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Madame Speaker’s relaxing retail therapy

Hannah Yeoh’s T-shirt below says, “I am not for sale”.

But she sure does love buying stuff though …

hannah yeoh not for sale

Prada handbag …

… the bigger the jawatan, the bigger the handbag


Best activity to help relax

“Shopping does that for ladies” — Hannah Yeoh

It’s called retail therapy.

Shopping, shopping, shopping is “highly therapeutic” … don’t you just love it?! — Hannah Yeoh’s motto.

Strangely enough or not, Malaysia’s No.1 shopaholic has an Aussie connection too. Talk about the effects of youthful exposure to Western lifestyle on impressionable Chinese females.

When the Malaysian student sued by Sydney’s Westpac bank – for blowing A$5m on designer clothes and accessories – is older, she can be a Mak Datin.

hannahfat1 yellow crop

Meanwhile, it’s no wonder that Hannah Yeoh defended her Speaker pay hike (to a salary almost matching the PM’s) to the hilt. Shopping is an activity that must be funded.

(So too the RM20k Melayu-screw-Melayu blogger’s holidays in Japan, his frequent spa visits for massages and his big bike.)

Screenshots here.


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31 thoughts on “Madame Speaker’s relaxing retail therapy

  1. Well, Helen – the wives of many of our VVIPs are no strangers to the world of luxe fashion, be it clothes, handbags, jewellery, watches and fine dining.

    Some of their goings-on have been documented in the social media.

    I might suggest the social pages of the Malaysian Tatler magazine for your reading pleasure.

    So, if these wives can indulge their expensive tastes because of indulgent husbands (or if their husbands have no choice!), why single out Hannah Y for her fashion choices?

    Unless you have succumbed to the green-eyed monster yourself or if there is a thwarted fashionista lurking within you….hahaha.

    1. Correct. The wives of ruling party VVIPs are shopaholics too, even those across the South China Sea.

      2 x 5. The DAP women in Selangor ruling party no different.

      I’m not a fashionista (materialistic). I advocated for Hindraf, remember? They’re the poorest of the poor.

      1. So I take it that you are not a devoted reader of the Malaysian Tatler magazine?

        That maybe accounts for it. Or the intent to give the many a free pass while focusing on certain individuals.

        In any case, I think that Hannah Y’s taste in handbags is shared by many in Malaysia – VVIPs and PMEs alike.

        1. Of course I’m not interested in reading the Malaysian Tatler but I get it. You mean to say that HY’s branded/designer accoutrements are no more and no less than that of the bevy of high society ladies.

          In which case, DAP grossly misrepresents itself as a “socialist” party.

          re: “That maybe accounts for it. Or the intent to give the many a free pass while focusing on certain individuals.”

          The focus on that certain individual (HY) is because she exploits and manipulates the masses. The Mak Datins may be spoilt and pampered creatures but do they exploit and manipulate the masses?

          re: “In any case, I think that Hannah Y’s taste in handbags is shared by many in Malaysia – VVIPs and PMEs alike.”

          Doubtless. But they do not protest so much as she does.

          1. But if she gets re-elected in the next GE, what then? That’s “walking the talk”, right?

            Will you tag those who voted for her as “delusional” innocents who have been “exploited and manipulated”?

            Or ascribe it to the uncertain vagaries of democracy?

            Instead of sniping from the sidelines, why not mix it up with her in the political process?

            And convince the voters in her constituency that she is
            “a piece of work”?

            Who “exploits and manipulates” while carrying designer handbags.


            1. It is my firm belief that Jerusubangites are ‘no hope and no cure’.

              e.g. All those constituencies with 70 percent and above Chinese voters … very little hope that such seats will change hands away from the DAP.

              Hadi Awang is spot-on to say that DAP is anti-Islam.

              The profile of denizens of Jerusubang — hypocritical enemies of Islam., i.e. munafiq

              In the future, Jerusubangites will be viewed by the Muslim majority as how the Rohingya are viewed by the Buddhist majority in Raskhine, Myanmar.

              Read up on the demography of Pakistan and Turkey to compare how much the Christian minority shrunk since independence in the two countries.

              Our peninsula will revert to being Tanah Melayu Bumi Islam … and where the evangelistas will form hostile and antagonistic urban enclaves.

              1. And Pakistan is doing well?

                As for Turkey, it is bargaining with the EU over visa-free access using refugees as a bargaining tool.

                It wants to get into the EU because the Gulf Arab states keep it at arm’s length.

                I note that you mentioned the peninsula. Did you extend the same metric to Sabah and Sarawak? Or are you being careful in your choice of words?

                In any case, a “Tanah Melayu Bumi Islam” still has to pay it’s way in the world. No freebies, no free lunches.

                But coming off a #19 ranking in the World Competitiveness Index, that should be a piece of cake. Ask Miti etc.

                And aren’t you going to mix it up with Hannah Y in the political arena? Like walking the talk?

                Or is it just empty hot air blown at someone who has ventured into the political arena from someone who stands on the sidelines?

                1. re: “Or is it just empty hot air blown at someone who has ventured into the political arena from someone who stands on the sidelines?”

                  Hannah’s entry into the arena of politics is a curse on the Chinese community. I’m reminded of the Taiping rebellion in China where the rebel leader had believed that he was Jesus’s younger brother.

                  As for observing from the sidelines, that what a lot of level-headed people do who aren’t immersing themselves in the muck like the dajjals of the DAP (who are up to their neck in the deceit).

                  It’s the custom the world over for the political commentariat (journos, think-tankers, academics, activists, govt officials, PR consultants, etc).

                  1. Yup, the theorists….

                    And armchair critics.

                    But, hey, it’s a supposedly free world and there’s no monopoly on stupidity. Even among marginally “level-headed” commentators.

                    Hannah had the guts to enter into the political arena.

                    You don’t.

                    That’s the difference.

                    Cowardice? Or a healthy instinct of self-preservation?

                    1. re: “Hannah had the guts to enter into the political arena.”

                      Hannah wants a fat salary almost equivalent to the pay collected by the prime minister. And also the power trip, public attention/adoring fans and ego massage given to smooth talkers who carry the title ‘YB’.

                      re: “You don’t.”

                      Nope. And I don’t feel any need to tote a Prada either.

                      re: “That’s the difference.”

                      The difference is:

                      (a) Unlike Hannah, I don’t wear tudung

                      (b) Unlike Hannah, I don’t occupy mosques

                      (c) Unlike Hannah, I don’t buka puasa (since I don’t fast)

                      (d) Unlike Hannah, I don’t accuse all and sundry as “racist”

                      (e) Unlike Hannah, I don’t go around calling people “low class”

                      (f) Unlike Hannah, I don’t tweet-tweet-tweet about food cravings and I’m not self-absorbed in Facebook (for the record, I do not have any Twitter or FB a/c)

                      Chinese and Firster voters require a wannabe politician (in S’gor urban area) to tick ~ positive ~ on the six flag poles for poseurs, as above.

                      re: “Cowardice? Or a healthy instinct of self-preservation?”

                      I’m willing to be honest. I’m not and can’t be a sneaky, two-faced bastard.

                      Below is what Norman Fernandez exposed about the DAP poseurs. Norman is the former Johor DAP deputy chairman.

                      Norman said @


                      ” It would seems that DAP of today have principles like shifting sand. […]

                      “So, they are prepared to even ‘berpuasa’ and ‘makan sahur’ all with intention for a photoshoot to upload to their Facebook. In Kluang, there were DAP party leaders who met and gathered in a Bak Kut Teh shop, before going to a Malay/Muslim’s house to buka sahur and then uploading photos after photos on their Facebook.”


                    2. So, are you questioning Hannah Y’s freedom of choice?

                      And if she ticks all your boxes and gets elected, so what? Are you calling the electorate delusional, misguided or just plain stupid?

                      Go on – articulate your views and let that electorate see exactly where you are coming from and what axes you are grinding.

                      As for being a “sneaky, two-faced bastard” (it takes one to know one, apparently), politicians have been called worse. And get elected. Case in point – Duterte in the Philippines. And, maybe, Trump in the US.

                      Sort of knocks your thesis sideways into left field, don’t you think?

                      As for Norm Fernandez, disgruntled politicians are a dime a dozen in Malaysia. As too their views.

                      Are non-Muslims supposed to fast alongside their Muslim friends and colleagues during Ramadan before attending, say, Buka Puasa buffets at local hotels?

                      That would put paid to a lot of business entertainment….hahaha.


                    3. re: “So, are you questioning Hannah Y’s freedom of choice?”

                      So, why are you questioning my freedom of choice in refusing to enter the political arena? It’s a free country and I’m free to feel disinterested.

                      re: “And if she ticks all your boxes and gets elected, so what?”

                      The Chinese should stop complaining about PAS’s desire to further Islamize Malaysia.

                      re: “Are you calling the electorate delusional, misguided or just plain stupid?”

                      I’m calling upon the electorate to reap what they sow.

                      If they vote overwhelmingly to endorse these public shows of Muslim piety by Chinese women, then don’t complain when the authorities demand a similar compliance with tutup aurat strictures, such as no short skirts allowed when visiting gomen offices.

                      re: “Go on – articulate your views and let that electorate see exactly where you are coming from and what axes you are grinding.”

                      The 95 percent Chinese electorate should let it sink into their addled brain that ‘for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction’. Since they backed the DAP’s playing of religious politics to the hilt, then don’t balk when PAS reciprocates.

                      re: “As for being a “sneaky, two-faced bastard” (it takes one to know one, apparently), politicians have been called worse.”

                      re: “it takes one to know one, apparently” … so if a magistrate pronounces. “I find you guilty of theft and sentence you to …”, does it mean that the judge must also be a thief himself in order to recognize that the accused is a thief?

                      re: “sneaky, two-faced bastard”

                      Specifically, as below.

                      re: “And get elected. Case in point – Duterte in the Philippines. And, maybe, Trump in the US.”

                      Ditto Hannah Yeoh. There’s no accounting for public taste.

                      re: “Sort of knocks your thesis sideways into left field, don’t you think?”

                      It’s an article of faith — DAP is dajjal.

                      re: “As for Norm Fernandez, disgruntled politicians are a dime a dozen in Malaysia.”

                      Why shoot the messenger?

                      re: “As too their views.”

                      Simple. Is what he recounted about the DAP Johor politicians stopping at the BKT shop a true story or not? He’s posted similar observations in his FB. I don’t recall any brouhaha protesting that NF was not telling the truth.

                      re: “Are non-Muslims supposed to fast alongside their Muslim friends and colleagues during Ramadan before attending, say, Buka Puasa buffets at local hotels?”

                      Do non-Muslims make their participation in buka puasa events a social media political capital? Does the ordinary non-Muslim require Malays to vote for him?

                      re: “That would put paid to a lot of business entertainment….hahaha.”

                      He who laughs last laughs best. You’re not going to be having the last laugh.

                      re: “Next…”

                      Wait for October. When Parliament resumes.

                    4. Newton’s Third Law – it’s playing out nicely in the South China Sea, don’t you think?

                      (Reuters report in the Singapore Straits Times today – “KL eyes stronger response to Chinese maritime incursions”)

                      It seems that members of that particular gene pool have been getting uppity in the region.

                      So, is there going to be an ‘equal and opposite reaction’ here, to quote from your theory?

                      Or are you implying that some people can be “pushed around” (hence the implied and veiled threats), while others have to be treated with kid gloves?

                      Wiggle, wiggle – remember?

                      As for Hannah Y, let’s see if she stands for re-election the next time around.

                      And whether Norm Fernandez can put his popularity with the voters to the test the next time around too.

                      Btw, I note that you didn’t respond to my question about your understanding of Christian theology.

                      More wiggle, wiggle?


                    5. re: “As for Hannah Yeoh …”

                      Why don’t she tell the general public whether she is against hudud, or not.


      2. Helen,

        re: “I advocated for Hindraf, remember? They’re the poorest of the poor.”

        So, why don’t you write more articles which highlight the suffering of the “poorest of the poor”?

        I cannot remember seeing any articles from you about the “poorest of the poor” in the last 12 months.

        Why don’t you demand more Government assistance for the “poorest of the poor”?

        We read elsewhere that the Government has cut grants to schools which cater for the “poorest of the poor”. and yet not a single article from you about this injustice.

        You advocate Hindraf? You advocate the poorest of the poor?


        You are too busy looking after the interests of UMNO and PAS to bother with the “poorest of the poor”.

        1. What has the DAP as state gomen done to alleviate the suffering of the Penang poor?

          PKR’s Adun in Penang Dr Norlela was reduced to tears in Dewan lamenting how her rural constituency is rejected for funding again and again while the powers-that-be boondoggle RM305 million (paid to a crony company) for a “study” on the undersea tunnel, and selling the Mangosteen Garden cheap while at the same time its Cheap Minister also bought his bungalow soooo cheap (b’cos no swimming pool and bad feng shui).

          What happened to building low-cost homes for the poor? Housing prices and land development are areas where the state government has more control than federal.

          I cannot remember seeing any articles about the DAP “socialist”/evangelista YBs voicing their concerns about Indian livelihood issues in the last 12 months.

          Why don’t the DAP tell us what government policies (they’re the gomen in Pg & S’gor) they’ve rolled out to assist the poor people who gave the “socialist” party their votes?

          What has the DAP done for Tamil schools in Penang and Selangor? Show me a single article indicating how the socialist party has carried out its socialist obligations.

          The DAP advocates socialism? The DAP advocates for the poor and working class?


          They’re are too busy looking after the interests of developers (and hence their ‘Developers BFF’ reputation and tagline (“Every Developer is Our Friend”) to bother about the bulk of the party’s voter base.

          They’re too busy shopping for Prada and Gucci, and attending cocktail parties. Yam seng, bottoms up and up yours sucker.

          1. Helen,

            Is this the best you can do in your advocacy of the “poorest of the poor”?

            To tell me about Penang and Selangor?

            All other states, like Perak, Kedah, Pahang, etc, have a wonderful record with the “poorest of the poor”,right?

            No “poorest of the poor” in Perak, Kedah, Pahang, etc, right?

            OK, gotcha.

            Thanks for the information.

            1. Why do you think it is in Penang and Selangor that the price of houses are most beyond the reach of the average wage earner?

              I have no desire for BN to take back Penang. DAP can keep the island and implode.

              1. Helen,

                Why don’t you care about the “poorest of the poor” in other states?

                1. We’re talking about the Indian poor issues and I said I advocated for Hindraf – which is a fact.

                  Some of the material in my blog – like the Q & As – are derived from access to the top Hindraf leadership.

                  Indians are 9.6 percent of the projected population of Penang (year 2015 stats). Indians are 11.7 percent in Selangor.

                  In some of the other states, the Indians are only very few, i.e. between less than one percent and two percent.

                  Kelantan: 0.3%
                  Terengganu: 0.2%
                  Perlis: 1.3%

                  Therefore it is perfectly legitimate to ask what the Pakatan governments of Penang and Selangor have done for the Indian poor.

                  1. Johor? Malacca? Perak? Pahang? Negri Sembilan? What percentage of the population in each of these states is ethnic Indian?

                    And instead of focusing on Penang and Selangor, what about the country as a whole and the percentage of Indians in the population?

                    What has the federal government done to uplift the Malaysian Indians?

                    What percentage of the Malaysian Indian community has migrated to other countries because of job opportunities, childrens’ education and perceived “unfair and discriminatory treatment”?

                    And, in any case, the Alliance/BN coalition has been in power at federal and state levels since Merdeka (August 1957).

                    When did the Opposition take over the state goverments in Penang and Selangor? The actual date?

                    What were the federal and respective state governments doing before then for the Malaysian Indian community?

                    1. Perak has a sizeable number of Indians. That’s why it fell to Pakatan in 2008, and recovered by BN in 2013 but with a very lopsided Melayu pekat BN (read: Umno) state government.

                      Some segments of the Indian community (e.g. labourer class) feel they’ve been marginalized. One concrete example would be that the DEWs (Displaced Estate Workers) should have been absorbed into the Felda schemes.

                      You asked what the federal gomen has done for them. Not enough, and that’s why the makkal sakti tidal wave happened that swept five state govts plus the majority of FT into opposition hands in 2008.

                      Now I’m asking you — since the DAP owes it to the Indian vote that they’re today in power in Penang and S’gor and made substantial gains in other states (Johor, NS, Pahang) which have bigger Indian populations than the East Coast, WHAT HAS DAP DONE FOR THE INDIANS?

                  2. Helen, Helen, Helen,

                    Penang 9.6% + Selangor 11.7% = 21.3%

                    Are those the only “poorest of the poor” you care to talk about?

                    What about the other nearly 80% of the “poorest of the poor” in other states?

                    Let’s not mention them or care about them, right?

                    OK, thanks for sharing your views on how we should treat the “poorest of the poor”.

                    1. My claim – exactly – is that I advocated for Hindraf. I was precise in stating that fact.

                      The demography represented by Hindraf is the Indian poor. And there are more Indian poor than Chinese poor – the reasons being partly historical,

                      i.e. Chinese lived in towns (although there are rural Chinese) and town folks are generally better off economically, Chinese were in the trades while the Indians were labourers (some indentured labour) and therefore were wage earners with no capital, a Mandarin education allows for more upward mobility than a Tamil education (not talking about China/India context but the better equipped Chinese schools vs the estate Tamil schools in Malaysian context) and other socio-political reasons, etc, etc

                      More than 90 percent of the Chinese support DAP. If you think there are Chinese poor, you should bring up the matter vis-a-vis what the Chinese chauvinist party has done over the last decade – they’ve been in power two terms already – to uplift “poorest of the poor Chinese” (kalau ada) in Pernang and Selangor.

                      In fact, from now on, all Chinese problems and issues must be benchmarked against the DAP’s efforts and initiatives.

  2. So let us see what the slogan on Hannah’s tee short is all about.

    Buy Out Slavery is a joint project by the History TV channel, the CNN Fredom Project and the Not For Sale project.

    Support for this project can be made either by direct donation to Not For Sale at-

    or by purchasing something from Buy Out Slavery partners at:-

    In 2014, Not For Sale managed to rescue, train and empower 4,469 people worldwide.

    Sure, this is a noble, non-governmental initiative but its effectiveness is a drop in the bucket and token at best.

    Such exploitation of humans is best dealt with by government law enforcement action, including to execute the perpetrators, preferably in public as an example.

    The recently elected left-patriotic, anti-U.S. President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines says he will re-introduce the death penalty abolished in 2006 and have murders and drug traffickers executed.

    Let us see whether he lives up to his election promise and hopefully he will deal with human traffickers in the same way.

    I would recommend to Duterte that instead of his preferred method of hanging, the execution of human traffickers should be carried out by firing squad in public and it should be televised and mandatorily shown on all TV channels across the nation and also mandatorily in cinemas before the film. Or if he wants to save money on bullets, then use the guillotine in public, like they did in France.

    Dunno whether the likes of Hannah Yeoh, the partners in this Buy Out Slavery project and her political cohorts will approve or will they be yelling “human rights violation”, “cruel and unusual punishment”, “fascist”, “barbarian” and so forth.

    Also, hopefully President Duterte will succeed in doing what his predecessor Presidents – i.e. Godfathers of fabulously wealthy elite Philippine families – did not do to eleviate the grinding poverty of the majority of the Philippines people, despite all the “democracy”. free speech, free press, freedom of assembly, “human rights”, etc which they restored to the Philippines after the fall of the Super-godfather Marcos.

    Whilst chatting with a friend about “democracy” in the Philippines some weeks back, he pointed out that during the time of President Marcos, few Pilipinos and Filipinas went abroad to work as maids and in other medial jobs in neighbouring countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and so forth.

    Records show that the strength of the Philippines Peso began to decline precipitously during Marcos’ time but it even went lower during the time of the Presidents who came after his ouster.

    As an aside, whilst chatting with a Professor of Political Science at Vidyasagar University in Midnapore, West Bengal yesterday evening, he described India as a “noisy democracy” in which different political groups and factions are fighting against each other over this or that “democratically”, instead of moving forward for the benefit of India and her people.

    I told him, “Sounds very much like Malaysia right now, and if such a situation of noisy democracy persists, the people will abandon mainstream political parties and turn to alternatives farther to the left or to the right, such as they did in Austria and could do in the U.S.”.

    Unfortunately, one cannot eat democracy, free speech, free press, freedom of assembly and “human rights”.

    In fact, REAL human rights means for the people to be provided with an quality, affordable housing, a good and affordable public education system, a good and affordable or better still free of charge public health system, a good and affordable public transport system, strong consumer protection laws, the right for workers to unionise and fight to secure their livelihoods and so forth. Hopefully Duterte will deliver REAL human rights to the long suffering Philippines people.

    Why don’t the likes of Hannah Yeoh fight for REAL human rights?

    Also, what has the Penang State government done to provide the human right of quality, affordable housing for the people of Penang island in the eight years since the March 2008 general elections?

    Meanwhile, here is an article supportive of Duterte on New Eastern Outlook

    “Drugs, Duterte & The Nature of Imperialism”

    1. The bleeding heart liberals are against the death penalty. They believe it is murder.

      They also believe that Freedom of Speech is a satisfying meal for lunch, and Freedom of the Press is good for Dinner. Everybody sings kumbayah on a full stomach.

      Malaysia will move to the right, with or without Najib, with or without Umno.

    2. i notice u often write cynically about free speech, free press, human right n now democracy but skip one of the main element under a democratic society, the rule of law or the right to equality b4 the law n protection of the law. a bit misleading.

      1. “i notice u often write cynically about free speech, free press, human right n now democracy..”

        My cynicism is not that I do not value these myself but because many especially Pakatan politicians and their supporters only focus on these issues but not other more pressing socio-economic concerns which affect especially the lower income group in urban, semi-rural and rural constituencies, hence are unable to gain much traction amongst such voters who deliver the number of seats to the BN – the outcome of the recent Sarawak state election being a prime example.

        “but skip one of the main element under a democratic society, the rule of law or the right to equality b4 the law n protection of the law. a bit misleading.”

        I’m all for equality and protection before the law but when the law protects the criminals more than it does the victims, then there is a problem with the law, which is when people will become fed up after a while and vote for law makers who they hope will change the law.

        Take for example the case where two foreign worker brothers were charged with murder for killing an intruder who entered their room through the ceiling whilst they were asleep.

        In my view, that should not have been charged at all for legitimately defending themselves from an intruder who could have been armed and could have killed them instead had they not overcome the intruder.

        If this is how the law is applied, even the police will be afraid to protect the public out of fear that they would end up being charged for murder instead for doing their duty.

        This bias in favour of the criminal has gone so far in the west that there was a case in England where an intruder got injured in his victim’s home and successfully sued his victim.

        If you want this kind of lawlessness in Malaysia, by my guest by I certainly do not want it.

    3. Btw, news reports say that the Philippines President-elect is reinstating the Philippines claim to Sabah.

      If that happens, that is reopening a big can of worms.

      Maybe Duterte feels he has to act “macho and tough” to justify his populism.

      But at what price Asean unity?

      1. re: “reopening a big can of worms”

        Yes. It will make the opposition-minded among Sabah’s Christian population restive.

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