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Mok Teck Boon — the Sarawak Chief Minister

Team Adenan looks set to win by a landslide, mirroring Pak Lah 2004.

Rather than whinging about Hadi Awang, DAP should instead just stop hoodwinking the natives (on either side of the South China Sea) and gain enough trust to actually gain the pribumi votes.

Guan Eng in Penang DUN

Press statement on May 5 by Lim Guan Eng

Criticisms made by Guan Eng summarized in point form:

(See full text at bottom of page)

  • Hadi Awang’s rhetoric harsh and extremist
  • Hadi anti non-Muslim
  • Hadi raising the racial bogey
  • Hadi extremist, divisive and offensive
  • Hadi bff Najib
  • Hadi bff racially divisive parties

Guan Eng accused the PAS president of fomenting “anti non-Muslim” sentiments — a phrase the DAP sec-gen repeated three times in his press statement.

Team Adenan’s anticipated resounding victory in the Sarawak election today will be a boost for the BN’s flagging multiculturalism and a temporary damper on the PAS-Umno flirtation.


Balancing the books between PAS and the native Christian vote

Hail Dear Leader Guan Eng

The DAP’s great hypocrisy

Guan Eng in his press statement two days ago said,

“DAP accepts the reality that the Malaysian Prime Minister must be Malay to reflect that a majority of the population is Malay.”

It is not being ‘colour blind’ when you claim that the PM must be Malay because the majority population is Malay.

  • Sadiq Khan – of Pakistani descent – is the mayor of London where Muslims are the minority.
  • The majority American population is white but their president is black.
  • Closer to home, the majority population in Jakarta is Javanese but the city’s governor is an ethnic Chinese.
  • The Peruvian majority population is native ‘Indian’ but Keiko Fujimori currently has an even chance of becoming Peru’s next president. Keiko is of Japanese descent. Her father Alberto, who is an ethnic Japanese, was at one time the president of Peru.

Two Faced Hannah Yeoh

DAP one helluva bullshitter

Back in Malaysia, “DAP accepts the reality that the Malaysian Prime Minister must be Malay to reflect that a majority of the population is Malay.”

(a) DAP has been bullshitting all this time that the party is blind to the colour of one’s skin.

(b) DAP has been bullshitting that it does not recognize the concept of race (“there are no Malays”, only Malaysians).

(c) DAP has been bullshitting that it promotes meritocracy – i.e. the best person for the job regardless of his race, religion or gender – yet DAP accepts that the PM must be Malay to reflect that we’re races first despite the “democratic” party’s Malaysian First ideology.

DAP is one big bullshitter.

So now we hear Guan Eng admitting his party accepts the reality that our PM must be Malay because of majoritarian tendencies.

Even since the days of Perikatan, the BN has accepted the reality that our population is racial. However the BN’s realism is slammed by DAP as racism, and the coalition components as “racially divisive parties”.

BELOW: In the short span of eight years, Guan Eng has had three Malay PKR deputy chief ministers

guan eng mansor othman

DAP afraid to tell PAS no law prohibits a Chinese from becoming S’wak CM

Guan Eng also said in his May 5 press statement, “there is no reason why a bumiputera, whether Muslim or non-Muslim, cannot be a Sarawak Chief Minister”.

He asked, “Why not accept that a non-Muslim bumiputera can also be a Chief Minister of Sarawak”.

(a) Guan Eng is talking as if no non-Muslim has ever been Sarawak CM before. That’s not true.

Stephen Kalong Ningkan was the state’s first CM. He was a Christian. He was also of mixed Iban and Chinese parentage, and his Chinese name was Mok Teck Boon.

(b) Guan Eng is talking as if a Chinese is automatically disqualified from becoming Sarawak CM?

Where does it say anywhere in the Sarawak constitution that an ethnic Chinese cannot become CM? All the constitution says about disqualification is that “a person who is citizen by naturalization shall not be appointed Chief Minister”.

In other words, a Malaysian Chinese who is born Malaysian faces no legal impediments to becoming Sarawak CM.

There are no roadblocks for a Chinese or a Christian to become Sarawak CM. The only reason that a Chinese/Christian has not become CM is because it is the BN that has been winning all the elections. And BN is not controlled by either the Chinese or the Christians.

It is not necessary for Guan Eng to screech that Hadi Awang is extremist, divisive and offensive. The best counter argument is to point out that the PAS president has not interpreted the law correctly.

Meanwhile Hadi can stand his ground on mandatory Muslim CM by challenging DAP that if the evangelical party wants a Chinese or a Christian to lead Sarawak, then try and win the election. That’s all.

The reason for the DAP’s self-contradictions illustrated above simply boils down to the fact that the party is a bloody hypocrite.

Hannah Racist Ugly Mouth Hodoh

Full text of Guan Eng’s statement

DAP regrets the harsh and extremist political rhetoric of PAS President Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang in Kuching that non-Muslim bumiputeras or a Chinese can not be allowed to rule Sarawak. Hadi is clearly anti non-Muslim when he said that non-Muslim bumiputeras and Chinese can be leaders but both Sabah and Sarawak must be ruled by a Muslim bumiputera.

DAP has never asked that the Sarawak Chief Minister be Chinese, which is puzzling why Hadi is raising the racial bogey of a Chinese Sarawak Chief Minister to frighten voters. However there is no reason why a bumiputera, whether Muslim or non-Muslim, can not be a Sarawak Chief Minister. DAP accepts the reality that the Malaysian Prime Minister must be Malay to reflect that a majority of the population is Malay. Why not accept that a non-Muslim bumiputera can also be a Chief Minister of Sarawak, when they form a majority of the population?

Such anti non-Muslim sentiments by the PAS President is not only divisive but also offensive to non-Muslim bumiputeras, who are the majority population in Sarawak. Why are the non-Muslim bumiputeras disqualified for the highest office of Chief Minister of Sarawak merely because of they are not Muslims? Clearly non-Muslim bumiputeras have a more open heart and Malaysian spirit than Hadi when they can accept a Muslim bumiputera like Tan Sri Adenan Satem as their Chief Minister.

Hadi even went a step further when he said, “The Chinese, the Indians and other races are our leaders too, but they need to be led by a Muslim.” This means that even in Penang, where a clear majority of the population is non-Malay, the Chief Minister can not be a non-Malay. This is contradictory to his previous position in the 2008 and 2013 general elections when he supported a Chinese as Penang Chief Minister.

Clearly Hadi’s close association with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and the racially divisive parties of BN has coloured Hadi’s thinking, until he thinks in terms of BN’s categorization of racial and religious division instead of inter-racial and multi-religious harmony. Despite such extremist and anti non-Muslim sentiments, PAS still seeks to get non-Muslim or non-Malay votes. It is unlikely PAS will ever succeed, when voters identify that a vote for PAS under Hadi is no different from a vote for Umno under Najib.


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13 thoughts on “Mok Teck Boon — the Sarawak Chief Minister

  1. i think “accept the reality” cannot be construed as bullshit. idealistic is still needed to make one a better person. i still prefer a environment that talk less abt race. the reason i despise dap fanboy is i dun see they r that diff with umno, but talk as if they r the best.

    1. Since the days of the Perikatan, MCA’s Ah Chong and MIC’s Muthu have “accepted the reality” that Umno’s Ali is the taiko.

      For being realistic, the MCA and Umno, MIC are called “running dogs” and “racists”.

      After all the pusing and name-calling, DAP knuckles down and admits the same thing.

      1. Helen,

        But why is UMNO regarded as “taiko ?

        The reason is actually quite crystal clear. UMNO is a Malay based political party. And Malays is the largest racial group in Malaysia. And UMNO manages to earn the lion share of Malay votes.

        And why Chinese hates UMNO so much? Because UMNO represents Malays in power. And in general chinese looks down on Malays.

        DAP incites the Chinese to begin to think that they alone can dictates the politics.. That they can dislodge UMNO . To a degree they are successful.

        What they ignore is that the Malays too can react. What they ignore is that even without Chinese, UMNO still can form governments.

      2. Helen,

        Constitution does not guarantee that only Malays can be the PM. It is not stated in the Constitution.

        Contrary to perception of almost entire Malaysian population, Chinese actually constitutes less than 45% of Penang voters. But CM is still Chinese.

        Alor Setar is capital of heavily Malay state of Kedah. But the MP is Chinese FROM DAP.

          1. Helen,

            Thanks for correction.

            As for Sarawak election, Najib can use the result to gauge Chinese sentiment in Peninsular. My prediction is that Adnan would likely be rejected in Chinese majority areas despite doing whatever any policitian can do to please them.


    Had a horrifying time reading the constitution.
    Found out many lies, one of them is regarding the position of PRIME MINISTER.
    Was extremely SHOCKED to find out that there is no rule for any race as championed by “BARISAN NOPISAK” or “SCUMNO”.

    There are some particular rules or articles,
    -must be a citizen,
    -must be of a certain age,
    -must not be a bankrupt
    and much more,
    but there is no clause, that state a PRIME MINISTER must from any specific race.

    I got AGITATED when any IGNORAMUS yell that a PRIME MINISTER (& later DEPUTY) must be a “malay’, because there is no such thing in the ENTIRE CONSTITUTION.

    The is no limit to any CITIZEN from grabbing that post, except from “BARISAN NOPISAK” as called in the eastern states…

    Read the CONSTITUTION,
    understand the CONSTITUTION,
    be aware of your RIGHTS,
    as guaranteed by the CONSTITUTION!

  3. BN rules for more than 50 years with UMNO having the bigger cake in BN and of course the PM is always from UMNO, a malay by race. It is never stated in the constitution that a malay must be a PM but if a political party wins most of the seats, you can look back at the constitutions and decide. That is what i understand. If UMNO wins more seat in the coming PRN, than still they will select their president…a malay of course. In other words if UMNO members are united the PM will still be their president. It’s up to UMNO members to decide. To be united or not.

  4. Hi, guys.

    Thanks for remembering me in other blogs. I saw my name elsewhere with a short comment mentioning 1MDB and RM2.6 billion.

    I’m not a politician but nice to be remembered.

    I hardly write short comments but maybe would do some from now on – to show the numbers, like BN has done in Sarawak, trouncing the hideous DAP while Limmy Guan Eng is interrogated by MACC, for the third day do day.

    1. The guy using my name in one blog elsewhere appears to have good intention.

      He / she is anti-DAP also.

      Thanks, mate.

  5. So many erroneous, inaccurate, misconceived and possibly misdirected interpretation of the Constitution up there concerning non-Malays becoming PM. Need to be clarified for the good of all Malaysians.

    Some may be misled by Aziz Bari, the one-time PKR, lost PRU13 contest in Sabak Bernam, then cabut to DAP. Sometimes referred to as a Constitutional expert but highly doubtful. One-time professor in law at UIA, active in politics helping the Opposition, drafting an amendment to the Selangor state constitution for Anwar Al Jub, got his professorship suspended, his seat became hot and he resigned, no more professor.

    The real expert in constitutional law is Professor Emeritus (can use the title even after retirement) Shad Saleem Faruqi of UiTM. He has written many books, contributed academic articles on law in law journals, invited to and attended many international law conferences, forums and symposiums.

    The clarifications I propose to make on the comments in the ensuing comments of mine will be based on what Prof Shad Saleem has written, including in his column in The Star.

    As Professor Shad Saleem has written, in the final analysis, no one is right on the interpretation of the Constitution except the Judges of the Federal Court – the highest court of the land.

    The clarifications in due course …

  6. What has been clearly established in the Constitution is that, without the “Assent” and the signature of the the YDP Agong and the Malay Rulers on the appointment letters, no Prime Minister or Menteri Besar can officially function – e.g no tabling of the Federal or State Budget from which and on which the government moves.

    Meaning, no Budget tabled to Parliament or State Assemblies, no government. And a whole rigmarole of other important, necessary duties of the PM and MBs cannot be done without those “legal instruments”.

    Also clear is that the Agong and and Sultan “act on the advice” of the PM or MB. And the PM and MBs always attend the meetings of the Rulers Council, advising on every subject discussed.

    BUT, read about the roles, functions and responsibilities of the YDP Agong and the Rulers Council at the Federal level, and the Sultans and their Council of Advisers at the State level.

    There one would find that the YDP Agong or the Rulers, when they disagree on important issues, may have such meetings on their own. At the Federal level, it may be done as a “Pre-Council meeting” which is not attended by the PM and the MBs.

    The last occasion where the Rulers Council had “their own meeting” was only recently when it was chaired by the Sultan of Selangor.. The last occasion when the Sultan of a State acted on his own was when the previous Sultan of Perak called all the State Assemblymen to determine if the MB had “majority support in the Dewan Undangan Negeri” and it resulted in DAP “proxy”, PAS’ Muhammad Nizar, becoming “MB Sekejap sahaja” in Perak.

    More, another time. Meanwhile, you all try to understand the implications of the above.

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