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With Jamal standing down, no excuse for MCA to fail to deliver Sg Besar Chinese

The Melayu DAP champion whacker has bashed Jamal Sekinchan as a “racist” who is loudest in spewing racist remarks. He is also gloating that Umno does not want Jamal to contest the Sg. Besar by-election.

If Jamal had stood, MCA would have used his candidacy as a convenient excuse as to why the Chinese refuse to vote BN.

But now that Umno is not going to put up a controversial figure, MCA must hold up its end of the BN consociational bargain and get the Chinese votes for the coalition’s Malay candidate.

The pro-DAP Malay mole is promoting the idea that if only Umno were “nice and friendly”, then the Chinese would support BN in the twin by-elections.

He is trying to convince the Umno war room that Malays will reject Umno if the party takes a logical turn to the right.

What is his hidden agenda in pressuring Umno to be “nice” and stay on the Ali-Ah Chong-Muthu “moderate” path? Answer: It is to enable DAP to grab all the mixed and Malay-majority seats that BN will trustingly allocate to MCA in GE14 because MCA is sure to lose.

This same Protun Melayu-screw-Melayu blogger is scare-mongering that Umno risked turning “hateful” and “despicable” if the party concentrated too much on its core Malay demography.

He plays the guilt trip in reminding Umno to be friends and “friendly” to the MCA and the Chinese community in the old spirit of BN despite that the Chinese had shown the middle finger to BN on 5 May 2013

The Malay blogger mole bleated that catering for a nationalist membership base will make Umno “vulgar” and become an “ultra racist party”.

His rhetoric appeals to the Protuns who are now bersekongkol dengan DAP. But more so it benefits the DAP’s election strategy of making Umno complacent and giving the benefit of the doubt that MCA will not lose ALL of the seats given it, even the Malay-majority semi-rural ones.

laugh China girl

If the Chinese tsunami was not strong enough in 2013, it will be in 2018 with help from Tun and his Gang. We must learn from history the lesson of how much damage Tun inflicted on Pak Lah in 2008.

Actually the Malay 20k prepaid mole is encouraging Umno’s suicide by persuading Umno to reject the rightist trend that has gripped Europe and the USA.

Macai-macai Melayu ultra kiasu hope to persuade Umno to remain “moderate”, i.e. ala Saifuddin Abdullah and his shenanigans.

This advice to Umno is self-destructive because we already know that whatever the parti Melayu does or does not do today, Malaysia is already fractured along ethnic lines.

In fact, the Melayu-reject blogger previously (when he makan dedak Umno before his 180-degree turn) had accused the Chinese Johor GE13 voters in Gelang Patah of killing moderation.

Beginning 2003, Pak Lah’s administration had opened the floodgates to being racially inclusive. He proclaimed that (unlike Mahathir) he was PM for all. His son-in-law is a bangsa Anak Malaysia who even hired a Dpaster as his secretary.

sailor moon gigglingWhen Najib first took over as PM in 2009, he more than bent over backwards to mollify the Chinese — much to Tun’s chagrin.

But what did Pak Lah and Najib get for their reconciliation efforts? The growth of the RBA army, expanding and expanding their tipu, bohong, putar-belit and fitnah to a point that BN lost the popular vote only for the second time since the 10 May 1969 general election.

Malay moles are injecting venom into the Umno bloodstream through poisoning the Protuns and painting Umno-Projib supporters as “haters”.

Semua orang boleh cakap untuk sedapkan telinga. However, proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Sungai Besar has a sizeable chunk of Chinese voters, i.e. close to one-third of the electorate. Remember, people can say and promise anything. What really counts is the symbol they secretly mark on their ballot paper.

How many percent of the Chinese votes do you reckon the now “nice and friendly” (having said ‘No’ to Jamal Sekinchan) Umno will obtain in Sg Besar come polling day? Will Umno be able to successfully defend the seat?


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11 thoughts on “With Jamal standing down, no excuse for MCA to fail to deliver Sg Besar Chinese

  1. Helen,

    In the last PRU, Malay votes to PAS went down while the Malay vots for UMNO increased. No prize for guessing right. Malays showed their displeasure on PAS kowtowing to DAP on PRU13.

    In Kelantan despite winning 32 seats, PAS share of Malay votes is just 52% .In contrast UMNO got 47% of Malay votes though winning 12 seats. Another 1% increase of votes will result in UMNO getting Kelantan.

    What UMNO should do is to accept that Chinese has abandon BN. So no need to bother with their requests anymore. No need to be apologetic by appointing MCA into cabinet. Stop lying that Malaysia needs MCA to be represented in Cabinet.

    The support from Chinese community is next to nil. So why bother. Why bother to appease them.Despite whatever said to Jamal, he s actually has Malay support in Sg Besar.

    Jamal is deemed racist for being able to turn he table to DAP. He may lack academic qualification like Khairy. He may not speak excellent English But he is street smart. He tackles the Malay mind beautifully. He understands that the way to put sanity into Chinese mind is by bringing the problem the(Chinese) created right to their face. For once when it as apparent that Baju merah gathering was gaining momentum, suddenly Chinese began to give remarks like demonstrations will hurt business.

    Apparently none in Chinese community including MCA said the same thing when it comes to BERSIH. Jamal despite who’s who in UMNO distancing from him, actually helps to prop Najib. He sent the message that the Malay support for UMNO is real.

    For defending Malays, UMNO, jamal is deemed racist. I love to see the days where Najib, Zahid, r Khairy will say DAP is racist . Say it with conviction.

    Say the word like ” walau pun suku sakat komunis, jangan perangai macam komunis”.

    Take bull by its horn. Be blunt. Show them UMNO is not terhegeh hegeh.

    Najib , learn from Adnan satem

    1. re: “What UMNO should do is to accept that Chinese has abandon BN.”

      What Umno should do is purge toxins like the lebih-Cina-dari-Cina Malay mole bought by the ultra kiasu party.

        1. Aiyoh, do your research first lah. You don’t got any political contacts at all, meh?

          Jangan dok telan bulat-bulat jer dakyah RBA and alphabet soup. Dah Melayu tertipu 2008 and 2013, masih tak serik-serik lagi ke?

          Do you know any senior Umno bloggers, ah? Kenal ‘A Voice/Brick’ atau ‘Big Dog’ tak? Cuba tanya kat dema siapa blogger Melayu DAP yang penyamar dan pembohong.

          You know senior people in NST/Media Prima or not?

          You know any Ministry press secs?


          Any officers in PMO?

          Or any Umno Johor? Or Khaled Nordin’s boys?

          Cuba tanya kat mana-mana orang yang political insider. Kalau saya tak betul/benar, takkan saya berani cabar Setem saje tanya kat siapa-siapa.

          It’s a wide open secret lah. Da fella’s blog is now only being propped up by RBAs and his handler. Itupun Setem tak leh nampak?

          Only the Protuns are obscured by blinkers when terang-terang certain Malay operatives are bersekongkol dengan Dapster dan Cina ultra.

          Kandungan blog pun dah semacam dah — kejap gelar Umno “rasis” lah, “despicable” apa lah. Sebiji macam RBA.

          Btw, my use of the word “mole” is apt. Dig deeper … see if you can find out. If you’re still unable korek after so many clues have been given by so many whistleblowers, then I suggest you just cut out/stop your innuendos in my blog.

          By making such insinuations against me, you’re only leading the many, many people already in the know about Who’s Who nanti pandang semacam (serong) kat you (your naivete).

          Although you’re using a pseudonym, nonetheless ‘Setem’ is not an Anon like those proliferating berderet=deret in a certain Protun blog.

          ‘Setem’ has got a commenting track record, and your track record is being tarnished by the blinkered – (baca: Melayu nih begitu mudah diperdaya RBA) comment you made above. You’re denting your own credibility.

      1. What Umno should do is taking the lebih melayu dari melayu cina pemakan dedak like you as their member. Right?

        1. re: “the lebih melayu dari melayu cina”

          Is the problem me, or is it you?

          (a) So I speak BM like a native (Malay). What’s your beef? How are your friends exemplars of “Malaysian First” if their command of our national language is like tongkang pecah?

          (b) I understand Islam’s position of paramountcy and I do not believe that M’sia is secular. If you have issues with my stance, then rest assured that your anti-Islam attitude will soon be paid its just desserts.

          re: “pemakan dedak”

          Don’t forget the three fingers pointing back at ‘your’ self (meaning your political camp and not necessarily you as an individual).

          It is DAP that sedang menabur dedak di merata, dan macai-macai Melayu mereka yang kuat makan, incl. that 20k Umno-reject blogger.

          After all, DAP’s election publicity chief had let on the party’s “Melayu screw Melayu” strategy.

          re: About my supposed Umno membership

          Be careful what you wish for.

          1. ” Don’t forget the three fingers pointing back at ‘your’ self ”

            I concur with you HA. When you point at others as ‘ pemakan dedak ‘ , three of your fingers are pointing back at yourself!

            re: About my supposed Umno membership

            Be careful what you wish for. ”

            You are more malays than the malays. You definitely qualify as one if not more than the malays.

            1. The three fingers are pointing at someone already proven to be a liar, fraud and slanderer. In making your incessant potshots, you sound as desperate as those RBAs propping up his blog.

    2. Ah, so – “defending” Malays. What about “defending” Chinese, Indians, Eurasians and and non-Muslim bumiputras?

      That is a sure way to economic irrelevance in the overall scheme of things.

      Is Jamal, for example, going to confront China (and the ruling CCP)? Or will he realise that there are some parties that you really don’t want to mess with?

      Is he going to stand up in Asean, for example, and voice his views straight up, given that he is “street smart” and all?

      And what exactly is the “Malay mind”? Rural, urban, educated, uneducated, blue-collar, white-collar, liberal, conservative, cosmopolitan, introspective…..?

      Academic theorising is fine. It doesn’t pay the bills – for a community or a country.

  2. And, i would like to propose Sharul, the low yat hero, who managed to gather the Malays in a short time and terrorize the chinese, to be hailed as a Malay hero, akin to Jamal tongkol. Please make sure umno takes good care of Sharul, he’s the next Jamal.

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