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Trump, Mr President possible …

The pundits kept predicting that Donald Trump would crash and burn. He has thwarted their forecasts time and again.

His bizarre popularity is the white blowback against “community organizer” Barack Obama who lowered the presidential bar for the Oval Office down to basement level.

As things stand, Trump can write off the minority Latino (mainly Mexican) votes, just like BN should write off Chinese votes.

Hillary may not be as popular with the blacks as Bill was but in recent decades, the Dems can usually rely on locking in the black vote.

Muslims, Mormons and other niche groups in the USA fear or loathe (or both) Trump. And these small losses to the GOP will all add up. That’s how Obama’s rainbow coalition clinched it with his campaign’s “audacious” message of Hope and Change.

Needless to say, the more things change, the more they stay they same. It’s a con.

As for Obama’s promise of ‘Hope’, obviously a swathe of the traditional working class is in despair and hence their heeding Trump’s siren song.

The Republican base can’t wait to see the back of him and to usher in to the White House The Donald, amid their chant, “Build the wall, deport them all”.

Since the whites have been pigeonholed as “racists”, “bigots”, “haters” and Drumpf rednecks, why not just live up to expectations. After all, what reputation have they got further to lose?

There’s a right-wing tide rising against immigrants and Islam. Trump is buoyed by the strong evangelical vote. It’s a backlash against the holier-than-thou political correctness of the leftists and hypocrite liberals.

liberal hypcrites

The same is happening across Europe too. Marine Le Pen in France, Geert Wilders in the Netherlands, UKIP (the Brits), the far right in Belgium, Austria, Finland and Poland are increasingly occupying the mainstream. They’re more powerful than nationalist/nativist politicians have never been since the era of Hitler and Mussolini.

Like Trump, his cousins across the Atlantic are also winning votes — wildly.

Meanwhile Angela Merkel in Germany is the most unpopular that she has ever been for forcing Germany to accept huge numbers of Syrian refugees. The natives are revolting.

On paper, the math works in Hillary’s favour.

But you can’t discount anything with the maverick, kickass Trump. Experts confidently swore that he’s a mere blip that should have been long gone. Yet he’s on his merry way to the November smackdown with Mrs Clinton.

There is of course a lesson in this for our own political calculus in Malaysia. Can you see it?


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16 thoughts on “Trump, Mr President possible …

    1. But they are important. Cina makes up 30+% of the population and control what? 70, 80% of the economy. That’s a huge chunk to be relegated as unimportant.

      All those years after Merdeka, all you hear when you poll the Cina is about how important it is to cari makan. Well, they have “found” their makan and dah kenyang pun. So the next move is obviously to cari kuasa, kuasa memerintah. Natural progression.

      So yes, their votes are important. But what is even MORE important is not to LOSE the support of the Melayus who have been supporting the ruling party all these years. And that is Umno’s main weakness.

      1. The US presidential race is absolutely fascinating.

        Trump is going for broke on the white vote. It’s hard to imagine many Mexican-Americans willing to vote for him.

        It’s also such a fine line on diversity, which was what propelled Obama over the finish line.

        The Trump protesters carried placards written in Spanish. How like Bersih 4.0…

  1. Whilst i do not endorse Trump as such, however I recognise that he and Bernie Sanders both address the real concerns of ordinary people, Trump from the right and Sanders from the left, with regards the economy, unemployment and US imperialist military interventions abroad, especially in the Middle East where they are creating the problems which are driving refugees to flee to Europe.

    If the US presidential elections comes down to a contest between Hillary Clinton and Trump, I foresee a strong chance that Trump will win, given the popular disillusion with mainstream politicians of which Clinton is one.

    Apart from his anti-Muslim and anti-Hispanic immigrant rhetoric which I oppose, I believe that if Trump (or Sanders) live up to their election promises, they will roll back the policies of Globalisation which have resulted in losses of good jobs for American workers, kill the TPPA dead in the water, disengage the US military from foreign wars and so forth which would be a good thing for the rest of the world.

    If the US stops meddling in the Middle East, I’m sure the refugee crisis will end and people can return to their homelands.

    I believe that a victory of Trump (or Sanders) will be the beginning of a worldwide sea change away from the neo-liberal, globalist, unfettered free market and open borders (to trade and finance) policies which began with Thatcher and Reagan over 30 years ago, towards a world in which nation states have more sovereignty over their borders and say in their affairs.

    If Trump (or Sanders) kill the TPPA – good.

    1. Have you noticed how hysterical the left media is behaving and how biased their coverage of Trump?

      I believe some degree of caution, if not outright hostility, against outsiders is just human nature.

      As a comparison although it is only a small sample size, homicides in Penang involved the most number of Myanmar nationals. One suspected reason is that they brought their deadly religious feud from Myanmar to Malaysia.

      (Another example is Pakistani families bringing their practise of honour killing to the UK.)

      Below is Trump’s remark on the illegal Mexican immigrants. How do you gauge its veracity?

      Btw, I too have a niggling feeling that Trump will be able to pull off an upset.


    2. Agree that Trump may win against Clinton.

      The media has painted Trump as a racist, chauvinistic monster. Of course Trump made it super easy everytime he opened his mouth. But he cannot be the billionaire(?) that he is without some arrogance or chutzpah and certainly not without some sound knowledge in business and politics.

      What most people do not realise is one of the reasons that Trump is getting such strong support is because he is coming off as a straight shooter tell-it-like-it-is person. People (not just Americans) are tired of all the political games, the endless politicking, the destructive policies, and how the technological advances seem to highlight the widening disparity between the haves and the have-nots.

      1. What kind of news portal is the Huffington Post?!

        The left is just too smug. Have a look @

        At the end of the news article is tagged the disclaimer below:

        “Editor’s note: Donald Trump regularly incites political violence and is a serial liar, rampant xenophobe, racist, misogynist and birther who has repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims — 1.6 billion members of an entire religion — from entering the U.S.”

        This standard editor’s note describing Trump routinely accompanies any article on him in HuffPo., see

        If it’s a news item, it should be reported straight. Readers can make up their own mind as to what Trump is.

        The HuffPo‘s didactic editorializing is in itself more heavy-handed/extreme than Trump’s rhetoric or gaffes.

        As for Trump’s suggestion that Muslims be prevented from entering the US, it’s a little bit similar (though certainly not identical) to Adenan’s ban on a long list of personages from entering Sarawak.

        And while Trump was only proposing the barring, Adenan actually carried it out.

        1. And, I’m sure liberal journalists would dearly love writing for the Huffington Post, considering the following reports:—-

          “It’s one of the longest-running shrugs in contemporary writing life, the vexing issue of The Huffington Post not paying a reputed 100,000 bloggers who write for it.”

          “HuffPo UK editor Stephen Hull squirms as he defends slave labour in an interview with Steve Hewlett:

          “I love this question, because I’m proud to say that what we do is that we have 13,000 contributors in the UK, bloggers… we don’t pay them, but you know if I was paying someone to write something because I wanted it to get advertising pay, that’s not a real authentic way of presenting copy. So when somebody writes something for us, we know it’s real. We know they want to write it. It’s not been forced or paid for. I think that’s something to be proud of.”

          “There are many reasons to be proud of running a news publication. Editors and publishers often speak of lofty ideals like uncovering the truth, funding good storytelling and forging a trust with everyday readers. But at the Huffington Post, one special point of pride, apparently, is being able to avoid paying writers for their work, according to the site’s U.K. editor-in-chief, Steven Hull.”

          “To the delight of Arianna Huffington, we imagine, a judge has dismissed that class action lawsuit filed last Spring by a group of unpaid bloggers suing the Huffington Post for pay, falling on the side of the Huffington Post. U.S. District Judge John Koeltl dismissed the suit, saying that the bloggers knew they wouldn’t get money when they signed up from the gig, according to the New York Post. Though it is true that these bloggers volunteered for a non-paying position, these writers did a job for which others (like your correspondent) get paid. Media columnist and director of the Knight Center for Digital Media Entrepreneurship Dan Gillmor called Huffington’s abuse “exploitative.”

          I guess the Huffington Post is setting the “new normal” in journalism – i.e. journalists must write for their respective publications free in pursuit of their ideals.

          1. I think the liberals and the left media have lost it wrt The Donald. They’re the fascists.

            Republican voters in the primaries exercised their democratic right and picked Trump as their man. It’s their party, their choice.

            But each time Trump wins a state, the liberal-left commentariat refuse to write on his victory but instead devise all kinds of methods for his rivals to shut him down or to force the “contested convention” in Cleveland.

            I mean, the news of the moment is clearly Trump wins X, Y and Z delegates but the liberal media simply cannot accept the voice/self-determination of the (Republican party) people. What kind of liberal or democrat is that?

            Bloody fascists. Same with the self-aggrandizing journos in Malaysia’s alternative media.

            1. “Bloody fascists. Same with the self-aggrandizing journos in Malaysia’s alternative media.”

              That’s an issue I have with this bunch too but whilst some are liberal or left-liberal, many are actually libertarian (right wing anarchist).

              Unlike traditional conservatives who are both right wing on social, cultural and economic policies and positions, libertarians are liberal on social and cultural policies but right wing on economic policies.

              For example, a traditional conservative would be against abortion. same sex marriage, against legalisation of marijuana, against pornography, strong on family values, pro-privatisation, against affirmative action programmes to assist more disadvantaged communities and ethnicities, against government welfare and unemployment insurance payments to unemployed workers, against government old age pensions for all citizens and permanent residents and so forth.

              On the other hand, a libertarian would be favourable to abortion, same sex marriage, legalisation of marijuana, unfettered free trade, open borders, for little or no taxation, little or no government regulation of their personal lives and of business, for no or very low tariff barriers, for free speech and free press but they would be against affirmative action to help disadvantaged groups, against government regulation of industry and business to protect the interests of workers, consumers, the environment and so forth, against government welfare and social insurance payments to help unemployed workers or old age pensions for all citizens and permanent residents get by, against workers’ rights and protections, against government social healthcare facilities in favour of private hospitals and clinics, against government schools and universities in favour of private ones and so forth.

              Libertarian ideology is the socio-cultural facet of neo-liberal economic policies and many Pakatan supporters tend to favour them and globalisation because they believe that free market forces will undermine government linked companies which they despise and somehow “liberate” them from BN rule.

              If you examine such self-aggrandising journos in both the alternative and mainstream media closely enough, I’m sure you will find that many are or not really liberals or left-liberals but libertarians.

              The IT industry, especially the Internet and multimedia related IT industry, IT professionals and user base tends to be libertarian due to the heavy influence of libertarian ideas flowing through the Internet.

              As someone who has written about IT for over 20 years, I have encountered this kind far too often.

              To clarify any confusion over the terms “liberal” and “libertarian” – In my understanding, unlike a libertarian, a liberal will be closer to a social democrat in that he/she will be liberal on social, cultural and economic policies. For example, a liberal would favour same sex marriage, the legalisation of marijuana, human rights, free speech, free press, pornography as well as affirmative action, government funded healthcare, education, government housing and so forth.

              1. re: “If you examine such self-aggrandising journos in both the alternative and mainstream media closely enough, I’m sure you will find that many are or not really liberals or left-liberals but libertarians.”

                Agree. They’re not liberals nor democrats either.

                ‘Liberal’ is a word misappropriated by the fascists. Next time I shall remember to put it withing quote marks when I use.

                The hijacking is like how these people and their ilk like to label other “haters” while at the same time liberally sprinkling their own speech with “God bless”, “My prayers for you” etc.

                Nonetheless, merely using lovey-dovey words doesn’t make them bridge builders — not by a long shot.

              2. So, for the record, are you backing a Trump presidency?

                Even if he implements his threat to bar Muslim visitors to the US?

                I mean, that resonates with his “grassroots”, right?

  2. “Btw, I too have a niggling feeling that Trump will be able to pull off an upset.”

    So do I. Trump is the voice for those who are forced to shut up because political correctness. Trump is for those who describe a spade as a spade. Porky fries as porky fries and not some meat fries just to be correct but lust for pork.

  3. The lesson learnt here is, never UNDERATE YOUR APPONENT!!
    As Lao Tze said, A journey of a miilion miles begins with a step!

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