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Right-wing trend — an analysis for Jamal Sekinchan’s party bosses

Najib Razak only gave Himpunan Merah a belated and light pat on the back AFTER the event had proven successful … defying expectations and confounding critics.

Earlier, few among the Umno top leadership would come anywhere near the Baju Merah because of the Chinese opposition’s effective demonization of the Malay neo-nationalist movement. The black agitprop was carried out by the (slick turn the other check pretend they love their enemy hypocrite phony) pro-opposition media.

The few Umno personalities who had turned up for Himpunan Merah last year on Sept 16 were Anuar Musa, Tajuddin Abdul Rahman, Ahmad Maslan, Isa Samad, Noh Omar and Ali Rustam.

On the other hand, Pemuda Umno chief KJ is someone who would not be caught dead within a mile of such a gathering. And needless to say, he was indeed MIA on the day. And neither would the Umno elites have wanted sully their hidung tinggi by associating with an event graced by the likes of Ibrahim Ali and Rani Kulup.

BELOW: Rani the Scene Stealer in lime green costume had stood out in the sea of red

Rani Kulup Himpunan Merah

It’s a dirty job but somebody’s gotta do it

An Umno division chief Jamal Sekinchan was one of the primary flag bearers of Himpunan Merah.

Jamal did the heavy lifting while his higher ups reaped the profit of Himpunan Merah turning Petaling Street into a ghost town. The red rally sent an uncompromising message to Cina Bersih DAP to cease and desist their provocation.

It was also only after the fact that Umno was able to see the success of what Jamal had effected, to wit, leveling the score with the Yellow Shirts. However, the Umno establishment still disdained Jamal for the labels of “racist” and “extremist” slapped on him by the evangelistas for doing the grunt work.

To provide an analogy of how Umno took advantage of Jamal, the situation is akin to Khairy winning his Parliament seat in Rembau which has 70 percent Malay voters but otherwise strutting around like a hip Bangsarian.

But would Khairy dare contest in Bangsar (the area’s Parliament seat is Lembah Pantai)? Obviously not. KJ still relies on a safe Malay-majority semi-urban seat despite his own bangsa Anak Malaysia true inclination.

The case with Jamal is that Umno benefited from his handiwork but nonetheless prefers to disassociate itself from the craftsman responsible for Himpunan Merah.

Currently, a by-election is going to be held in Sungai Besar — which is Jamal’s area. I suspect the party selection committee is trying to dodge the KBU tradition but instead try and find a way to avoid nominating Jamal to stand as the Umno candidate.

Are the Umno elites distancing themselves from Jamal … yet again?

Umno can at times be woefully ignorant of history, such as its lack of a show of public appreciation for founder Dato’ Onn Jaafar.

It also seems that Umno has failed to register the trend of the right wing rising.

On the contrary, the party president is committed to a misdirected course of ‘Moderation’ (Pemandu lah, TalentCorp lah, NUCC lah) that wins Najib no brownie points from its target demography – the Dapster evangelistas – and at the same time makes him and Umno ever more unpopular with the voter base that actually pangkah Dacing on polling day.

How self-destructive is that? Really, kera di hutan disusukan, anak di rumah selalu disakitkan hati.

Europe racing to the far right

The surge in popularity of European nationalist parties is resulting in an historic swerve to the right. Essentially, the anti-Islam movement is an uprising across Christendom against Muslim immigrants and asylum seekers.

AustriaThis Sunday, AUSTRIA will vote in the second round of its presidential election. The far right Freedom Party’s Norbert Hofer won the first round held last month and is expected to again win the run-off coming up.

Hence Austria might very soon have an anti-immigrant President Hofer who has vowed to “stop the invasion of Muslims”.

HungaryIn HUNGARY, the second-largest bloc in parliament is the anti-immigration party Jobbik which has been described as “extreme right” and “radical right”.

Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban comes from another right-wing party, Fidesz, which is his country’s biggest party.

PM Orban is famously extending a razor-wire fence fully around Hungary’s border to deter Muslim refugees. He is furthermore taking the European Union to court for trying to force Hungary to accept a quota of Muslim immigrants.

slovakiaLike Hungary, SLOVAKIA is rebelling against the EU’s forced quota.

“I can tell you we will never – under a quota system – bring one single Muslim to Slovakia,” said Slovak prime minister Robert Fico. “And we will never – not even voluntarily – create a self-contained Muslim community, because it would represent a serious security risk,” he added.

Fico and his anti- multiculturalism party won Slovakia’s election on March 6 this year. Another right-wing party, the ultra-nationalist People’s Party-Our Slovakia, made its debut in parliament with 14 MPs.

The mood in Slovakia is distinctly nativist. Last December, Slovakia sued the EU over the quota shovelled down its throat by EU big brother Germany.

denmarkLast June, the anti-multiculturalism Danish People’s (DF) party finished second in DENMARK’s general election that was narrowly won by the right wingers over the liberals.

DF leader Kristian Thulesen Dahl has promised to be tough on securing his country’s border against Muslim immigration.

finlandThe nationalist Finns Party (previously known as ‘True Finns’) came second in FINLAND‘s 2015 general election and is a part of the ruling coalition. Its leader Timo Soini is Finnish DPM cum Foreign Minister.

Finns Party is strongly anti immigration and anti multiculturalism and steering the Finnish government on the rightist path.

switzerlandThe anti-immigration Swiss People’s Party won the biggest share of the vote in SWITZERLAND‘s election last October. SVP is the biggest Swiss political party.

SVP leader Toni Brunner acknowledged, “It’s important to listen to the Swiss people”.

What the Swiss people want is to further tighten their country’s already very strict laws on immigration (actually against Muslims moving en masse into Europe).

Ticino, one of the Swiss cantons, last November enacted a ban on the burqa. SVP is presently looking into holding a referendum on rolling out the burqa ban nationally.

germanyThe Alternative for Germany (AfD) party wants a ban not only on the burqa but on construction of new minarets as well.

AfD is a young party that is only three years old but poised to pose a serious challenge to Angela Merkel’s conservatives ahead of GERMANY‘s 2017 federal election. It already has lawmakers in half of the state assemblies.

AfD leader Frauke Petry additionally believes that it is unnecessary to have the azan called out publicly five times a day. In her opinion, it is not possible for Islam to harmonize with a modern, democratic society.

And in the rest of Europe …

polandPoland got itself a right-wing government last October; Geert Wilders’s Freedom Party tops Dutch opinion polls; Sweden Democrats – the third-largest Swedish party – is opposed to multiculturalism and for strict immigration controls; and Italy’s xenophobic Lega Nord (Northern League) has spread beyond its base in the north.

union jackMeanwhile in the UK, former London mayor Boris Johnson has just won the ‘most offensive Erdoğan poem’ competition.

franceIn France, there is the Marine Le Pen perfect storm brewing.

And in Germany, Pegida (Patriotic Europeans against the Islamisation of the West) is growing very fast in parallel to Chancellor  Merkel’s declining popularity.

Listen to your grassroots, especially if you don’t want to lose your fixed deposit

euEurope is rejecting multiculturalism.

Europe is finding that ‘diversity’ is not a boon but a bane that brings about a lot of social strife.

Its swing to the far right is an expression of anti multiculturalism and anti diversity.

DAP is heavily promoting a brand of multiculturalism that benefits no one else except its Chinese and its evangelical Christian core followers.

In the name of multiculturalism, Guan Eng and his DAP Goon Squad mercilessly bullied Jahara Hamid in a way that we’ve never encountered in any of the BN-ruled states before. No Umno Menteri Besar has ever treated his state’s opposition leader with as much malice as @cmlimguaneng has treated Jahara.

DAP is pushing its bullshit diversity platform that’s in reality a major contributor to the race and religion tensions affecting our country.

Diversity is the excuse used by the Christians to kebas kalimah ‘Allah’.

MCA’s Nest of Evangelistas media empire is bullshitting when it calls Malaysia “secular and liberal“. We’re not secular, we’re a Muslim country. And we’re not liberal either; we’re quite decidedly conservative.

Remember! Umno presidents get booted out when they fail to align with the aspirations of the Malay ground.

An Umno president who pulls in a different direction from his party’s centre cannot hold on to his job for long. Recall why Onn Jaafar and Tunku Abdul Rahman had to resign.

Have the Umno elites pinpointed where their party centre is residing at present? I can confidently tell them that it’s not anywhere near the ‘multiculturalism’ nor ‘diversity’ mirages.

Himpunan Merah was not an Umno creation. It was a people’s power effort from bottom up. If Umno does not have the guts to take ownership of Himpunan Merah, then the red bloc will drift away … likely to PAS.

The rural Sungai Besar constituency epitomizes an archetypal Umno seat. Oh, and one more detail I must include about Europe’s far right uprising. It started and spread from the countryside (rural areas).


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15 thoughts on “Right-wing trend — an analysis for Jamal Sekinchan’s party bosses

  1. Helen,

    I do not trust KJ. KJ loves to be popular. He contested in Rembau which is a Malay majority area. Yet, he could not even find one Pemuda UMNO to be his political secretary. He chose Regina. And I am quite sure of Regina’s political leaning.

    The same goes to Najib. He contested in Pekan. Yet , after becoming PM, he abolished Kementerian Pembangunan Usahawan. Not many remember, he liberalised financial sector(meaning malays are not required in higher ranking position).

    Whose advice that Najib used when he decided to abolished ISA? Certainly, not from Malay community. Who advised him to throw a mega dinner for Chinese before the election? Why cant he organised a mega dinner in heavily Malay area like Kg Baru or Kodiang or Gunung Semanggol?

    People like Jamal saved the days for UMNO. Jamal lifted the siege against UMNO by getting even. I believe nowadays, DAP is not that keen for another Yellow gathering . They learnt the lesson.

    Unfortunately Najib is still clueless.

    1. Tuan Shamsul.


      Perhaps nominating anybody but Jamal, will result in a loss for BN/UMNO. But will Najib learn his lesson?

      So PAS should win this one (Sungai Besar). Any party so long as its not the PAN, DAP and the carca marba PKR..

  2. Najib should fill in someone from MCA of Gerakan in both constituency (Sungai Besar & Kuala Kangsar) ,after all this is 1Malaysia , all are Malaysian .

    1. Tebing Tinggi,

      The sure way for BN to lose is to allow MCA or already Gerakan to contest in either Sg Besar or Kuala Kangsar

    2. tebing tinggi
      Apek kalau pelawa tanding kat Kuala Kangsar depa takmau lor.. Hang dah ziarah situ ke? Rumah2 pusaka banyak terbiar … terbengkalai, anak2 balik time Raya2 atau ziarah pusara bonda dan ayahanda sahaja.

    3. tebing tinggi
      Apek kalau pelawa tanding kat Kuala Kangsar depa takmau lor.. Hang dah ziarah situ ke?

      Kawasan Rafidah Aziz dulu.. 1986-2013. Jadi Menteri macam2 tapi kawasan sendiri bagaikan hidup segan mati tak mau.

  3. After reading this today, then only I went back to your previous posting to vote for Jamal. Yesterday, I just cannot decide for UMNO-Najib.
    Thanks Helen.

  4. A wise reminder for our Chinese brethren and humanity –
    Vesak message from HH Dalai Lama:

    The Buddha Shakyamuni took birth as a prince of the Shakya clan in India. He achieved enlightenment at the age of thirty-six and entered Mahaparinirvana at the age of eighty-one. These three great events took place on the same day of the year, over 2500 years ago, which we celebrate at the season of Wesak.

    As you know, Buddhahood is a state free from all obstructions to knowledge and disturbing emotions. It is the state in which the mind is fully evolved. The Buddha’s declaration, based on his personal experience, was that all beings experience suffering even though they do not wish to do so. At the same time all beings also have the innate potential to achieve the joy of liberation. This realization formed the basis for all his teachings. Because his teachings are profound in insights and skilled in means, the Buddha is referred as a supreme guide.

    Although our world has changed substantially since the time of the Buddha, the essence of his teachings remains as relevant today as it was 2500 years ago. Many different schools of Buddhism have evolved in different lands. All possess methods for attaining liberation from ignorance and suffering.

    The Buddha’s advice, simply stated, was to avoid harming others and if possible to help them. We can begin to do this by recognizing that everyone is just like us in that they want happiness and dislike suffering. Seeking joy and freedom from suffering is the birthright of all beings. But personal happiness very much depends on how we relate to others. By developing a sense of respect for others and a concern for their welfare, we can reduce our own self-centeredness, which is the source of all our problems, and enhance our feelings of kindness, which are a natural source of joy.

    The achievements of our modern age are great. We have put much effort into technological and material development. Such progress is important, but by itself it cannot bring lasting satisfaction. Obsessed with economic and political strength, we lose sight of the effect our actions have on others. Our narrow and self-centered focus results in widespread suffering and destruction of the environment. We need to reassess our motivation and our behavior in the light of a greater sense of universal responsibility.

    From the Buddhist point of view all things originate in the mind. Actions and events depend heavily on motivation. A real sense of appreciation of humanity, compassion and love, are the key points. If we develop a good heart, then whether the field is science, agriculture or politics, since the motivation is so very important, the result will be more beneficial. With proper motivation these activities can help humanity; without it they go the other way. This is why the compassionate thought (boddhicitta) is so very important for humankind. Although it is difficult to bring about the inner change that gives rise to it, it is absolutely worthwhile to try.

    I offer my greetings to all our Buddhist brothers and sisters participating in the Wesak celebrations…. And I pray that each of us, by putting the Buddha’s teachings into practice in our own daily lives, may contribute to creating a happier and more peaceful world.

    1. Explain to me, why are the Buddhists in Myanmar killing the Muslim Rohingyas?

  5. The Islamophobia that is presently driving Europe towards fear of multiculturalism within their societies is really a consensual rejection of the radical politics of Islamism. Classical Islamic societies have nominally lived within multicultural contexts – barring specific periods of extremist regimes. Just as fascist regimes have also emerged within European cultures.


    – Sheikh Hamza Yusuf

    In the Name of Allah All-Compassionate and Merciful

    “Of the people of Moses there is a section who guide and do justice in the light of truth.” (Quran 7:159)

    “And We caused Jesus, the son of Mary, to follow in the footsteps of those (earlier prophets), confirming the truth of whatever there still remained of the Torah (Law of Moses); and We sent him the Gospel, wherein there was guidance and light, confirming the truth of whatever there still remained of the Torah, and as a guidance and admonition unto the God-conscious (muttaqin).” (Quran 5:46)

    On the authority of Abu Sa’id al-Khudri (may Allah be pleased with him), who said that the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:

    On the authority of Abu Sa’id al-Khudri (r.a.), who said that the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.) said:

    “Paradise and Hellfire disputed with one another, and the Hellfire said: “In me are the mighty and the haughty!” And Paradise replied: “In me are the weak and the poor!” So Allah judged between them, [saying]: “You are Paradise, verily My mercy: through you I show mercy to those I wish. And you are Hellfire, verily My punishment; through you I punish those I wish. And it is incumbent upon Me that each of you shall have its fill.” ”
    (related by Muslim, al-Bukhari, at-Tirmidhi).

    1. Its the european hippies, the communists,socialists john lennon,muhammad ali that brought down white europeans supremacy ideal.
      They hzve brought down arab supremacy or khalifah b4 with their crusades and two world wars.
      So islam is a non issue.
      The future of religions depends on the strength of individuals in this global internet.
      No one can sell their torat,bible or koran anymore and influence everyone because thoughts are out of a person control unlike during jesus or mohammad time.

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