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DAP embracing Protuns and other Malay party hoppers


Pemakan dedak DAP

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There’s a report today of a press conference by Penang DAP chairman Chow Kon Yeow to announce Malay recruits to his party.

Among the new Malay members joining DAP is former air force pilot Major Zaidi Ahmad who previously kicked up a ruckus over the EC’s indelible ink. He was appointed cmlimguaneng’s information officer in mid-March this year (pix below).

Guan Eng Zaidi

Zaidi jumped from PAS into the frying ‘PAN’ and now into the fire, according to Malaysiakini — see ‘Ex-major Zaidi crosses over from Amanah to DAP‘.

An ex-armed forces man, Zaidi is tinggi dan segak … quite unlike the DAP’s Si Sudu Senduk.

I’ll let you all know when the Protun (Umno reject) makes it official with his new paymasters.

For an ambitious Malay individual, DAP is obviously the ‘go to’ party. The guy would probably succeed in wrangling the RM20,000 he’s incessantly harping on.

DAP is nonetheless not so welcoming of Indians who cannot offer the party the kind of leverage and access that a connected Malay is able to offer.

Below is a recent comment by ex-DAP Johor deputy chairman Norman Fernandez reminding Khaled Nordin’s boys to keep the Umno Johor door securely bolted against Si Kitol.

Incidentally, Norman mentioned something about “when the wallet takes a hit, time to … looking for another benefactor with cash” — see below.

Norman’s comment is of course unrelated to the current batch of new Malay DAP members as he penned it a few days earlier (before today’s news item).

#Just sayin’ about pemakan dedak … the opposition is flush with moolah these days.

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20 thoughts on “DAP embracing Protuns and other Malay party hoppers

    1. fully agreeeee with tt. all the protun lets ubah n join dap, in the eye of dap fanboy, any malay that join dap is great malaysian. n any chinese that r with pkr is to fight dap, all this fanboy is no diff with that rpk, not only kiss rpk ass, n oso learn well from rpk how to distort fact.

  1. Helen,

    Many of the Malay politicians who worship or join DAP or becoming its :macai” by joining parties that submit to DAP(such as PAN) would not survive if they contest in hugely Malay majority areas such as Kepala Batas, Pendang or Titiwangsa.

    They depend on DAP handout. and more importantly they are supported by the very community that support DAP. and we all know DAP wishes for UMNO to be dead, crucified and buried.

    Ironically, these Malays benefit hugely from UMNO. Some of them are principle’s beneficiary of UMNO policies. They got scholarship from UMNO led government. And these scholarships would not be given to them if DAP rules the country. And some of them are known simply because their parents have important position in UMNO. We would not have known them had their parents are man on the street. But as their parents are well known, they too “menumpang” the good names But as goes the saying, “iman tak dpaat diwarisi”, they have no qualm in belittling UMNO in western media.

    When they control a company, they prefer “meritocracy”. The term is conveniently used to justify exclusion of malay in high ranking position. They are content with title “CEO’ although vast majority of senior positions are filled by non malays who have final say to “hire and fire”.

    Sometimes I wish I can crucify these carpet beggars. They bring nothing except untold misery to malay community

    1. re: “They depend on DAP handout. and more importantly they are supported by the very community that support DAP.”

      Can see this clearly in the blog Melayu reject pemakan dedak parti ultra kiasu.

    2. ” They got scholarship from UMNO led government. ”

      Where did the ” umno led ” government get the money from? Money dropped from sky? Or collected from tax payers?
      How sure are you their parents were not tax payers? Assuming their parents were tax payers, they have every rights to be entitled to any scholarship or study grant by the govt.
      Speaking of that tax issue, just wonder whether your parents ever paid income tax before or perhaps they were net consumers of tax payers’ money, the group of citizens that perpetually require sedekah from the govt and tax payers.
      And padan muka, the govt that they have been kuat supporting andvminta sedekah from is charging them GST on every single damn thing they consume now.

      1. Tehtarik,

        “where did the UMNO led……”

        “…requires sedekah….”

        Exactly these are the attitude of DAP worshippers. You look down on Malays. You assume that malays are “peminta sedekah”.

        Yet DAP wonders why Maalys view them as anti malays

  2. Desperate times call for desperate measures!!

    “Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore”……….or is it “Give me government at any cost or give me death”?

  3. Najib and his gang are in Sarawak now lying to the good people there and trying to feed them ‘dedak’. These BN politicians are damn lousy people. All cowards, no maruah

    1. is this dedak thingy a bn culture or msia culture? it seem scholarship oso become a form of dedak. i first thot one got scholarship bec he/she r poor, or damn smart. not the case in umno/bn.

      1. It has become a DAP culture too now.

        Putting aside its Chinese beneficiaries, DAP is distributing to Malays a sprinkling of positions in …

        … city and municipal councils, in GLCs (like Mat Sabu was previously a director of the Penang Water Supply Corp & Penang International Halal Hub), in its state govt-linked think tanks (e.g. the Penang Institute), in party outfits (Sekolah Demokrasi DAP), in the CM’s office (Zaidi, the ex-Major), in the Puan Speaker Selangor’s office (Azira Aziz), as aides to other prominent DAP leaders.

        And to complement the wide network of RBAs – you can see them currently being very active in action spitting venom against BN Sarawak – you have today the Roketkini boys and the Malay “prepaid blogger” defending and promoting the DAP.

        Pemakan dedak lah tu.

        1. Those Malay should look at themselves as the “Malay Pakai Tudung Waitress”. They are there to attract Malay and give confident that the restaurant is “Halal”. These tudung cladded 700-800 a month and the restaurant owner rake 50-60k.

  4. The ex army man wasn’t a Protun, I think. Though I despise DAP, I defend his right to join any political party he wishes. You tak suka, you can jump into the lake, Helen.

    Not all Protun are UMNO rejects. The same case as not all Projib are pemakan dedak or idiots pretender. The former, like the ex army guy, need continued subsistence to maintain lavish lifestyles.

    Norman Fernandez, a DAP reject continues to be cynical towards the Malays. He was a racist when he was in DAP, and he still is one now as DAP reject. Do DAP rejects like him and you think alike?

    1. re: “The ex army man wasn’t a Protun, I think.”

      He is clearly a ‘party hopper’ as stated in my headline. He jumped from PAS to PAN to DAP. I never said he’s a Protun.

      re: “Though I despise DAP, I defend his right to join any political party he wishes. You tak suka, you can jump into the lake, Helen.”

      I’m the tuan rumah of this blog. You’re the guest here and you’re being unnecessarily rude to me. It only goes to show why the Protuns and the Dapsters memang secocok. We’re not surprised that the two camps now bersekongkol.

      re: “Not all Protun are UMNO rejects.”

      (a) TSMY has been suspended and the motion to sack him will likely be passed.

      (b) Mukhriz was rejected by Umno Kedah and the party supreme council vis-a-vis the MB’s ouster. He is likely to be sacked from the party along with the deputy prez.

      (c) Datuk Khairuddin has been sacked.

      (d) Anina has been sacked.

      (e) Annie Anakin claimed to be leader of Team Ghani’s media. His offer of services has been rejected by Khaled Nordin. His advice has also been dismissed/ignored by PMO. A reject.

      re: “The same case as not all Projib are pemakan dedak or idiots pretender.”

      A certain Protun is pemakan dedak parti ultra kiasu.

      As for “pretending”, masquerading a fake online persona is definitely a sneaky pretense. As to whether the fraudster chameleon is an “idiot”, dia cakap besar aje but his blog is even missing from the definitive blogroll of his state’s top political commenters.

      re: “The former, like the ex army guy, need continued subsistence to maintain lavish lifestyles.”

      Like Norman says, “when the wallet takes a hit, time to … looking for another benefactor with cash”. Correct. The Umno reject obviously needs money to maintain the hobby big bike, the body massages, the many holidays abroad, the chain smoking …

      re: “Norman Fernandez, a DAP reject continues to be cynical towards the Malays.”

      Unlike the Protuns, Norman resigned from his party. He was not sacked.

      And secondly, he did the ethical thing as he and DAP no longer sehaluan (the Protuns should do the honorable thing and follow in Norman and Tun’s footsteps of leaving the party).

      Thirdly, it was Norman who rejected the DAP. There was a public controversy when Norman rejected the DAP’s cooperation with PAS and declared his opposition to hudud.

      His party colleagues such as Anthony Loke previously said that if the Chinese individual is not a criminal and does not commit any crime, then he has no need to fear hudud. Anthony said this when DAP and PAS were still together.

      Now that DAP and PAS have split acrimoniously, 20/20 hindsight proves that Norman was the principled politician while the self-professed “secular party” DAP has lied* and twisted themselves into knots in their politics of expediency.

      Note: *DAP lied because pre-GE13, Guan Eng and Hadi Awang had signed a letter of agreement saying that DAP agreed to disagree with PAS’s continued pursuit of the Islamic State ideal, and that DAP would not hinder the Islamic party’s religious aspirations pursued on PAS’s own track outside the framework of the Pakatan Rakyat common policy platform.

      re: “Do DAP rejects like him and you think alike?”

      (a) I do not see how you can link me to the DAP as a “DAP reject” merely on the basis of my voting for them twice in GE12 and GE11. If that is so, then a Malay living in Alor Setar or Bandar Tun Razak can similarly be linked to MCA/DAP on the basis of the party he voted for in the general elections.

      (b) I have never been a member of the DAP or any political party. I have nothing to do with the DAP except being friends with some Johor DAP ex and ousted leaders.

      (c) I have worked as a researcher with an NGO. A lot of the urban NGOs and activists are strongly pro-opposition. This does not make me anything at all with the DAP for me to be “rejected” by them.

      (d) I have never worked for the DAP or any of the party-linked organizations or any of the DAP leaders. Neither have I ever been involved with any project with DAP or DAP leaders.

      That you choose to repeat a canard spread by Annie Anakin – who is a proven liar, fraud and certainly an “Umno reject” – just goes to show how low the Protuns have fallen.

      Birds of a feather flock together, and the rubbing shoulders (or prepaid blogger makan dedak) with Dapster penipu, pembohong dan pemfitnah will have an osmosis effect on Tun’s Malay followers. We can see it in your behaviour already.

      There is no other option for Umno except to write off the Protuns, same as BN must write off any hope for a return of Chinese support, and instead concentrate on pemupukan Perpaduan Ummah with PAS and the Islamists.

      1. actually i dont know why you are so hopeful of a PAS UMNO Union.

        the deputy president of PAS seems very outspoken about najib, much more than his president. speak to PAS members, no pas members i know wants it. ( a few uncle and cousins are hardcore PAS supporters). the impression i get online from pas members also dont want it.

        i mean, come one who are we kidding? Najib and his family are bourgeois and “liberal” through & through…

        and it doesnt help you got some kaki ampus in UMNO proclaiming Najib is a panglima Islam…i mean…seriously?? kalau nak ampu pun byk cara lain…jgn guna nama Islam….

        1. Helen Ang is more concern about perpaduan ummah than the Malays.
          Tapi bila ditanya bila nak masuk Islam, dia buat tak tau saje ataupun cakap dia tu Buddhist.
          Kalau betul Buddhist, buat apa nak sibuk pasal perpaduan ummah. Apakah agenda dia? Dah makan dedak tentunya.

          1. So what’s wrong if Helen is more concerned about perpaduan ummah even though she is not a Malay? What most Malaysians want is peace and able to coexist between the various races and religions. Malays and Muslims form the majority in this country and if they unite ( UMNO & PAS), there would be peace in this country. When peace is achieved, the country will prosper. Most PAS leaders have stopped regarding UMNO as their enemy with the exception of a few such as Tuan bin Tuan who has his one foot in PAN/DAP. Maybe he is still dreaming of a warm ‘hug’ from DAP which he never gets unlike Mat Sabu.

          2. Tehtarik,

            Apa salahnya kalau Helen seorang Buddha pun. Apa slahnya seorang buddha memberi amaran pada Melayu Melayu yg masih tidur tentang DAP ni.

  5. 1. had pak lah appointed/chosen mukhris instead of his menantu as no. 2 in the umno youth then, he would be our pm today, still.
    2. had najib made mukhris one of the umno (baru) vice presidents, would bapak penswastaan care two hoots about 1mdb, rm2.6b donation or even the murder of the mongolian woman?

    1. kampong lad,

      Had 1MDB been properly manage ,and Malaysian get the promised paradise ,Tun would have not much issue with Najib ,and everybody would screams ,” I love PM” .

      1. Agreed, 1MDB is for Najib only. sisa2 mcm RM20 dia kasi, yang lain Rosmah ambik

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