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Lesson for Indians from Zakir Naik controversy

Question: What can the Indians/Hindus learn from the controversy of Muslim preacher Zakir Naik invited to speak in Malaysia?

Answer: Apart from MCA’s Chew Mei Fun, the Chinese and Christian communities don’t really give a toss about the distress caused the Hindus, and decline to stand in solidarity with their Indian “brothers and sisters”.

On one side

Those who are against Zakir Naik’s talk taking place:

  • DAP deputy sec-gen P. Ramasamy
  • MIC and party president Dr Subra, Wanita chief Mohana Muniandy & Youth chief C. Sivarraajh
  • Hindraf and its chairman P. Waytha Moorthy
  • MCA vice president Chew Mei Fun
  • Hindu Sangam
  • Indian & Hindu NGOs
  • Deputy Home Minister Nur Jazlan Mohamed
  • Former de facto Law Minister Zaid Ibrahim
  • IGP Khalid Abu Bakar
  • Zurairi AR (newspaper columnist)
  • Tourism Minister Nazri Aziz
  • PKR politician Latheefa Koya

On the other side

Those who are for Zakir Naik’s talk proceeding:

  • PAS and party deputy president Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man, its Youth wing & info chief Nasrudin Hassan et Tantawi
  • Umno and party deputy president Zahid Hamidi, Youth deputy chief Khairul Azwan Harun
  • Ministers in PM’s Dept Shahidan Kassim & Jamil Khir Baharom
  • PKR religious understanding bureau chairman Dr Muhammad Nur Manuty
  • PAN and its Youth chief Sany Hamzan
  • The Muftis
  • Isma
  • Malay & Muslim NGOs
  • Dr Maza, Fathul Bari & other influential preachers
  • Syahredzan Johan (“so called constitutional expert young lawyer”),  Zakiah Koya (online columnist)

* The list above may be updated in keeping with latest developments

UPDATED: 8.25pm on Apr 17


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39 thoughts on “Lesson for Indians from Zakir Naik controversy

  1. Oh come on ! Why ask such a question ? We know the answer, you know the answer too.

  2. Muslim should realize that ,though Islam is the official religion of the country (Malaysia) and they the majority ,but their fate is dictate by others .
    Sensitivity of others is always a concern ,but their sensitivity is often neglected .

  3. “Those who are for Zakir Naik’s talk proceeding:

    …… .
    PAN and its Youth chief Sany Hamzan”

    I don’t think their boss DAP would be happy with PAN’s youth chief. Clearly there is no difference between PAN and PAS. Ubah balik… hahaha

  4. Helen, it seems to me that the largest segment of your (representative) audience here are really no different from the very same arrogant and ignorant chauvinists that they abhor.

    The average Hindu here in MY is in explicably devoted to his/her religion and god/gods.

    I’m wondering… just wondering how it will be in 2018 for BN (UMNO especially) if the target segment of your audience’s collective contempt suddenly decides to jump ship on account of the repeatedly showcased bigotry of these zealots and leave them to fend for themselves against those cross and dagger bearing Dapsters they so love to hate.

    We’ll have grandstand seats to The Crusades: Reloaded.

    Will be fun to watch.

    1. Dear Indian,

      I believe the Malay/Muslim supremacist posturing by that commenter calling himself ‘Mohd Salim’ is a put-on act, i.e. he’s really a Dapster agent provocateur.

      His blatant overkill has got even a few of the regular Malay commenters here a tad suspicious.

      It’s quite clear that his provocation is deliberate and calculated to invoke the reaction that you’ve just described, i.e. alienate Indian voters from the BN.

      Take away Mohd Salim’s excessive vitriol and the rest of the comments are not really that harsh.

      The DAP black propaganda is insidious. More reason why the BN is in danger.

      1. Dear Helen,

        Let me assure you that my views are my own and that I certainly am no DAPster agent provocateur. I have always been supportive of what you do. In fact, yours is the only blog I comment on because I love the way you intelligently stick it to the DAP, Christians and Chinese. We have been in congruence when it comes to respecting the constitution and the concept of Ketuanan Melayu and we both doggedly oppose the delusional Malaysian Malaysia rubbish espoused by these people. The only area in which you seem to have an issue with my stance is when I apply the same standards to other migrant races and religions. If using the same yardstick for all pendatang makes me a Dapster………WOW!

            1. Several other commenters believe that you are insidiously menghasut.

              In my opinion, you’re doing that here.

      2. So you are blocking me now because you cannot agree with my pov and won’t give me a right of reply? A yes or no will do fine.

      3. I think you deserve benefit of doubt on this, Helen.

        But let’s see.

        After all, Indians, especially Hindus have very little to lose either way… be it BN or PH.

        1. ph dun insult chinese n indian like bn do. helen remind us again n again abt our citizenship, i dun see how helen is diff with ms in the approach. akim said the same from time to time. just that now the heat is turn to indian.

          i rather lose everything than listen to their insult, perhaps that the diff btw a chinese n indian.

          1. re: “ph dun insult chinese n indian like bn do.”

            Pakatan Harapan is merely sticking a stiletto in your back.

            re: “helen remind us again n again abt our citizenship”

            Following amendments in 1971 (post-May 13) to the Sedition Act, the “Special Position” of the Malays and the citizenship of the non-Malays are out of bounds in public discussion, i.e. cannot be questions.

            If the special position of the Malays is challenged, then the quid pro quo is put off balance and the Malays will retaliate by challenging the terms of citizenship, e.g. demand for competency in the national language or take the Indonesian route of forced assimilation (must drop Chinese names and adopt native names, muted cultural expression, etc).

            re: “i dun see how helen is diff with ms in the approach.”

            I don’t name-call “pendatang, pendatang, pendatang” in every other word. I’m not vicious like MS the Dapster masquerader.

            re: “akim said the same from time to time.”

            Yes, and you were the first to suggest that Akim is a cybertrooper.

            re: “just that now the heat is turn to indian.”

            BN would like to keep some of the Indian votes. I don’t think the BN war room expects any more than five percent Chinese support and these will be the mualaf, the Baba and other non-mainstream.

            re: “i rather lose everything than listen to their insult, perhaps that the diff btw a chinese n indian.”

            You will get what you wish for, I’m quite certain, since you’re so full of contempt for the MCA’s negotiated approach.

            I assess MCA as having been a very successful party for its behind-the-scene and backroom dealing with Umno. But you oppo people see MCA as “running dog” and prefer to opt for the DAP’s full-on confrontation. Go ahead and reap what you sow, then.

            1. “If the special position of the Malays is challenged” – nope I am not talking abt tis, u link citizenship to we must vote umno.

              “I don’t name-call “pendatang, pendatang, pendatang” in every other word. I’m not vicious like MS the Dapster masquerader.” – I can agree but minus the name calling, both u say almost the same thing.

              “Yes, and you were the first to suggest that Akim is a cybertrooper.” – i cant recall i said that, even I did, it is more to reply in kind. akim writing style is resemble that “anon” u miss so much, I guess he is the same “anon”

              “You will get what you wish for, I’m quite certain, since you’re so full of contempt for the MCA’s negotiated approach.” – u misunderstood dap. u really think they r that diff with mca when they, like what u said, have a taste of power? i often said i grown up in a mca environment. thats oso one of reason i never support dap. n i see clearly see how the negotiation work (or dun work), what make u think mca is in a position to negotiate?

              “see MCA as running dog”. – they r, they dun have a choice. i guess u rarely talk to them. since the start of ling liong sik era, mca is done, mahathir make sure mca remain a dog. u may wish to say otherwise but I dun think u really know mca. in fact u perhaps know dap more, y? because of their western mindset (they r exception of course, but dap is basically lims)

              we will go ahead to oppose bn.

              1. re: “akim writing style is resemble that ‘anon’ u miss so much, I guess he is the same ‘anon’ ”

                Not sure if he’s the friendly Anon from long ago but I agree with you that Akim recalls a sense of deja vu.

                Yup, it feels like he’s someone remotely familiar who has been a regular in my blog before.

        1. Why? because we ‘poor backward Malays’ can’t possibly have enough of a grasp of the English language to form coherent sentences…………..thanks for the bias.

          1. Tak juga tapi bahasa penyatuan kau pun nampak janggal. Kau mungkin tak nampak. Lagipun jelas ‘lidah’ kau bukan lidah ‘mohd salim’!

            Tu la dulu orang suruh belajar bahasa kebangsaan tak nak! Kalau tak tentu kerja kau akan jadi lebih berkesan!

      4. ‘Take away Mohd Salim’s excessive vitriol and the rest of the comments are not really that harsh.’

        Not really that harsh? Honestly?

        Like some dumfuk quoting the (unquestioned by Hindus) position of Islam in the FedCon (irrevelantly, threateningly but insecurely) that is supposed to pass as intelligent argument on the topic?


        Like I said. Let’s see.

            1. “but other religions may be practised in peace and harmony in any part of the Federation.”

              There is generally a paramountcy of religion. In India, it’s Hinduism. In the USA, it’s Christianity. In Malaysia, it’s Islam.

              Comparatively, Malaysia has not gone overboard. Look at China. It demolished hundreds of churches and removed thousands of crosses from church rooftops in the last couple of years alone.

              Churches in Malaysia are unmolested, with only rare exceptions.

              You might say that there was a spate of Hindu temple demolitions but it was driven more by economics (rubber estates fragmented and the land sold for housing development) rather than by religious spite.

              Some of the affected temples were relocated/replaced with a new building though of course far short of one-for-one.

    2. Dear Indian,
      As Helen has oft pointed out, every reaction has an equal and opposite reaction. I have no problem with any race going about their business in the practice of their religion. It’s a constitutional right. We don’t make it our pasal to comment on your affairs but when you start to stick your nose in our affairs, don’t expect for us to take it sitting down. We don’t take it from the Christians and we will not take it from the Hindus, or anyone else.
      The Christians have been whining and we see the Hindus now getting into the chorus as well. What I find really unsavoury is that we NEVER get involved in how, what, why and when you worship. You get two national holidays, and for Thaipusam we even let you comandeer the roads. So, after all that, when you start to tell me which Muslim preacher I can listen to, I consider it a tad ungrateful. And dont start to go down the’ right thing’ to do pulpit and sound like a certain Ms Boo. You threats of abandoning ship dont scare us.

      1. Dear mr. Whatever. Did you listen to your self when you write these. Obviously you miss all the nuances as muslim malay, when you try to provoke the christian & the indian. In fact the pattern your writing is eerily similar to those singaporean evangelist that to take possesion of Johor.

      2. Mohd Salim,

        Be careful. You the kind of person that make me want to screen my melayu staff for someone like you. Go ahead, keep spewing your ketuanan melayu and religious insults. We will see just how ‘tuan’ you are with no salary

        1. ‘Mohd Salim’ is not Malay in my assessment.

          His excessive Malay supremacist posturing and his call to action (veiled threat), I’m convinced, is an opposition black ops to laga-lagakan the Indian and Malay communities, and thus alienate the Indian vote from BN.

          Najib is trying to cool things down and make peace overtures to the Indians.

          1. Its okay Helen, Mr Money can keep his money to himself. As if the Melayus in his care is getting richer by the day working for him. He is only making money for himself. Make no mistake!

  5. I wish to place on record my support for mohd salim’s comments in this post as well.

    From the arguments and the standard of English he uses, he needs no support, but I want to state that anyway.

    Opposing and providing explanations to uncalled for and unfair views on the position of Islam in this country would not “alienate Indian voters from the BN’.

    mohd salim has explained his views very well and I agree with him.

    For long-term peace in this country, each one must respect and abide by the Constitution fully, relate any doubt on the interpretation of the Constitution to the history of the country, the circumstances for the negotiation of independence, the Malays having agreed to the citizenship right of the non-Malays, the British including in the draft of the Constitution such things as the rights for others to practise their religion.

    But, make no doubt that “Islam is the religion of the Federation”

    1. ‘But, make no doubt that “Islam is the religion of the Federation”

      Of course it is. Who’s challenging or denying it?

      But what purpose does it serve by being stated here irrelevantly, especially in the context of Helen’s article and it’s contents?

      Are you implying that Islam’s position in the Federation is an instrument to be conveniently used to justify all manner injustices to other religions?

      1. re: “But what purpose does it serve by being stated here irrelevantly, especially in the context of Helen’s article and its contents?”

        I agree with Indian.

        Akim is using Article 3 as a blunt instrument to bludgeon the non-Muslims, even in a small specific like whether Zakir Naik can be given the green light to speak against the backdrop of our Inspector General of Police having reservations about public order.

        1. Helen, I quoted ‘Islam is the religion of the Federation’ in contrast to tebing tinggi’s “though Islam is the official religion of the country”, beza macam langit dengan bumi tu Helen.

          Kat mana yang tak relevannya dalam thread ni in reference to the discussion. Lepas 50 tahun nampaknya ada juga yang tak senang dengan kebenaran termaktub kemas dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan.

          Apa nak dikato?

      2. Indian, regardless of how much fuss has been kicked up, the government spoke! Dr. Zakir was welcomed with open arms and preached to thousands. He was feted by Ministers, Muftis and the man-in-the-street. And this was not done ‘surreptitiously’ but out and proud! To top it of, quite a few people (Indians included) were converted. This was a very clear message to the Hindus who just like the Christians, tried to meddle in Muslim affairs.The MIC, Hindraf and Hindu Sangam can cry till the cows come home but the government’s actions speak the loudest.
        So while you may cast aspersions on the empirical weight from opinions of a couple of posters on a blog, the Federal Government is very clear about who is right.

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