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America’s next First Lady could be a six-foot immigrant

Montage of Donald Trump and his glamorous wives below.

(from left) Ex-wife No.2 Marla Maples; first wife of 15 years, Ivana and current wife Melania

Trivia: Ivana Trump has been married four times. The Donald was her second husband (1977-1992).

Trump wives

Only one foreign-born First Lady thus far

Melania Trump’s birth name is Melanija Knavs. A Slovenian (Eastern European), she later changed the spelling of her surname to the more German-sounding Knauss.

Melania was born in the former communist Yugoslavia. She only became a citizen of the USA a mere 10 years ago in 2006.

“She supports her husband’s hardline stance on immigration” — article here @ uk.

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‘Melania Trump, immigrant, defends Donald Trump’s reactionary immigration stance’ (Huffington Post, 24 Feb 2016)

Melania is an ex-supermodel who’s 5 foot 11 inches tall.

You can gauge Mrs Trump’s towering height – below – when she stands beside her hubby who is six foot two. In heels, she is almost as tall as the Republican presumptive nominee for president.

Trump Melania

Trivia: Coincidentally, Melania is the same height as the formidable Michelle Obama (also 5’11”).

If Trump succeeds in his bid for the presidency, Melania will be the only other foreign-born First Lady in American history apart from Louisa, whose husband John Quincy Adams was president from 1825 to 1829.

Unmarried women biggest chunk of voter demography

The Voter Participation Data Center – above – tells us that unmarried women of voting age are this year/2016 projected to number 59,366,000 of the American population. (United States Census Bureau older data is here.)

The total number of Americans eligible to vote is 218,959,000 — see voting statistics separately here.

  • Married women who can vote — 57.9 million
  • Unmarried women who can vote — 59.4 million

Unmarried women make up 27.1 percent of the potential American electorate.

If we were to divide a population into four quadrants: (1) Married Men, (2) Married Women, (3) Unmarried Men & (4) Unmarried Women, it is seen that Unmarried Women make up a disproportionately large segment of the American voting pool, i.e. bigger than one quarter (27.1%).

BELOW: Chart shows adult population in the USA

Data from US Census Bureau 2015
Data from US Census Bureau 2014

Note: ‘Ummarried’ also includes divorced or widowed

Now if The Donald is able to walk back his numerous insults of women and persuade them to pick him over Hillary in November, Melania could become only the second ever immigrant First Lady.

Can Trump pull it off? If he doesn’t, then Bill Clinton will debut in history as America’s first First Gentleman.

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  1. Do you get the impression that Hillary would actually be more hawkish than Trump when it comes to foreign policy? She gives me that Madeline Albright vibe …

    Trump, on the other hand, may likely focus more on their own economy.

    Either way, the world is in for a bumpy ride whoever the American people choose.

    1. Islam1st, very true. Just like Nazri is in the cabinet to make both Najib and Zahid look intelligent and beradab.

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