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Sarawak bars DAP leaders from entering

A few days ago, DAP assistant national treasurer cum DAP Perak chairman David Nga Kor Ming was barred from entering Sarawak. His fellow evangelista warlord, cousin James Ngeh Koo Ham – who is the party deputy secretary-general – is similarly barred from Sarawak.

Last week as well, Sarawak blocked Penang DAP deputy chairman Jagdeep Singh Deo from entering the state. Jagdeep’s brother, DAP Puchong MP Gobind Singh Deo was banned separately.

At about the same time, DAP Selangor Speaker Hannah Yeoh too was deported — see her tweet below and don’t miss Ms Shorty’s high-heeled, clunky shoes in the picture below.

DAP Yang Berhormats also prevented from entering Sarawak are party vice chairman Teresa Kok, national organizing secretary Anthony Loke, Selangor DAP chairman Tony Pua, DAP strategist Liew Chin Tong, Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi and DAP assistant publicity secretary Teo Nie Ching.

Other DAP people (non-elected reps) banned from Sarawak include Penang Institute fellow Wong Chin Huat and Selangor DAP member Ooi Leng Hang — designer of the Ubah hornbill mascot.

Sarawak refuses to let them in because the state considers these DAP leaders to be toxic. East Malaysia does not want DAP to poison its well like how the evangelical party has done in the peninsula.

Unfortunately though, Sarawak cannot do anything about the presence of DAP Parliamentarians who are Sarawakians such as the City Harvest Church’s Julian Tan Kok Ping. This DAP Stampin MP recently got his five minutes of fame when a video clip of him berating Kuching Airport security officers became viral in the social media.

The DAP in Sarawak is thoroughly dominated by Chinese Christians.

Talking about how the DAP conducts its elections, Joceline Tan wrote two days ago, “The DAP campaigning often thrives on hate and ridicule” — be it in Sarawak or elsewhere in our country.

Indeed, the DAP is the biggest hate-monger bar none. Sarawak would not even allow Hannah Yeoh to speak in churches in the state because houses of worship are not spared either from the DAP Politics of Hate.


They’re utterly vicious

A pro-establishment Malay blogger penned the following explicitly titled post, ‘KM Sarawak lindungi rakyat dari DAP parti “orang jahat, zalim, penindas serta bermulut jahat” masuk Sarawak’. (See April 26 blog article by Dwan Junid @

Like other Umno members, blogger RMF7 holds a negative opinion of the DAP, i.e. that they “suka menabur fitnah dan melakukan kezaliman serta penindasan terhadap bangsa lain”.

He wrote:

“DAP harus sedar bahawa rakyat Malaysia keseluruhannya sudah melebelkan DAP sebagai sebuah parti ‘Orang Jahat. Penindas dan Zalim’ serta mengamalkan ‘mulut Jahat’ serta perkauman yang suka menabur finah yang mengucar kacirkan keharmonian negara yang berbilang kaum.”

Sarawak fears that the VICIOUSNESS – which is the DAP trademark – would result in Bumi Kenyalang becoming unpeaceful and disharmonious, and hence the state immigration’s long blacklist on the DAP peninsular leadership.

“Justeru itu, tidak hairanlah mengapa Sarawak telah menghalang kemasukan pemimpin mereka ke negeri itu disebabkan kesedaran  mereka bahawa tiada gunanya pemimpin yang datang di kalangan “Orang Jahat dan Zalim” yang akan memporak perandakan keharmonian,” writes RMF7.

It is through its utter viciousness that the DAP has successfully annihilated the MCA. We wait to see if the DAP will finish off SUPP come May 7 — the Sarawak polling day.

Considering the “kerosakan yang bakal dilakukan oleh ‘orang Jahat dan Zalim’  ini terhadap Bumi, Warisan serta rakyat di Sarawak”, RMF7 suggests hat “kumpulan pemimpin DAP di kalangan ‘Orang Jahat dan Zalim’ ini sememangnya patut dihalang masuk di mana mana negeri”. If only!

We wish …

Unfortunately, autonomy in immigration matters is limited to Sarawak and Sabah jurisdiction. The rest of the Malaysian states do not possess a legal option of shutting out these DAP hate- and slander-mongers.

Ubah angry bird

Haiwan perosak like vultures flying to S’wak

Speculating on why the Sarawak caretaker Chief Minister is wary of the DAP posse descending on his state, RMF7 reckons that “Adenan Satem lebih mementingkan keselamatan Bumi Sarawak dan keharmonian kaum”.

DAP’s viciousness is something that Umno bloggers generally understand. But can and do Malay fence-sitters actually comprehend the extent of the ruthlessness practised by the power-hungry evangelical party?

RMF7 called upon his colleagues to “memahami bahawa DAP adalah sebuah parti yang amat zalim dan melakukan penindasan terhadap kaum lain”.

RMF7 also urged “semua rakan seperjuangan” to bear in mind that the DAP “merosakkan bumi, warisan dan merampas apa sahaja jika mereka menginginkannya”.

It must not be forgotten that the Dapster-evangelistas recognize no boundaries and hence the audacious lies and slander that they have no qualms in concocting.


Ridhuan Tee: Kuasa dan kekayaan mereka diguna untuk beli cai Melayu

anime sailor moon snigger

But most important of all

RMF7 and his compatriots must remember that the ultra kiasu party has managed to pocket a number of egotistic Malay outcasts.

These Malay rejects have character traits almost identical to the RBA — liars and frauds. The Malay birds (of a feather with Dapsters) are now carrying out spin and black propaganda, especially wrt Johor that is the frontline state of the DAP assault on Umno.

Malay bloggers already know who the mercenary Melayu are that makan dedak DAP. The battlefront is more insidious within their own midst.

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12 thoughts on “Sarawak bars DAP leaders from entering

  1. quote ,Joceline Tan , “The DAP campaigning often thrive on hate and ridicule “.

    Should learned to love ,those who hate us, should we acting in the same ways in supporting our believe ,what differences does it make ?.

    It’s seem now ,many has adapt the DAP style , “if you are not with me ,you are my enemy ” ,DAP has done a good job on that .

    1. (a) re: “Should learn to love those who hate us”

      Cakap tak serupa bikin. Raja Petra has reminded us that “Christians are the most hypocritical people on earth”.

      Kalau setakat mulut, anyone can say anything. A short Melayu guy with hidung sudu senduk can even claim to be an awek cun since he has never published a self photo in his blog. DAP does not love its enemies. DAP wants to bury its enemies and piss on their grave.

      re: “many has adapt the DAP style, ‘if you are not with me, you are my enemy’, DAP has done a good job on that”

      It is the Protuns who are adopting the DAP style that if somebody is the enemy, it is okay for you to fabricate all kinds of lies and fitnah to demonize your rival.

      Inciting hatred of the enemy is a hallmark of the DAP’s Politics of Hate. The DAP’s political partners are the Protuns, not the Projibs.

      Bukan penyokong Najib yang bersekongkol dengan DAP. Orang yang bersubahat dengan DAP itulah yang terikut-ikut gaya jahat DAP yang selalu memfitnah dan menghasut perasaan benci.

      1. Christians will not retaliate, says Hannah, so why is Tokong urging churches to be agents of change.

        ““The country is ready for change,” Lim said. “We all need to do our part in being agents of change. I challenge the churches to encourage your people to sign the Citizens’ Declaration for reforms.

        “There is nothing sinister about it. Clearing corruption at the highest levels of government should not be condoned or tolerated. I think the Bible teaches that.”

        1. It is you all DAP supporters who are making Malaysia ugly. Sarawak does not even want your party leaders to step on its soil.

          The day of reckoning is coming very soon … tick-tock, tick-tock.

    2. Tebing Tinggi,

      You are such a hypocrite. I’ve read your comments on Najib which mostly show your contempt towatds him. If you really meant what you had said ‘should learn (BTW, should learn and not should learned) to love those who hate us…’ then you should not have said what you had said about PM Najib. Instead you should spread thy word of love and not hate! Cakap tak serupa bikin!

  2. Good. People and their political parties who have no policies except their allegations without proper proof and sources to back it up should be kept in the “dog house” where they belong.

    There is no “right” as such to enter Sarawak Sabah or anywhere else even though one is a citizen of the country.

    It is more important we maintain law and order rather than pander to lynch mobs and rumour mongers whose only claim to fame is receiving money from foreign governments to sell out their country, betray their people and act in the interests of others.

  3. Name me one Islamic country that doesn’t preach blatant racism and discrimination against its minorities? Religion of peace my arse!

    1. Name me one country that doesn’t practise blatant racism and discrimination against its minorities? You can keep religion out of this and your arse!

      1. according to rpk, pas under hadi and now even umno under najib. islam is not merely a religion. so how to keep out? having said that, i think many secular countries oso practice racism n discrimination, perhaps not that blatantly though.

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