issue the following call to Christians (and Jews – the People of the Scripture):

            “Say: ‘O People of the Scripture! Come to a common word between us and you: that we shall worship none but God, and that we shall ascribe no partner unto Him, and that none of us shall take others for lords beside God’. And if they turn away, then say: ‘Bear witness that we are they who have surrendered (unto Him)’. (Quran, surah Ali ‘Imran: v. 64)

            The words: “we shall ascribe no partner unto Him” relate to the Unity of God, and the words: “worship none but God”, relate to being totally devoted to God. Hence they all relate to the First and Greatest Commandment (of the Ten Commandments of Moses) According to one of the oldest and most authoritative commentaries on the Holy Qur’an the words: “that none of us shall take others for lords beside God”, mean “that none of us should obey the other in disobedience to what God has commanded”. This relates to the Second Commandment because justice and freedom of religion are a crucial part of the love of one’s neighbour.” . . . . .

            1. To selected people, yes….hahaha

              But towards those who postulate spurious arguments and fallacious reasoning – it’s wheeling out the howitzers!

              Btw, have you turned tail and retreated in disarray from the “koyak passport” syndrome when it didn’t get any traction?

              Just asking, lah….

              In a spirit of “mutual respect”…..

                1. Is that the best u can do?

                  Score one for the national education system!

                  Please check in when u are comfortable with “competition” and “meritocracy”….

                  Oh, wait – those are alien concepts! Like good governance….

                    1. Thought you knew? Didnt you?

                      Maybe that’s why Johor has to introduce “water rationing” while Singapore has enough water for it’s needs…

                      No “good governance” in Johor with regard to the management of water resources, izzit?

                      Just an example, mind you.

  3. “Dengan strategi mahu jauhkan Melayu dari Islam, pencacai-pencacai liberal (Melayu Islam yang digaji) parti ultra kiasu sedang berusaha memujuk masyarakat Melayu supaya tidak mengundi Umno dan PAS nanti, kata Ridhuan.”

    Saya rasa Ridhuan Tee kurang tepat.
    Pada saya lebih ramai Melayu akan sokong UMNO & PAS jika Najib letak jawatan. Itulah hakikat sebenar. PAS hanya akan dipandang serong jika mereka berbaik-baik dengan ‘Cash is King’.

    1. Ridhuan Tee kenal masyarakat Cina Malaysia.

      Ianya pandangan Marina Mahathir – menyatakan Ridhuan jilat bontot Najib – yang kurang tepat.

      Pautan Twitter Marina di sini.

  4. dr. zakir’s talk is on ‘Similarities Between Hinduism and Islam’. i think it is a peaceful talk and seminar, it just sounds peaceful. furthermore, usually his talk and seminar allow audience to ask questions if not challenging him.
    what’s the problem ?

    one of the oppo media wrote that hindraf calls Dr Naik a “virus” to the country’s multi-cultural communities”…..he he…oppo media pun sama gak, kalau mcm tu diorang pun perlu di-bar and ban jugak. kalau hindraf lagi la virus.

    MIC Youth leader C Sivarraajh said “Zakir Naik is known for his demeaning tactics to undermine other religions that could spark unrest without weighing the respect and sensitivity of others,”.

    eleh, oppo media ari2 buat keje tu.

    dok berenang-renang kat jaring labah2 tadi terjumpa kat MMO :

    “Dakwa pengunjung ramai Cina, wanita Melayu dipinggir pusat beli belah”

    “SINGAPURA, 9 April — Seorang ahli perniagaan wanita Melayu di sini membuat laporan polis selepas mendakwa “ditindas” pusat beli belah Tampines 1 yang enggan memberikannya ruang perniagaan di kawasan itu.”

    her request to rent an atrium space was turned down,
    hi dee,

    we are not so keen to run a malay road show as our target audience are mainly chinese. thus we regret (REGRET KA PROUD) to inform you that, we are unable to rent a space to you.

    macam i kata dulu, tanah melayu singapura hanya tinggal sejarah, tanah melayu semenanjung macam pesakit on life support machine, kalau tak mana mungkin small community berjaya directing our authority utk bar & ban dr. zakir sebab his talk’s title takdak apa2 threat to multiracial/multireligious sensitivity. the accusations are merely fabricated.

  5. Liberty means to give out bahasa bibles in semenanjung, waste tax payers money on multi culti activities that only the bend over backward types of bangsar will ever participate in, telling Muslims how to practise their faith, calling for abolishment or neutering of the sharia courts, and so on.

    Liberty is not for globally popular Muslim preachers to talk to his Muslim listeners. Liberty is not for the Chinese mualaf who exhorts his racial/linguistic community to speak the national language.

    And then they wonder why their target voting bloc still doubts their sincerity.

    1. your liberty concepts suit the ones in planet pluto so i suggest you go and live there.

          1. “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”
            -Martin Luther King, Jr.

      1. sorry en. kamal, tu la baca comment sampai pagi mata mengantuk. salah faham la pulak..
        kurang pahala pagi tadi

          1. islam1st,

            Yes, I agree. Mohd Salim does sound like a kiasu Dapster agent provocateur.

            1. Folks, how you come to your conclusions, I don’t know but hey, that’s up to you. I am grateful to Helen for whacking the DAP, the Chinese and the Christians. I don’t know of another blog anywhere that goes after them this hard (strategically) – kudos. I am clear on one thing, anyone who questions Ketuanan Melayu or Islam, will be called out. Cina, India, Benggali or any other pendatang race, if you forget your place, there will be consequences. Helen seems to have a blind spot for Indians and does not apply the same yardstick, but that is her right. Perhaps being Chinese, she feels morally more comfortable going after her own race, which is understandable.I guess what we need now is an Indian ‘Helen Ang’ who will do the same.

              1. Well then, I guess I have to fire some ‘melayus’ from my businesses. So much for Ketuanan Melayu

                1. if you fire the melayus, you have to hire banglas…so you have to support gomen to bring more banglas

                  1. The banglas do a better job than melayus. They work harder and are more skilled. I prefer them better.

                2. Mr. Money, do your worst. The odds are against you. In less than 50 years, the pendatang population has been decimated.When Malaya became independent in 1957, the Malays constituted 49 per cent, Chinese, 38 per cent, Indians 11 per cent, while others, 2 per cent.”By 2040, the Statistics Department projects that the number of Malays will increase to 20.9 m (54.1% of overall population), followed by other Bumiputras, 5.2 m(13.4%), the Chinese, 7.1m (18.4%) and the Indians 2.3 m (5.9%)” -DOS. Your populations have been more than HALVED!! In another 50 years, the likes of you won’t even be a footnote in our history. Enjoy it while you can.

                  1. I come across people like you all the time. The kind that obsesses about race and religion but empty in your pockets. Go ahead, wait for your government to throw you some crumbs once in awhile.

              2. If you write in an impeccable conversational Bahasa Melayu, maybe I’ll believe you are a real Melayu (such a blatant choice of a Malay nickname called “Mohd Salim” , gimme a break! Such a big red flag!). Otherwise your comments here are mostly inflammatory of nature and so out-of-ordinary behavior for a casual Malay commenter in this blog (i.e. I have almost never see Malay commenters here frequently invoking words like “pendatang” with deliberate intention to menghasut- you logged 3 paragraphs of comment in this post and all of them contain the word “pendatang”).

                1. LE, awakni…….dah gaharu, cendana pula. ‘Pendatang’, bagi sayalah, adalah bangsa asing yang masih angkuh dengan sifat kiasu dan cauvanis. Mereka langsung tidak menghormati Perlembagaan – dari segi, ugama, bahasa dan bangsa. Mereka sememangnya PATUT digelar ‘pendatang’. Lantaklah kalau Cina ke, India ke……..selagi mereka ni biadab, selagi itulah gelaran ‘pendatang’ akan terus saya ‘kurniakan’ ke atas mereka.

                2. LE, I’m with you on this. Askar Kacang Merah ni! ‘Mohd Salim’, gimme a break!

                  BTW kalau tak guna ‘Mohd Salim’ kau guna nick apa, ‘Khalid Abdullah’ or ‘Ali Mohd’?

  6. Sedih jugak tengok perangai orang2 mcm Mohd Salim nie

    kalau kat US hang dah mcm Trump supporter dah nie :D

      1. re: “As Helen often says – ‘Tanah Melayu, Bumi Islam’ …”

        … is the result of the Chinese tsunami and the behaviour of the Dapster-evangelistas pushing PAS into the arms of Umno.

          1. you are entitled to your opinion but I can affirm that you couldnt be further from the truth. What in anything I have said is ‘wrong’? With the exception of applying the same standards to Indians and other races, everything I have said supports Helen’s message and positioning.
            I am stating facts – constitution and statistics- why you keep suggesting that I am DAP just escapes me.

      2. well , all the best with enforcing the Ketuanan Melayu rhetoric.

        As a child of mixed marriage and a family filled with mixed marriages, that concept is irrelevant at this day and age for us.

        I sincerely believe the far left & the far right ( ie persons who are taksub with their own ethnicity, tak kira lah melayu ke cina ke india , bidayuh ke etc….) is not the way forward for this country…

  7. There is a very active debate here and am happy about it, though not participating until now.

    I’m proud of those who defend Islam – “the religion of the Federation” as stated in Article 3 of the Constitution. And about Ketuanan Melayu, which is not about Tuan and Coolies etc but about the concept inherent in the role and functions of the YDP Agong, the Malay Rulers, the Rulers Council, etc – for example, no one can officially function as PM or MB until the YDP Agong or the Ruler gives the royal assent and signs the appointment letters.

    The debate is handled by able hands. I appreciate those who defend Islam and the Ketuanan Melayu that partly constitute the sensitive Articles of the Constitution that are protected by the Sedition Act. Especially Mohd Salim. Kudos to you, Sir.

    People can seek clarification but no one can question those as doing so is seditious – it creates ill feelings to the Muslims and the Malays, the majority population in this country. The DAP tried to do such things during the 1969 election campaign and during their celebration for additional seats won, and they led to the race riots of 13 May 1969.

    1. Fine & dandy. No quarrels there.

      But is there consistency in putting this across to foreign investors and foreign talent? Like at the recent Invest Malaysia 2016 Conference? Or when Ministers go on Investment promotion missions overseas?

      Perhaps it is a recognition of the fact that what is palatable or a fait accompli in the country simply won’t “sell” where foreign investors and talent are concerned.

      So, there is “downplaying” and “sugar coating”, depending on the audience and the stakes.

      When was the last time the government tried to implement race-based hiring quotas on the private sector, especially the MNCs?

      Which should have been a logical construct of the Ketuanan Melayu policy, don’t you think?

      Or is the government being supremely realistic…..?

      1. ‘But is there consistency in putting this across to foreign investors and foreign talent? Like at the recent Invest Malaysia 2016 Conference? Or when Ministers go on Investment promotion missions overseas?’

        Brader, stop the kuli complex already. Singapore is too small for you is it? Passport koyak sekalang, kasi settle lu punya grievances, you think we care meh?

        1. Hahaha, sorry, lah….

          Now, be a good boy and go tell Mustapa Mohamed and MITI to stick it to those persnickety foreign investors…

          Who’s got the “kuli(sic) complex” now? MITI? The state governments that welcome Singaporean investments?

          Go walk the talk, brudder…..

      2. Kineas,
        Yes, of course. This is realpolitik.If we want them to come, we have to ensure that we tell them what ‘they want to hear’. It’s ‘positioning’. At the same time, being seen as moderate, gives us a better seat at the table. Strategically, not an unwise thing.

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