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S’wak the bellwether state — Make M’sia beautiful again

There has never been anything in Malaysia as ugly and vicious as the post-2008 evangelical DAP.

In fact, Sarawak considers DAP 2.0 so ugly and vicious that its peninsula leaders – most notably the party’s fervid evangelistas – have been banned from even setting foot on the state.

BELOW: No wonder Hannah Yeoh was barred from spewing her vitriol in Sarawak churches, just look at that boiling rage on her face

Hannah Yeoh ceramah Sarawak 2016

DAP the Poisoner of Wells

The divisive DAP is considered a dangerous toxin to Sarawak — a state that likes to boast of its “unique multi-cultural harmony”.

Harmonious Sarawak will surely be a lot less beautiful should the DAP succeed in grabbing more power in the coming May 7 election through an even more potent dose of its trademark Hate politics.

In the 2011 Sarawak election, DAP won all the Chinese-majority seats by injecting venom into the political bloodstream.

Tomorrow, a total of 24,604 early voters will be casting their ballots while the remaining 1,113,522 registered voters will go to the polls on Saturday.

BELOW: Five more days to D-Day, the 11th Sarawak election

Sarawak May 7

Can Adenan be the antidote to the DAP virus?

The Star‘s Joceline Tan, who is there covering the campaign, says the “Chinese seats are the happening seats in the Sarawak election”.

Back during chief minister Taib Mahmud’s time, “DAP’s talent for criticising and protesting went down well with the Chinese”, said Joceline in her analysis yesterday.

Joceline earlier observed, “The DAP campaigning often thrives on hate and ridicule and Taib’s political exit has left the party floundering.”

(Caretaker) Sarawak CM Adenan Satem struck a different note and has been on a charm offensive.

Adenan has signalled “his Chinese audience this was a different administration and it was time for them to put old grudges to rest and move on”, according to Joceline.

The question is will the Chinese electorate be able to put their vindictiveness behind them?

BELOW: In the last Sarawak election, Hannah and her evangelistas wanted their prayers to move mountains

Hannah pray for Sarawak

Will DAP finish off what’s left of the Chinese BN?

Joceline highlights that “it is truly a do-or-die battle for SUPP” (the BN’s Chinese-dominant component in Sarawak) which was “completely wiped out in the Kuching area in the last election”.

In 2011, the Chinese opposition made a clean sweep of Kuching area seats — a PKR man took Batu Lintang DUN while DAP won the rest in Padungan, Pending, Kota Sentosa and Batu Kawah.

“The Chinese here [in urban Sarawak] like to go on about being multi-racial in outlook but they are essentially very Chinese at heart”, Joceline said in her article on Apr 29.

hannahyeoh-fat-gemuk mugIn the same article, she quotes local journalists describing the DAP leaders as vituperative YBs who “open their mouths and only bad things come out”.

The Sarawak election results will point the direction of the federal GE14 to come.

Most particularly, it is a gauge of Chinese sentiments in the light of Adenan’s supposed immense popularity and much touted peacemaking efforts with the community.

Will the Sarawak Chinese support or spurn Adenan? This is the litmus test, considering the role of church politics or political Christianity among the Chinese.


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50 thoughts on “S’wak the bellwether state — Make M’sia beautiful again

  1. Helen,

    I believe Adnan like Najib will be soundly rejected in Chinese majority area. Despite giving almost everything to their concerns (and implied threat), The Chinese I believe will still vote DAP.

    They will warm up to Adnan no doubt about it. they will cheer while he sings. They will attend his ceramah. They will say good things about him when interviewed. They will say they like him. But that is all. Come May 7, they will vote DAP.


    They are quite good on concealing their feelings. They will “sapu” everything and then say “we vote DAP for check and balance”. What check and balance they are talking about when it comes to a dynastic political power that will not survive on other part of the planet.

    DAP has given Chinese a false impression that they can “ubah” (meaning take control” everything. And Chinese takes the bait. They believe they can dictate the politics(meaning taking over from malays).

    With help from some useless Malay politicians , they believe they can have it like walking on a park. They were rudely awaken on May 5 2013. Instead of taking control, they found themselves completely outside the real of power.

    How the Chinese votes has significant impact. it will tell Malays (Like Adnan, Najib) whether it is useful to still courting Chinese. If Chinese soundly reject Adnan, they(Chinese) will only reaffirm what the Malays have been thinking and saying all this while. That it is actually useless trying to depend on them.

    I believe that ADnan will fare badly in Chinese majority area. Abd I hope he learns his lesson. No need to repeatedly trying to say Chinese are not “pendatang” when almost all DAP leaders and members behave like “pendatang”.

    NO need to be apologetic. Adnan, like all who’s who in UMNO have been courting Chinese. But there is a saying “it takes two to tango”.

    Now it is Chinese turn to show they want a say in the government,. If they refuse the offer, let them be. Let them realise they(Chinerse) alone cant dictate everything. Just because Kit siang and Guan Eng behave like “sons of Heaven” in DAP, that does not mean we need to treat them like that in real world.

    Just send the message that Chinese though important , is not the only factor in changing the government.

    1. re: “With help from some useless Malay politicians , they believe they can have it like walking on a park.”

      With help also from prepaid Malay blogger like that Protun reject.

      1. Helen,

        Sometimes I wonder why Malays can be that stupid when it comes to politics. They are prepared to gamble away the only bargaining chip(political power) that they have. They believe what rubbish Kit siang said.

        1. re: “They believe what rubbish Kit Siang said.”

          Some mutual Malay commenters also believe the endless lies that Annie Anakin concocts. Apo nak dikato …

        2. shamshul anuar
          ….They believe what rubbish Kit siang said…

          I don’t think so. Their interest is $$$$$$$, and going places guarantee depa takyah bawak dompet.

          Whatever “rubbish” about them the Dapsters throw even in their faces (makian sambil memberi senyuman manis) they may not realise as these will normally be uttered in foreign languages alien to them.

          Look at how LKS squirmed and smiled whenever seen around TDM recently – sengeh macam kerang busuk.

        3. Tuan Shamsul, some Melayus have sold their souls for RMssss and to many them, RMsss seems to be God.

          Add in a little bit of glamour with the opportunity of rubbing shoulders with the likes of arrogant tokong, and now in the bandwagon, the ever forgetful Mahathir.

          Melayus with maruah diri is indeed a rare breed these days.

          1. re: “Melayus with maruah diri is indeed a rare breed these days.”

            No maruah — especially the Umno reject blogger that created a fictional Chinese maternal grandpa … who was represented during CNY in his blog with the pix of a decorative pineapple. (The said blogger has never published any photo of himself or his supposed half-Chinese family.)

            Really pathetic when for the sake of dedak this Malay guys is even willing to fake a Chinese side of his clan and posture as lebih Cina dari Cina.

              1. (a) Unlike the Protun Umno reject, I don’t create a fictitious [Malay] grandparent.

                When I mention my family, I’m able to publish pictures of them (together wit me) in baju kebaya pendek and sanggul Nyonya.

                My family is real unlike the pemakan dedak’s imaginary half-Chinese family where the grandpapa is represented by a decorative CNY pineapple and the blogger’s own ‘fake’ pix – “Is that you?” his (‘her’) readers are always asking – whereby the Chinese women photos are sourced from China Internet.

                What a liar and a fraud!

                (b) Unlike that Malay desperado on the ultra kiasu party payroll, I don’t claim to celebrate [Hari Raya] and unlike the DAP evangelistas, I don’t tweet or FB that I puasa or #sahur. (For the record, I’ve never had any Twitter a/c and I deleted my Facebook in 2014.)

                (c) Unlike you, I’ve done enough research to understand Malaysia is a Muslim country and that Article 153 is a fundamental pillar in the Constitution that is almost impossible to dislodge.

                You lot are delusional on top of being aggressive and abusive. From now on, the nativism will only strengthen. This resurgent Malay nationalism reaction is the blowback to the DAP push which is largely viewed as anti-Malay and anti-Islam.

                You reap what you sow, and if the fruit is bitter, it is only of your own planting.

                1. Oops, we are delusional? you sure? could you be the one who is delusional?

                  the fact that you cover every topic except and avoid 1MDB says a lot.

                  Just admit dah makan dedak la. It is ok. you have duty to write something good and defend your dedak giver.

                  I just read your write ups for Malaysiakini before your conversion and dedak.

                  Wow, the dedaks really can change a person. A self proclaimed defender of Malays, konon. hahahaha……

                  1. re: “Oops, we are delusional? you sure?”

                    Most definitely.

                    Veering to 95 percent support for an undemocratic, dynastic party that is widely viewed as anti-Malay and anti-Islam, and furthermore this said evangelical party being

                    (i) a long-sworn enemy of Umno (3.5m Malay members),
                    (ii) not too long ago making an enemy of PAS (1.5m Muslim members), and
                    (iii) currently exchanging harsh words with its supposed ally PKR (Malay-dominated membership)

                    is nothing other than self-destructive.

                    DAP is not just waging war against Najib, Hadi Awang and Azmin alone. Rather the DAP is pitting the Chinese (and Christians) against the majority Malay-Muslims, while its UBAH-change is in effect an attempted hostile takeover of the govt.

                    Not delusional, meh, for an ambitious minority to behave in such a brash manner? Buku pasti akan bertemu ruas kelak kalaupun bukan dalam masa yang terdekat ini.

                    re: “could you be the one who is delusional?”

                    I recall that Petaling Street became a ghost town on 16 Sept 2015 when the Himpunan Merah rallied. Obviously it was the Bersih 4.0 Yellow Shirts who were delusional thinking they could get away with the biaDAP on Aug 30. You share their mentality.

                    re: “the fact that you cover every topic except and avoid 1MDB says a lot.”

                    You’re just being repetitive and throwing unsubstantiated allegation. I’ve not covered Lim Guan Eng’s Bungalow-gate either. What does that say?

                    re: “Just admit dah makan dedak la.”

                    Just admit lah you people possess no ethical boundaries at all. The ultra kiasu can simply concoct anything — asalkan menang (hujah).

                    Ali Tinju said that you lot are “penipu dan pembohong”. Do you see any demur (protest) from the Malay community against Ali Tinju for saying that? How many Malays disagree vehemently with Ali Tinju’s accusation?

                    re: “It is ok. you have duty to write something good and defend your dedak giver.”

                    Push some more and soon every Malay – with the exception of pemakan dedak DAP – will feel duty bound to defend their tanahair from the Penipu, Pembohong, Pemfitnah dan Pemutar-belit. Then they will close ranks across their political divides.

                    PAS and Hadi Awang have been victims of the DAP’s lies. And so we see PAS and Umno drawing closer in tandem with PAS moving away from its previous unholy alliance.

                    re: “I just read your write ups for Malaysiakini before your conversion and dedak.”

                    It is DAP that converted from socialism to evangelism.

                    My columns in Malaysiakini were written before the phenomena of Hannah Yeoh getting elevated to become Speaker, before Guan Eng postured as a Bible-thumper during the Sibu by-election, before evangelistas Ong Kian Ming and Yeo Bee Yin were elected YBs, and the other DAP poseurs playacted as jaguh buka puasa dan #sahur as well as evangelistas Teresa Kok and Tony Pua ridiculing Chinese folk beliefs in their CNY videos.

                    The DAP is today spilling over with evangelistas. Even the Dewan Ulama PAS has acknowledged this after seven years of up close and uncomfortably personal.

                    Not to mention the hypocrisy of Guan Eng escalating the kalimah Allah stand-off while at the same time defending the Administration of the Religion of Islam (Penang) Enactment which prohibited non-Muslims from using 40 Arabic-Islamic words including ‘Allah’.

                    It was Guan Eng himself who as CM signed into law the enactment. What double-faced and forked-tongued snakes the DAP are. A pit of vipers.

                    re: “Wow, the dedaks really can change a person. A self proclaimed defender of Malays, konon. hahahaha……”

                    Wow, the sudden acquisition of power really can change a party. Power corrupts and the DAP tasted it for the first time in 2008.

                    I’m rational and non-racist enough to adapt my vote and turn my back against the monster that the power-hungry DAP has evolved into.

                    It was the DAP that proclaimed themselves the defenders of Islam just before GE13, and it was this move by his party (closing one eye to PAS’s hudud push) that prompted Norman Fernandez to go against the DAP establishment on the eve of the election by urging oppo voters not to pangkah bulan lest we’re saddled with hudud in the event of a Pakatan victory.

                    So much for DAP’s self-declaration as a “secular” party.

                    It is DAP that has changed as per their loudly proclaimed slogan of ‘Ubah’. The DAP post-2008 is nothing like the DAP of Chen Man Hin, Fan Yew Teng, V. David, P. Patto and Ahmad Noor which was the party that Norman joined some 20 years ago.

                    The DAP of today is a different and changed iteration altogether. It is hardly democratic and it is no longer socialist. It is only opportunistic and socialistic.

                    My Malaysiakini columns were written before power got to the head of the DAP upstarts. Malaysiakini refused to publish my criticisms of the DAP. This is typical of the extreme pro-bias of the alternative media.

                    You oppo supporters are not merely living in your separate ethnic silo but have voluntarily locked yourselves in your own echo chamber — where everyday you talk only among yourselves, and thus entrenching the blinkered POV and consolidating the confirmation bias.

                    There can be no other outcome except delusion in you all.

                    1. Haha, delusional?

                      Ask Arul Kanda about the truth on 1mdb, pemakan dedak.
                      Why change AG suddenly?
                      Why remove TSMY and DSSA? Because they said the truth and detrimental to your dedak giver?
                      Oh come on, you are supposed to be an umarried woman with wisdom! What happened to your ” wisdom “?
                      Dedak overtook your ” wisdom “?

                      By the way, you can continue to blame DAP for whatever reasons. Nothing to do with me. I am neither their nor BN’ s supporter. To me, any party which uses religion to coerce the members and supporters to continue supporting the party is nonsense and no difference from some religion s who forces the followers to contribute certain amount of the salaries to the organization in order to be ” blessed ” by god.
                      Utterly stupid cult followers.

                    2. re: “pemakan dedak”

                      That would be the Malay Protun vendetta blog that is whacking ex-DAP Norman Fernandez and smearing those individuals whom the DAP is targeting.

    2. I think the chinese and everyone else just have a problem with this UMNO dedak culture and Najib stealing money from 1mdb

      1. I think everyone else has a problem with just the Chinese who are making Malaysia unbeautiful.

          1. :)


            I think everyone else has a problem with just the Cina DAP who are making Malaysia unbeautiful.

            1. Helen,

              I could not agree more. I strongly believe that had Kit Siang, Guan eng or Rafizi or Mohd sabu live during the reign of Sultan Mahmud of Melaka period, they would be dead by now through dreadful “sula”.

              1. Neither you nor your adversaries have any prerogative into the rationalizations of Sultan Mahmud. Neither will your sophisticated politicking get past the sagacity of Tuan Bendahara Tun Perak.

                1. Casting useless aspersions,

                  Believe me, none of the above named mention would survive in that era.

                  1. I believe that you speak for yourself what you’d like to do to “offenders” if you had the power of the ancient monarchs in your hands.

                    1. Encik Shamsul, again you have presumed “privileged access” into “malayness” which demonstrates your lack of adab with respect to doing justice to the world-renowned reign of the Malacca Sultanate.

                  2. What are you trying to achieve by bringing hypothetical points “had Kit Siang, Guan eng or Rafizi or Mohd sabu……………”? It will not happen anyway.

  2. I think it is safe to say that we have crossed the rubicon.

    You think you can **** *** 7 million pendatangs from the face of tanah MELAYU?? Then you go right ahead.

    We ACKNOWLEDGE AND ACCEPT that we are enemies now, and all the fucking threats that comes along with it. The gloves come off from here on.

    So, I don’t know what’s the confusion is all about.

    1. We are Not Afraid,

      “…You think you can…..”.

      If that is the intention, UMNO would not have agreed to massive citizenship conferments to these “pendatang” back then.

      And if throwing Chinese is the intention, UMNO has been ruling the country for more than 5 decades. It si not done because that is not the intention.

      You are confused. Not helen.

      1. Quote..It is expected that Malaysian Chinese Developers will flock to that area to develop that designated area later. Short winter, low crime rate, low murder rate, low road accident, zero discrimination, least air pollution are attracting overseas born Chinese especially those from South East Asia….

        So Sarawakians.. put on your thinking caps before you cast your votes.. Pikiaq mana pi harta karun tanah pusaka kalian may finally go to ????????

      2. bukan gitu, communist ccp tiada berlainan dgn communist umno, tak nak recognize dual citizenship, kewarganegaraan hanya bagi orang yg cium communist. tapi kebelakangan ini orang demokrasi dan juga liberal manyak yg kaya raya dan pintar, then ccp mengcadangkan idea chinese card harap wang yg dah keluar macam guna cara 1mdb tu akan kembali semula, sama dgn kami punya second home program, lu tahu la, communist memang think alike dan sama pandai rasuah.

        1. HH,
          Few months back I posted a link re China (just after Tsunami) for the first time officially jemput MCA gi sana bergebang2. Nak relink dah vanish pula article tu fm google..hilang macam macam article Perwaja.

          Ni baca pasai ni pulak.

          Sarawakians.. Nak caste vote beberapa hari ni pikiaq habis2 ya. Bumi kita ni berkurun lama dijajah olang…

          1. Who sold away bandar malaysia and edra energy to China?
            MCA / Dap ke? Or Jibby and his arse lickers?

              1. So you are obsess about the wealth of the rich non-malays? What about the poor non-malays? Don’t care right

                1. Tehtarik.
                  Thats why its very important who you choose to vote for.

                  Sekadar representatives yg pandai palu gendang kosong…maka tak kira apa bangsa sekali pun;

                  ….. yang miskin hari2 kena telan angin,

                  ….yg kaya raya asyik dapat bawa bini pi makan angin down memory lane kTanah ibunda masing2 guna alasan official pulak tu so perbelanjaan semua FOC.

  3. “Family of Kho Jabing” seeks support for clemency appeal” – Channel NewsAsia.

    Who is Kho Jabing?

    1. I would have thought, Helen, that you would be forthright and resolute in your response.

      Assuming, of course, that you have done your research into the case of Kho Jabing…

      Is that a “yes”, “no” or “couldn’t be bothered”?

      What about you, Mr Shamsul? Or you, Ms RINA? Would you care to comment?

          1. Malaysia practise the death penalty and there is no strong movement against the death penalty here.

            The man was accused of murder and through due process of law, was found guilty of the act and sentenced to death. The sentence was then commuted to life but was overturned and the death sentence returned on appeal.

            I don’t believe that Helen or Shamsul has ever advocated for the abolishment of the death penalty (I could be wrong), so when you brought up the name of Kho Jabing without a link to the news, you should not be surprised when you do not get a response.

            Personally, I find the death penalty barbaric, though at times a necessary evil.

  4. re, Will the Sarawak Chinese support or spurn Adenan ?.

    Only the Chinese can answer that , but Najib should not worry as they always love PM .

    1. Tebing Tinggi,

      My advice to Adnan and Najib is not to count on Chinese. After all, even without that community, Najib still wins the election,

      1. Eh shamsul, why are you so obsess with the chinese?

        Najib curi duit 1mdb you pulak diam. Cakap la najib curi duit 1mdb, kenapa takut?

        1. Hullo troll. You think that by repeating “Najib curi duit 1mdb” a thousand times everywhere that your Hate Najib campaign will work?

          1. It is the truth, BN are liars and this should be there campaign slogan in Sarawak;

            ‘Najib curi duit 1mdb, Undilah BN’

          2. It works. Everyone at the street believe the 1mdb story. Why sack AG if there is nothing to hide?
            Only pemakan dedak like you, azalina bin othman and joceline tan believe otherwise. Semua sudah makan dedak. Apa yang nak kata lagi? Azalina bin othman forgotten who gv her the helming seat for puteri umno. Kacang lupakan kulit bunch of dedak eaters.

            1. There is an appalling quality in people like you and the way you lot like heckle. She is Azalina binti Othman, not “bin”.

              The Malays recoil instinctively although they might not quite be able to put their finger on what exactly it is about DAP supporters that gets their goat. They put it down under broad generalities like DAP is anti Malay or DAP is anti Islam.

              I’ve analysed the RBA behaviour more thoroughly. Since a couple of years back, I’ve begun to obtain an insight into why Malayan/Malaysian history has witnessed episodes where Malays ran amok against the Chinese.

              Like I’ve mentioned before, the Malays were colonized by the

              Portuguese — 130-year rule — Melayu takde amok
              Dutch — 184 years — Melayu takde amok
              English — 166 years — Melayu takde amok
              Japanese — 3-¾ years — Melayu takde amok pun

              But confronted by the kominis Cina — a mere three weeks during the 1945 interregnum — trying to grab power and … you should read up on your history. Jangan buta sejarah.

              1. Azalina bin othman unless proven otherwise. Even wanita umno people made this statement before. Not by me. Goes to show how well connected you are with your dedak giver.

                1. re: “Azalina bin othman unless proven otherwise.”

                  This is exactly the kind of unhinged, topsy-turvy assertion that displays how delusional you all are.

                  re: “Even wanita umno people made this statement before. Not by me.”

                  Doesn’t mean that you should go around repeating a lie or a jeer.

                  re: “Goes to show how well connected you are with your dedak giver.”

                  It shows that I lack the nasty streak that is inherent in the Bintang Lima DAP supporters. That’s why I belong to the minority BN voters.

        2. Dayak united,

          No. I am not obsessed with Chinese.. i am just reminding those in UMNO who still hopes for Chinese votes. My advice is just forget it.

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