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Sports Minister hands out RM10 prize money


Song below … “After the boys of summer have gone”

Ataris Boys of Summer

Below are our talented cyclists on the ‘#Path of Champions’. The bicycling competition was held on Saturday (Apr 9) in Taman Ekspo Pertanian Malaysia, Serdang.

The junior champs are proudly holding mock cheques of the prize money they won (from left) — RM20, RM30 & RM10.

One comenter ‘I am Woman’ on this blog said @ 2016/04/13 at 6:15 pm,

“Kementerian Belia dan Sukan is in a real dire state. Can’t afford to give prize money.

“Well, that will teach the kids to value hard work and discipline and understand that winning is its own reward. You go, KJ!”

KJ and cycling prize money

A photo ops with Sports Minister Khairy — priceless!

•  With his RM10 prize money, the third place winner can buy a regular popcorn and soft drink set (RM10) at Golden Screen Cinemas. He will however have to pay his movie ticket price himself.

•  With his RM20 prize money, the second place winner can buy a KFC snack plate with Milo drink (RM13.20). He will get RM6.80 change after paying for his chicken meal. This amount, however, will not be enough to give his parents a treat.

•  With his RM30 prize money, the first place winner can almost buy this pair of Bata school shoes below which costs RM34.99. But his parents will still have to top up RM5 to help him meet the cost.

Bata shoes

Sports Ministry missing RM107 million

Khairy the Sports Minister gave the assurance that the disappearance of RM107 million from his Ministry will not affect our country’s SEA Games athletes.

Maybe Bata will kindly provide sponsorship on footwear for the various national squads. Other patriotic donors can chip in too.

The chants of “KJ rasuah, KJ rasuah, KJ rasuah!” at PWTC during the 2009 Umno party election are still floating in the ether.

BELOW: PAS Youth chief Nik Abduh Nik Aziz at a biking event

Nik Abduh bike


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20 thoughts on “Sports Minister hands out RM10 prize money

  1. To be fair, at least he made an effort to explain his stand: “We want them to grow up with the right values and attitude. Yes, money is important and if they do well in sports, they will be financially rewarded later on but let’s not spoil them from when they are young. Let them want to win for the sake of winning, to be the best not because of money but because of determination and honour.”

    1. The boy’s prize money is RM10.

      Apparently the registration fee to participate is RM20.

      Definitely an upside down ethos to impart to youngsters.

      No matter how glib KJ is, he can’t wriggle out of this one.

  2. With billion ringgit are said to be lost undetected and 107 million in the KBS alone ,the rakyat should “redha” with whatever outcome .

    The winners looks happy with their price’s . When we ‘redha’ everything will be OK . Who to blame anyway ?.

  3. Good that you blog on this issue. As Minister, KJ ‘simply sign’ documents forwarded by his officers without checking. Nazri has confirmed that same. The latest is Umno’s lawyer Hafarizam confirming that Najib signed 1MDB documents as formality without knowing the contents.

    What kind of public governance system we have in Malaysia?

      1. Why bother with America and Singapore?

        Why not you tell me? Is it acceptable for a person to sign on dotted line and claim ignorance of what he signed when trouble emerges later in relation to that document?

        Whether the standards are Malaysian, American and Singaporean, the answer is NO. Ada paham?

  4. hahah yeah….that was kind of a real bad idea to give mock cheques with such little amount

    BUT, credit where credit is due:

    his comeback is , i have to admit, is class.

  5. Mengapa “cetek” benar kepala otak pihak yg mengkritik majlis tersebut. Sebagai pemimpin, apa salahnya YB MBS terlibat. Jgn perkecil usaha seperti ni semata-mata amaun yang terlibat hanya RM10.00. Samalah seperti YB ADUN/MP datang ziarah orang meinggal (boleh ke dianggap remeh). Jangan rasuah sudah). Bila LGE kena tutuh depan belakang termasuk oleh akhbar berbahasa Cina, tak ada siapa pun komen.

    1. re: “semata-mata amaun yang terlibat hanya RM10.00”

      Pemenang tempat ketiga dapat hadiah RM10. Setiap peserta bayar yuran penyertaan RM20.

      Usaha tunggang terbalik apakah ini?

    2. Bukan kritik majlis tapi kritik hadiah. Perlukah beriya-iya buat cek sebesar tu kalau harga buat cek tu lebih daripada jumlah yang tertera di cek? Lebih baik serahkan sijil dan pingat, mungkin lebih dihargai.

      1. Kalau KJ tak kena tempias kes RM100 juta oleh seorang kakitangan senior kat KBS mungkin mock cek berjumlah RM10, RM20 dan RM30 orang tak bising sangat. Kan, KJ?

  6. “it’s the thought that counts” faham tak?


    Bukan senang nak dapat bergambar dengan Minister. Itu yang paling “mahal” sekali, boleh tayang dgn kawan2. Hehehe

    1. He who is less than judicious shall not determine prize monies nor registration fees.

  7. yesterday ,several of our national cyclist defended Mr KJ and today, the parents of the kids posted a strongly worded FB posting defending her kids and KJ…

    so no lah…i dont think KJ’s cred is affected too much about this :D

    1. Why should anyone think that KJ is the only politician fit enough to be Sports Minister? Nik Abduh can easily replace him.

      1. Pardon me, the man’s not exactly dressed up for the scrambler event. But that’s not to say he can’t take those bikes for a spin …not.

        1. Better than “KJ rasuah, KJ rasuah, KJ rasuah!” and RM107 million missing from the Sports Ministry, and RM2 million government funding allocated for this junior bicycling competition where the first prize winners are given RM15 and RM30-RM50.

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