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Hudud: MCA should bugger off from BN

(1) PAS is co-operating with Umno because PAS now hates DAP (and who doesn’t?) Kalau belum kenal maka tak benci. Tapi bila sudah terdedah, maka diketahui sifat dajjal yang sebenar DAP.

Even the Dayaks in Sarawak threw DAP out on its ear, and thus emboldening Umno with the belief that the native Christians of Borneo are not on the same page as the Jerusubang evangelical Christians.

(2) MCA has been siding with the DAP as well as aiding and abetting the latter’s Politics of Hate.

MCA’s predominantly Buddhist leadership would not have precipitated a clash of civilizations with this country’s Muslim majority. It is the aggressive evangelical Christianity of DAP that sparked the religious confrontation with political Islam.

(3) MCA’s media empire which is a Nest of Evangelistas has been promoting and amplifying their DAP icons. This ideological betrayal is a stab in the BN’s back.

DAP MCA Kit Siang Liong Sik

(4) Umno is working with PAS and why not when it was MCA that first worked with DAP to create the Chinese tsunami.

And now we get the hudud bill approved for debate in Parliament. If MCA had genuinely fought DAP tooth and nail, things would not have come to this pass.

(5) MCA should just stop whinging about hudud when the BN Chinese party is guilty of collusion with the abusive evangelical party which had pushed PAS into Umno’s arms.

Since MCA already made its choice to collaborate with DAP, hence after making the bed, MCA should bloody well lie in it.

(6) Ergo, MCA needs to shut up and forever hold its peace on hudud. If MCA still wants to bark and bite, then the party ought to do so from outside the BN.

The honorable thing for MCA to do is just leave the BN and assume its true shape as opposition to Umno.

MCA will not be missed. Umno combined with the pribumi parties are strong enough to form the federal government on their own.

(Note: The five percent MCA members whose heart is with BN can opt to join Gerakan.)


Hadi Awang’s bill seeks an amendment to  Act 355 to enable penalties under syariah criminal offences to be increased (made more severe).


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26 thoughts on “Hudud: MCA should bugger off from BN

  1. aiya! amoi you not a “penyokong tegar” what is that “hudut” ????????

    1. aiya RBA, I support whatever it takes to send dajjal back to where the creature crawled out from. If hudud is the price that PAS insists on extracting from Umno, then so be it.

      Always remember that if not for the DAP’s dajjal-ness, and if only MCA managed to maintain the stromg 31 Parliament seats it won in 2004, hudud would never have been on the table.

      This situation of speeded-up Islamization is one that is being forced by the DAP (i.e. the parti Melayu and the parti Islam getting together as a response to the DAP assault).

      1. Read The New York Times editorial “The World Reaps What the Saudis Sow” (

        Or the New York Times reports:

        – “Kosovo’s Creeping Extremism”

        – “Loubna Abidar – Role as Prostitute Brings Fame and Fury”

        “People are scared of the truth. We shouldn’t be a country (Morocco) that is scared of art. I want the Moroccan woman to wake up… They wanted to shut me up. They wanted to scare me. But I will never keep quiet.” (Loubna Abidar).

        Maybe Ms Abidar, in her own way, is more courageous than those who fling the “dajjal” label around at anyone who doesn’t subscribe to their worldview.

        Anyone including those who won’t shut up, who refused to be scared and who will never keep quiet…..

          1. Which is bad maths any way you look at it.

            Or maybe maths is not your strong point? Which is strange….

            I don’t suppose that these “dajjal” folks simply have the courage of their convictions and are not afraid to stand up for them.

            As the Christian Gospels state:

            – “It was not you who chose me, but I chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit that will remain” (John 15:16)

            – “Do not let your hearts be troubled or afraid” (John 14:27)

            – “Do not be afraid. Go on speaking, and do not be silent for I am with you” (Acts 18:9-10)

            – “In the world you will have trouble, but take courage, I have conquered the world” (John 16:33)

            – “Indeed we call blessed those who have persevered” (James 5:11)

            – “He has sent deliverance to his people; he has ratified his covenant forever; holy and awesome is his name” (Psalm 111:9)

            – “Because he clings to me, I will deliver him; I will set him on high because he acknowledges my name. He shall call upon me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in distress. I will deliver him and glorify him” (Psalm 91:14-15)

            Perhaps these people who you castigate regard being called “dajjal” a badge of honour, for refusing to give up or compromise as far as their faith is concerned.

            “So they left…the Sanhedrin, rejoicing that they had been found worthy to suffer dishonour for the sake of the name” (Acts 5:41).

            1. re: “Perhaps these people who you castigate regard being called “dajjal” a badge of honour, for refusing to give up or compromise as far as their faith is concerned.”

              Dajaal is The Deceiver. It means those people tipu, bohong, putar-belit dan fitnah.

              1. Or so you say…

                Others have a different interpretation.

                To be called “deceivers” when standing up for or propagating one’s faith…isnt that a favourite tactic of the Evil One/the Deceiver/Lucifer….?

                Maybe a crash course in Christian theology might be of assistance?

                1. RBAs are not faith fighters. They’re protecting their taiko Lim family & the DAP warlords, and defending the party delusions.

                  For them the ends justify the means and hence the black agitprop methods are justifiable.

                  It’s not surprising then that the ultra kiasus would collect on their payroll macai Melayu who have the same character traits like RBA — penipu, pembohong, pemfitnah. Just like that blogger Protun Umno reject.

                  1. Are you now passing yourself off as an expert on the Christian faith and theology?

                    On dissing the call for Christians to evangelise?

                    Btw, how do you define “faith fighters”? As in the jihadi movement? Or as in Is? Or as in Christian evangelistas?

  2. Agreed. I also think The Star is anti Islam. Their front page headline today was “Its unconstitutional “. It wasn’t the AG or some judge but MCA president and it’s only his opinion. There were also many instances in the past when their headlines reflect their stance

    1. Helen,

      The last PRU was often labelled as “Chinese Tsunami”. But many choose to overlook that another tsunami is brewing : the MALAY TSUNAMI.

      The last PRU result proves another point : PAS share of Malay votes took a dip while its “musuh ketat” that is UMNO raking the lion share of Malay votes. PAS was humbled when it los tKedah while its share on its bastion, Kelantan” was mere 53%.

      After sleeping with the devil, DAP, PAS is “enlightened” . Sort of understanding that Buddha received while meditating under a Bodhgaya tree.

      PAS suddenly realises how ruthless DAP is. and suddenly UMNO appears not that bad. We all can see that. Hadi sorts of soften his rhetorics against UMNO.

      UMNO too is “enlightened”. Short of saying it, all UMNO members whom I met said that MCa is another DAP actually. Another enlightenment comes in the form of sudden understanding that despite almost entire Chinese rejection, UMNO prevails. So who cares about Chinese votes.

      Both parties, UMNO and PAS, adjusts their respective approach. PAS realises that despite whatever nasty things Harakah said about UMNO, it(PAS) needs UMNO to bring on Hudud. That is reality.

      It dawns upon PAS to accept this reality. Reality that significant move on Hudud can only come if UMNO accepts it. and UMNO too realises that only through Malay votes , it prevails.

      PAS sorts of “lembut hati” with UMNO according “aruah Tok Guru” with great respect with PM himself announcing the death of this humble PAS leader.

      And UMNO too “lembut hati” by accepting that PAS is here to stay. And Malays see it that way. And UMNO too realises how the only way to survive politically is by accepting Hudud though with reservation on its implementation.

      Hadi presenting Hudud serves as a reminder to Chinese that short of saying it, both UMNO and PAS are not bothered with DAP or MCA objection.

      The truth is that Malays have come into conclusion that no matter what they do, Chinese will still reject them.

      As for PKR, it better worries with its malays support.

      Though UMNO and PAS are likely to lock horn in Sg Besar and kuala Kangsar, they will still in one team when it comes to Hudud.

      1. Yup, I strongly support that UMNO and PAS form a pact, better still get them to join BN.

        Who needs the Chinese votes by the way.

        UMNO should field Jamal Ikan Bakar in Sg Besar, after all, he is the ketua bahagian there too. Shame that Umno has no balls to do that.

        Why Najib bother to mention that in the Sarawak PRU, the ‘ Chinese has come back to support BN ‘ since their votes are not important.

        Anyway, who cares for the Chinese support. Their votes are insignificant after all !

        1. Never mind your rhetoric and sarcasm. Let’s just see how the 1/3 Chinese electorate in Sg. Besar vote. Count the ballots — that’s the true test.

    2. All the muslims should to stop working for The Star since they are anti Islam. Utusan should take over all the muslims workers in The Star, to protect Islam and Muslim.

  3. I do not understand all this ruckus about the Syariah ammendment especially from the non Muslims. It does not concern them at all as they will not be affected. So much had been said about Hudud when it is just a small portion of the Syariah. And those who do not really know keep on saying about the amputation of the hand for theft as if Malaysians are going to lose their hands. I wonder how many Malaysians are actually thieves. Do those here realise that the Syariah have been in operation in Saudi Arabia for years and whenever I go there I have yet to meet people without hands due to amputations. Do people here realise that in Makkah, Medina, Jeddah and even Taif or Riyadh shopkeepers can just leave their stalls without closing them or having anybody looking after the stalls whenever they go off to pray everytime after the Azan?


    1. Hudud does not concern non-Muslims? Hudud will not be applicable to non-Muslims?

      That is the biggest bullshit peddled by PAS and their likes. Hudud WILL be extended and be applicable to non-Muslims.

      You want proof?

      Well, Hadi Awang is on record when he was the Menteri Besar of Trengganu of stating that hudud WILL be extended to non-Musliims.

      Can you trust the promise and assurance that hudud will not be extended to nonn-Muslims (even if Hadi Awang carves the promise on a stone with his blood). All you need to see is Aceh where the provincial government when implementing hudud gave a solemn promise that hudud is ONLY for non-Muslims and will NEVER be imposed on non-Muslims. Today, the provincial government reneged on their promise and hudud is now imposed on non-Muslims.

      So, non-Muslims cannot and must never believe in any promise that hudud will not be applicable on Muslims.

      In any event, empirical studies done in Pakistan shows the victims of hudud has been women and Christians.

      So, please stop trying to hoist your hudud promise.

  4. I take the UMNO-PAS collaborations in a stride. The signs were obvious after the last general elections. I am only curious where will UMNO draw the line because it is much harder to put the genie back into the bottle afterwards.

    The position of the Syariah courts have always been subservient to the Constitution and the Federal Parliamentary processes. This is very clear and should have been obvious even for the State assemblies who in turn provide the enabling power to the religious authorities. If UMNO and PAS think the stunt will get the intended effect, we can just wait and see how the political drama will unfold in the next few days. I must admit I was intrigued how quickly the PM was on the media to send out some mixed signals, but it is really a weak Federal government telling the States that they can be autonomous on such matters when it is politically expedient (see Adenan and his precedent).

    Now, what does it means for BN non-Muslim (I didn’t say non-Malay) component parties? They will all appeal to UMNO and the PM and once again BN will show that it is the only viable wayang in town. It is not unlike the days when Tun declared that Malaysia IS an Islamic State. How long before pundits and observers make that connection? Many seem to have forgotten what happened to Brunei recently.

    Can you imagine the tagline here? UMNO wants hudud (in PAS Kelantan at least), but it cannot ignore the concerns of the component parties. Hence, in the name of national unity as well as giving the people what they want, we will go for more state autonomy. In Sarawak they have already recognized the UEC, in Kelantan they can finally give hudud a trial run and the Johor palace is now wielding unprecedented influence. None, I may add, is naturally a disaster.

    I have little doubt that this country was founded on strong secular principles as well as many other important check and balance elements for the separation of powers. Perhaps this is the wake-up call for Malaysians who need to ask themselves where our past choices have led this country to.

    p.s. If the PM thinks this will take some heat off 1MDB, I think his advisors need to get their heads examined. Anyway politicians and their coterie have peanuts for brains.

    1. Yeah bring it’s on , biarkan ,biarkan ,biarkan . MCA is buggering off from BN ?, alamak “syoknya ” .

      What the point ,staying in one house when you are cooking difference food .

  5. MCA takut sangat dengan HUDUD apahal? 99.999% of them are non Muslims. Who are they protecting anyway?

    Lawak le mereka ni!

  6. it seem both najib n hadi now deny the bill has anything to do with hudud. y tis 2 islamist so takde telur? 1 pretend hardcore the other pretend moderate sebenarnya hanya mahu tipu vote n muslim.

  7. MCA dan DAP amat marah. Ada kesan kat industri maksiat korang ke? Sasaran industri pada bukan Islam kan skop lagi luas…

    Daripada Karim’s Blog:
    “Atau apakah ada MUSLIHAT lain di sebalik bantahan mereka? Di antara kesalahan yang bakal menerima kenaikan hukuman ialah minum arak. Apabila orang Melayu minum arak mereka bakal menerima hukuman yang lebih tinggi. Ini mungkin membuat orang Melayu makin takut untuk melakukan kesalahan ini. Maka siapa yang akan rugi perniagaan mereka?

    Kedua, jika orang Islam ditangkap bersama pasangan bukan muhrimnya, contoh yang menjadi pelacur, maka dengan hukumannya mungkin lebih tinggi akan membuat “bakal pelacur Melayu-Islam” ini mulai takut. Maka sukarlah untuk untuk mencari pelacur-pelacur Melayu selepas ini.

    Malah, ibu ayam dan bapak ayam mungkin selepas ini sukar untuk mencari makan. Umum tahu siapa yang banyak meraih keuntungan hasil pelacuran yang diumpan dengan anak-anak gadis Melayu. Kalau dulu setakat satu dua ribu mereka pejam mata sahaja. Sekarang jika dendanya semain tinggi – ianya bakal merosakkan peluang “perniagaan” mereka.”

    Ni memang jenis suka orang Melayu dan orang Islam rosak. Apasal pulak nak marah bila kerajaan nak lindungi dan cegah orang Islam daripada buat maksiat secara undang-undang?

    1. Mat,

      Saya setujulah dengan cakap cakap awak. Dah sampai masa hudud dilaksanakan dalam negara orang Islam ni. Tidak pernah dilihat orang orang Islam dalam negara ini begitu bersemangat berjuang bersama menentang anasir anasir anti Islam yang sudah begitu lantang. Dengan segala kebaikan yang disebut tu apa tunggu lagi kalau tidak dilaksanakan hukum hudud itu sekarang? Syurga sedang menunggu, ayuh orang orang Melayu Islam !

      Laksanakan hudud, jangan tak laksanakan. Orang Melayu Islam sudah bangkit. Siapa yang menentang mesti ditewaskan. Pemimpin-pemimpin Melayu Islam sudah ada tokoh tokoh besar yang boleh diharapkan. Ketua PAS dan ketua UMNO bakal membina sejarah dengan perlaksanaan hudud di negara Melayu Islam ini, dan nama masing-masing akan direkodkan dalam sejarah bersama-sama Hang Tuah dan Mat Kilau!

      Dengan hebohnya kesemua ini, Mat, bersedialah kalau kalau di akhirnya hudud tidak juga dilaksanakan mahu di Malaysia secara keseluruhannya atau di dalam negeri Kelantan sahaja. Jika itu berlaku, Mat, dah bukan salah non Muslim lagi sebab Melayu Islam sudah bangkit dan bersatu, pemimpin pemimpin tersohor PAS dan UMNO sudah diberikan mandat dan sokongan padu untuk melaksanakan hudud, dan setiap pejuang-pejuang anak Melayu sudah di belakang mereka. Jika tak laksanakan hudud lagi, Mat, bertindaklah! Bertindak menentang pemimpin-pemimpin kau tu yang engkau sokong dan sanjung sekarang, sebab dah sah mereka itu menyamar saja nak laksanakan hudud, memain-mainkan perintah Allah SWT!

      Mat, berikan amaran kepada pemimpin-pemimpin kau tu, laksanakan hukum hudud di pan Malaysia sekarang juga, kalau tidak, Mat akan bangkit menentangnya.

      Sudah sampai masa membuang tabiat munafik semua. Buang lah tabiat munafik, itu lagi penting sebelum nak berjuang untuk Islam.

      1. Sekelumit pesanan daripada Sheikh Yusuf Qardawi tentang pelaksanaan hukum hudud: Betapa pentingnya persediaan budaya ilmu dan peningkatan hikmah dan rahmah dalam masyarakat Islam.

        Kata Sheikh Qardawi: “Terdahulu, memberi makanan kepada orang yang lapar; sediakan pekerjaan kepada penganggur; ajarkan orang yang jahil; beri latihan kepada para pekerja, sebelum melaksanakan hukum hudud. Ajarkan Islam keseluruhannya tentang akidah, undang2 syariat, akhlak & nilai2 murni, dan adab2 tata susila, demi membangunkan masyarakat Islam terdahulu. ”

        “Katakanlah(ya Muhammad), apakah sama antara orang yang mengetahui dengan orang yang tidak mengetahui?”
        [surah Az-Zumar : 9]

        “Sebagaimana (telah di sempurnakan nikmat kepadamu) Kami telah mengutus kepadamu Rasul di antara kamu sekalian yang membacakan ayat-ayat Kami kepada kamu dan menyucikan kamu dan mengajarkan kepadamu Al Kitab dan Al-Hikmah (As- Sunnah Nabi), serta mengajarkan kepada kamu apa yang belum kamu ketahui.” [surah al-Baqarah: 151]

        “Dari Abu Hurairah r.a. dia berkata: “Rasulullah s.a.w. pernah bersabda: “Sesungguhnya Allah Ta’Ala itu Baik, Ia tidak menerima kecuali yang baik. Dan sesungguhnya Allah memerintahkan orang yang beriman sebagaimana Dia memerintahkan para rasul-Nya dengan firman-Nya: “Wahai Para Rasul makanlah yang baik-baik dan beramal saleh.” Dan lagi Dia berfirman: “Wahai orang-orang yang beriman makanlah yang baik-baik dari apa yang Kami rezekikan kepada sekalian”. Kemudian Nabi menyebutkan tentang seorang yang telah melakukan perjalanan jauh dalam keadaan kusut dan berdebu. Maka dia mengangkatkan kedua tangannya ke langit sambil merayu: “Ya Tuhanku! Ya Tuhanku!” padahal makanannya haram, minumannya haram, pakaiannya juga haram dan keperluannya dipenuhi dari sumber yang haram, maka (jika begitu ia biadab dan berdosa) bagaimana doanya akan dikabulkan?”
        (riwayat Muslim).

        Kita di ajak mencontohi akhlak dan adab Sayyidina Rasulullah s.a.w. :

        “Sungguhnya, kamu (ya Muhammad) mempunyai akhlak yang agung” [Al-Qalam: 4]

        “Sesungguhnya telah datang kepadamu seorang Rasul dari kaummu sendiri, yang berat mengkhuatiri penderitaanmu, dan sangat menginginkan kamu (selamat dunia dan akhirat), dan ia amat mengasihani lagi bersayang terhadap orang-orang mukmin.” [At-Taubah: 128]

        Katakanlah (ya Muhammad): “Jika kamu (ya orang mukmin) mencintai Allah, ikutilah aku, nescaya Allah akan mencintai kamu sekalian dan mengampuni dosa-dosamu”. Dan Allah Dialah Yang Maha Pengampun lagi Maha Penyayang”. [Ali lmran: 31]

        1. Apabila seorang Khatib berucap di atas mimbar, lalu dia berkata: ‘saya menyeru kepada diri saya sendiri dan juga kepada kalian..’, apakah dia ni nak menyeru kepada diri dia sendiri tak boleh dibuat dalam keadaan berseorangan dan perlu kah dia memberitahu kepada umum bahawa dia menyeru kepada diri dia sendiri?

          Sesungguhnya yang mengatakan menyeru kepada diri dia sendiri tu cuma cakap cakap sopan sahaja. Hakikat dia berdiri atas mimbar itu dan berucap depan hadirin semua, mesej dia jelas menuju kepada para hadirin sahaja.

          Orang Islam percaya dia akan bertemu dengan Penciptanya di akhirat dan akan disoal tentang apa yang dia buat / tidak buat semasa dia hidup di dunia. Maka datanglah konsep ‘tanggung’, yakni dia sudah bersedia untuk menjawab bahawa ‘aku telah cakap sekian sekian, aku bukan ada kuasa maka dia lah perlu tanggung nanti…’

          Bagi orang Islam, dia lepas sekadar telah bercakap atau menyampaikan mesej. Syurga tetap dia dapat.

          Di Semenanjung Malaysia, dalam abad ke-20, telah menyaksikan beberapa peperangan dan kekacauan bersenjata umpamanya perang dunia ke-dua, perang komunis, konfrontasi dan sebagainya. Selain komunis, yang lain-lain tu tak melibatkan orang Cina pun, yang telah hidup bersama sama bangsa lain di sini sejak ratusan tahun lagi. Sehingga ke hari ini, tahun 2016, pengaruh orang Cina dalam isu hala tuju negara dan polisi kerajaan tinggal berapa banyak lagi? Orang Melayu Islam dah cukup ramai boleh tentukan masa depan sendiri.

          Maka tidak perlulah diangkat melambung ke langit pengaruh orang Cina lalu mengatakan Cina lah yang menghalang perlaksanaan hukum hudud, apabila hakikatnya ialah orang Melayu Islam sendiri yang tidak yakin pada diri sendiri untuk mematuhi hukum hukum Islam.

          Selagi hukum hudud tak diluluskan, maka permainan boleh diteruskan dan orang Islam pikir dia selamat sebab dia dah cakap tentang sokongan dia pada hukum hudud namun tak berkuasa untuk menjalankannya. Tiket pergi syurga masih dia pegang, and so it seems.

          Tapi kalau hukum hudud telah diluluskan, keadaan sudah berlainan. Apakah yang akan terjadi pada orang Melayu Islam di sini? Hmmmm, satu kemungkinan ialah macam kartun Disney “LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER”.

          Jadi implemenkanlah hukum hudud secepat mungkin. Tak sabar nak tengok berkat apa yang Tuhan nak kasikan pada umat Melayu Islam di sini.

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