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PAS kekal bertanding di Sg. Besar dan K. Kangsar


Tapi khabarnya Azmin nak kebas kerusi …

Harap-harap PAS akan tarik diri dari kerajaan negeri Selangor dalam masa terdekat ini.

Azmin Sungai Besar



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9 thoughts on “PAS kekal bertanding di Sg. Besar dan K. Kangsar

  1. Helen,

    No need to worry. Should PAS withdraw its support on Selangor Government, the state government will collapse.

    Ultimatum if Azmin feels is required ,MUST BE given from the position of strengh. Not from position that is weak.

      1. any party from ph is fine, hopefully is either pkr or amanah, not dap, dap fanboy hypocrite, macam mahathir,

          1. one particular Malay (Protun-Umno) reject = his Dapster handler

            = means “mirror image of”

            … introducing a new breed of Dapster — the Melayu DAP

  2. As a token of good-faith, UMNO should let PAS win in both by-election, so that they have more ‘voice’ in Parliament. I’m sure Helen would agree to this arrangement. After-all, Helen is more fond of Nik Abduh than KJ.

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