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Si Kitol

“It is time for Khaled Nordin’s team to start being aggressive and unveil and floor this fraudster.” — Norman Fernandez, former Johor DAP deputy chairman

norman annie

Updated: 1.35pm on Apr 28

The Mahathir children are fruit that do not fall far from the parent tree, in that their behaviour and actions are detrimental to the BN.

BELOW: When the Protuns and the Dapsters bersekongkol, guess who’s the boss?

tun mahathir lgr guan eng

Umno rebels want to topple the BN too in GE14 — SSK

Referring to Mukhriz Mahathir, Salleh Said Keruak said yesterday,”if you work with Pakatan leaders, then it is with the purpose of changing the ruling party during the general election”.

“This action can only be construed as an act of betrayal to the party [Umno] considering that the general election is going to come before the party election. Mukhriz must surely know the consequences of his action,” added the Communications Minister.

Oh, dear.

Parachute candidate Mukhriz was appointed Kedah MB in 2013 over the head of five-tern Adun Mat Bashah who had been the long-time Umno state liaison chairman. Despite Bashah working the ground, it was the political dynasty that enjoyed the coronation when Unmno successfully wrested back Kedah from PAS.

Is the above anointment of the Mahathir heir apparent an example of what Mukhriz’s father means? The ex-premier had complained in Che Det two days ago that “Umno is no longer managed as a democratic party which gives rights to its members and leaders to choose their leaders”.


Politicians stealing billions, idiots running countries — Marina

ABOVE: Marina Mahathir biting the hand that she shook

Does Najib now regret having earlier appointed Marina to the NUCC in 2013?

So who is Marina calling the thief of billions and the idiot running our country?

BELOW: Malay luminaries handpicked by Najib for his ‘National Unity’ prestige project

NUCC Saifuddin

What kind of Malay is highly sought by the ultra kiasus? 

Just as the Mahathir family whose actions are harmful to Umno-BN, likewise the behaviour of certain of their pro-Tun followers.

Aside from liberal Malays, it is the Protun Malays who are the rezeki-datang-menggolek recruited by the opposition in a ‘willing seller, willing buyer’ arrangement.

The kiasus are talent-scouting Malays who share an identical character trait to the notorious ‘army’ of political operatives, i.e. being liars and frauds capable of shape-shifting their fraudulent blogger persona.

While the Chinese/Christian chameleons masquerade online as Malay and/or Muslim, the Malay operative on the other hand is tasked to undermine Umno from within.


anime sailor moon snigger

Kerana dedak, Malay reject sanggup jadi Si Kitol

The asking fee of this particular Protun blogger – previously rejected by his mothership (parti Melayu Umno) – is RM20,000.

Most Malays takutkan akhirat, fearing the consequences of fitnah. Hence those Malays that qualify as pemakan dedak (read: pemfitmah) yang ditabur puak pembangkang are a rare commodity.

His 20k price tag is steep but still an amount willing to be forked out by the ultra kiasu for his defence and sneaky promotion of them.

He is earning his keep by cheerleading their causes such as meritocracy Singapore-style, dubbing Umno as mediocre or worse “moron” and spreading the love-love-love feel good but false credo to counter perpaduan ummah.

Because there are really too few Malays who are quite so capable of concocting vicious and fictitious stories and slandering at the drop of a hat, any Malay whose second nature is to tell lies will be in high demand among the kiasus in their bid to take control of Putrajaya.

It’s easy to recognize the Malay opposition pemakan dedak. His blog – that they’ve recently bought (taken over) – is dominated by anti-gomen talking heads carrying out their hatchet job.

UBAH birds of a feather flock together — the Protun blogger and his Dapster commenters are the ‘isi’ that has found its proverbial ‘kuku’. You can also easily tell which reader comments in the toxic cesspit come from the blogger’s slick handler(s).

Kit Siang LKS Tun Mahathir

Protun in cahoots with oppo’s Politics of Hate

Khaled Nordin’s boys are monitoring the black ops conducted by the hostile Malay blogger who has drifted to the dark side after his offer of service was rejected by Umno Johor and his free advice dismissed by the PMO.  

Initially the blogger said he was going to write mostly about lifestyle … food, movies and travel due to the government proposal that all political bloggers must be registered.

This reject blogger has said a few times already that he would shut down his blog once the MCMC enforcement to regulate takes effect — for the obvious reason that his fake persona and charade would be exposed if he is forced to provide his real name in order to register his blog.

Nonetheless, the dedak money is clearly too tempting to be turned down, so much so that he has again resumed his Si Kitol political propaganda by subtly backstabbing Umno.

Another Brick in the Wall

Umno bloggers cold-shouldering the Malay turncoat

Apart from being aghast at the heap of lies that the Malay reject has been piling on, many Umno bloggers who are aware of Si Kitol’s newly switched allegiance are disgusted at how self-destructive the collaboration between the Protuns and the Dapsters is turning out for their parti keramat.

The screenshot above from Another Brick in the Wall shows a blogroll of ‘Barisan Johor’ Malay bloggers. The listing is a live feed featured by blogger otai ‘A Voice’.

Take a look at whose traitorous blog – which often focuses on Johor politics – has been dropped from Voicey’s prominent Johor blogroll.

sailor moon gigglingYou can see yourself which popular blogger priding himself as the go-to expert on Johor politics is conspicuously missing from the list. Hahaha. That’s because his own peers recognize him for the liar and fraud that he is.

The ministry pol-secs, press secs and the rest of the ruling party political establishment are already on to the reject blogger’s double game.

Umno will not fall from a frontal assault by its arch enemy. Recalling the history of the Portuguese conquest of Malacca, however, it was sadly betrayal by one of their own – Si Kitol – that prompted the Malacca collapse.

The ruling party should have learned its lesson by now and beware those Malay Anakins who have been bought by the ultra kiasus.


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22 thoughts on “Si Kitol

    1. first God shown to us who are istiqomah and who are barua
      then He shown to us who love peace and who prefer riot over peace aka save malaysia or rakyat or boboi (whichever version u like)
      then came my banglo is not the same as ur banglo
      now God is showing to us who are barua dap and who are barua pkr
      so tell me? what more evidence u will need to strike out these so called “united useless”

  1. Opening another front to divert attention away from 1MDB, IPIC, defaults & cross-defaults, guarantees etc?

    Or the possibility of “a massive fraud” as was voiced recently?

  2. Welcome back ! We missed you !

    The Evil Axis of Protuns and Pakatoons is losing support and credibility by day. Nobody really gives a shit about the so-called the Citizen’s Declaration. I heard the signatures it gathered are too pitiful to speak about. Now with Wan Azizah openly expressing her reservation and the fiasco at Sarawak DUN elections are more or less the last nails on the coffin. This is an unwinnable war as far as Protuns and Tun is considered. I expect one by one, the key Protun leaders will jump ship starting with a certain ex-DPM.

    1. Don’t celebrate too soon.

      Here’s where we stand right now:
      1. 1MDB is still making big news in the financial market, and not for the right reasons.

      2. Terengganu is falling. That’s either a new MB or a new election.

      3. Johor is releasing its tiger. It’s starting with a bank. Definitely going their own way.

      4. If you think that Tun is losing support, then I guess Annuar Musa and Salleh Said Keruak have done a good job in spreading the news that Tun is losing support. Here’s hoping they can convince Najib of that. But the strange thing is for someone who is no longer relevant and losing support, Tun is on the mainstream news as much as if not more than the PM himself.

      1. (3) wrt Johor’s Harimau Malaya starting to roar

        (a) That’s the frontline state that the DAP wants and pivotally needs to conquer. LKS, Liew Chin Tong and Anthony Loke have made it known publicly that Johor is at the forefront of the party’s election strategy for capturing Putrajaya in GE14.

        (b) The trouble in T’ganu has come to the surface. There are clearly undercurrents in Johor.

        (c) Johor’s subterranean shifts is the reason why the Melayu pemakan dedak is able to now cash in from his new paymasters.

        (i) It explains also why he is so sensitive about protecting Johor as his ‘turf’, i.e. the blogger wants to be regarded as the sole blogger ‘expert opinion’ to seek on the politics of the state (this self-proclaimed expertise translates into $$$)

        (ii) The blogger’s attacks on a former dark-skinned DAP leader (who is no longer on good terms with the Lims or his ex-party) and whom the blogger has nicknamed bontot kuali is also reflective of the blogger’s new assignment. The poor former Johor DAP leader is mocked by our Melayu-reject-pemakan-dedak b’cos the ‘Johor expert’ blogger wants to please the Dear Leaders.

        (d) It’s like a pincer movement. DAP is already ruling the north (Penang). China is investing in the south (Johor), and then there’s the Singapore anchor. In the central region, they’ve got their Jerusubang fortress (Petaling district).

        If you think in terms of a mental picture of a map, then you can visualize a yellow tide stretching its reach and the steady expansion akin to Israel relentlessly swallowing up what’s left of the Palestinian lands.

        1. re, Melayu pemakan dedak is able to now cash in from his new paymaster .

          Melayu are catalogs as ‘pemakan dedak’ , I am sure whoever have the most dedak will win over the Malays .

          Too bad Malay semangat now are derive from ‘dedak’.

          1. Let’s take the category normally classed as ‘Umno bloggers’. They used to be in Unit Media Baru under Tun Faisal.

            They’re open about the fact that they blog for Umno, unlike the chameleons who are DAP hatchet men but still want to deny the existence of their RBA.

            Instead they pretend to be Malay and Muslim commenters. Bloody sneaky bastards.

            It’s only fair that the Umno bloggers receive a remuneration for their time and effort, and not to mention costs (Net subscription, expenses covering events) given for the party.

            They should not be denigrated as “pemakan dedak”. This description better fits Tun’s globetrotting macai.

            I believe it’s fair to call Dr Novandri (a medical practitioner) an ‘Umno blogger’ but he’s no pemakan dedak. He just loves writing!

            If the bloggers berjuang for alif ba ta, I don’t see anything wrong with that.

            Namun begitu, “blogger prepaid” Protun Melayu – gelaran diberikan oleh SAA kepada seorang individu pembohong dan penipu khusus – yang makan dedak DAP sebenarnya menggadai agama (Islam) beliau sebab parti pembangkang itu nyata anti-Islam.

      2. 1. 1MDB making news indeed for not the right reasons, agreed. However this is not because billions have been plundered but rather for some disagreement between IPIC and 1MDB. Notice suddenly all the accusations about “missing billions” and siphoning billions have quietly been dropped by SR, the WSJ and others after the PAC report? Swiss OAG have been busy giving press conference and dropping hints than actually charging anyone. After all their talk, they have yet to come up with their investigation papers for our AG to support them.

        2. Terengganu : Well, the state is still within BN/UMNO. If not for current MB, there will be someone else. I am surprised why there has been no news by our usual NGOs on how a MB is being removed undemocratically due to outside pressure.

        3. Johor – well, we will see where this is going – nowhere. Starting and sustaining a state bank is not an easy task. This is not a smart idea at least and let’s hope they don’t squander billions on it.

        4. Tun has already lost support and it is not because Annuar Musa or SSK say so. It is a fact. The longer he carries on with his dim-witted war on Najib, the more pain he’s going to face. Najib has yet to play all his cards (believe me he has plenty). Tun has so many skeletons on his closet and any one of these enough to put him behind bars for a long long time, perhaps even in the same cell as his ex-DPM. All his legacies as PM will be completely destroyed and I bet when this happens all his buddies in the idiotic Citizen’s Declaration will abandon him.

      3. “If you think that Tun is losing support, then I guess Annuar Musa and Salleh Said Keruak have done a good job in spreading the news that Tun is losing support”

        I get the impression that Tun and the Citizen’s Declaration are losing support, not from SSK or the mainstream media which I hardly access but from the alternative media which I access every day.

        This of course is just my gut perception and the 1MDB issue may flare up again after a lull of sorts but right now, the issue appears to have cooled down.

      4. @I am woman
        ……then I guess Annuar Musa and Salleh Said Keruak…

        I doubt many, esp the Apek Dapsters know who the above two are. It’s more of TDM, Pakatan and Deklarasi Rakyat’s fellas who are actually digging their own holes.

        ….But the strange thing is for someone who is no longer relevant and losing support…
        Eh? Says who? You ni banyak sangat hallucinate. Watch “Beautiful Minds”, then you will get what I mean.

  3. You may want to try harder Helen, but trust me, nothing can divert the gigantic 1mdb giga-hutang issues aside.

  4. re ,Parachute candidate Mukhris was appointed Kedah MB in 2013 .

    Isn’t Najib was a parachute candidate too ,and he does showed that parachute candidate is not worth of choice .

    1. Najib has been the MP of Pekan since 1976.

      He has consistently contested in that one seat over the entire election series of 1978, 1982, 1986, 1990, 1995, 2000, 2004, 2008 and 2013. Hardly a parachute candidate.

      On the contrary, in GE13, Najib was the biggest winner in the BN camp with a huge majority in the substantial five-figures and ranking alongside the super majorities of DAP’s Teresa Kok, (the late) Karpal Singh and Tony Pua.

      Mukhriz contested Jerlun Parliament in 2008. He contested a DUN seat in 2013 to enable him to become Menteri Besar.

      One of the main grouses against Mukhriz is that spends half his time in KL. When he was Deputy Minister (2008-2013) which is a federal post, it was understandable that as a member of the cabinet he would be spending a lot of time in KJL or overseas as Deputy International Trade and Industry Minister.

      Parachute? Well, Mat Bashah outmanouvered him. It proves that the current MB is a Kedah warlord. Mukhriz failed to consolidate his base in Kedah to the extent that he was able to be ousted by his strongman successor to the job.

  5. Do not for a minute think that the Johor MB Khalid Nordin do not know who this Annie – a Malay male masquerading as a female is. Here is a former reporter from a poorly circulating English newspaper with a face of a fart and a nose the back of senduk sudu who got too big for his boots. This fraudster ******* ******, a double ass (that’s the hint to his name), thought he had connection so powerful and backers to allow him to hit Khalid Nordin and his team. Well, he learned a lesson so hard that his employers gave him the boot.

    Today, having earlier said that “she” is giving up writing politics is back to writing politics and trying to get back into the books of Khalid Nordin and his team. You know, when the wallet takes a hit, time to swallow one’s own spit and try to crawl back and looking for another benefactor with cash.

    It is time for Khalid Nordin’s team to start being aggressive and unveil and floor this fraudster.

  6. Lama Kak Helen tak berkarya, saya tertunggu2 :), ternanti2

    Mungkin hanya satu kebetulan sebaik sahaja Tun menjawab isu tentang menteri luar Saudi Adel Al Jubeir,

    dan jugak kebetulan bila Tun mohon injuksi beku aset Najib, nampaknya kebetulan jugak pada waktu itu rocky, Kak Helen, LSS terhenti berblog. Oh kebetulan!

    1. Selang hari mesti saja Tun hentam Najib.

      Pautan yang Abdullah kepilkan di atas bertarikh 18 Apr 2016. Dalam postingnya tersebut, Tun berkata,

      ” Jika sekiranya penyokong-penyokong Najib gagal mengambil perhatian, soalnya ialah sama ada Encik al-Jubeir sedar mengenai latar belakang dan butiran terperinci mengenai derma itu.”

      Adakah Tun lebih mengetahui tentang “latar belakang dan butiran terperinci” derma RM2.6b itu daripada pihak si perderma?

      Andaikata Tun hendak melemparkan tuduhan bertubi-tubi, baik beliau kemukakan bukti bahawa duit itu diperolehi daripada 1MDB (dan bukannya daripada keluarga diraja Saudi).

      Adakah Tun membayangkan bahawa keluarga diraja Saudi, Menteri Luar Saudi dan wakil-wakil kerajaan Saudi (misalnya duta negara itu yang berada di KL, Singapura, New York dll) semuanya cakap bohong ataupun makan dedak Najib kerana sanggup membisu bah mencipta ‘coverline’ bagi PM kita?


      Tun juga perli, “beliau [Menteri Luar Saudi] sedar bahawa Peguam Negara Malaysia telah menyiasat dengan teliti perkara itu dan mendapati tiada salah laku dan (bagi dia) perkara itu ditutup’.”

      Sekali lagi, saya hendak tanya adakah Tun lebih mengetahui tentang siasatan teliti Pejabat Peguam Negara dari AG Apandi? Tun mempertikaikan kesimpulan AG bahawa tidak perlu dilanjutkan kes.

      Kalau Tun tidak puas hati, tunjukkan lah bukti sahih (bukan sekadar sindiran “aku tak percaya”) yang mampu menyangkal kenyataan His Excellency Adel al-Jubeir.


      Tun juga telah menyatakan ketidakyakinannya terhadap Zahid Hamid — “Apabila namanya tersilap disebut sebagai bakal pengganti Najib, berlakunya kekecohan, oleh kerana rakyat Malaysia yang bebas menyuarakan penolakan mereka terhadapnya”.

      Kalau Tun sudah tolak bulat-bulat si Zahid beserta amat keberatan memberi sokongan padu bagi Muhyiddin, siapa agaknya yang Tun mahu sebagai calon PM gerakan ‘Selamatkan Malaysia’ yang diterajuinya? Adakah Tun mahu Najib diganti dengan sepupunya Hisham?

      Tun nekad untuk singkirkan Najib tetapi enggan memberitahu siapa yang diperkenannya untuk memegang tampuk pemerintahan.

      Anak pompuannya pula seolah-olah berpandangan bahawa barisan kepimpinan tertinggi negara sekarang ini terdiri daripada orang bodoh belaka (“idiots”). Mungkin pada hemat Marina, hanya adik lelakinya sahaja yang tidak bersifat bodoh.

    2. bersambung …


      Petikan @ 25 Apr 2016

      — “mendesak supaya Dato Sri Najib diberhentikan dari menjadi Perdana Menteri Malaysia”

      — “semua jalan yang sah untuk menamatkan jawatan Dato Sri Najib sudah ditutup rapat olehnya”

      Komen saya: Begitu tebal perasaan hasad dengki Tun. Adakah Tun kini sudah rela beralih kepada jalan yang tidak sah untuk menamatkan jawatan Najib?

      — Nukilan Tun: “… Umno sudah tidak lagi diurus sebagai sebuah parti demokratik yang memberi hak kepada ahli dan pemimpin untuk memilih pemimpin. Dahulu Presiden parti boleh ditegur, dicabar dan ditandingi. Ahli bebas mengundi mana-mana calon yang mereka suka.”

      Komen saya: Dahulu Dr Mahathir lah yang memperkenalkan sistem kuota pencalonan yang memberi penyandang (incumbent) kelebihan ketika pemilihan partiserta membuat jawatan presiden sukar untuk dicabar. Ia juga Dr Mahathir yang memperkenalkan anugerah undi bonus yang menguntungkan incumbent.

      Intipatinya, Dr Mahathir lah yang mencabuli hak demokratik ahli-ahli Umno untuk memilih para ketua parti dalam suasana di mana ada peluang sama rata (level playing field).

      Tun ini duduk dalam ‘rumah kaca’ tapi masih lagi mahu baling batu.

      — Nukilan Tun: “Yang jelas ialah tidak ada lagi harapan atau peluang bagi Umno menukar pemimpin dan menamatkan salahlaku Najib.”

      Komen saya:

      (a) Pemimpin yang ditukar parti ialah Mukhriz Mahathir yang hilang kepercayaan Umno Kedah.

      (b) Najib setakat ini tidak disabitkan dengan apa-apa salahlaku sama ada di mahkamah ataupun oleh agensi penyiasat/badan pemantau (SPRM, PAC, Pejabat Peguam Negara, dll)

      Tun mahu menghukum orang yang dituduhnya yang belum dibukti melakukan kesalahan melalui due process. Tun meletak dirinya sendiri seorang-orang sebagai Judge, Jury & Executioner. Di mana “demokratik”nya Tun?

      — Nukilan Tun: “Rakyat juga kehilangan hak melapor kepada polis berkenaan salahlaku Najib. Mereka akan disoal, ditangkap, dimasuk dalam tahanan dan dihadapkan ke mahkamah. Peguam mereka juga akan ditangkap.”

      Komen saya: Rakyat juga kehilangan hak untuk dianggap ‘innocent until proven guilty’. Puak Protun ini pandai-pandai saja membuat pelbagai andaian, dakwaan dan tuduhan. Protun sebenarnya sedang menjalankan kempen mengganggu (campaign of harassment) terhadap individu-individu yang enggan mengutuk Najib dengan sewenang-wenangnya.

      Di kacamata Protun, mana-mana penulis/blogger yang bukan pro-Tun mestilah jahat atau dibayar Najib. Ini disebut ‘Kepimpinan (Tun) Melalui Teladan’.

      — Nukilan Tun: “Akhbar dan TV tidak boleh melaporkan berkenaan salahlaku Najib. Rakyat disogok dengan berita palsu menafikan semua dakwaan salahguna kuasa olehnya, berkenaan skandal 1MDB dan 2.6 billion Ringgit yang ada dalam akaun peribadinya, kehilangan berbillion Ringgit duit Kerajaa …”

      Komen saya: Portal dan media sosial pula boleh melaporkan cerita-cerita palsu dan keji berkenaan Najib tanpa batasan. Rakyat disogok dengan segala jenis berita palsu yang dibuat-buat dan direkayasa. Politik benci dan bisa yang dipelopori DAP kini disambut dan disambung oleh Protun.

      — Nukilan Tun: “Wakil Rakyat Umno membisu dan meluluskan apa sahaja akta yang dikemukakan kepada mereka. Undi tidak percaya tidak boleh diadakan kerana wakil rakyat Umno tidak berani dan tidak akan sokong, walaupun mereka ketahui skandal disekelilingnya.”

      Komen saya: Jangan cuba salahkan Umno semata-mata. PAC – sebagai satu contoh – dianggotai YB-YB veteran DAP, PKR dan PAS.

      (a) Timbalan pengerusi jawatankuasa tersebut adalah Tan Seng Giaw (DAP). Ahli-ahli PAC daripada kalangan pembangkang ialah Tony Pua (DAP), William Leong (PKR), Kamarul Baharin (PKR) dan Takiyuddin Hassan (PAS) manakala ahli-ahli lain yang bukan Umno ialah Wee Jeck Seng & Koh Nai Kwong (MCA), Liang Teck Meng (Gerakan), Marcus Mojigoh (Upko) dan Hasbi Habibollah (PBB).

      (b) Tun menuduh para MP “membisu dan meluluskan apa sahaja akta yang dikemukakan”. Pada hakikatnya, usul ‘tidak percaya’ Bajet 2016 di Parlimen terhadap Najib – yang didokong Tun Mahahtir – telah gagal kerana Najib mempunyai sokongan mantap BN dan bukan saja sokongan Umno.

      MP-MP ada otak untuk berfikir dan mereka berani memutus untuk menolak hasutan oleh Tun untuk menjatuhkan pentadbiran Najib (bermaksud kerajaan BN).

      — Nukilan Tun: “Kemungkinan Umno memperbaiki keadaan atau menyingkir Najib sudah tidak ada lagi. Ahli Umno sendiri tidak langsung ternampak mengambil berat akan masalah negara. Kebencian mereka kepada tokoh tertentu mengatasi kesayangan dan kesetiaan mereka kepada negara.”

      Komen saya:

      (a) Apa yang hendak disampaikan Tun sebenarnya ialah kemungkinan untuk mempengaruhi ahli-ahli Umno agar menyingkir Najib sudah tertutup. Sebab itulah Tun berpaling kepada Cina DAP untuk melaksanakan hasratnya.

      (b) Ahli Umno bukannya tidak mengambil berat akan masalah negara sepertimana didakwa Tun. Sebaliknya mereka tidak merestui tindakan Tun bersekongkol dengan DAP. Menyerah kepada DAP untuk menyelesaikan masalah negara ibarat menyuruh tikus membaiki labu.

      (c) Tuduhan Tun bahawa “kebencian [ahli-ahli Umno] kepada tokoh tertentu mengatasi kesayangan dan kesetiaan mereka kepada negara” kelakar sekali.

      Pertamanya, Tun lah yang mengetuai Kempen Benci Najib. Kebencian beliau terhadap Najib mengatasi kesayangan dan kesetiaannya kepada Umno. Malah kerana benci, Tun sampai sanggup keluar parti.

      Keduanya, Tun boleh bersubahat dengan Kit Siang dan Guan Eng yang pernah ditahannya di bawah ISA (Ops Lalang) atas alasan Grandpapa & Papa Dapster merupakan ancaman kepada keselamatan negara. Lim anak-beranak yang memang benci Mahathir boleh pula berpura-pura all is forgotten and forgiven.

      Ketiganya, kebencian DAP dan pengikut-pengikut Cina parti itu terhadap mantan PM mampu dipendam buat sementara di kala kesayangan dan cita-cita mereka kepada kuasa dikejar.

      — Nukilan Tun: “Oleh itu hanya rakyat yang cinta dan sayang negara sahaja yang boleh bertindak. Memang tidak ada peruntukan dalam Perlembagaan bagi rakyat bertindak.”

      Komen saya:

      (a) Tun mahu “Selamatkan Malaysia”. Secara tidak langsung, Tun menguar-uarkan DAP sebagai penyelamat Malaysia.

      Gerakan/kempen yang dicetuskan Tun tidak mendapat sambutan daripada Melayu Umno mahupun orang Islam PAS. Yang seiring sejalan dengan Tun hanya pemberontak Umno, penyangak BN seperti bekas presiden MCA Ling Liong Sik dan orang Bersih (Ambiga & Maria Chin Abdullah) beserta anarchist tersohor Hisham Rais.

      (b) Adakah Tun mahu memupuk Arab Spring bersama para Yellow Shirts Bersih?

      — Nukilan Tun: “Tetapi dari sejarah perjuangan melawan Malayan Union, tuntutan rakyat supaya Raja-Raja Melayu menolak Malayan Union berjaya. Kita boleh percaya kali ini juga tuntutan rakyat akan mendapat layanan yang sama.”

      Komen saya: Orang Melayu bersatu menentang Malayan Union kerana mereka menolak pemberian kerakyatan secara pukal (en masse) kepada orang Cina atas syarat-syarat yang terlalu longgar. Sekarang ini, Tun mahu menyerahkan tampuk pemerintahan atas dulang kepada Cina DAP hanya sebab marahkan nyamuk (maka kelambu dibakar juga).

      — Nukilan Tun: “… saya rayu kepada rakyat tanpa mengira kaum atau parti supaya menandatangani Deklarasi Rakyat untuk menyelamatkan negara kita Malaysia. “

      Komen saya: Oh, ya ke? Dulu Tun merungut Najib terlalu memberi muka kepada Cina sehinggakan kaum Tioghua naik tocang. Kini Tun merayu kepada masyarakat Cina untuk menyokong kempennya untuk singkirkan Najib. Dunia, oh dunia.

  7. Nazri will make sure that the orang tua’s son and his kuda are terminated for good before the end of June. As for this fraudster, his identity is an open secret. He too is finished, just like the orang tua’s son and his kuda. The pemakan dedak are also history.

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