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Bumiputera sudah mengatasi jumlah penduduk Cina di P. Pinang

Namun kenapa Guan Eng dan DAP punya ‘Goon Squad’ masih begitu berani membuli ketua pembangkang Jahara Hamid dan orang Melayu?



Baik Kedah ambik balik saje.

BAWAH: Unjuran penduduk Pulau Pinang tahun 2015 — bumiputera 705,400   Cina 685,800

Penduduk Pulau Pinang 2015

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Field Jamal Sekinchan in Sungai Besar


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67 thoughts on “Bumiputera sudah mengatasi jumlah penduduk Cina di P. Pinang

  1. no wonder byk kampung2 melayu dihapuskan dari island because they oredi knew the ending…the least they can do is to build a chinese fort

  2. For the simple reason that DAP is now very brave to condemn (SCREW as used by the DAP macai) the malays openly is because they had “bought” a few traitorous malays to do their biddings. This had been stupidly and unwittingly revealed by their trouble maker, that Superman Hew when he asked the voters in Sarawak to vote for a DAP malay so that they can use him to screw the malays.
    To put it mildly, the abolishment of ISA caused the creation of people like Hew in the DAP, always playing with twisted provocative racial issues.

  3. Why? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

    Because Melayu Penang bodo tahap gaban.


  4. Hated the penang malays, still hate them now. The most menang sorak tanah gadai tin kosong types you’ll ever find. The very melayu ones (Prai, public housing islanders) are proud of nothing they can call theirs. The atas/wealthier ones are Chinese ball carriers and are self hating Malays. Both oblivious to the fact the Chinese are screwing them left right and center. Exception to this are the very rare ‘aware’ ones and transplanted Malays – negeri lain who just happen to work there. The local Malays are beyond redemption.

    1. Where were the Penang Malays in the years from Merdeka (1957) until the Opposition came into power in Penang?

      Were they “tin kosong”, “ball carriers”, “self haters” and “unaware” back then? Or “beyond redemption”?

      Didn’t all the billions spent on education from 1957 help them to upgrade themselves and think for themselves?

      Was that a colossal waste of public funds?

        1. So, are you admitting that the billions spent on education since Merdeka was a colossal waste of public funds? Especially where the Malays in Penang are concerned?

          And what exactly were the Malays in Penang doing (and achieving) from Merdeka until the Opposition came into power there?

          Who is to be blamed? The Federal government? The successive Penang state governments from Merdeka onwards? Penang Umno? Or the Penang Malays themselves for not taking advantage of the opportunities available in an advanced IT-centric skills-orientated economy?

          Tak faham? Get IT. Schiess to explain it to you.

            1. Good for you. At least you are not afraid of admitting to your intellectual shortcomings….

              Now, if only certain others were so upfront….


              1. Hahaha

                Readers with ‘intellect’ can see through that the Anakin’s blog is being propped up by his paymaster’s Red Bean Army.

                1. Who is this “Anakin” person that seems to have gotten your goat big time?

                  And who is this person’s “paymaster”? Don’t be coy, name names!

                  1. Hehe, this Spore bloke who is shy to admit he is Sporean is now “gotten” – siutak kina tangkap lagi, tatak tau ini blog punya long-term feud, yet hurling “goat”, challenging Helen not to be coy and naming names..

                    And yet he was protected by Helen when shooed in the past in a case that I need not elaborate or dwell upon as I have moved on to other pastures, popping in only occasionally. The Sporean bloke sounds like the case of the DAP ungrateful ingrates.

                    The Sporean appears wanting to “meddle in the internal affairs of Malaysia” because he can’t do so on the internal affairs of Spore – Big Brother Always On The Wall there, he is scared he might get pulled up in more ways than one.

                    But sad that it’s inclining to be so even here.

                    1. ” The Sporean bloke sounds like the case of the DAP ungrateful ingrates.”

                      Don’t worry. Nature has a way to punish the ingrates. The lack of sex and mating by the ingrates will result in their decline.

                      Question? Which obnoxious animal in the zoo requires constant attention and even observation to engage in sex?
                      The Panda!

                      Tigers are going extinct but they don’t need personal doctors, chefs and sex therapists. The panda needs that.

                    2. Hahaha – and they say dreams grow on trees. Or come at 5 sen a piece. And that’s at a price premium.

                      I didn’t know that Helen was “protecting” yours truly. And that I had been “shooed” (off) before. Maybe you got bested, which is why you “have moved on to other pastures” in search of “softer” and more “amenable” targets who are inclined to be cowed by your brand of codswallop.

                      “meddle in the internal affairs of Malaysia”? Do tell..


                  2. Ooh, Mulan – I wouldn’t utter those sentiments within the earshot of the Chinese Ambassador to Malaysia…

                    If you are brave enough to do so…..

                    Anyway, I thought that the ancient symbol of Imperial China was the dragon. And that the panda has been used as a coinage of Chinese diplomacy.

                    Just in case your education lacked those particular insights, you know.

                    Can’t leave any stones unturned here, right?

  5. Pak Lah is UMNO Penang…he lost his own state. That shows how stupid he was as a leader, believing in his own world. Not understanding the concept of power.
    The Malays expect politicians to be leaders but after the first generation they dont know what they are fighting for.
    They were mislead and tricked by their president whose father migfated from kerala that 30% for the malays was justice.
    It was not it was too late 22 years later they realised this indian man has enriched his race like ananda , mokhtar, nor yakub…
    Even appointing Ali Abul an indian as bank negara as gov.

    These crooks have now infiltrated the malay civil service with the KSN also now speak with indian accent.

    So thats the status for now sis..

        1. This I can’t resist….

          Why not ask the same question of your compatriots who labour away in “the red dot down south”? Apa lagi dia mau? Apart from Singapore Dollars?

          1. You mean those Cina from Kluang etc? OK, so how la, things in Singapore? Not so good I’d guess, cause you are still here, aren’t you?

            BTW passport dah koyak ke belum?

            Haiya the mainland ones oso they sapu, are you telling me those in the Istana, tak mau Cina malai-si-a meh??

            1. Hahaha – you wish!

              Please also address the question to your compatriots (especially Malaysian Malays and bumiputras) who work in Singapore. For them, things in Singapore are “ok, lah”.

              Scared to do so?

              Go on, brudder. Stand at the JB end of the Causeway, flag down the first Malaysian Malay motorcyclists you encounter and ask why they are “wasting” their time working in the “red dot down south”. While carrying Malaysian passports!

              Not humiliating, ah?

  6. I wonder whether the Chinese are awake from their slumber. The Chinese dominant state in Malaysia is no more. This is Tanah Melayu if they are still not awake. What we take for granted may not justifiable. Look at the dropping numbers in Chinese schools. It is not because of the Malay government but simply because there is no population. One day it would not be justifiable to have 2 days for Chinese New Year with the current birth rate trend.
    One difference with the Sarawak Chinese as compared to the Peninsular Chinese is how quick the Peniinsular Chinese shoot their mouth and with a arrogant mouth, The Sarawak Chinese know their place as a minority with a dropping population. The latter especially the DAP Chinese just want to “screw” the Malays not realizing the lack of “screwing” for “quality” sake is the crux of their decline.
    Perhaps LGE is the last Chinese CM. If the population continues with the decline, I wonder whether the Chinese could have a 1st or 2nd DCM post or any at all. It is not just the decline of DAP. MCA and Gerakan now should be exhibits at Jurassic Park too,

    1. ‘ The Sarawak Chinese know their place as a minority with a dropping population.’

      The Sarawak Cinas want to be with the rest of the natives. Unlike those in the Semenanjung Tanah Melayu, tak habis2 delusional!

      ‘It is not just the decline of DAP. MCA and Gerakan now should be exhibits at Jurassic Park too,’

      Tak pa Mulan, I’m sure we can make a movie out of it. Perhaps Namewee would!

      1. Population boom for some race is a sure case.
        Nothing else to do at night beside making babies. The religion forbids everthing except making babies.
        So, just keep making babies as after all, the goverment will take care if the parents hv no money to feed. Go to yayasan penyayang by the hippo for help. And continue leeching the tax payers for food and education. Should feel proud for the ” achievement “. Raising the children leeching on others.

          1. Islam1st, you should take Tehtarik’s comments as comedy. The Chinese in Malaysia will soon be exhibits in Singapore’s Jurassic Park. It is attitudes like Tehtarik that the Chinese are full of quality and absolutely superior that leads the race to Jurassic Park.
            The Chinese are already on the geometrical decline. It takes a Chinese woman 12 or more babies to repopulate (one professor told me). The same is happening in Singapore. Why do you think Singapore is giving easy migration to the PRC nationals that the local Singapore Chinese absolutely abhor?

            1. Right, Singapore has almost the lowest fertility rate per woman, in the world. In 2015, Malaysian Chinese scored 1.4 (Malaysia overall = 2.0), while Singaporeans scored 1.2 (Malays there do slightly better only). Affluence mated with highly stressful economic conditions have also produced decreasing marriages.
              Just like there are rough patches in the concept of “ketuanan privilege”, Singapore’s “meritocracy” however positive, is not free of its flaws either.


            2. Setuju Mulan, tapi one thing bothers me, apasal Singapore macam mau ambik satu mainland masuk red dot but can’t even admit smart ass mcm itu Kineas?

              Too smart for them too is it??

              1. Hahaha – you wish….

                After all, Eduardo Saverin lives in Singapore. As do several business people from Malaysia, China, India, Indonesia, Australia dll.

                All reasonably “smart” too.

                As too your daily commute compatriots who work in Singapore. Including bumiputras from Sabah and Sarawak.

                Are they “smart” or “stupid” by your standards?


                1. ‘After all, Eduardo Saverin lives in Singapore’

                  Haiya, itu orang lari taxes la. You Cinas can keep him in the red dot!

                  1. Sure. And why not?

                    Mr Saverin has invested some of his considerable funds in IT and tech startups in Singapore. Which is good for the venture cap scene there? Right, IT.Schiess?

                    He hasn’t invested in Malaysia, as far as I know.

                    His loss?

                    And what’s your beef about low taxes? Like 17% corporate tax rate and 20% top marginal personal tax rate?

                    I dare say that the Malaysian government would love to implement a low taxes regime. If they could fix the budget deficit….

                    And declare a tax amnesty a la Indonesia!

                    1. ‘I dare say that the Malaysian government would love to implement a low taxes regime’

                      How do you know, you are not even in the Gomen??!

            3. And Indians, Malaysians and Filipinos too….

              Not to mention Aussie, Brits, Yankees and Russkies

              Why not?

              1. Ya, ya, enough with lists already. Don’t be so bukit one! Now go and talk to them! Stop barking here all the time!

        1. Haiyaa tehtarik, u mayak tak suka Bumiputras and Muslims (Malays) owh? Doksah pening kapla, Australia pun waiting with open arms to welcome skilled foreigners.. just go thru their list sure easy to go there wan.

          Apakan lagi for merely RM15K you can obtain double degree Australian Uni qualification here (graduation amik kat Australia). RM30K can already collect 4degress.. RM60K just imagine..8degrees!!! Waduh bestnya can flash all the qualifications when applying for jobs in Australia! But make sure can really speak Engrish wokay!

          NZealand lagi senang, donno how come tht Hannah did not qualify?. My friend was offered to lecture at the Uni there, siap depa offer package bungkus bawa suami (offered him a job too) dan anak2 and process all PR documentation for her.

          Not happy here go find greener pastures elsewhere tht will give you all happiness in life. Banyak negara lain menunggu2 aje kedatangan kamu.

          1. What’s the matter, Kak? Did you interview for a job with MNCs. (based on your local degree from UM, UKM, USM, UTM etc) and get rejected? While the same MNCs picked grads from Singapore, Australia, UK and US universities?

            No wonder you are feeling bitter.

            Greener pastures overseas not beckoning to you?

            Dont begrudge others who have made it good overseas

            Jealousy is an awful taskmaster.

            1. ‘No wonder you are feeling bitter.’

              Quite the contrary kut. She made herself relevant and prosperous in her very own tanahair. Raised her kid well too.

              Whereas you simply don’t! Not in Malaysia, thus you are where you are right now. Not even in SIngapore, which explains the butthurt 24/7 over here, in a Malaysian blog despite everything’s perfect down under!

              Kesian. Pulau tu sempit sangat kut?

              1. Oh, I don’t know…. if she’s made herself “relevant and prosperous” (since I have your word for it) – good for her.

                That doesn’t give her the right to demean those who study and graduate from institutions other than Malaysian public universities and colleges.

                The ultimate test is employability in the market place – both the private and public sectors.

                Wouldn’t you agree?

                Oh, btw, Singapore has cracked down on the BSI branch there. No comments?

      2. You should be chuffed, brudder. With the Chinese buying up everything in sight! Iskandar Malaysia – check. 1MDB “assets rationalisation” – check.

        Even the Arabs can’t (or don’t want to) compete with the deluge of Chinese funds washing up offshore….

        Who’s being “delusional” now?

        1. So you are siding with the Cina mainland now? No wonder people kept asking you to balik. Typical pendatang behaviour!

          1. He has a point though. You drive along Jalan Ampang. The new CRCC tower, the MCC tower, not to mention all those prime time property adjacent to Bank of China’s KL HQ, the mainland Chinese own most of the real estate located along the road. How long do you think before mainland Chinese and other foreigners including the mat salleh own the entire country ? But you can rest assured that I support Najib. He is good for business. He is selling all the family jewels and his supporters are not saying a word about it. lol One day you are going to wake up and dscover that the entire country is now under foreign control and you have become the pendatang in your own land.

          2. he mean umno/bn yg side cina mainland, lu tak nampak bn cium n tiru tu communist taiko xi macan abang adik, ke2-2 pun suka ban ini ban itu, tak hairan, all communist think alike.

            1. What Is This & HY, suddenly business is bad is it?

              Malaysia/Tanah Melayu had always been open for business. Sg. Batu in Kedah for instance had been open for business since 2600 years ago.

              People come and go but the Malays will always be here. Take it or leave it. I’m not worried at all.

              1. You didn’t read my entire comment or was it because you have trouble comprehending what I said regarding Najib and BN ? I support Najib because he is good for business. He is selling all the family jewels to foreigners. That’s good for business. What is even better is that come that day, and that day is fast approaching, the Malays will wake up and realize that they have become pendatang in Malaya. Dawn of a new day. That’s why I want Malays and ultra Malays to continue supporting Najib. You understand what I m saying ? lol Take it or leave it lol

                1. That day, that ‘Dawn of a new day’ that day is when the mainland Cinas ‘datang’ sini and made us, the 20M Malays felt like pendatang in our very own tanah tumpah darah?

                  No lah WIT ‘that day’ will never takes place. Look at Penang. Despite ‘ketuananan Cina’ alive and kicking, tak pernah buat aku rasa ‘pendatang’.

                  Simply won’t happen WIT. Kau jangan bagi Kineas & HY inzal pra matang!!

                  1. Who were predated by the Cholas apparently….which is another archaeological and historical can of worms.

                    Or maybe China will unearth evidence that some hitherto unknown Chinese mariner did make it to the peninsula in ancient times. After the “9-dash line” in the South China Sea, why not?

                    After all, another batch of “pendatang” types are making merry in the South China Sea, with only Vietnam and Uncle Sam (Duterte having gone apparently wishy-washy) standing up to them.

                    But, then, one may rationalise that there are different groups of “pendatang” types. Those who can be “bullied” and those who can’t.

                    Which must make it kind of hard to craft a foreign policy agenda. Maintaining a “balance” and all.

                    As Helen is wont to opine – it’s all about “realpolitik”.

          3. Refute my points, lah. Instead of petty fogging and obfuscation.

            Is the gahmen against “Cina mainland” investments? Or tourists?

            Shouldn’t take an erudite intellect to figure out the answers.

            1. Glad you finally got the answers. Enough with the stupid question already. Dah bertahun asyik tanya benda tu. Nak dumb down buksn kat sini! Shoosh!

              1. So, you have run up the white flag? Thrown in the towel? Admitted abject defeat?

                Nothing like facts to show up your fallacious and spurious arguments.

                Suck it up, brudder.

              2. Good on you islam 1st, shooshing the bloke who is Sporean but shy to admit he is so.

                Fully agree with you “Enough with the stupid question already.”

                But ultra kiasu Cina Bukit kind mana ada muka and will keep jostling for space in a foreign place like here.

                Keep putting him in his place and I’ll support whenever time permits.

                Double standard Helen should allow it as it is often a matter of right of reply to unacceptable comments about Malaysia and Malaysians made by an unwelcome Tiny Red Dotter.

                Among the stupid things he is fixated about is the “Malaysians cycling to work in Spore”. Of course the bloke forgot the endless queues of ultra kiasu ungrateful ingrate Sporeans at JB petrol kiosks.

                1. Good try, but as they say, no cigar….

                  On the contrary, I have rebutted islam1st time and again. He/she has apparently relapsed into sullen silence… Go figure.

                  So much for “putting him in his place”. And why hold back on your support using the excuse “whenever time permits”? Scared of getting rebutted too?

                  Oh, yes – the bit about”Malaysians cycling to work in Singapore”. Are you denying that happens? Daily? Btw, it’s commuting on foot and by motorbike too across the Causeway. Why subject themselves to the daily hassle and indignity? For the sake of some measly Singapore Dollars?

                  As for the “ultra kiasu ungrateful ingrate Sporeans at JB petrol kiosks”, they must be mightily chuffed that their Singapore Dollar is worth close to 3 M’sian Ringgit. Is the Malaysian gahmen deliberately holding down the value of the Ringgit?


                  1. ‘He/she has apparently relapsed into sullen silence… Go figure.’

                    Haiya, I got busy la brader. Stop being so full of yourself. Singapore tak besar sangat la wei. Air pun Johor bagi la! Minum air tandas banyak sangat kut kau ni???

                    1. Oh, yah – got busy. Enough with the excuses.

                      And do stop obsessing about Singapore. Just shows up an inferiority complex and all. Must be a tad embarrassing when the Ringgit is worth only 33 Singapore cents…

                      Water from Johor is your new hobby horse, is it?

                      Johor state public works, rural and regional development Committee chairman said, according to The Star, that Johor will continue to respect the agreement signed by Malaysia and Singapore in 1962. The agreement runs till 2061.

                      According to the report, he said Johor will need help from the federal government to ensure it has enough water beyond 2018.

                      Singapore buys 250 million gallons of water daily from Johor at 3 sen per litre, according to report.

                      Where’s the long term water infrastructure planning in Johor?

                      At least Singapore has announced plans to be self-sufficient in water before 2061.

                      Any more excuses for getting busy?

                    2. Oh, yah – one more point. Please do address the question as to why there are many Malaysians working for Singapore Dollars in Singapore. For a “little red dot”, it sure pulls in a lot of workers from Malaysia, does it not? Including the daily commuters. Are you calling on them to cease and desist and cari makan back in Tanah Air?

                      Or maybe you are too “busy” to address such mundane stuff….?

  7. Kineas 1067,

    You can be critical but please do not adopt DAP attitude that is known for being manipulative and paranoid.

    Just as foreigners can find jobs in Malaysia, so do Malaysians in Singapore or other countries. I heard that KTM malay engineers are operating rail line in Saudi. The pay must be good.

    One of my friends quit MAS and join Emirate . Generous perks must be the main reason I believe.

    1. It’s about facts, Shamsul. And puncturing empty arguments based on faulty logic.

      As far as Malaysians working in Singapore are concerned, are they motivated by the “push factors” of not being able to find good jobs in Malaysia/feeling discriminated against/no “meritocracy” or the “pull factor” of pay packets denominated in “strong” Singapore Dollars?

      To point that out is being “manipulative and paranoid”?

        1. And so is mine too….hahaha.

          But tell that to the bumiputras from Sabah and Sarawak who work in Singapore as unskilled labour (cleaners, gardeners, construction workers etc).

          You are no doubt familiar with the Jabing Kho issue, aren’t you?

          Btw, there are Malaysian Malays working as fast food delivery riders for KFC, Pizza Hut & McDonald’s in Singapore? How do I know this? Because they ride Malaysian-registered motorbikes and because I have spoken to some of them who commute daily from JB.

          Go and talk to them about your RM pay packets!

      1. Kineas106,

        Most likely it is about the renumeration.

        And the question of calling them back was an issue to you for reason best known to you. It is never a problem to others

        1. I am not sure where you are going with this, Shamsul. Please elaborate.

          I recall, though, that the Johor state government has occasionally commented on the subject of Johoreans working in Singapore when there are jobs to be filled in the state.

          1. ‘And the question of calling them back was an issue to you for reason best known to you. It is never a problem to others’

            Baca lagi dan lagi sampai faham!

  8. Saya berasal dari Pulau Pinang. Melayu adalah penduduk asal Pulau Pinang. Kaum lain adalah pendatang yang di bawa masuk oleh British. Bagi saya Pulau Pinang harus di perintah oleh orang melayu.

    Melayu harus di beri ketutamaan dalam urusan dan ekonomi Pulau Pinang.

    Ayuh semua bangsa melayu yang berasal dari Pulau Pinang kembali ke Pulau Pinang untuk mengundi di Pulau Pinang. Pihak tentera harus bersiap sedia untuk rampas kembali Pulau Pinang ke tangan orang Melayu sebelum terlambat.

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