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Donald Trump’s pendatang pivot and its lesson for Najib on his Umno base

The odds-defying US presidential nomination race among Republican challengers offers an insight for the Umno politburo.

Writing in Salon (a political publication),

“As a presidential candidate, Donald Trump specializes in overturning conventional wisdom. Before 2016, it was generally assumed that a presidential candidate needed to be, you know, presidential. But Trump has somehow come within striking distance of the Republican nomination despite insulting large portions of the electorate, buying scant campaign ads, failing to present any coherent policy proposals and being despised by his own party’s establishment. Trump has defied the inherited understanding of generations of pundits, strategists and politicians in his unprecedented bid for the White House.” — See ‘Right-wing media civil war: How Donald Trump pitted Drudge against Fox News’ (

The most prominent segment of the “large portions of the electorate” to feel insulted by Republican frontrunner Donald Trump is the Latino ethnic group.

Perceived by the majority population as troublemakers

If the Hispanic immigrants desire to be accepted as American citizens, why are they waving Mexico’s flag while rioting against Donald Trump in California yesterday?

The Pope had famously chastized Trump for pledging to build a wall between Mexico and the USA, saying,

“A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian. This is not the gospel.” — See CNN, Pope suggests Trump “is not Christian” (19 Feb 2016)on

The pontiff is not only meddling politically (Yes! Churches and their clergy are political animals camouflaged in flowing robes) but he’s also a pot calling the kettle black.

After all, Pope Francis’ own Vatican City – recognized as a sovereign nation state albeit a very small one – is itself enclosed by a 39-foot-tall wall (pix below)


Paderi-paderi Kristian asyik cakap tak serupa bikin

The evangelical Christians are hardly the paragons of peace. So their sedap-di-mulut preaching about “building bridges, kumbayah, kumbayah” is worth the price of Jambatan Pulau Pinang — which I have in my property portfolio and am putting up for sale.

An ordained pastor caught on video below proclaims himself to be “anti-violence” but nonetheless, he threw a punch at a Trump supporters during the cancelled rally in Chicago last month.

These evangelical churchmen are notorious for saying one thing and doing another.

Obama Change

ABOVE: The DAP ‘Ubah’ is a copycat of Obama’s Change slogan

Oh, and by the way, the violence-prone, kicking-and-screaming Chicago pastor in the video is a wannabe politician — more details here.

Not coincidentally, the preacher works as “community organizer”, which was the identical job held by his fellow hometown boy Barack Obama, before “Mr Hope and Change” became an Illinois senator

Trump supporter punched

The Donald did his homework before launching White House bid

While Trump has courted the ire of Mexican immigrants, his tough stance on nativism and illegal immigration appeals strongly to conservative white voters who have propelled his maverick run.

The Trump team had done the maths. Unless they’re something like our supposed “40,000 phantom (Mexicans)”, illegal immigrants cannot vote. White Republicans can.

Picking the hot-button issue of immigration as his main talking point did not come about by mere chance for Trump – presently the Republican presumptive nominee.


ABOVE: A GE13 meme by the opposition on Bangladeshi phantom voters; the irony is that Banglas are the labour force favoured by Chinese SMIs

Grassroots rebel against the Republican establishment

“Trump had the pulse of the conservative media landscape well before he launched his campaign. Starting in 2014, Trump dispatched an aide to listen to thousands of hours of talk radio and deliver reports on what resonated with Republican voters. What Trump found was that immigration — which was to become his signature campaign topic — riled based voters more than any other issue.”

Trump tasked his aide “to listen to thousands of hours of talk radio and deliver reports on what resonated with Republican voters”. The Donald was willing to put his ear to the ground and find out what his party core (the Republican “fixed deposit”) cared about.

Has Najib been doing the same diligently?

From his many misses, i.e. liberal initiatives that did not go down well with the Umno-BN conservative voter base, it appears that Najib was listening to patently wrong people (example below).

Why did Najib even give the Nest of Evangelistas the time of day?

Apa akar umbi Umno mau? Is the party prez paying heed?

Najib Razak has been introducing a slew of ‘transformation’ policies that alienate the Umno voter base. He allowed the evangelista Idris Jala to take the wheel at Pemandu and this rightly became one of Tun Mahathir’s peeves (Pemandu made the senior civil servants unhappy, said Tun).

Mr Transformasi further created the spendthrift TalentCorp to bring back predominantly Dapsters from overseas by offering them perks not enjoyed by those who have faithfully remained to serve in Malaysia.

Side note: A particular non-native minority is usually the first to bolt when things in the country don’t go their way. For instance, the Vietnamese boat people aka economic refugees seeking asylum in First World countries were of Chinese ethnicity.

DAP hate adAnother one of Tun’s initial complaints against Najib was the latter’s attitude of ‘Anak kera di hutan disusui, anak sendiri di rumah kebuluran’.

Now we have Adenan Satem doing a Najib and dangling various carrots – the latest being his offer to the Sarawak Chinese of a Deputy Chief Ministership if the community supports SUPP — the Chinese-dominant component party in BN.

The DAP juggernaut powered by unadulterated hate

On the left you can see a Sarawak election ad by the DAP (this one appeared in Malaysiakini). It is inciting anger against the Prime Minister.

Relentlessly instigating rage and resentment is what the love-love-love evangelical party excels in. Hence the unsurprising ban on DAP’s venomous peninsular evangelistas from entering Sarawak for the purpose of ‘loving their enemies’.

In its ad, the DAP urges Sarawak voters to help them “give BN a black eye”.

Does the BN presidential council still believe that the Chinese electorate will miraculously backpedal to return to BN?

Or is it Adenan who will be getting the black eye from the Chinese … as the DAP commands? We don’t have to wait long – only a week – to find out.


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4 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s pendatang pivot and its lesson for Najib on his Umno base

  1. a) re, A person who thinks about building walls wherever they may be and not building bridges ,is not christian .

    The Jew’s is building walls ,in Pelestenien land to separate themselves from the Pelestinien and well received by the Christian world.

    b) re, it appears that Najib was listening to patently to wrong people.

    If Najib was listening to the right people ,UMNO could fully concentrate to strengthen the party for the coming of GE 14 , not wasting so much time defending it president ,that weaken UMNO by the days .

  2. Helen,

    Though I can not accept Tun’s working with opposition(meaning DAP) to overthrow Najib, I can understand why Tun is upset with Najib.

    Najib is eroding the very support that enables UMNO to hold power. Najib is “splurging” on the very community(Chinese) that gladly accept whatever goodies handed to them but still they reject UMNO

    “yang kita teruk teruk masuk kampung ingatkan Melayu untuk undi UMNO kalau mahu Melayu pegang kuasa. Dia senang senang buat makan besar untuk orang Cina yg.mahu UMNO bungkus”, lament one loyal UMNO member who was upset with Najib’s mega dinner for Chinese just before election.

    Najib and now Adnan still unable to accept reality that Chinese has abandon BN. I am pretty sure Adnan will be rejected again by Chinese community.

    Adnan said he does not agree with the tag “pendatang” that often referred to Chinese. The term is actually an accurate assessment by others( meaning Malays) against Chinese. Chinese( with due respect) is supporting DAP that is racist to its core. Vast majority of them simply refuse to integrate.

    Instead they whine non stop about how unfairly they are treated(by UMNO led government).

    Some of Najib’s actions bring disaster.. Who is this Idris Jala? Why of all the sudden there are many sarcastic comments on one Nick something. I heard he receives massive salary from the government. No wonder people say there is a British Resident now in Putrajaya.

    Najib and now Adnan still behaves as if their governments are about to collapse without Chinese support. What a moronic thinking.

    1. Soalan iklhas: how many more mistakes are you going to let it slide for Najib ni?

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