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Balancing the books between PAS and the native Christian vote

The competing demands by PAS (whom Umno is courting) and by the Sarawak non-Muslim pribumi (fixed deposit that BN wants to retain) is something that the coalition chairman would have preferred to keep on the back burner at this juncture.

But then yesterday, Hadi Awang apparently dropped a bombshell which The Gunting gleefully picked up — reporting the news with maximum provocation as below:

Yeehah! snip ‘n’ stab

They’re such a small, helpless (and powerless) minority

Remember … Christians are  “O-N-L-Y  NINE PERCENT” of the population and Sarawak native Christians only a part of that ‘lil 9%.

puss in boots

In Sabah, Christians are not (or are no longer) the religious majority. Additionally, Umno Sabah is very strong in the state.

By comparison, the PAS crowd and the increasingly devout Muslim fence-sitters are a blue ocean.

Meanwhile, the Chinese born again Christians in the peninsula are dead set against Najib. The Indians are polarized: Indian Christians and their churches support the opposition while Indian Hindus predominate in the MIC.

BELOW: The DAP mascot in green camouflage


DAP’s order of a container of selendangs from Hannah Boutique

How will DAP fare among Dayak voters in the semi-rural areas in which the party is competing for the first time?

Sarawakians go to the polls tomorrow. So we have only to wait one day more to see how the Chinese and the Christians would cast their vote.

Adenan Satem is constantly claimed to be very popular among Sarawak Chinese and native Christians. Talk is cheap. The actual results will speak volumes.

Was Hadi Awang’s remark about the Muslim CM in Sarawak something off-the-cuff or was his comment calculated? Needless to say, PAS’s firm belief in compulsory Muslim leadership has a long-term and larger implication on federal politics beyond Sarawak.

The day of reckoning – whether we’re for political Islam or secular politics – cannot be avoided by deferring upon the excuse “agree to disagree” and sweeping under the carpet.

Hadi and PAS learned this from their experience with the DAP and its pushy political Christianity.



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14 thoughts on “Balancing the books between PAS and the native Christian vote

  1. Flashback.
    Teo Nie Ching and her moon song “”Moon Represent My Heart” ”

  2. Another anti Christian article! Get a life you ugly bitch.Just how much is UMNO paying you to write this drivel to fool the low IQ’d Malays? Fuck Islam, and fuck your whiny little Chinese arse. You defend the most hated and evil religion in the world and constantly attack a religion that dominates the civilized and educated world. Just how stupid and needy are you? Stupid loser!

    1. FHHD, your comment is sooo lowly that reflects the ugliest of a being, unlike a human. It does not even deserve to be published in this blog.

      1. I think who ever it is, was from outer space…..

        Anyway masih ramai lagi rakyat Malaysia yang macam tu, best thing is to let it be, ignoring it for I think IT craves the attention, so lacking in its home.

        Kesian dia…that FHHD or whatever it refers to itself :)

    2. FHHD,
      Majority in this country are your low IQ’d Malays who practices your most hated and evil religion in the world, so simple question here is “why the hell are you still living in this country”?

      Lu tunggu apa lagi? Belah le!

    3. Between the Wahhabi and your Archetype it is a hard pick for most uncivilized religionist.

      1. It is of the adab of the high path of Islam to completely abandon and to shun guile, deceit, scornfulness, or sarcasm because these are unlawful.
        Allah Most High says, “O you who believe, let no man scorn other men, for they might well be better than they are. And let no woman scorn other women, for they might well be better than they. And do not find fault with one another, or give each other insulting nicknames” (Qur’an 49:11).
        And Allah Most High says, “Woe to whoever demeans others behind their back or to their face.” (Qur’an 104:1).
        And the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) said, “Let not one harm another, nor return another’s harm. Whoever harms another Allah shall harm him, and whoever gives trouble to another Allah shall give him trouble.” (Hakim, 2:58).

    1. if one nak take over umno, religion alone is not good enough. race is a better trick, hadi do both, he thot tis is a sure win. but he never grasp umno strength is not solely abt race, but inclusiveness. i dun wan to claim hadi is dumb but I think he is not that smart as politician, n a bit ugly if as an islamist

      1. HY,


        Unlike DAP, UMNO does not play the racial issue.

        many times I said that should UMNO play the fragile racial line, Malaysia would be a disaster zone already. And DAP would have been wiped out completely.

        Just because DAP plays racial sentiment day in day out and them blame UMNO, does not mean UMNO is so eager to behave the same.

        1. Agree. Umno never play the racial card. Thats why Hishamuddin waved the keris.

    2. TG Hadi makes the Islamic religion fodder for his larger-than-life political ambitions. He has been destroying the Malay heartland with his antagonistic Saudi fundamentalism. Now he’s playing the racial card together with Mr. Najib and reinventing “The Other” as a problematique – my Malay friends would call this “sungguh licik”.

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