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Guns N Roses

They’re also the Melayu DAP — such as the 20k kumbayah blogger who is an Umno reject, liar and fraud.

VIDEO: Slash and Burn … epic!

November Rain

They preach about “building bridges” but they chant, “Build that wall, build that wall, build that wall!” at the Trump rallies.

They pretend to be giving you a bunch of roses when those redneck gun lovers are actually pointing a revolver at your head.

Who are they? They’re the evangelistas.

Melayu balaci DAP merupakan Si Kitol. Penipu dan pembohong yang lagi merbahaya.


Slash gets star


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5 thoughts on “Guns N Roses

  1. The Singapore Straits Times today carried a report “Trump courting Republican Muslims” (

    Walid Phares is a Muslim adviser to Trump.

    Sajid Tarar, a Pakistani immigrant, has set up a group called ‘Muslims for Trump’. According to the Straits Times, he said that “he can support the proposed ban on Muslims if it means keeping Americans safe. ‘”Whatever is required to ensure safety for American people, I’ll support that…. Any time something goes wrong here, if there is an incident, we start saying, ‘I hope he is not Muslim’. We are living under threat. We want to see America strong, we want to see America safe because we are part of the American fabric'”.

    Tom Harb, a Lebanese-American, co-founded the American Middle East Coalition for Trump.

    Conservative blogger Shireen Qudosi said she is “supporting Trump because of his straight-talking nature. ‘”The day-to-day loss of values and honour in American society is a greater burden than anything Trump says. As a woman, I don’t need my emotions cradled. What I need is honesty”‘.

    It’s not entirely black-and-white, is it?

    1. The US and China have the biggest guns in the region….

      And when they say “jump”…..

        1. Not really.

          Confrontation in the South China Sea? Forest City? Purchase of 1MDB assets? R&R stops for the US Seventh Fleet?

          Plenty of “KIASI”(sic) around, looks like!


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