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I’m making a garden for my cats

Abdullah commented on April 28, 2016 at 8:06 am:

“Lama Kak Helen tak berkarya, saya tertunggu2 :), ternanti2

“Mungkin hanya satu kebetulan sebaik sahaja Tun menjawab isu tentang menteri luar Saudi Adel Al Jubeir,

“dan jugak kebetulan bila Tun mohon injuksi beku aset Najib, nampaknya kebetulan jugak pada waktu itu rocky, Kak Helen, LSS terhenti berblog. Oh kebetulan!”

The commenter Abdullah – see also screenshot below – made the innuendo that my hiatus from this blog, i.e. no update/postings from Apr 16 to Apr 26, was timed to an inability to counter Tun whacking 1MDB in Che Det (Apr 18) and his bid to freeze Najib’s assets (Apr 19).

Well, I’m gratified to be put on par with Rocky and Lim Sian See. Rocky is the Big Kahuna of blogosphere while LSS’s sources of info and meticulous details are phenomenal.

BELOW: My favourite GIF and blog mascot (not my cat though)

walking cat

Tiptoeing away for a short break

The reality of my timeout is actually quite mundane. I just wanted to do my own stuff for a bit, that’s all.

And neither is my writing schedule dictated by the ebb and flow of 1MDB revelations or Mahathir breaking news.

I really don’t have a head for business to be analyzing 1MDB. If I did, I’d be a businesswoman busy making money and have no time for blogging.

See the orange masthead on top of this page — It says “Helen’s Ang’s blog”. It doesn’t say Business Journal. I choose what topics I want to write about and when I wish to publish.

I’m not under any obligation to provide constant reviews of 1MDB developments. For readers like Abdullah to insinuate sarcastically as he likes to do, I consider to be a form of psywar harassment by the Protuns.

Set Fire To The Rain

Set fire to the rain – Adele music video

Because of the current heat wave, my living room is hot even with two fans running. Outside it’s hot too but naturally airy. But perhaps it’s more humid indoors.

For whatever reason, of late the cats – I have three – prefer to be outdoors more often than not, especially at night.

They told me they would appreciate leafy plants for shade and greenery for fresher air, please. So I’m trying to oblige.


ABOVE: My now cuddly fei chai … pictured previously as a kitten measured in size last November against an incense burner; his mother can be seen (the black blob) in the background between the chair legs

I shall upload more photos of my cats and dog here in future. My blog, my like  :D

My responses below to Abdullah, in text version, can be found @ April 28, 2016 at 8:49 am and April 28, 2016 at 10:30 am.

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Abdullah Helen


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8 thoughts on “I’m making a garden for my cats

  1. You see the same phenomenon on Lim Sian See’s wall as well. On posting about something else, they will still bring up 1MDB … like a broken record.

  2. Blogging is a time-consuming hobby. Readers should not expect the blogger to carve to their demands ie to comment on certain topics or whatever. This is a personal space, blogger like Helen is free to write what she wants without any pressure.

  3. I thought the lull was due to Sarawak Election. You know la ……DAP’s Evangelist bashing by a pro-BN blogger, at this time would not be good for UMNO-Najib.

    1. Dogs are nicer.

      Mine is old already. So she’s content to stay indoors and sleep.

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