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Ferdinand Marcos Jr likely to become Philippines vice president

Update: May 9

Bongbong has fallen behind in the race, latest report here.

After casting his vote this morning, ‘Bongbong’ (nickname) – the son of deposed Philippines president Ferdinand Marcos – went to church to pray that God’s will be done.

Marcos Jr is leading the race and likely to clinch the vice presidency in today’s election.

Yup, his mother is Imelda — the First Lady of 1,060 Designer Shoes.

(The former Filipino beauty queen has refuted the once widely circulated story that her shoe collection numbered more than 3,000 pairs. She insists her footwear were only one thousand and sixty.)

Actually the masses don’t mind what their politician(s) are up to. As long as the said leader belongs to their camp.

Those people screaming “anti Corruption” and “Bersih” are perfectly fine with top leaders who buy underpriced bungalows that lack a swimming pool and has bad feng shui.

Mad World

Now you might ask, what about the behaviour of politicians on the other side.

Well, at least followers of the rival camp don’t run around screaming “Bersih”, “Death to evil, wicked bribe takers!” and then go on to whitewash the sins of their fallen idols.

The macai-macai are willing to ‘kill’ (they definitely carry out character assassination) and brutalize the opponents or critics of their bosses.

Ubah angry bird

Their endless hate and vitriol

SUPP today condemned the torrent of hate and insults directed against Sarawakians on social media.

In his press statement, SUPP info chief Adam Yii said, “Those posting these hateful messages are mocking Sarawakians with insinuations that we are jungle people living on tree tops, that we are poor people easily bought with money; and they have labelled us stupid and idiots.”

Sounds exactly like the work of Dapsters.

Yii also said the messages were “of an extreme hateful nature [that] are beyond accepted norms and beyond decency”.

Again, describes exactly the behaviour of Dapsters.

The SUPP publicity secretary pointed out that “Sarawakians did not insult anyone when the Opposition won Penang and Selangor”.

Exactly. And these haters are the ones blithely parroting ‘Democracy’ and its freedoms (of choice), preaching about loving one’s neighbour/enemy and pontificating about “building bridges”.

One thing I cannot stand most about them, aside from their rank hypocrisy, is the culture of fitnah — how easily they twist, tell lies and fabricate malicious stories all the time.

The irony of the Dapsters is in their embrace of the evangelistas. It’s bizarre, just like how devout Christian Filipinos are seriously close to electing Ferdinand Marcos Jr as their country’s vice president.


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15 thoughts on “Ferdinand Marcos Jr likely to become Philippines vice president

  1. “The irony of the Dapsters is in their embrace of the evangelistas. It’s bizarre, just like how devout Christian Filipinos are seriously close to electing Ferdinand Marcos Jr as their country’s vice president.”

    What is politics without principles, or in spite of religion? I find Matthew chapter 10 best encapsulates lord Jesus’ mission to the human spirit – reclaiming the perennial virtues of humility, detachment, and sagacity. There’s really no room at all for a salvation by decreed prosperity, I don’t think.

    1. “Those posting these hateful messages are mocking Sarawakians with insinuations that we are jungle people living on tree tops, that we are poor people easily bought with money; and they have labelled us stupid and idiots.”

      This is typical of liberals all over the world. If things the majority of people do not vote their way, they denounce the people as “stupid”, “ignorant”, “easily bought off” and worse, instead of trying to understand what the people’s priorities are and to propose better solutions to their concerns than the incumbents.

      I wouldn’t pay much attention to the hateful rantings of such liberals. especially keyboard liberals on social media.

      They are not “stupid” and “ignorant” as the liberals make out, since if Sarawak voters are that badly off under BN, they may have taken whatever handouts and said “thank you very much” then vote opposition but they did not, so they could not be that badly off under BN rule.

      Also, Sarawakians are very protective of their territory, to the extent that it’s easier for a Peninsular Malaysian to obtain permanent residence in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Singapore or the US, that it is for them to gain permanent residence in Sarawak or Sabah, even if they are married to a Sarawakian or a Sabahan.

      As for Philippines, this website suggests that millennials in Philippines tend to believe that the economy was better under Marcos, though the writer of this article demonstrates with economic figures that the economy began its decline under Marcos but went down further under his successors and he blames population increase and corruption, so democracy, free press, free speech, etc did not end corruption.

      Well, despite all rhetoric about “democracy”, “free speech”, “free press”, etc,Philippine politics is a battle between warlords or godfathers – i.e. between wealthy and influential families jostling for power and privilege, and after the Philippine presidency has passed through the hands of different warlord families, it looks like it is coming full circle back to a Marcos again.

      1. And the US is different how? Trump vs Clinton?

        In Australia, it’s Turnbull vs Shorten. In the UK, Cameron vs Corbyn.

        No need for “politics of hate”, but all the other rivalries remain alive and well.

        Why should Malaysia be any different?

        The more affluent and educated Malaysians are busy with their careers, accumulating nest eggs and evaluating their options

        1. Sure there are similarities in the US where members of wealthy and influential families battle it out for the presidency but that can’t be said of Obama (not that I think much of him) and neither of Corbyn in the UK who stands on a political principle.

          In the west, politics generally is a battle between representatives of different factions of the ruling capitalist class but especially in South East Asia, legacies of the feudal past still remain behind a facade of western-style representative democracy.

          BTW. My original post was intended as a reply to Helen but I accidentally replied to Chris.

    2. Please let me recall a story about one of the Christian encounters with Prophet Muhammad in his later life:

      After the Messenger (s.a.w.) had subjected the holy city of Mecca, delegations from all the tribes of the Arabian Peninsula began to convene there. It was the 9th year after the Hijrah emigration, traditionally referred to as the ‘Year of Delegations’.

      The Christians of Najran were among the various groups arriving in Mecca. Their delegation comprised of sixty men, fourteen of whom were the leading men of Najran and it was headed by three persons:- Abdul al-Masiih, the minister of civil affairs, Abham, the chief elder of the community, and Abu Haaritsah ibn Alqamah, the bishop holding authority over the Christian church and its affairs. The bishop’s close relative, Kurz ibn Alqamah, wasalso in this expedition and it was he narrated the following events in retrospect :

      “We were on the journey from Najran to Madinah, when the horse carrying my brother Abu Haritsah inopportunely sprained one of its legs. On seeing this I interjected : “What a curse! We are devoid of God’s grace!”
      I had attributed the cause of the accident to Muhammad, whom we were travelling to meet.
      “Nay! the jinx is probably your old lady!” the bishop Alqamah cut me off.
      “Why do you say such words dear brother!?” I protested.
      “Because, by Allah, Muhammad is the prophet we have been waiting for all this time.”
      “Why then have you kept your silence for so long? Why haven’t you announced it to the people?”
      “Because the emperor and the aristocracy of Rome have brought us great prosperity . . . we have recognition by virtue of them. If we ever professed another faith, everything we have enjoyed will be snatched away.”
      The words of my bishop brother cut deeply into my heart and the wound never healed until the fateful day I accepted Islam as my religion.“

    3. …continued:

      On arriving in Madinah, the Najrans were received by the Prophet (s.a.w.) in his mosque. They came into the Prophet’s presence after the Asar prayer dressed in fine and beautiful clothing which amazed quite a few of the Companions present. When it was time for them to celebrate the mass, the Najran Christians did not know where to perform their rituals, so they commenced praying right there in the Prophet’s Mosque! This did not go down well with some of the Companions who advanced to restrain them. However, the Messenger (s.a.w.) silently motioned to his disciples to mean : “Allow them to continue praying!”

      Thus the Christians worshipped in peace and afterwards a religious discussion took place between the three Najran leaders and the Messenger of Allah. These Christians believe that Jesus (peace be upon him) is God because he was able to raise the dead, cure all kinds of illnesses, and see into the invisible realms; he could also fashion birds out of the earth, incredibly blowing life into them so that the vitalized birds would just flutter away. At other times they consider Jesus to be the Son of God because he was miraculously born without a human father. Or they professed that Jesus was one of three persons in a Holy Trinity hence worthy of worship – did not God in His speech commonly refer to Himself in the ‘first person plural pronoun’?: “We cause” . . . “We reveal”. They reasoned that if Allah was a Singular Being, He would have only used the ‘first person singular pronoun’: “I cause” . . . “I reveal” etc.

      To the Najrans the Prophet (s.a.w.) proclaimed: “Accept Islam.”1
      But they countered : “We have surrendered to Him even before you!”
      M: “You do not speak the truth – your surrender is handicapped because you profess that Allah has begotten a son.”
      N: “If Jesus is not the son of Allah, then who might his father be?”
      M: “Don’t you agree that every child bears some resemblance to his father?’
      N: “That is true.”
      M: “Haven’t you understood that God the Creator and Sustainer is Eternal Life and shall never cease, while Jesus was subjected to death?”
      N: “That is true.”
      M: “Do you not know that our God the Creator and Sustainer is that Being Who subsists by Himself. From Him do all things issue, and it is His sustenance and grace that maintains creation?”
      N: “Certainly!”
      M: “Does Jesus possess qualities such as these?’
      N: “No.”
      M: “Do you know that there isn’t a single thing in the heavens nor on earth which is hidden from Allah?”
      N: “That is for certain.”
      M: “Does Jesus know anything which Allah did not teach him?’
      N: “No.”
      M: “Was it not the Lord Creator Who fashioned Jesus in the womb as He wished. But the Creator and Sustainer Himself needs no food nor drink, nor is He ever affected by change?”
      N: “Of course!”
      M: “Are you not aware that Jesus was borne by his mother Mary the way that other women bear their offspring. She gave birth to him as other mothers give birth. Jesus was suckled by his mother in the manner of other suckling babies. Then Jesus ate and drank and experienced changes in himself as he grew up?”
      N: “That is true.”
      M: “Then what is the basis of your creed?” asked the Messenger (peace and blessings be upon him)

      And his inquiry ended there.

      So narrted Kurz ibn Alqamah.

    4. Indeed, the birth of Jesus (peace be upon him) is truly peculiar in view of our common experience of human birth. Yet, should it seem anymore extraordinary than the creation of the First Man Adam? Allah Most Glorious and High wants humanity to understand the miracle of Jesus’ birth in this balanced perspective. The Lord therefore fortified the Prophet during his discussion with the Najran Christians with this revelation :

      “Verily the likeness of Jesus before Allah is like that of Adam. He created him from dust, then He said to him : “Be!” and he was.“ (Quran, Ali Imran: 59)

      The People of the Book in general, and the Christian leaders who discussed about prophet Jesus believe in that Adam was created from the clay of the earth. God imbued His Divine Spirit unto the earth and imparted to Adam human life. He was God’s uniquely wondrous creation to whom all the angels were commanded to prostrate in veneration. Strangely, Christians who deify Jesus (a.s.) have never considered Adam (a.s.) to be one with God even though Adam’s creation was more miraculous and significant that God deemed him worthy of angelic homage.

      The Quran tells us of Angel Gabriel’s (a.s.) appearance to the immaculate virgin Mary (a.s.). He brought her glad tidings of a child she was soon to bear, destined to become a messenger exalted in this world and in the hereafter. Mary, taken aback, questioned her Lord :

      “Oh Allah, how could I be with child, seeing that I have never been touched by a man?” He said : “(It will be) for Allah creates what He wills. When He has decreed something, He only says : ”Be!” and it is so.”
      (Quran, Ali Imran : 47)

      This holy converse of Allah, conveyed through Angel Gabriel, served as a sign for Mary and all of us His servants, that His Will is attended by Absolute Sovereignty. If we realize this then nothing ought to surprise us! There isn’t anything in the diverse phenomena of creation so incredible that it should astound us. All things are made possible through His Will and Power. Our rightful part is to recite “Subhan Allaah” – Glory be to Allah – for Whom there is no peer nor likeness. The servant’s heart finds repose when he realizes the correspondence between the births of Prophet Jesus and Prophet Adam . Indeed, the peace of the faithful is unyielding because he knows that all phenomena exist by virtue of Allah’s Will and Sovereignty. Nothing ought to surprise us when it comes to God’s miracles.

      What may surprise instead us is the way people cling on to their misguided beliefs about God and His creation. Instead of affirming Allah’s sublime sovereignty over all, they make themselves partners to His Lordship. In hankering after the things of the world they forget that they are servants to the Lord, and brothers and sisters to other human beings. The lines of a poet allude to such kinds of people :

      “He was created, but quite unmeaningful is his creation,
      He exists but he is as inconsequential as non-existence,
      He has talents, but he is not gifted with generosity,
      He has means, yet he is poorer than the destitute.”

      source: Al-Haaqi, “Ruuh al-Bayaan” vol 2 pp 2-3.

      1. Obviously the Christians would beg to differ.

        So, why go on (and on) about this?

        Accept the fact that there is Christianity. And Islam. And Judaism. Each with it’s own writings, principles and adherents.

        I had posted much earlier about religions having “first mover advantage”, based on a historical time line that has been documented exhaustively.

    5. Chris,

      My reply below was intended as a comment to Helen’s blog post but I accidentally replied to you.

      Any inconvenience or misunderstanding is regretted.

  2. 2 things:
    1. Ironic that Imelda is actually a true feminist. She opened the (closet) doors and enabled women the world over to be open about their love for shoes (and bags). Her 1000+ shoes is nothing compared to the 14,000+ recorded by Guinness.

    2. You are so right when you said the masses do not mind what their politicians are up to as long as they are in the same camp. That’s why the Americans may get Trump and the Philippines may get Duterte. Duterte would be a sad thing for the Philippines but Trump vs Putin is stuff of nightmares.

  3. RE: “SUPP today condemned the torrent of hate and insults directed against Sarawakians on social media. In his press statement, SUPP info chief Adam Yii said, “Those posting these hateful messages are mocking Sarawakians with insinuations that we are jungle people living on tree tops, that we are poor people easily bought with money; and they have labelled us stupid and idiots.” ”

    There is a buddhist story about smart arrogant individuals who presume they know everything about those lesser than them . . . .

    Nan-in, a Japanese master who lived during the Meiji era (1868-1912), welcomed a university professor who came to inquire about Zen Buddhism.

    Nan-in served tea. He poured his visitor’s cup full, and kept on pouring. The professor watched the overflow until he could no longer restrain himself: “It is overfilled! No more will go in!” he exclaimed.

    “Like this cup,” Nan-in said, “you are full of your own opinions and speculations. How can I show you Zen enlightenment unless you first empty your cup?”

    1. Dan ianya si blogger Annie yang pada satu kala dulu begitu beriya-iya mempeertahankan Rosmelda. Malangnya usaha Annie tak berbaloi kot, lalu dia merajuk sakan pada PMO.

      Lepas tu terang lagi bersuluh Annie beralih menjadi lebih Cina dari Cina beserta bersekongkol dengan Cina ultra dan Dapsters. Saya rasa tidak ada blogger sopo yang begitu lembut dengan DAP macam Annie nih.

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