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(Video) Saudi foreign minister: “a genuine donation with nothing expected in return”

So what is Tun going to say now?

Saudi foreign minister

Anwar’s family – Wan Azizah and Nurul Izzah – have distanced themselves from the de facto Opposition Leader. They do not believe Tun is being altruistic in his ‘Save Malaysia’ campaign.

Many pro-establishment Malays have also turned away from Tun ever since he joined forces with the opposition.

lks tun mahathir

Bersekongkol dengan DAP

The Saudi foreign minister said his super duper rich country gave Najib “a genuine donation with nothing expected in return”.

But what does Tun expect from Kit Siang? And what does Kit Siang expect in return from Tun?

tun mahathir lgr guan eng

Dikongkong oleh DAP

In the photo above, the bloated Guan Eng looks overly smug and cocky. It also looks like he’s the boss.

Sitting beside the two Chinese men, Tun on the other hand looks diminished in physical stature.

tun mahathir lgr guan eng 2

Tun & Protun ikut telunjuk DAP & Dapster

Between the two, it’s clearly Guan Eng who is far, far more robust. Guan Eng is sure in his stride whereas Tun is gingerly negotiating the steps.

It is Guan Eng who is confidently showing the way and Tun being led by the arm.

Likewise between the DAP juggernaut and the Umno renegades, it is the Cina ultra who hold the power in their hands.

What do Protun rebels have to offer the Dapster-evangelistas? Is it a willingness to open the gates from the inside? To bring the Umno house down from within?

Helen Ang swimming medal

My genuine effort with no cash expected in return

Above is a photo of me when I was younger. I was a medalist in the sport of swimming.

I used to hit the pool every morning at the crack of dawn (before classes) and doing between 40 and 50 laps.

The competition level was inter-varsity which did not offer any prize money. What we got were medals and a ‘Varsity Blue’ certificate upon graduation.

Despite not being paid a single sen to represent my university in its swimming squad, I nonetheless still put in all that dedicated training for a podium finish. Since there was a lack of any cash incentive, then it’s obvious that I did what I did because I have a determined and dogged personality plus single-minded focus.

In secondary school, I was house captain (there were four sports houses) when in Form Five. When I was living in Penang, I used to take my dog on 2-3 hour jungle treks.

In KL, I enjoyed ice-skating at the Sunway Pyramid rink and completed the leisure skating foundation course comprising pre-Alpha, Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta programmes. I also interviewed my coach who was the first Malaysian to be hired by Disney on Ice, and this interview appeared in The Star when he joined Disney’s Beauty and the Beast touring dance troupe.

Thankfully, all my past athletic activities provided me with the present iron will to deal with the despicable Dapsters. (One does need a lot of stamina to confront their incredible spite and malice.)

It’s in my character to be driven and dogged. That’s how I managed to sustain this blog in the face of the harassment, threats and vicious smear campaign conducted by the Dapster-evangelistas.


Melayu Protun ‘reject’ pemakan dedak DAP

Malaysian Chinese like to point fingers at corruption. In corruption, there is the giver and there is the taker.

Clearly the affluent Chinese are the giver of bribes.

If Umno needs a donation from the House of Saud, should you be surprised if the DAP has received funding from the Christian Zionists? DAP in recent years has been flush with money, just in case you haven’t noticed.

Recommended reading:

Ridhuan Tee: Kuasa dan kekayaan mereka diguna untuk beli cai Melayu

Some Malays are evidently willing to sell themselves to the DAP. One fella’s asking price is RM20,000.

anime sailor moon snigger

For that amount, he is willing to posture as even more Cina than Cina, and spin cutesy Chinese grandmother stories on top of churning out endless fitnah.

You can easily tell who are the DAP handlers in his blog. (Hint: They’re the ones scoffing at perpaduan ummah.)

Just like the DAP is using Tun, the Dapsters are riding on the Protuns.

And how do you recognize the Melayu who are pemakan dedak DAP? Well, they talk like evangelistas.

From one side of their mouth comes the ‘love’ words but these Melayu are no different from the Tipu, Bohong, Putar-belit and Fitnah of their political masters.

Make no mistake, in the sekongkol between the Protun and the Dapster, it is the Protun who is the kuda tunggangan and the Dapster who directs the charade.

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse


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135 thoughts on “(Video) Saudi foreign minister: “a genuine donation with nothing expected in return”

    1. Is Tun going to say that the Saudi minister is lying, given that Tun has previously declared he doesn’t believe the ‘donation’ story?

      “Tun Mahathir should held responsible for the damage he has inflicted on Malaysia’s reputation.” — Tengku Sariffuddin Tengku Ahmad @

      Btw, it is Tun who is now bersekongkol with the proven liars.

        1. Tun Mahathir bukan maksum.

          Saya hairan bagaimana para pentaksubnya boleh pula merestui serta meredhai persekongkolan beliau dengan puak DAP.

          Kempen jelajah mereka (DAP & pemberontak Umno) untuk ‘Selamatkan Malaysia’ – konon – jelas tidak mendapat sambutan orangramai dan jauh sekali sokongan kaum Melayu.

            1. Tun vs Najib

              Najib will win ultimately. He’s already winning now.

              Ianya Tun yang terpaksa angkat kaki — keluar dari Umno lalu bersubahat dengan DAP yang merupakan mush ketat bersifat anti-Melayu dan anti-Islam.

              PMO harus segera pinggirkan pencacai-pencacai Melayu (saya merujuk kepada orang media) yang makan dedak DAP.

                1. Pembetulan ejaan komen @ 2016/04/16 at 8:21 am

                  “DAP yang merupakan MUSUH ketat”

                  “saya merujuk kepada orang media” — maksud saya blogger reject Melayu si penipu dan pembohong



                  Without doubt Najib wins the battle against Tun.

                  As for the war against the DAP, I don’t know.

                  (a) The Zionist forces that is the puppet master of the Arab Spring appear to be meddling in Malaysia and hence the tremendous foreign media bias against Najib

                  (b) Malaysian NGOs have foreign connections and backing, such as Bersih, Suaram and those receiving Soros, Konrad Adenauer and other omputih money. They’re hell-bent on destroying Malaysia’s good reputation by misrepresenting our country as an apartheid.

                  (c) DAP is utterly ruthless, totally unscrupulous and going for the kill. Umno pula masih lagi dibelenggu naluri mahu bersangka baik dan kecenderongan untuk berbelas kasihan. You can’t afford to falter when confronted by an enemy that wants to see your head on the chopping block and then gleefully piss on your grave.

                  In a war, we have to take sides. I’ve been saying this repeatedly for a long time.

                  The behaviour of the DAP and its supporters disgusts me beyond measure. Those venomous people just cannot stop lying, slandering and suka kenakan orang.

                  Take the incident at Kuching airport where the Stampin MP (DAP’s City Harvest YB Julian Tan) tried to portray himself as the victim and the security officers as the bullies. That’s how slick the evangelical opposition is at twisting and turning things 180-degrees to win the battle of perception.

                  DAP is going all out to make the public hate Najib as a means to their GE14 victory. Apakala DAP mengambil alih tampuk pemerintahan, tangisan air mata darah sekalipun tidak akan mampu mengembalikan bumi dan maruah Melayu.

                  1. My real personal dilemma: I will never, ever support DAP and yet I can’t, really cannot support Najib.

                    I know you strongly believe that Najib can pull Umno through the next GE and yet based on my circle of Malay community, friends and family, i believe we’ll be facing a “Mexican standoff” if Najib is still at the helm.

                    1. re: “yet based on my circle of Malay community, friends and family”

                      I know and I believe you. That’s why GE14/2018 will be the Mother of All Elections.

                      re: “Najib can pull Umno through the next GE” … “if Najib is still at the helm”

                      When Waytha Moorthy threw his lot with Najib during GE13, I was mildly surprised but even at that time, I believed he did the right thing.

                      A number of Indians and of course nearly all the oppo Chinese were cursing Hindraf.

                      Waytha said something along the lines of one side being Ravana and the other side is (if I remember correctly) Raksasa or some kind of demon.

                      Currently, Hindraf still maintains the above view, i.e. that the oppo is not any different nor any better than the ruling party and whichever side rules, the poor Indians will still be in a jam.

                      That’s just a pragmatic appraisal. I do not believe that the Pakatan New Hope is ‘good’ (as in opposed to the BN they call “evil”).

                      When I say that DAP is dajjal, I absolutely 100 percent mean it. It is my belief that I’m willing to swear – on oath – in any surau, mosque or other house of worship.

                    2. Postscript:

                      Najib has a hawkish Umno cabinet and hardline circle of close advisors. I’m perfectly aligned with their direction.

                      I consider the DAP Bintang Lima to be an even more virulent form of the communist Bintang Tiga. Umno should regard that we’re in a state of darurat.

                      BN is relying on Umno to fight the war. MCA is a total write-off (biawak hidup). If PAS cooperates with Umno, BN will win.

                    3. I like the comments made by IAW. She sounds realistic, sincere and responsible. I can relate to what she has been saying in here.

                      Also a few others.

                      That’s all I wanna say. People have moods these days and am reciprocating, hehe.

                      Like the Pak Sheikh Arab Saudi Foreign Minister reciprocating to Najib’s visit to Saudi Arabia where they sure must have met, and they met again in Turkey. I can imagine the conversations that have taken place.

                      But Jebat Must Die blog said it well – in order to understand what the Foreign Minister said, you need to know the question asked so that you don’t get it out of context.

                    4. Well I hope Wathya has learnt his lesson. Regardless of how much fuss has been kicked up, the government spoke! Dr. Zakir was welcomed with open arms and preached to thousands. He was feted by Ministers, Muftis and the man-in-the-street. And this was not done ‘surreptitiously’ but out and proud! To top it of, quite a few people (Indians included) were converted. This was a very clear message to the Hindus who just like the Christians, tried to meddle in Muslim affairs.The MIC, Hindraf and Hindu Sangam can cry till the cows come home but the government’s actions speak the loudest.
                      So while one may cast aspersions on the empirical weight from opinions of a couple of posters on a blog, the Federal Government is very clear about who is right.

                  2. I like that bit about “Zionist forces”. A favourite “target” when faced with a bankruptcy of ideas!

                    Will you now claim that the next US President (be it Hillary, Trump, Sanders or Cruz) will be beholden to “Zionist forces”? After all, successive US administrations have openly declared their support for Israel, it’s existence and it’s military dominance over the Arab states.

                    But, then, Malaysia has no choice but to keep on good terms with the US.

                    Regardless of “foreign media bias” etc etc….

                    Interestingly, the Singapore Straits Times had a topical front page report today (18 April 2016) in it’s print edition ( Another example of “foreign media bias” or “objective unbiased reporting”?

  1. Helen,

    No matter what the Saudi Minister of Foreign affair said , his explanation will be rejected by DAP or those thinking they can use DAP to topple Najib.

    Even before the so called Tun’s bashing UMNO on 1MDB, these people already reject Najib, UMNO lock stock and barrel. If they had their ways, they would want to crucify Najib, Rosmah and bury UMNO together with Tun himself.

    I can acccept if initially people did not accept Najib’s explanation that the fund came from SAudi Arabia. But if they are willing to think, they willl realise Najib will likely to jeopardise bilateral ties if Saudi denies the money originates from the kingdom.

    The size of the fund itself warrants consent from the supremo of the kingdom. Process of elimination enables us to realise that only the ruler has the capability and authority to make such a bug donation.

    AS FOR TUN, I hope he realises that he is playing a very dangerous political game. Malays may not be happy with Najib but certainly they are not willing to accept Tun’s working with the very enemy of UMNO, malays.

    1. Agree, Shamshul.

      Malaysia needs to be saved FROM the DAP. Not the keys to Putrajaya handed over by Umno rebels to the evangelistas.

    1. Menteri Luar Arab tu dah pandai belajar menipu.

      Kenyataan yang dia buat adalah satu lakonan arahan dari Tengku Shariffudin PMO. Pemberita yang bertanya dari Bernama. Rakaman video dari NST. Pertanyaan hanya dari pemberita Malaysia secara curi-curi selepas dia berbincang dengan Najib. Jemputlah sekali pemberita tv dari Australia ke US ke UK ke? Haha mesti terkebil2 si pak arab tu nak menjawab pertanyaan balasan dari mereka.

      Najib dah melibatkan integriti menteri luar Arab Saudi mengenai skandal persendirian dia.

      Skandal personal Najib telah mengheret melibatkan kerajaan, telah mengheret melibatkan parti UMNO dan kini ke arena lebih luas lagi ke negara2 teluk.

      1. Menteri cakap bohong … ya ke?

        Jadi mesti Tun dan cai-cainya (termasuk RBA) saja yang cakap benar.

          1. Cuba semak arkib blog ini. Bila pernah saya ada blog tentang 1MDB kecuali sebuah terjemahan yang saya buat atas rencana Che Det waktu awal-awal dulu?

            1. Terima kasih Helen kerana tidak mengeluarkan cerita 1MDB.
              Sebab cerita 1MDB akan mengaibkan Najib dan skandalnya. Dan mesti dilindungi dari pengetahuan ramai.

              Terima kasih Helen kerana mengeluarkan cerita2 untuk mengaibkan Tun. Dan cerita2 begini mesti dihebahkan untuk pengetahuan ramai.

              1. re: “Dan mesti dilindungi dari pengetahuan ramai.”

                Bila saya ada lindungi 1MDB dari pengetahuan umum? Cuba tengok – bukan sekadar seorang dua tetapi ramai juga pembaca blog saya yang ungkit pasal isu tersebut di sini (ruang ini).

                re: “cerita2 untuk mengaibkan Tun”

                Tun yang aibkan diri sendiri. Kalau beliau tak bersekongkol dengan DAP dan tak buat jelajah dengan DAP, maka blogger-blogger Projib tidak akan ada gambar untuk disiarkan.

                1. This national scandal is about the struggle between Good and Evil, in which men’s political machinations are intrinsic.

                  1. DAP is dajjal.

                    In the struggle between Umno-BN and DAP-Harapan, it is simply unacceptable for the latter to prevail.

                2. Terima kasih Helen kerana menyiarkan semua komen2 yang pro dan kontra.

                  Orang mana yang lebih aib dan terlibat dengan kesalahan undang2 jenayah?

                  Adakah seseorang itu duduk bersebelahan LKS dan Mat Sabu dll di atas pentas menjadi isu dan kesalahan jenayah?

                  Dan adakah seseorang itu yang menerima berbilion ringgit di dalam akaun banknya bukan isu besar dan tidak disyaki terlibat dengan kesalahan jenayah?

                  1. re: “seseorang itu duduk bersebelahan LKS”

                    Nanti kalau parti LKS itu menang pilihanraya, macam mana pula?

                    re: “tidak disyaki terlibat dengan kesalahan jenayah”

                    Peguam Negara kata ‘tidak’.

                    1. Kah kah kah kah……..

                      Kesian kesian kesian……

                      No further comment. Thank you for being a kind host.

                  2. You only want to manipulate the obviuos, based on an issue that is doubious. Sesuatu yang nampak tak semesti nya apa yang di interpretasi. Yang lebih bahaya, walau pon bukan jenayah, ialah yang melibatkan misintepretation and manipulation of facts that will effect the future of the nation. Nampak harmless tapi kesan nya very disastrous. That is called psycho-war, more dangerous, or equally dangerous as physical war. That is why lks neat to msabu is harmful.

      2. Ya tak ya Mike, sepatutnya Clueless PM lebih sibuk defend diri dia dengan memberi bukti bahwa ini adalah derma, TT slip dia yang ada, akaun dia yang punya, tapi dia suruh orang lain tolong cakapkan.

        Yang bercakap tu pula February kata Investment, April kata Donation.

        Seeloknya, Najib kemukakan bukti tidak bersalah. Tak perlulah keluarkan duit beri prepaid blogger bagai untuk defend dirinya. Sama jugak seperti Anwar, bagi aje DNA dia untuk buktikan diri tak bersalah, ini tidak merata dia pergi bagi tau fitnah, walhal bukti pada diri sendiri.

        1. Dah wakil tertinggi kerajaan Arab Saudi bersihkan nama Najib perihal ‘derma’ itu tapi pentaksub-pentaksub Tun masih nekad untuk tolak ke tepi segala penjelasan yang dikemukakan oleh pihak yang lebih tahu.

          Malah Protun rela mempercayai blogger prepaid/operatif politik yang sama ada diupah Tun atau digaji DAP daripada dengar cakap Peguam Negara dan Ketua Polis Negara.

          1. Helen,

            There is a saying “the proof of pudding is in the eating”.

            The Saudi Foreign Minister had effectively “closed” the issue. What he said is not his personal view. The Minister represents the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

            But those wishing UMNO to be buried will not accept it. They will twist and turn, looking at semantics to disqualify the Saudi .

            As for Tun, I believe he has outlived the goodwill he cultivated all these years. Criticising Najib is one thing. Working with DAP to topple Najib(meaning by toppling UMNO) is another story. Tun is playing a dangerous political game. he should realise by now that Malays are not happy with his antics.

            As for Najib, I hope he learns the lesson well. 1MDB not managed well can create problems to UMNO. Only UMNO is lucky as there are quite a number of UMNO “who’s who” who are respected. From what I hear MB of NS and Perak are quite popular among Malay folks in these states.

            But we caan do without some UMNO politicians,. Khairi hmnnn.

          2. Kak, makin dia cakap makin banyak pula persoalan.

            1. Kenapa Febuari lepas dia kata investment? Adel bukanlah calang2 lulusannya. Investment masuk direct ke akaun Najib?

            2. Tak sampai 2 bulan dah U-turn pula, kata donation :)

            3. Wakil tertinggi Saudi, yes, tapi kami juga tahu Saudi is serving Uncle Sam. Dan sekarang, nampaknya pemimpin kita pun dah ikut serta serving uncle Sam, jadi U-turn sekarang ni yang dilakukan oleh Adel tidak lebih bagi saya besar kemungkinan kerana ada tangan2 di belakang yang menyuruhnya.

            4. Kalau dah derma, kenapa lah Saudi menyusahkan Najib selama ini, patut mengaku ajelah.

            5. Najib patut ambil tindakan, saman orang yang kata duit itu dari 1MDB, terutamanya Tun, patut di saman, ini tidak, Tun pula yang saman Najib.

            6. Akak kata DAP dajjal, jangan lupa Imam Khomeni pernah gelarkan Uncle Sam sebagai syaitan besar. DAP yang dajjal pun tidak inginkan Pemimpin yang mempunyai skandal kewangan, ini kan pulak orang islam yang dituntut menegakkan amar makruf nahi mungkar.

              1. when a person has a question, it’s not healthy to reroute it to avoid facts, cos it shows the same mentality on how umno operates…..passing the buck…..and Malaysians are not stupid to miss that… Why would anybody want to ask the FM, when his statements has always been changing and moreover, the culprits are Malaysians

                1. Dapsters will never be satisfied with whatever answer that is given to them by fellow Malaysians. Their mind is made up and negative perception fixed.

                  The problem lies with the asker.

                  One word to describe the segment of hardcore oppo supporters who are giler taksub — “problemtac” population.

                  1. well, you can’t deny the fact that responses from najib and now, this FM has never been the same……it has always differed. That’s the fact……if let’s say these guys were interrogated from day one, and they can never keep to the same story, automatically, they will be seen as a culprit…..because liars usually never remember what they have said, and they will slip along the way…..najib has shown that, this FM has shown that too…. that’s the fact…sorry, a lot of people are not buying into this latest stunt from najib…

                    1. re: “they can never keep to the same story, automatically, they will be seen as a culprit…..because liars usually never remember what they have said”

                      Your description fits blogger Annie Anakin to a ‘T’. But I digress.

                      In February, the FM said he “thinks” it was an investment. Currently he says it’s a donation. Thinking something is not a sworn court statement.

                      As for Najib, he may not have wanted to reveal everything earlier on. Even now, he may still be holding back. It’s called OSA.

                      Over the last three decades under Tun’s watch, Petronas has not accounted to the rakyat how the company spent every sen of its money.

                      We don’t know everything (vis-a-vis finances) that the federal government, Selangor government, Penang government or even the Sports Ministry have done.

        2. Abdullah,

          1. Menteri Saudi ini kata dahulu bhw beliau ‘think its an investment’..Perkataan ‘think’ ini menunjukkan bahawa dia ‘rasa’ atau ‘assume’ bahawa duit itu adalah pelaburan. Beliau tak menafikan duit itu adalah donation dengan bahasa yg berstatus muktamad seperti ‘i catgorically state that its an investment not a donation’

          2.Kalau Menteri itu sekarang menipu, maka beliau misrepresant kerajaan dia sendiri dan keluarga DiRaja nya sendiri. Awak ingat berani kah dia berbuat demikian? Malah kalau apa AG cakap tak betul paling kurang akan ada bantahan diplomatik drp kerajaan Saudi. Tapi ada kedengaran ke pihak Saudi mengeluarkan kenyataan rasmi mengatakan apa Apandi Ali atau Menteri Malaysia bahawa mereka menipu apabila mengatakan duit 2.6 billion itu donation?

          3. Sebenarnya beban menunjukkan bukti terletak kepada pihak yg menuduh dan bukannya dituduh. Ini adalah tuntutan mana2 sistem keadilan baik yg bersifat sekular mahupun agama.Kalau orang tuduh awak curi dia mesti tunjukkan bukti bukannya awak. Jadi awak patut tanya Tun Mahathir dan Claire Rewcastle untuk dokumentasi transaksi rasmi drp bank yg menunjukkan duit itu dtg drp 1Mdb dan bukannya Tun yg demand Njb atau Apandi utk tinjukkan bukti.

          4. Dalam masa yg sama tolong elakkan drp menuduh atau membayangkan bhw orang yg tak setuju dengan Tun sebagai pemakan dedak. Kenpa? Kerana tuduhan tanpa bukti adalah fitnah dan kalau awak buat tudihan begitu buruk tanpa bukti awak mungkin terpalit dng fitnah. Remember that there is only a thin line that seperates fact frm fitnah so be careful when making negative accusations.

          We can disagree but we dont have to call people names or make unsubstantiated accusations the process.

          Thank you

          1. 1. Jawapan jelas dari JMD

            2. Seperti saya nyatakan di atas, Saudi juga adalah khadam kepada US :), kalau dia keluarkan kenyataan u-turn, tentunya sudah ada arahan.

            3. Bukti? jangan lupa asalnya najib tak mengaku dan mengatakan ini adalah fitnah tun dan wsj, kemudian bila wsj keluarkan TT slip, semua pendedak mengatakan itu dokumen palsu, font tak sama bagai, prepaid blogger pun terbabas dengan swift code sampai ke bank russia :)


            belum lagi masuk cerita najib nak saman wjs

            lepas tu baru kata derma, kalau derma kenapa sampai nak pecat TPM, naib presiden, pecat AG lantik AG segera?

          2. Dari segi undang undang, benar bahawa beban menunjukkan bukti terletak kepada pihak yg menuduh. Tetapi yang menjadi masalah sekarang ia lah pengundi melihat dari segi politik. Timbul persepsi di fikiran mereka mana salah betul nya tuduhan. Bila tiada keputusan mahkamah di atas perkara 1MDB dan RM2.6 / 4.2 bilion, maka pengundi mengundi di PRU14 berdasarkan persepsi mereka.

            Maka itu yang di khuatiri. Perlu di ingatkan bahawa Najib dah kalah undi popular dan mendapat keputusan yang paling buruk di antara Presiden2 UMNO di PRU13. Oleh kerana Peguam Negara baru telah mengatakan Najib tak bersalah, tak boleh harapkan isu ini sampai ke Mahkamah. Tapi persepsi pengundi berkait dengan PN dulu alih alih di berhentikan dan PN baru kata begitu tak lama selepas di lantik.

            PAC pun keluarkan Laporan tak menyebut nama Najib. Persepsi pengundi akan berputar kpd hal banyak yang di bincang di PAC Hearing tu tak di rekod – Pengerusi PAC beri tahu semua pihak boleh tutup microphone kalau tak mahu di tekod. Menteri Luar Arab Saudi pulak nya pinda kata kata nya. Persepsi pengundi mesti lah kenapa dia kata berlain kpd New York Times 1-2 bulan lalu.

            Jadi, nampak nya pengundi kena mengundi berdasarkan persepsi mereka. Itu risiko tinggi. Sebab begitu ramai puak puak Pembangkang yang memberi mereka persepsi yang tak baik kpd UMNO. Timbalan Pengerusi, DAP Tan Seng Giaw, dan ahli2 lain PAC keluarkan kenyataan mengata Laporan itu bukan nya “consensus”.

            Risiko itu yang Protun tak sanggup terima. Maka, tak salah bagi mana mana pihak coba menanya bertalu talu supaya mendapat jawapan yang membolehkan pengundi mendapat persepsi yang boleh membantu UMNO di PRU14. Kalau tak boleh dapat … pendirian saya dah di maalomkan berkali kali.

        3. Betul la tu, investmnt in the form of donation. Dia kasi duit kat orang susah untuk berniaga. Investment untuk akhirat .Macam zakat asnaf, utk tlg org susah.
          Org kat atas ni bagi komen macam orang tak matang, terketawa la, apa la…

      3. Mike
        Dah you all yang heret mesti la you all tau sangat heboh sampai pi tang mana – lebih2 lagi ada roket, pasti dah sampai keMars, Jupiter dan Venus!

        Actually what is happening to Malaysia since 1998 is a blessing in disguise. Dengan sendiri dalang2 yg dengan sedaya upaya cuba memusnahkan Tanah air yang bertuah ini muncul sekok persekok sua muka depa dengan sendirinya bagi satu dunia tengok.

  2. yg makan dedak, tercekik dedak saja akan percaya cerita lucu dari Saudi. Kesian dgn you Helen dah nampak semakin terdesak

    1. Sebenarnya kesian kat you all yang tampak begitu tertekan, dan entah kenapa pula mahu berpusu-pusu ke mari.

      Memanglah saya tahu ada perang saudara yang sedang berlangsung di antara puak Protun dengan kem Projib. Namun lucu kerana sejak bila blog saya memperjuangkan 1MDB?

      Beginilah. Saya tolong bagi sedikit pencerahan:

      – Sesiapa yang menyokong parti pemerintah dan hendak status quo dikekalkan – maka, mahu tak mahu – akan terpaksa juga memberi sokongan kepada Najib kerana beliau pengerusi BN beserta panglima perang PRU14.

      – Protun yang kuat menyokong Tun sekarang ini ketara berada di pihak DAP. Menjelang pilihanraya nanti, Protun pasti langgar BN.

      – Ianya laskar-laskar Projib yang lawan DAP dan lawan pembangkang.

    2. sotong kurita, Abdullah dan sewaktu

      Senang aje. Suruh TDM hantaq WA, SMS, email atau lebih mudah telepon aje Menteri Saudi ni dan direct habaq yang dia ni penipu? Dok habaq kat kami buang masa aje.

  3. – Sesiapa yang menyokong parti pemerintah dan hendak status quo dikekalkan – maka, mahu tak mahu – akan terpaksa juga memberi sokongan kepada Najib kerana beliau pengerusi BN beserta panglima perang PRU14.
    – hanya dengan sekeping kenyataan PMO/TOK ARAB bolih terubat kah rakyat satu Malaysia Najib tu kalau begitu sila sediakan fakta nya la Cik Helen kan kah kamu suka berbalas fakta Helen tolong berpijak dibumi nyata tok sah bagi alasan membabi buta dah muak membacanya. Maaf kalau terkasar bahasa.

    1. Siri,

      “hanya dengan sekeping kenyataan….”

      Habis apa awak mahu Menteri Luar Arab Saudi buat? Sujud pada awak?

      Orang boleh terima jika awak atau tun atau Rafizi tak percayaNajib . Tapi Menteri Arab saudi sendiri dah sahkan memang benar jumlah itu didermakan pada Najib.

      kalau hendak kan kebenaran kenalah terima kenyataan.

    2. Siri!

      You must remember that the burden of proof lies with the accuser and not the accused. If you think proof is important than ask the Tun forces to show watertight official non-selective untampered proof that the money came from 1Mdb sources and not the Saudi’s. Failing that they should at least show one official documentary proof or statement that shows the Saudi’s making a diplomatic protest because Malaysian officials sich as Apandi Ali is lying weh he says that the money was frm Saudi sources.

      I am asking u this simply because it is fair: u ask Helen for factual evidence so by the same token you should also provide evidence tbat the money was from 1 Mdb.

      in fact the burden of proof lies with those who accuse or imply criminal behaviour and not those who are accused.

    3. It is of the Adab of Islam to know the value of one’s word, not to give one’s word unless one intends to keep it, and to be faithful to it once it has been given. The Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) said, “The signs of a hypocrite are three: when he speaks he lies; when he promises he breaks it; and when entrusted with something he betrays it” (Bukhari, 1.15: 33. S).

      When Abu Bakr was dying, he sent for ‘Umar ibn al-Khattab (Allah be well pleased with both of them), and told him:
      “O ‘Umar, if you are given authority over the people, fear Allah and hold fast to what is right. For the weighing scale of those whose scale pans are heavy on Resurrection Day [with good deeds] shall only be heavy for their having followed what is right and bearing its burden upon them; and it befits the balance scale when what is right is placed in it to be heavy tomorrow.
      And the weighing scales of those whose scale pans are light on Resurrection Day [because of few good deeds] shall only be light for their having followed what is wrong and finding ease in them; and it befits the balance scale when what is wrong is placed in it to be light tomorrow. And know that there are acts for Allah at night that He does not accept during the day, and that there are acts during the day that He does not accept at night. And that the Lord does not accept supererogatory acts of worship before what is obligatory has been fulfilled.”

  4. Dah kamu nak facts and burden of the proof dah diakui oleh tuan tubuh sendiri iaitu Najib nak ornar apa lagi TOK ARAB lama sebelum ni kata pelaburan alih alih kata pulak DERMA pulak tu kenyataan di buat diluar negara OIC meeting betul pelik bin ajaib macam drama hari ini pasti unta padang pasir pun nak tersedak huk…huk

    1. Siri!

      1. Sekadar tak konisten dlm memberi penjelasan tentang duit itu bukan bukti ia datang drp 1 Mdb–ia cuma bukti bercakap tak konsisten. Kalau tak konsisten cakap itu biasalah kalau orang politik–malah Tun M pun tak konsisten dlm hujah dan tuduhan dia–kejap cakap 42 billion hilang, kejap lgi kata 27billion hilang dan kemudiannya sekadar berkata ‘berbillion hilang’.

      Kalau isunya Najib tak konsisten maka saya setuju bahawa sama juga seperti Mahathir dan Anwar tak konsisten Najib pun tak konsisten.

      Tetapi being inconsistent is NOT proof that he has swindled money frm 1 Mdb.

      It is merely proof that politicians like Njb and Tun are prone to inconsistency.

      2. Jadi kalau nak facts yg lebih drp tertuduh ia cuma adil bhw kita minta facts yg watertight from yg menuduh. Setakat ni Tun cuma nak Najib kemukakan bukti yg duit itu dtg drp Saudi. Sepatutnya dia sebagai penuduh kena tunjjukkan bukti documentasi rasmi, comprehensive dan tulen yg menunjukkan duit itu dtg drp 1mdb.

      Harus ingat bhw dari segi tuduhan dan lemparan syak satu lautan Tun sanggup semai, tapi dari segai bukti sahih 1 hapah tak kemukakan

      3. Regarding the Menteri Luar Saudi to me there is no contradiction—previously he opines (meaning assumes, thinks, guests)that the money was not a donation but an investment. He framed it as an opinion not a statement of fact. The recent statement on the other hand is a statement of fact.

      1. Re: Jadi kalau nak facts yg lebih drp tertuduh ia cuma adil bhw kita minta facts yg watertight from yg menuduh. Setakat ni Tun cuma nak Najib kemukakan bukti yg duit itu dtg drp Saudi. Sepatutnya dia sebagai penuduh kena tunjjukkan bukti documentasi rasmi, comprehensive dan tulen yg menunjukkan duit itu dtg drp 1mdb.
        ….macam mana lagi nak dibuktikan disitu masih ada Najib!
        Teringat satu lagu kanak-kanak @ Oh! Bagau Oh! Bagau kenapa kau makan ikan…ianya kegemaran ku le…

        1. Sirii!

          Your a funny fella. Wen u say Tun cannot show evidence because NajGreen

          ib is there, that means he has no evidence la AS OF NOW.

          SO if TUN HAS NO EVIDENCE AS OF NOW as the logic of your statement suggest then he makes all these accusations without a shred of proof.

          Thanx for admiting that Siri. And since Tun as the accuser provides nothing to back-up his accusations then he has no right to demand others for proof since he himself provides none.

          1. …SO if TUN HAS NO EVIDENCE AS OF NOW as the logic of your statement suggest then he makes all these accusations without a shred of proof….

            Tu sejak awal saya dok heran, nak sangat tengok dokumen2 yang depa tengok sendiri dengan mata kepala mereka. Sampai sekarang tak tunjuk pun?

            Kita takut satni jadi macam kes Mahsuri payah tau.. Hai selalu dok pi Langkawi tak dengaq ke cerita macam mana dia difitnah?

          2. Oops Typo error in my 856 pm comment whereby i wrote the following :

            “Wen u say Tun cannot show evidence because NajGreen

            ib is there, that means he has no evidence la AS OF NOW”

            RATHER IT SHUD BE:

            ‘Wen u say Tun cannot show evidence because Najib is there, that means he has no evidence la AS OF NOW”

            Thank you & sorry for any confusion.

  5. Swimming is good, probably the best exercise ever over usual , common activity like jogging & running- you’ll hurt your knees!

    Other than being driven and dogged, you probably love writing very much. I set up few personal wordpress blogs in the past and not able to even maintain them beyond two months!

  6. Najib must go la


    If not tiap tiap hari we have to read about 1mdb tau.. how to tahan?

    1. 1MDB cannot be saved. It was constructed not for the sake of the people but at the expense of the national interests.

      1. Helen,

        U know whats funny? The Tun forces wants 100% watertight documentary proof to show that the money comes from the Saudis as proof that Najib is not guilty but they dont need 1% percent shred of authentic evidence to belive that Njb is guilty.

        They dont realize that no Msian Government wud risk the wraith of the Saudi’s by lying about them bcos the latter holds acces to anyone wanting to perform the Haj and Umrah.And this can be seen during Pak Lah’s time—Tan Sri Dolah Kok Lanas was terminated imiediately as the boss of the New Straights Time by Pak Lah bcos the Saudis were irritated by an article he wrote about them.

        So if our Goverments is so cautios with regards to Saudi sensitivities to the extent thay wud terminate the no1 man in the Nst imidiately for writing something fairly innocous do you think they wud risk Saudi anger by saying that the money was from the Saudi’s if it wasnt?

        Malangnya wen one is blinded by emotion one becomes more susceptable to being manipulated and Mahathir knows this

        1. Mat Rempit Hubris,

          We must get real here. even if the King of Saudi Arabia himself admitted that the money came from the kingdom, he too will be ridiculed.

          Those wanting Najib to step down(meaning people like Tun, DAP or Rafizi) will not want to listen to any explanation. To them, Najib is guilty because he is Najib, the president of UMNO.

          Even before 1MDB, almost entire community (Chinese) already rejected Najib( or more importantly UMNO). So, 1MDB is not the real issue. GST to not the real issue. Live still goes on after GST. Mamak stalls are full houses every night. People slowly began to accept that the timing of GST is extraordinary. The drop of oil price is cushioned by extra revenue from GST.

          I can understand if they are skeptical if no Saudi official admits about the donation or whatever investment. But the Saudi admitted it.

          The one who admitted is no Tom, Dick and Harry. He is Minister of foreign affair of Saudi Arabia. Are we still rejecting his explanation. Meaning are they(Tun) saying the Minister is lying?

          THE TRUTH IS THAT they fail to dislodge Najib( or more importantly UMNO) through 1MDB.

          In order to paint those supporting Najib, they chide those with UMNO as “pemakan dedak”. The truth is the opposite.

          Beneath the aggresiveness in wanting Najib to resign, I notice the fear. The fear of losing. The fear of not able to mobilise decent demonstrators like before as PAS wises up.

          Yellow Gathering is mainly Chinese affair. The haste to throw PAS out of PR is hurting themselves more. They no longer can claim they have Malay support.

          The coarse language towards PAS actually makes PAS realises UMNO is not that bad after all.

          I believe in Sarawak election, the majority of Chinese will still reject Adnan Satem. Adnan will face reality that no matter what he does to please the Chinese, they will reject him. To them, only DAP is accepted as the leading component of a government.

          1. Shamsul,


            I think that all my comments written on this thread suggest that we are on the same page.

            By the way, since I have not mentioned it before, let me say thank you to you for many of your comments. Well written, thoughtful and as importantly, respectfull.

            I have benifitted from reading them

            1. Mat Rempit Hubris,

              Thanks. I am critical of Najib. I am irritated that he still somehow unable to accept reality that the non malays(especially Chinese) has abandon UMNO for good.

              But like you, I am not paranoid. I do not jugde him guilty simply because he is Najib or accusing him as killing Altantuya simply because he does not like have religious look.

              I lament that how stupid Malays can be. They simply refuse to see how dangerous DAP can be. They refuse to accept reality that DAP is well funded. Who funds DAP? They do not want to question it.

              YEt they hound UMNO as if UMNO commits a sin. They simply refuse to see that UMNO is battered day and night as simply it is the only capable force standing against DAP

              As for Tun, he no longer have my respect. I accept he is critical. But i cant accept him supporting DAP to topple Najib. He cant be that naive to believe that DAP only wants to topple Najib.

              Najib is not the target. UMNO is.. And for those Malays wishing for romantics of rebellion, do take time to ponder on what happened to Arab territories once Ottoman Empire collapsed.

              As I said earlier, I understand why then Sultan of Melaka punished those slandering witrh dreadful sula.

              1. to be fair – we have seen reports linking DAP to israel. but again ( and this has been an annoying pattern with both sides of the divide) mana dia buktinya? bila kita nak tgk action ni?

                sama ja mcm ( as reported everywhere) katanya dah ada bukti kukuh konspirasi nak jatuhkan PM…mana dia? mana action dia? mana report dia?

                the list…goes on and on…

                if we call fair game…kemungkinan2 dua 2 belah un duk main slander..

                so apa mcm mana sekarang?

                1. Orang perlis.

                  Then you the same yardstick. If there is no proof on DAP receiving money from Israel, then accept it. Same goes to najib. If there is no proof of him involved say in altantuya case, accept it.

                  Many thought Sirul was Najib’s bodyguard. Sirul was once attached to Tun Mahathir. At time of murder, he was the bodyguard of then PM, Abdullah.

                  1. awat cerita altantunya nie?

                    for the record, i dont know if ever najib was ever involved BUT….since the motive of the crime was never established….raises more questions then just a case of tutup case….

          2. Not that people will not want to listen because to them Najib is guilty. It’s because Najib himself has not been forthcoming since the very beginning of the 1MDB and RM2.6 billion scandal.

            Someone even took the trouble to list out some 40 differing answers by Najib and his people quite some time back. More questions came out after the PAC hearing on 1MDB where many questions and answers were not recorded – the PAC Chairman
            pointed out to those concerned (which included many serving Government Officers) that they may choose to switch off the microphones, making it farcical.

            Good that you pointed out “Even before 1MDB, almost entire community (Chinese) already rejected Najib … I can understand if they are skeptical if no Saudi official admits about the donation or whatever investment. But the Saudi admitted it.”

            Bu so many people have doubted that Saudi “admission”. Read

            Read also the links provided at the end of the post to know the range of people doubting it.

            Note that the sum said therein to be in Najib’s personal accounts totalled RM4.2 billion from five (yes, 5) different sources, not just the Saudi Arabian prince.

  7. Txs guys for mentioning me in the past post comments. If you do it more often I might stand for election, hehe. In the US, if you have shaken the hands of 1 million people, you can stand for election. And some funny election system they have, too. Caucus that turns raucous and malicious, that sort of stuff.

    I like that bit which says “akim writing style … u miss so much …” Guys, I always try to explain the other side of the coin, provoke thoughts for discussion, as well as entertain. But when Helen runs out of arguments, or time, or mood for dissenting views, I spend my time elsewhere.

    I think mohd salim has also done so. I miss his arguments, provocative thoughts and entertaining discourse on important issues. I thought they have helped increase the standard of discussion in this blog and gain Helen a higher regard as the blog owner. Hope he comes in again, or “allowed in”, to ask about his deleted comment – am interested to know what he said that got deleted.

    I note that the bloke using the name “FuckMelayu” and talking about “fucking Melayu” was allowed in. No doubt Helen wrote at the top of her home page “My blog, my like”. Now I’m trying to relate that to her being “driven and dogged. That’s how I managed to sustain this blog in the face of the harassment, threats and vicious smear campaign conducted by the Dapster-evangelistas.” I didn’t know she was harassed and threatened and she has my sympathies and support against goons, thugs and gangsters.

    But the funny thing is that we both are doggedly against DAP and DAPsters (maybe we differ in definition), yet the Protun-Projib divide sets us poles apart.

    1. The “fuck Melayu” guy got deleted/blocked in this post earlier today.

      He keeps repeating the same thing about “fuck(ing) Melayus”. Obviously an RBA and not adding any value to the general discussion on top of risking an ‘R’ rating for my blog for profanity.

      As for the harassment and threats:

      (a) Dapsters = foul-mouthed abusive language (this is common from them elsewhere in cyberspace)

      (b) evangelistas = highly malicious

      Theirs is targeted attack against selected victims like Isma, PAS (say Ustaz Nasha, Ustaz Tantawi, Hadi Awang), Mufti Harussani, Hasan Ali, Ridhuan Tee, Jakim/Jais and others accused of not “building bridges” to the Christian community

      (c) threats = by political operative whom I suspect to be a Special Officer to a DAP very big shot

    2. Akim,
      It would seem that my arguments are not acceptable to Helen because I apply the same standards of Ketuanan Melayu and Islam to non-Chinese as well. It’s ironic because in terms of substance, I say exactly the same things. It’s ironic because I am not anymore endeared to the Chinese or Christians or DAP as Helen, or for that matter most of the other posters here who take a constitutional argument. My crime ostensibly, using the term pendatang. None of my arguments use crass language or profanity. I take on opposing views with clear argument, not snide remarks but being level headed and consistent apparently makes me a DAPster. Apparently, only Helen is allowed to take a non-apologetic stand. When I take the same stand and apply the same argument, I’m bad so……….takpalah.

  8. Helen 8:21 am
    re, Tun v/s Najib , Najib will ultimately win.

    Superman has the super mega power ,noway Batman could win .
    Is this about who will win or who will lose ?.

      1. No doubt ,Superman will lead the charge to to Putrajaya , Batman will just be the onlooker ,because the Superman with his superpower will closed every door to Batman .

        Will Superman reach Putrajaya ,ordinary man will decide ,of course Superman will blame Batman if he cannot get there but he forget Batman has no power ,even Kluangman didn’t help . Batman is fighting with broken weapon .

          1. Musical interlude … “All kinds of everything of everything remind me of you”

          2. Musical interlude … “All kinds of everything of everything remind me of you”

    1. Now you know how LKS maintains his looks and health reasonably well. He sucks it off “dying” Dapsters.

  9. This is all about M and his pentaksub in wanting M’s son to become the next PM. The man wants his son on the throne. Simple as that. He thinks he is LKY. The difference is LKY groomed his son to become Singapore PM. As for M,he thinks he can just put his son there. His son is useless and there is no way he can become PM.

    1. One day Nasruddin Hodja had to send his son to the fountain to fill up their earthenware pitcher with water. After handing the pitcher to his son, he slapped him on the face saying, “Don’t break the pitcher!” he said.

      At this the people around him voiced their disapproval.
      “Hodja effendi, the kid did not break the pitcher!” they said, “he hasn’t even left for the fountain yet. Why did you slap him?”

      “Ah, but, you see,” the Hodja replied, “if I slap him after he breaks the pitcher, it will be too late!”

  10. Kak Helen, I’m also a figure skater! Paling benci sekali Tokong Lim Guan Eng.

    I believe Mahathir is acting like a Severus Snape. Obviously he knows working with DAP would result in another PAS betrayal. He is doing this so that all the Malays would unite out of fear of DAP, and how they are using Malays as mere window props to achieve their goal.

    He also knows that Najib has become increasing too unpopular and that the UMNO supporters are slowly shifting their support to the Mahathir-Mukhriz-etc Faction. The only way to push them back to Najib is to betray them.

    By hijacking the Opposition cause, Mahathir is also creating internal friction within Pakatan Takde Harapan. The AnuWar Dynasty Faction would get pissed off with the Lim Dynasty Faction for being the true opportunistic scums they have always been.

    I believe this is the most rational explanation behind his gamble. Honestly, it doesn’t make any sense why this old man would wanna shake hands and allow himself to be manipulated by his mortal enemy. Either he has grown senile, he miscalculated thinking he can backstab DAP before it could pull another PAS on his faction, or he is sacrificing himself as a Queen on a chess board for a checkmate.

    I find it strange that Dr Zakir Naik is now in the country while all of this is happening. The Saudi Minister’s statement is also a bit strange. All of this seem to happen according to some weird plan.

    Cos, for some odd reason, more and more Malays and Muslims have gotten more vocal about their religion and the fact that the national online narrative has so long been dominated and monopolised by the minorities.


    1. re: “Kak Helen, I’m also a figure skater!”

      Did you do the Freestyles? :)

      I was preparing for Freestyle 1 when my progress was interrupted due to my coach’s offer from Disney.

      I’d submitted the song Orinoco Flow for his choreography. Sayang, ‘cos I’d just bought a new pair of beige skates and new blades too. Never got back my momentum after moving to Penang.

      Nowadays I’m afraid my middle-aged bones can’t weather the slippery falls.

  11. samada donation atau investment (masuk personal account) atau cerita lain, sama2 kita tunggu & lihat akan hasil siasatan 4 negara tentang 1mdb.

    ada siapa2 tahu kenapa ambank telah didenda rm57 juta oleh bnm?

  12. Better mood to write now that mohd salim is back in, hehe.

    I must repeat that there are a few others who also write well and with substance in here. Helen should be proud that her blog attracts many who write well though their views may at times not be agreeable. Not many blogs, including those who suddenly turned Projib in the recent past, still maintain good participation in that respect.

    I’m a lousy writer just out expressing my views on rights and wrongs, good and bad, as I see them. I might even argue with those who write well and with substance. I’m a declared Protun and that will show out however nicely I may write.

    Right now and in the next comment(s) I will continue to dispute the validity of the claim that the Saudi Foreign Minister’s statement in Turkey will resolve the RM2.6 billion issue. Or the 1MDB issue which many people say are related.

    1. Akim,

      re: I will continue to dispute the validity of the claim that the Saudi Foreign Minister’s statement in Turkey will resolve the RM2.6 billion issue.

      Let us move on. AG already ‘cleared Najib’. Saudi foreign minister has clarified that 2.6 bil is indeed donation (notwithstanding his earlier statement in Feb that the money was in investment). Moving forward, we will see if BN is sincere to enact laws to regulate political funding. After all, such laws require simple majority in Parliament which BN has. No more giving excuses like ‘Oppo parties refuse to support’.

      LGE has committed a grave mistake by buying the bungalow below market value. He should have learnt from Najib. Buy at market value say 5 mil. Then ask the Seller to give him political donation of 2.2 mil. Effectively, he is buying at 2.2 mil but without any wrongdoing committed.

      After all, as per Najib’s precedent 1) donation monies can be deposited into personal account, not party’s account 2) the books of the party need not reflected such donation 3) recipient need not declare such donation even to his own party 4) recipient need not account on how the donation was spent.

      1. You cannot move on until the issue is resolved. Satisfactorily. One way or the other. You yourself used the words “cleared Najib” in inverted commas, suggesting doubts on the declaration of “no wrong doing” in the 1MDB and RM2.6 billion (now said to be RM4.2 billion from 5 different sources).
        That’s why they formed the League of Nations after World War I. It failed because people wanted to move on too fast. Hitler caused havoc. World War II broke. The United Nations world body was formed. It took many years before the culprits were fully dealt with. Now 70 years, no World War III, though hot spots exist here and there.

        At the individual level, there are laws in all countries to bring evil wrong doers to book. There must be wrong doings in 1MDB. Otherwise there wouldn’t be RM50 billion debt and so many people whacking one another on both sides of the divide endlessly.

        Those in power may of course try to bend the laws or interpret them to their favour even before wrong doings reach the Courts. Use of hidden hands, summary dismissal, sudden transfers of investigators etc. Even saying no laws on foreign “donations”, so can accept billions and now DAP are also said to be accepting a billion from Israel. So where will it lead to if the issue of the 1MDB and the RM2.6 / RM4.2 billion is not satisfactorily resolved?

        And who says Lim Guan Eng is “buying at 2.2 mil but without any wrongdoing committed”? SPRM and PDRM investigations have not even been completed, man. Or woman. Let them decide, and hopefully it will reach the Courts. It’d be utterly disappointing if SPRM and PDRM find wrong doing but the new AG also declare no wrong doing against DAP. You see, I support Tun M being in the same line as Lim Kit Siang on the Save Malaysia campaign but I’m dead against DAP in all other aspects.

        1. Akim,

          Get real. The governance of Malaysia under BN regime does not work in an ideal way. No matter how hard/accurate the investigative authorities like MACC, BNM, PDRM etc do their job and gathering evidence, as long as the AG decides no case to prosecute, what else these investigative authorities can do? AG has absolute power when it comes to prosecution. Even if AG decides to prosecute, another hurdle by the judiciary as the Chief Justice is also appointed by the PM. The truth is all the respective chief of public institutions (MACC, BNM, PDRM, AG, Judiciary) are appointed by the PM.

          Even if foreign countries find wrong doing and Najib is liable, how to subject the Malaysian PM to a judicial system of a foreign nation?

          After all, only in Malaysia where the PM can sign a document but need not be held accountable for it.

  13. actually at this point, i sincerely believe there is no point in trying to convince any side anymore; everyone more or less has made up their minds ( myself included). i believe in the following:

    1) if the the opposition, nor Tun, did not make any noise regarding 1MDB, everything would have been swept under the carpet and noone would be accountable.

    2) the PM and his family is very liberal. his pemandu team is very liberal. his advisors, very liberal. his PR team, very liberal. prove me please dont come to me with things like Najib is the savior of Islam is this country.

    3) the major failure of the ruling party, is failing to communicate efficiently on policies. bila dah kantoi, baru nak terhegeh2. and it shows. follow the saga of 1MDB and its like watching someone caught with pants down tapi slow sgt nak compose response. lepas tu tak consisten pulak tu.

    4) there are good men in UMNO. but there are many2 more idiots in UMNO too.

    5) As ive said many times, just because i want to see najib down on his knees, doesnt mean that many are pro tun. in fact, let it be known that i welcome anyone in the current gov to pursue TUn’s supposedly misdeeds during his ruling ( s far semua ugut saja, but noone dares to come forward..maybe sebab semua pun ada share dulu2 kut?? ) also the fact that i abhor muhyiddin dah lama dah ( before all this pun). he is worthless as a dpm. ( zahid no better…..what is it with this country…)

    6) paling tak tahan, 1MDB accountability. semua papers brader tu sign…tapi…..”oh i didnt know what signed for….” that is…such an idiotic and stupid statement to be made….as a finance minister.

    7) i am from an UMNO family. makcik pakcik atuk semua UMNO. am related to a minister as well. and the perception from the street…as you’ve said before Helen….many think Najib is a liabiility…but still “terpaksa” ….

    i feel that malaysia needs to have a common man again for a PM. enough of family dynasty.

    UMNO can win the next GE….but really2 wish to see someone else at the helm….

  14. Note that Helen is careful to distinguish between the “China Chinese” and the “ungrateful pendatang DAPsters and Christian evangelistas”.

    Maybe she knows which side her bread is buttered on.

    Or who can be “whacked” and who has to be treated with “kid gloves”.

    “Double standards”? Maybe. Or, maybe, she’s just another practitioner of “realpolitik” and “going with the flow”.

    See – all of the above couched in perfectly inoffensive language….


    1. Don’t use the words “ungrateful” and “pendatang” within quotations. I’ve not said either words, so I don’t see how you can attribute it to me.

      As to the distinction between to Malaysian Chinese and China/mainland Chinese, it is a proper one to be made. You’re clutching at straws with your pointless comment.

  15. Najib is getting a slap from his own brother Nazir. The latter understood the concept of “taking leave of absence pending investigation to ensure fairness”. Being the chairman, he has all the power to influence the outcome of the company’s internal review/investigation. As Tony Fernandes puts it, a class act indeed.

    1. Nazir is playing sibling oppo politics like Khalid Samad (PAN) vs Shahrir Samad (Umno), Teng Chang Yeow (Gerakan) vs Teng Chang Khim (DAP), Waytha (one time pro-Najib) vs Uthaya (anti-BN) …

      I do not think that one Razak sibling is necessarily more righteous than the other. The bottomline is still business (of politics) as usual.

      1. What would Nazir wanted to take voluntary leave of absence pending the outcome of auditor’s review? As Chairman and brother of Najib, he can easily dismiss the need of such review. After all, CIMB is a government linked company.

        If he is confident that there was no wrong doing on his part and any investigation will likely to confirm the same, he will gain more credibility/mileage by taking leave pending outcome of investigation. He can brag around and silence his critics saying that his leave has allowed for fair and independent investigation. Skeptics will still cast doubt on the fairness/independence of investigation if Nazir remains as Chairman. This is what differentiate Nazir from Najib.

        1. My opinion:

          (1) Nazir is playing to the opposition gallery.

          He’s a Bangsa Malaysia (he once commented that the NEP had been “bastardized”). It would be hardly surprising that he’s a liberal. Some think Najib is/was one too, and Rosmah doesn’t wear tudung.

          (2) Agree with your second paragraph assessment that Nazir wants the bragging rights in contrast to his big bro. In a sense, it’s also one upmanship to show up Najib’s deficiency.

          (3) It may be sibling rivalry. There’s already been an open family breach when the Razak boys earlier issued the media statement that their late father did not leave them a “legacy” of spendthrift wealth, in response to the Rosmah “ring” controversy.

          (4) Nazir may have political ambitions. There’s the talk not too long ago that he’s (planning to) fund some kind of movement or alternative political party.

          1. re: Bangsa Malaysia, Razak boys, Nazir political ambitions

            Why bring in so many irrelevant factors to discredit Nazir? He is doing the right thing if you see it from the governance perspective. He fully understood that the public will not perceive the internal investigation/audit by CIMB as fair and independent if he remains as Chairman during the course of such investigation/audit.

            1. He’s doing this with one eye on public perception and the other eye on sending up his big brother.

              However he tries to coat himself with the righteous glow powder, it doesn’t take away from what he actually did, i.e. helped Najib disburse election funding from the (then/at that time secret) war chest.

              1. I have to point out that Nazir is first and foremost a businessman, with an eye on business opportunities always. He is protecting the bank, which is his duty as the chairman, and he is setting an example to his bank employees. After all, the CEO of CIMB Islamic had to leave the bank last year based on his FB comments on 1MDB.

                Sending up his brother is an unfortunate side effect.

                1. re: “After all, the CEO of CIMB Islamic had to leave the bank last year based on his FB comments on 1MDB.”

                  That was an over-reaction by/on the part of Nazir and also a very Marina Mahathir-ish type of grandstanding.

                  1. Not over-reaction. How can the CEO of a bank made a mistake as to bank account numbers to the extent that online media had successfully rebutted him?

                  2. I wouldn’t read too much into his taking of leave. He hasn’t been really active in the running of the bank for some time now, being based in the UK.

                    The board is also making structural changes which seem to signal a certain degree of dismantling his earlier decisions. Some key figures are being exited and with that, the direction will also different.

                    As for his political inclination – he went on record saying he was neutral then did an about face by campaigning for Shahrizat in Pantai on the very eve of the Elections. Maybe he’s pro-Oppo now because she lost! Lol

                    Anyway whatever it is, as far as how the big banks work, I can safely say there’s usually a lot more going on than what is being announced and the perception they want to create.

                  3. Betul Helen, si Nazir ni kuat main drama. First time, one off punya favour, so kenapa you treat it like business as usual, Nazir?

                    Sebelum ini cakap benda biasa tolong si abang bedak RM28 juta. Sekarang cakap, itu sekali saja dia buat, so kalau benda itu benda yang tak pernah dibuat, kenapa sebagai seorang banker, CEO bank lagi, dia tak tanya praktik due diligence dulu sebelum setuju ‘launder’ duit tu?

                    Mana sumber duit tu datang? Business apa? Bagi kepada siapa untuk bisness apa?

                    Come on la, orang jaga counter money changer pun tau, semua tu, inikan pulak banker CEO CIMB!

                    1. Kalau betul duit yang Nazir handle itu ada masalah, real culprit adalah pemberi duit iaitu Najib. Nazir yang tolong distribute duit, kesalahannya tidak lah sebesar Najib di mana sumber duit itu datang.

          2. More reason to get rid of all these political family dynasties!!

            Wishful thinking ke nak the common man to be the leader? boleh ke kat negara kita ni?

          3. I knew that Nazir has been playing double games for some times now and that he has been working behind the scenes to undermine Najib. I don’t really have the proof but I think there were a bunch of top business men got together and tried to create Third Force. However that move fizzled out after they couldn’t find anyone to lead the group.

            Secondly, I suspect that Nazir’s group formed some sort of unholy alliance with the Protuns and Pakatoons to get rid of Najib after the collapse of the Third Front. In fact I am quite sure that much of the exposes by the WSJ comes from *****. There is no way the WSJ can get the kinds of details on banking transactions unless you are with the bank. That’s the reason why he quickly sacked the banker who defended Najib after the WSJ’s expose.

            I also believe Nizar miscalculated the last move. I believe the 2nd round of the WSJ’s expose came mostly from him, including his admission of the money that he received. That’s why he quickly admitted via official statement that indeed he received the money from Najib. However he didn’t expect the reaction to be negative and backfire.

            I think Nizar played his cards badly. Now that this has backfired on him and his hands exposed, he will take this to the next level. Expect him to go against Najib directly discarding the Tai Chi.

            1. Wait … Who is this Nizar that you mentioned? Najib’s son Nizar?
              I am confuse now.

      2. Nothing surprising…

        Kalau kita imbas kembali drama Umi Hafilda zaman Anwar + Azmin + Shamsidar bukan sekadar siblings, mak ayah pun hebat turut serta mendedahkan baik buruk perilaku keluarga mereka sendiri.

        Kalau tak silap sampai tilam pun bawa masuk dalam mahkamah?

    2. I believe they have been at odds since Najib or his supporter mentioned inherited wealth. Since Nazir is the only other one in the family who is linked with the government his opinions count. And so far, he has been setting the right tone. He is coming out as more sincere and more “bermaruah” when compared to the No. 1.

      1. Yes, Nazir is linked to/with the gomen. CIMB got to be one of the anchor banks during the pruning exercise.

        His business also benefited from the family name and his ties to No.1. Bank Bumiputera is the foundation of CIMB.

        He’s like Marina Mahathir.

        Wants to be on the good side of public opinion, like when he leaked the story of how frugal Tun Razak was, in that his late father did not even approve building a swimming pool for his kids in the PM’s official residence.

        Nazir’s anecdote was a subtle putdown of his ‘dear’ Kak Ros using the government jet.

    1. Abdullah,

      Jangan panggil mereka yg tak setuju dng Tun sebagai kem dedak secara terlampau umum.

      Kalau tak berhati2 nanti terpalit dng fitnah

      Saya cakap ni dgn andaian awak peduli tentang pentingnya elakkan fitnah.

      Tapi kalau awak tak peduli, maka teruskanlah melemparkan tuduhan ‘dedak’ secara pukal. Berani buat berani tanggung

      Terima kasih

  16. “””Anwar’s family – Wan Azizah and Nurul Izzah – have distanced themselves from the de facto Opposition Leader. They do not believe Tun is being altruistic in his ‘Save Malaysia’ campaign.”””

    can the family of anwar forget what had happened to them before ? a beautiful and happy family turned hell overnight. i still have my sympathy for anwar’s family esp. his innocent children. what had happened to anwar before not only affected him alone but also the entire family (severely). siding tun is equal to justifying what he had done them. alas their grudge has driven them to a worse condition…still not too late to make a u-turn and return.

    definitely not to be on tun’s side. however, to be on DSN’s side is more prone to ‘SAVE MALAYSIA’….yeap!!

    “””saudi foreign minister”””
    they already admitted that the money was from them ‘APA LAGI KITA MAU / TAK PUAS HATI ?’. takkan kerajaan arab saudi tak pasal2 nak jadi ‘pak sanggup’ umpama bangsa takde maruah. in fact ARAB ni ada PRIDE-nya.

    lagi satu apa yg bercanggahnya kenyataan di bulan february ka april ka ? (satgi kalau i pi cari & korek hadith2 yg orang tu posted dulu2 pasai khawarij jenuh dia nak menjawab, setakat 10 points tu skit. dia igt hadith2 tu cuma apply utk isis sj ?). this is not a small controversy, it’s major. i’m sure it is hard for them to give statement esp. in admitting chanelling political donation to foreign country. they have to be damn careful. how abt getting other polical parties to disclose the identity of each of their donor ? surely no one would do that kalau terpaksa pun mesti ‘gagap gila’ lebih gagap dari saudi foreign minister tu. every donor would strictly want their profile to be kept highly secret. if oppos refuse to reveal their donors, UMNO also has the right to and then why in the world that DSN has to be obligated to entertain this issue to the foolish extent. the issue has been well and fully explained, so case closed. enough is enough.

    “””baca pasal tun M kat atas teringat tun musa hitam”””
    kalaulah setiap TPM yg di-sack/terpaksa resign/dipaksa resign memberontak do you think tun can stay in power for 22 years easily ? can he focus on the development of malaysia? pastinya tun terpaksa habiskan byk time dia menangani issue2 camni (mcm DSN sekarang ni). apa pun tun M tuduh tun musa, mcm mana selepas itu dia boleh trust tun musa utk jadi special envoy to the UN with ministerial rank ? awat tak appoint anwar gak ? tgk apa akan jadiiiiiiiiiiii…..
    tu yang gheyau tuh…..

    we should also thank the people like tun musa hitam for their patience and did not interupt the governing system and activities of which resulted in us the present generations can enjoy all the development that tun had done.
    note : not only tun M that we should thank but also people who had sacrificed.

    if we forgive DSN (as i believe he only made mistakes) to give him space to rectify all the problems and drive malaysia to a better political condition, economy, social etc etc……it is a big sacrifice that we are going to make for agama, bangsa & negara during our present time and also for our future generations (no other than our own children).

    “””tengku razaleigh”””
    tentangan ku li terhadap tun keras sedikit tetapi dia tak allied himself with the enemy i.e. DAP.
    itu TAK BERAPA BAIK tapi LEBIH BAIK DARIPADA bersekongkol dan ‘arm in arm’ dgn orang yang dulu kita ludah (sory kasar skit, tp ada dua pepatah melayu yg guna perkataan ludah gak…cari2lah sendiri, tak sanggup nak letak kat sini).

    nevertheless, i did some reading abt musa hitam, i also found out that org tua dulu2 pun suka kat dia. just a conclusion, i dubbed him ‘orang baik’ (as far as i know). he may not be an ulamak but he posesses some of the islamic attitude i.e. patience and refuse to rebel / make thing worse.

    i remember about the saying of sheikh muhammad abduh (1849-1905) when he visited england, he said “i see islam but i don’t see muslims”.

    most probably what he meant was ‘he sees islamic akhlak/manners among the people there, it just that they were not muslims.

    islam teaches good ‘akhlak’ but some muslims fail to adopt it, instead it is adopted by some westerners and we muslims thought those values are from the west :(

    *the sheikh bioraphy on the internet including by wikipedia should be not true, bcoz of the claims which associate him with muktazilah, sufism and bahaii faith. this cannot be true because he was the sheikh who had ‘advocated a return to a shari’ah-minded orthodoxy that would purify islam from unwarranted accretions, the criteria for judging which would be the quran and hadith’ and furthermore he was also the ‘grand mufti of egypt’.

    1. It will never be over till Najib stands trial.

      The PAC report found at least US$7 billion of 1MDB’s funds was unaccounted for. Who approved the transactions and where is the money?

      1MDB refuse to disclose its cash trail (bank/transaction statements). We have to wait for foreign investigations to complete. Takes a little longer but the end result will still be clear cut corruption on Najib’s part.

      Najib must surrender himself, stand trial in a court of law and answer all allegations on corruption and the misuse of the people’s money.

      Only then will it be over.

        1. Thank you. I saw you using Alice as your avatar.

          I thought of the Cheshire Cat or the Knave of Hearts. But Mad Hatter will do nicely.

    2. That was long. Maybe it’s late so my comprehension of what you wrote above is a bit out of whack. So I’m gonna ask: Are you advocating we seek for Anwar’s release and get him to run the country?

      1. “That was long.”

        yeah, i wish i had written two or three sentences only or hadn’t written anything.

        “So I’m gonna ask: Are you advocating we seek for Anwar’s release…………”

        okay, the answer is : unless he repents, it is a big mistake.

        “……….get him to run the country?”

        WHAT is this ???? toing, pening

        what’s wrong with sympathizing with anwar’s family ?
        after all, they are human just like us. just put ourselves in the situation of a mother who sees the calamity that befallen on her husband will also befall on her children directly or indirectly. of course as a mother she would do everything. thanks to Allah SWT that He did not test us in such a way. if such calamity befalls us, will we do the same ? may Allah protect us.

        also put ourselves in the children’s shoes, who seeing what is happening to their father and the dignity of the family is badly tarnished. after all, they are human, just like us, aren’t they ?

        we may hate them, to be honest i hate what they do, but do we ever reflect what causes them to change and do what they do ?

        i wish that all their plans and plots will fail (which are very personal and base on revenge of which will lead to the destruction of this country). i also wish that they will make a u-turn and return.

        UMNO/BN had always strong until after anwar was sacked, wouldn’t you agree ? the malays started to ‘berpecah’. since that time on till today UMNO was never at ease.

        you had misunderstood my being upfront. i refuse to be influenced or controlled. if it is the truth even if those are our enemies i will say it.

        it is ‘jauh panggang dari api’ that i wish or advocate the release of anwar and get him to run the country.

  17. The key point is that Saudi Foriegn Minister Adel bin Ahmad Al-Jubier did not say on in February 2016 nor more recently in April 2016 that the money, whether an investment or a donation came from the Saudi government.

    In February Adel told the New York Times:-

    “It was a private Saudi citizen, I believe, and the funds went to an investment in Malaysia,”

    And that it came from a Saudi prince, not the Saudi government.

    “The paper also quoted one member of the royal family and one associate of the family, speaking on condition of anonymity, who said that the money had come from a Saudi prince and confirmed that it was not a donation.”

    Or more recently in April and over two months later in April he told Bernama:-

    “We are aware of the donation and it is a genuine donation with nothing expected in return…”

    Sure, in February Adel believed that it was a private investment from a Saudi citizen and in April he said it was a private donation from a Saudi citizen, which can be construed to be contradictory but could it not be that he had more information about the nature of the funds two months later?

    Whilst it remains open to wonder what the donation or investment was for and why, still, there is no evidence of any criminal wrong doing revealed so far in these two statements over two months apart.

    No unbiased professional journalist or lawyer would conclude any wrong doing from these two statements, whilst they are justified to question the purpose of this investment or donation.

    However, certain politicians and politically biased journalists and readers will make whatever they want of these two slightly conflicting statements two months apart.

    But no unbaised judge anywhere in the world would hand down a guilty verdict based upon just these two statements, though a judge in a kangaroo court might.

    If incriminating evidence emerges later on, then that would be something else but right now, these two statements do not suggest any wrong doing.

    I’m no lawyer nor judge but that’s just my humble opinion as a layman on these two statements.

    1. The Saudi royal family is in large part the government, and the Saudi government is a large part the royal family.

      1. Sure this association between the Saudi royalty and the Saudi government involves grey areas but even if the donation came from Saudi government coffers would it constitute a crime on the recipient’s part?

        All that can be said in this case is that Adel was lying to the media, which again is bad for his and the Saudi government’s credibility, integrity and reputation but is not a crime for which he can be prosecuted in a court of law.

        It’s like if Najib holds a press conference to tell the media that he never knew Altantuya and later it is revealed that he had even met her, surly his credibility and reputation will be damaged in the public’s eye but that would not amount to a crime for which he can be prosecuted, as long as he had not denied knowing Altantuya in a sworn statement in court of law, when he actually did.

        That’s the main point of my arguments here.

  18. also

    i find it ironic that now some pro UMNO supporters are whacking the Arabs pulak…. ( read the current IPIC issue)

  19. Helen, you ok ke? Sihat ke fizikal dan mental? Risau jugak dah 3-4 hari takde posting baru. Nak kata writer’s block pun takkan kot, banyak berita local dan international pasal politik di Malaysia.

    Anyway harap you sihat, dan terus menulis.

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