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Right loses Austria presidential contest by half percent (0.6%)

Far right candidate Norbert Hofer, 45, lost to independent-green candidate Alexander Van der Bellen, 72, in Austria’s presidential election.

Hofer received 49.7 percent of the votes to Van der Bellen’s 50.3 percent.

Presidential candidates Alexander van der Bellen (L) and Norbert Hofer react during a TV debate in Vienna, Austria, April 24, 2016. REUTERS/Heinz-Peter Bader

Meanwhile in Germany, the Alternative fuer Deutschland (AfD) wants a ban on the azan. Read more HERE.

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2 thoughts on “Right loses Austria presidential contest by half percent (0.6%)

  1. This is an interesting details aboutthe result of the Austrian presidential elections.

    “Support for Mr Hofer was exceptionally strong among manual workers – nearly 90%. The vote for Mr Van der Bellen was much stronger among people with a university degree or other higher education qualification.”

    “Support for Mr Hofer among men was 60%, while among women it was 60% for Mr Van der Bellen.”

    Normally, the working class would vote centre-left – i.e. for the Social Democratic Party but now they swung to the far right, perhaps as a protest against recent policies of the social democrats and the centre-right Austrian People’s Party (the conservatives) who have failed them by addressing issues which affect their livelihoods, so this protest vote could be to tell the two traditional mainstream parties that they should buck up and serve the people again.

    However, when it comes to a parliamentary elections, the results could be different, since the president mostly plays a ceremonial role.

    Anyway, even though Austria is not Malaysia, this recent result should serve as a lesson to Malaysian politicians that they should pay more attention to addressing the people’s concerns and not theirs.

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