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Umno should learn from PBB rather than impose its failed strategy on S’wak

According to Zahid Hamidi, the constitution/law to establish a government in Sarawak allows for only three deputy chief ministers.

He is, however, trying to help a Chinese become Sarawak’s fourth DCM — see MMO story tweeted below.

I’m not sure how the deputy prime minister is going to pull it off since Umno does not have any Aduns in Sarawak to table or vote on such a bill.

The PBB Aduns will surely toe their party line while the rest of the BN components are Sarawak-only state parties such as PRS, SUPP and SPDP.

Zahid DCM4

It is Adenan’s call following the Dayak tsunami

James Masing is made Sarawak DCM because his Dayak party delivered 11 seats, and at the same time notching a perfect score by winning every single seat it contested.

The performance of SUPP – the BN’s Chinese-dominated party – is not as sterling. It contested altogether 13 seats but only won half, i.e. seven seats in mixed areas. SUPP lost in the heavily Chinese areas.

On a sidenote, the DAP despite suffering a slight erosion of support still managed to carry all the Chinese seats (with the exception of Repok) on comfortable majorities.

For details of the DAP’s electoral outcome in Sarawak, see list at bottom of page.

DAP track record Sarawak elections

*  DAP surrendered Batu Lintang – which it won in year 2006 with a 3,407-vote majority – to PKR to contest in 2011 and 2016. Batu Lintang has 86 percent Chinese voters.

From the table above which charts the DAP’s 20-year track record in Sarawak, we can see that the evangelical party now has a chokehold on constituencies with a population of 70 percent and above Chinese voters.

Main export of DAP political missionaries — racism and hate

DAP did not fare so well in the earlier state elections of 1996 and 2001. However once the pushy evangelistas took over the party leadership and floored the pedal on their hate politics, the DAP’s fortunes rose in tandem.

In 2006, i.e. two years prior to Pakatan sweeping the west coast of the peninsula, DAP won half a dozen Sarawak state seats, which included among them four DUNs that had between 73.5 and 90 percent Chinese voters.

Later as a prelude to the 2013 general election Chinese tsunami, the DAP upped its Sarawak haul to a fearsome 12 seats in PRN10.

LKS Mahathir Mat Sabu

Dayaks recoil in horror from DAP evangelical onslaught

In the last Sarawak election of 2011, DAP contested 15 seats. Apart from losing in three, it was otherwise a hugely successful run for the party.

Since the DAP had limited itself then to largely the Chinese areas, it did not give the natives any clue or hint as to the party’s real but hidden monstrous nature.

It was only in the recent election that the DAP vastly expanded its ambitions to make a bid for a total of 31 seats. This time, DAP managed to hold on to only seven and was given a resounding beating in the rest of the 24 semi-urban/semi-rural and Dayak-majority seats.

In fact, some of the DAP candidates garnered even fewer votes than several independents. This was because the local population outside of the cities were spooked and aghast at the DAP’s viciousness and malice displayed during the campaign.

Sebelum ini tak kenal, maka tak benci.

Hannah photo scatter

Adenan’s hardline formula certainly works wonders

One of the first things Adenan Satem did was to ban the DAP evangelistas from setting foot on Sarawak soil.

This move helped in preventing toxic leaders such as Hannah Yeoh from injecting her venom into the Sarawak churches.

Adenan’s actions came across as autocratic but nonetheless his team, including Chinese members from SUPP and UPP, succeeded in derailing the DAP juggernaut. There is no other way to deal with the DAP’s endless hate and vitriol aside from drawing a line in the sand.

And BN Sarawak has shown itself to be more effective in fighting the DAP than Umno and its biawak hidup little pet — the MCA.

BELOW: A Bersih 4.0 Yellow Shirt farting on a punching bag that had Najib’s face/photo plastered on it

Fart on punching bag

Will Umno ever learn?

It is Umno that should take advice and a leaf from Adenan’s book rather than the parti Melayu try and foist on PBB its own methods proven to have failed in the peninsula.

Face it. If not for the Sarawak and Sabah bloc of votes, Lim Kit Siang and his son Guan Eng would today be lording it in Putrajaya.

Adenan told a press conference that he would have appointed a Chinese DCM had the SUPP delivered all its seats … something which the PBB and PRS achieved. He set the bar requiring BN Chinese parties to prove their mettle in Chinese areas.

Umno fails to do the same with MCA by asking the Chinese party to grow a pair and fight DAP mano e mano rather than piggyback the Malay-majority areas.

Since SUPP failed to win the Chinese areas, Adenan did not appoint its president as one of his DCMs.

The Sarawak chief minister was also yesterday quoted as saying, “The last time we had a Chinese deputy chief minister was when SUPP had 19 seats”. (For the record, MCA currently holds a mere 11 DUN seats nationwide.)

In other words, Adenan refuses to reward below par performers even though SUPP actually did much, much better relatively speaking than MCA.

The problem does not lie with Adenan for not appointing a DCM No.4. The problem is Umno for coddling a party with ‘Chinese’ in its name but losing in every Chinese absolute majority area.

laugh China girl

Melayu reject pemakan dedak DAP

Another problem with Umno is failure to deal with its rejects who ubah their allegiance and make an astounding U-turn to whack the Malay party kaw-kaw. For example, that Protun prepaid blogger who previously joined the “Apa lagi Cina mahu?” chorus.

Yet today after his 180-degree flipflop, this blogger has shape-shifted to become the Malay political operative cum foremost proponent of Chinese ultras in blogosphere.

Joining his handler’s Sour Grapes bandwagon over the BN success in Sarawak, the DAP-aligned “Melayu screw Melayu” mercenary instrument is ranting and raving against Umno.

This same Protun Malay (echoing the Dapsters who proliferate in his blog) is calling Umno a “racist”, “despicable” and “hateful” party. Why? Ostensibly for betraying the BN multiracial spirit and permitting the Chinese to be increasingly marginalized.

Umno should clean up its own backyard and backstabbing rejects first. Sarawak BN is doing more than fine without Umno’s meddling.



1996 election (62-seat Dewan)

N.39 Bukit Assek

  • Voter turnout: 11,591
  • Majority: 226

N.42 Pelawan

  • Voter turnout: 14,043
  • Majority: 974

N.53 Kidurong

  • Voter turnout: 10,357
  • Majority: 22

DAP — 3 seats

2001 election (62-seat Dewan)

N.53 Kidurong

  • Voter turnout: 15,108
  • Majority: 143

DAP — 1 seat

2006 election (71-seat Dewan)

N.10 Pending

  • Voter turnout: 19,203
  • Majority: 4,372

N.11 Batu Lintang

  • Voter turnout: 14,345
  • Majority: 3,407

N.12 Kota Sentosa

  • Voter turnout: 12,846
  • Majority: 531

N.40 Meradong

  • Voter turnout: 9,773
  • Majority: 3,578

N.45 Bukit Assek

  • Voter turnout: 16,099
  • Majority: 4,751

N.59 Kidurong

  • Voter turnout: 15,495
  • Majority: 1,664

DAP — 6 seats

2011 election (71-seat Dewan)

N.9 Padungan

  • Voter turnout: 16,538
  • Majority: 7,884

N.10 Pending

  • Voter turnout: 21,274
  • Majority: 7,595

N.12 Kota Sentosa

  • Voter turnout: 20,559
  • Majority: 4,824

N.13 Batu Kawah

  • Voter turnout: 14,519
  • Majority: 543

N.39 Repok

  • Voter turnout: 13,364
  • Majority: 2,679

N.40 Meradong

  • Voter turnout: 11,188
  • Majority: 2,687

N.45 Bukit Assek

  • Voter turnout: 18,504
  • Majority: 8,827

N.46 Dudong

  • Voter turnout: 19,366
  • Majority: 317

N.48 Pelawan

  • Voter turnout: 20,336
  • Majority: 6,391

N.59 Kidurong

  • Voter turnout: 18,200
  • Majority: 6,930

N.63 Piasau

  • Voter turnout: 10,479
  • Majority: 1,590

N.63 Pujut

  • Voter turnout: 14,458
  • Majority: 3,849

DAP — 12 seats

2016 election (82-seat Dewan)

N.9 Padungan

  • Voter turnout: 14,602
  • Majority: 4,270

N.10 Pending

  • Voter turnout: 19,896
  • Majority: 5,012

N.12 Kota Sentosa

  • Voter turnout: 17,275
  • Majority: 2,819

N.51 Bukit Assek

  • Voter turnout: 18,661
  • Majority: 4,497

N.54 Pelawan

  • Voter turnout: 22,395
  • Majority: 4,314

N.68 Tanjong Batu (formerly Kidurong)

  • Voter turnout: 13,605
  • Majority: 2,548

N.74 Pujut

  • Voter turnout: 16,927
  • Majority: 1,759

DAP — 7 seats


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14 thoughts on “Umno should learn from PBB rather than impose its failed strategy on S’wak

    1. Tebing Tinggi,

      Actually it is a straight forward situation. UMNO prevails in last election, garnering the lion share of Malay votes. In contrast, MCA and Gerakan lost every Chinese majority seats. The seats won by these 2 dead parties are “loaned” from UMNO.

      Yet, Najib repeatedly told the world it is important to include Chinese in his Cabinet. As if his government will collapse without Chinese votes.

      What Najib should do is to exclude entirely Chinese from his Cabinet and also Deputy Minister line up.

      1. umno lama then, now umno baru dgn mca spt kembar siam. they have been fulfilling each other’s needs since merdeka.

        1. Shamsul anuar,

          If Najib was to played though as Adnan did ,DAP will lose their deposit .
          Perpatah Melayu , ‘berbaik berpada-pada ‘buat jahat jangan sekali’ ,pemberian harus bersesuaian dengan sumbangan .

  1. Helen,

    Someone asked me why Adnan’s way seems to be effective. I replied that Adnan just uses common sense. Unfortunately , the trait is not that common within UMNO circles.

    Adnan courted the Chinese. But he is not “terhegeh hegeh”. He shows that it is a 2 way traffic. Not only his governments aspires for Chinese support. But the community too needs his government.

    IN contrast, Najib behaves as if his government about to collapse without Chinese support. He still takes the trouble to appoint MCA even almost entire Chinese community rejected BN .

    The habit of babysitting “biawak hidup” MCA by allowing it to contest in Alor Gajah, Kulim, Tanjung Piai, Titi Serong must stop. By UMNO itself contesting in these seats, UMNO shows the way that it wants MCA to get Chinese votes on its own. MCA will be forced to work hard, something that it has not done for as long as I can remember.

    1. Perhaps you have forgotten that it was the Keris waving issue that alinated the chinese voters from BN. MCA and Gerakan were collateral damage and PR capitalised on the situation.
      MCA and Gerakan waved the keris ke? Or umno youth? Dah lupa ke?
      Dah lupa ke the chinese all these had been supporting BN until 2008? Why not blame yourselves? Why not blame the melayus in Kelantan for voting PAS?
      Wake up la wei melayu chavaunist!

      1. tehtarik
        Wave keris? Tak perlu bullshit la.

        Actually LKS, late Karpal ni semua have no leadership qualities tu pasai sejak Merdeka DAP seandai hidup segan mati tak mahu. Takde modal dalam politik sekadar menghasut rakyat membenci BN terutama golongan Bumiputra khususnya Melayu! Playing victims gitu2 aje bertahun2.

        Yang benar2 mencetuskan tsunami adalah Anwar dan Arwah TGNA. Kamu semua kena KELENTONG kaw kaw dengan mereka bahawasanya Putrajaya dalam gengaman Pakatan lor!

      2. Chauvinist is a word reserved for the Chinese – the DAP ultra kiasu kind.

        That’s real teh tarik mentality implying that Chinese ceased supporting BN after the keris waving. You not acknowledging there are many intelligent and discerning Chinese who know full well that the keris waving was just to win votes at the UMNO Youth elections?

        Irrespective of the words used when waving it. Just like Kit Siang saying “Malai si” and whatever else that gua bo hiau kong. Worse still the shouting by the marauding maddening DAP election victory convoyers going through Kampong Bahru and other sensitive Malay areas of KL that led to the 13 May 1969 race riots.

        You never think of the anti-Malay and anti-Islam DAP spreading hate, hate and hate was the strong pull factor for the Chinese going to the Oppies? Think again.

  2. Agreed with you ms HelenAng. The problem is who is leading UMNO today?. The leadership is under DS Najib and he got no balls to play it hard on MCA and Gerakan. So in the end these two majority cina parties had become complacent and comfortable as it does not matter to win any cina seats becos cina Minister and Dep Minister posts are guaranteed by UMNO Cabinet.

    The cina party presidents work smart not hard becos it has become a fact that under UMNO, they still got what the cina community wants, win or lose.

    DS Najib needs to act fast, firm and be serious. He must accept the fact the majority cina are not for him. Stop wasting time trying to pacify the cina esp those Dapster evangelistic specie.

    DS Najib must show that his Bugis balls are really hard and not to mess with. Just as he has shown to his Malay ex-compatriots in UMNO.

    1. berani terhadap kawan, takut kpd musuh – inilah yg dikatakan pengecut.

      berapa nilai asn terutamanya asb sekarang, satu unit masih rm1 sejak 1990? berapa kupang gaji ceo/pengerusi pada 1990 & berapa puluh2 ribu pulak sekarang?

      1. quote,”berani terhadap kawan, takut kpd musuh – inilah yg dikatakan pengecut.”unquote.

        you just aptly described the present UMNO President.

        1. merely describing the traits of such people. it’s your prerogative to identify your target.

  3. was talking to my friends about this. I KNEW someone was trying to wrangle an extra DCM from the SUPP party, judging from how the papers were harping how SUPP ‘won seats back from DAP’ blah blah blah despite PBB winning ALL their allocated seats, and James Masing party winning big as well. You’d think it was all about SUPP judging from the reports. I KNEW IT!! Can we please not have any UMNO intervention in this.. this is so annoying.

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