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PAN-DAP relationship suffers same pitfall as PAS-DAP previously

MCA vice president Chew Mei Fun took PAS to task for supporting Zakir Naik while studiously ignoring that BN big brother Umno similarly supported the controversial preacher.

PAN vice chairman Mujahid Yusof took Hindraf to task for slamming Zakir Naik while studiously ignoring that Harapan big brother DAP’s Indian segment similarly slammed the controversial preacher.

Mujahid in his media commentary today asked if the IGP was pressured by Hindraf.

The PAN Parti Buntar MP forgot to mention that DAP deputy sec-gen P. Ramasamy’s office was firebombed — an incident that would factor into the IGP’s security concerns over the Zakir Naik talk (initially slated on Hinduism compared to Islam, before the topic change).

Mujahid writes it in his Malay Mail article ‘Zakir Naik jadi polemik?‘ – “Melabel seseorang ‘satan’ atau ‘bahaya’ dan menimbulkan ‘kebencian antara agama’ tanpa memberi ruang untuk didebatkan …” – and once more pointing his finger at Hindraf (see screenshot below).

Muhajid deliberately fails to mention that it is DAP’s Ramasamy who had called Zakir “satan”.

He then pens the following sentence: “Apakah pendesak seperti Hindraf kurang penghujah balas atau sesiapa sahaja yang mahu ‘satan’ dihalau dari Malaysia tiada kemampuan untuk berhujah dengan DZN?”

Again the name-calling label ‘satan’ is referenced by Mujahid in the same breath with Hindraf when it was actually the DAP deputy sec-gen Ramasamy (and not Hindraf’s Waytha Moorthy) who had called Zakir “satan”.

Woaah, this Mujahid Yusof is one sneaky, smooth operator alright.

The PAN vice president somehow managed to write his entire disingenuous piece without even a single mention of DAP. This despite that Ramasamy had been at the forefront of the protest, alongside Hindraf and MIC, against Zakir.

What does Mujahid’s sleight of hand above tell us?

PAN might be viewed or considered as PAS lite but it remains nonetheless an Islamic party. It’s clear that PAN and DAP are on opposite sides of the fence with regard to the Zakir Naik controversy.

Mujahid may try to plaster over the crack with his pretended blind spot over DAP’s objection to the talk but at the core level, PAN and DAP are as much strange bedfellows as PAS and DAP.

The concubinage of PAN to DAP too is as much an unholy matrimony as the earlier marriage of inconvenience between PAS and DAP.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” — a quote attributed to Albert Einstein.

Why should a different result be anticipated from the PAN-DAP smooch compared to the previous PAS-DAP kissy-kissy?

Zakir Naik himself claims credit for bringing PAS and Umno closer together, saying:

“I am also thankful that these attacks have united the two Muslim political parties in the country – Umno and PAS. When the enemies come, Muslims unite.” (See FMT‘s Apr 13 report)

Zakir can be credited as well for prompting PAN to display its Muslim stripes over and above the DAP-Harapan colours.

This Zakir issue is only a small divergence. Expect bigger and divisive differences between PAN and DAP on a host of other Islam-related matters.


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  1. lol when it comes to Islam they are all the same and DAP’s big guns are silent, as always lol

  2. ‘Woaah, this Mujahid Yusof is one sneaky, smooth operator alright.’

    Kalau tak, tak jadi PAN la, Helen. BTW he is St Asisi to ABU-ed Christians! BIrds of a feather…

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