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Who is MCA’s enemy? Ridhuan Tee or DAP?

Ridhuan Tee wrote in his Sinar Harian column two days ago, “Ultra kiasu tuduh saya macam-macam dapat habuan itu dan ini kerana menjadi lebih Melayu daripada Melayu. Wal hal saya tidak dapat apa-apa pun daripada orang Melayu atau Umno.”

The reverse is true. It is well known which community in Malaysia are the pushy bribe givers.


Ridhuan Tee: Kuasa dan kekayaan mereka diguna untuk beli cai Melayu

Melayu reject pemakan dedak sanggup lebih Cina daripada Cina

Over the recent long weekend …

After submitting a latest progress report to his ultra kiasu paymaster, the Melayu Protun pemakan dedak blogger now has wads of cash in his pocket — enough for that refreshing mid-year holiday soon in somewhere cool … favourite destination Japan, here he comes!

anime sailor moon snigger

MCA Religious Harmony Bureau chairman Ti Lian Ker yesterday issued a press statement titled ‘Associating Chinese as “ultra-kiasu”, does Ridhuan Tee now realise that biologically, he is a “Keturunan sepet” notwithstanding his Islamic faith?’

MCA’s Ti wrote:

“Ridhuan Tee has exhorted his hopes of seeing a Chinese Muslim President leading Umno or PAS one day (Free Malaysia Today, 2 May 2016). As an academician, he has gotten his facts wrong.”

Ti alleges that as an academician, Ridhuan has gotten his facts wrong.

Is it too much for Ti – as a politician notwithstanding – to make sure that his own facts are correct?

MCA, DAP gang up to whack Ridhuan Tee

For the record, Ridhuan never mentioned that Umno or PAS should be led by a Chinese Muslim “president”. MCA is being mischievous to put words in the ustaz’s mouth.

What Ridhuan actually wrote was, “Suatu hari ini saya nak tengok dalam PAS dan Umno ada orang Cina yang memimpin”.

In his sentence, Ridhuan is referring to his hope for Chinese Muslim leaders “in” PAS and Umno — “dalam” [kedua-dua parti tersebut] was word he used. Ridhuan’s article ‘Di manakah warna-warni Islam?‘ can be read in Sinar Harian (2 May 2016). Check for yourself.

PAS already has Datuk Anuar Tan Abdullah as its Kelantan state exco. Umno has a non-Malay, Datuk Ronald Kiandee, who is the party’s four-term Sabah MP as well as Deputy Speaker of the Dewan Rakyat.

The wish expressed by Ridhuan is not impossible. On the other hand, MCA has deliberately misrepresented the Chinese ustaz’s view.

MCA jump fish

Any Chinese Muslims in MCA today? Siapa?

Next, Ti who is an MCA exco, wrote:

“Ridhuan’s assertion that MCA would likely never admit Chinese Muslims is shallow and wrong in fact.  MCA actually has more Chinese Muslims in the party than he would be surprised.”

Yes, Datuk. Do please tell us who are the Chinese Muslims in MCA.

Don’t give us the names from Tunku’s time such as Omar Ong Yoke Lin and Mohammed Tahir Tan Tong Hye, okay. That’s in the past. Talk about the present, yah.

MCA run after Pakatan bus

MCA throws Ridhuan under the bus

MCA’s Ti remarks that Ridhuan is “sepet and not a Malay Muslim as alleged”.

For MCA’s info, Ridhuan has always described himself as a Chinese although, granted, he appears to have a greater affinity with the Malay community. This is deduced when he includes himself in the collective pronoun “kita” talking about the Malay polity due to their shared Muslim identity.

Ridhuan does not state unequivocally that he is a Malay.

And in any case, the man cannot be a constitutional Malay either if he was born after 1957. Although Ridhuan passes the Islam-religion, BM-language and Malay-custom test, he does not fulfill the criterion pertaining to year of birth and parents and domicile as required in the Constitution’s definition of a Malay person.

The often overlooked requirement – see (a) or (b) – of the FedCon’s Article 160 reads as follows:

“Malay” means a person who professes the religion of Islam, habitually speaks the Malay language, conforms to Malay custom and—

(a) was before Merdeka Day born in the Federation or in Singapore or born of parents one of whom was born in the Federation or in Singapore, or is on that day domiciled in the Federation or in Singapore; or

(b) is the issue of such a person;

MCA gave free pass to bangsa ‘Anak Malaysia’ rivals

It is the DAP evangelistas who vehemently deny that they’re Chinese.

“Zero Chinese”, tweeted Hannah Yeoh (see above). Tapi kenapa bila ada yang berkait dengan parti evangelis, MCA dok membisu jer?

In fact, the MCA’s own J-Star declared there is no such thing as “race” and that there is only one human race. Ref. ‘Star editor insists that “races” have never existed(14 Feb 2013).

What a Valentime’s Day smack in the face for the paper’s boss the Malaysian CHINESE Association .

MCA used to be a Buddhist-dominated party but ….

Unlike in the DAP, the top leadership of MCA comprises many Buddhists and/or Taoists — pix above, showing then MCA president Dr Chua Soi Kek and current Wanita MCA chairman Heng Seai Kie in a temple.

Some MCA people have got a problem with Chinese who convert to Islam but no issue at all with the many Chinese who convert to evangelical Christianity. In fact, the MCA is even willing to allow its media empire to turn into a Nest of Evangelistas.

Don’t be surprised if the MCA is compromised and its leadership infiltrated by the evangelistas.

Clcik to enlarge

ABOVE: Birth certificate application forms submitted by Hannah Yeoh and Ng Wei Aik (then Guan Eng’s pol-sec) stating their newborns’ race as “Anak Malaysia”. Not Chinese!

Gajah depan mata MCA pura-pura tak nampak

If there are “zero Chinese” in Malaysia (“we’re all Malaysians, first and only) as proclaimed by DAP and Hannah Yeoh, then why is there any need for Sekolah Cina? MCA, answer the question.

MCA”s Ti also accused Ridhuan of seeming “to have tried very hard to dissociate himself from his roots”.

It is the DAP evangelistas who have tried very hard to cut their roots altogether. They refuse to even acknowledge that they’re keturunan Cina. Instead they insist that their bangsa is the invented “Anak Malaysia”.

Again, MCA has never taken up this matter in the public domain. MCA prefers to fight Ridhuan Tee who is not a politician rather than do battle with the DAP that has almost wiped out BN’s Chinese representation.

Here is a clear-cut case of MCA looking at the speck of sawdust in their brother’s eye and paying no attention to the plank in their own J-Star backyard.


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