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Ridhuan Tee hammers final nail into MCA’s coffin

“Bagaimanakah saya rasis sehingga 20 tahun di MCA?” Ridhuan Tee

Pula MCA mengutuk beliau lebih Melayu daripada Melayu padahal Ridhuan ahli seumur hidup parti mereka.

Ridhuan Tee agrees with PAS presiden Hadi Awang that it is better to be friends with cattle than with swine.

Referring to the uproar against Hadi’s Parliament bill to amend Act 355, Ridhuan said in Sinar Harian that  the “ultra kiasu” would, in the past, secretly collaborate to oppose the enforcement of syariah jurisdiction.

Today, however, they’re bold enough to openly flaunt their cooperation, he added in his newspaper column yesterday titled ‘Ancaman ultra kiasu kepada Islam?

In the same article, Ridhuan wrote:

Bangunlah wahai umatku! Masihkah kita buta dengan perancangan musuh Islam. Mereka ini kebanyakan Kristian Evengelis.” (See his blog, ‘Ancaman ultra kiasu kepada Islam‘)

Ridhuan urged his fellow Muslims to beware the plans hatched against Islam by enemies of the faith. According to Ridhuan, the majority of these enemies of Islam are Christian evangelists.

BELOW: Ridhuan Tee’s MCA life membership card


Christian evangelists, MCA enemies of Islam — Ridhuan Tee

Ridhuan further expressed his unhappiness with the non-Muslim BN political parties over the hudud matter by withdrawing as an MCA life member.

Explaining his decision to quit MCA, Ridhuan said he does not want to bear the sin of remaining in a party that is the enemy of Islam. “Siapa memusuhi Islam, dia adalah musuh saya juga,” he declared in a press statement yesterday to Ismaweb.

Ridhuan also urged MCA leaders to immediately resign their ministerial posts. Commenting on their lingering in Najib’s cabinet still,  Ridhuan said, “Tidak perlu menunggu hari lain. Dasar muka tak malu.”

The call by Ridhuan for MCA to leave BN echoes Isma’s editorial on Sunday pressing for MCA president Liow Tiong Lai to resign as Transport Minister with immediate effect.

In an article by Ismaweb‘s senior editor headlined ‘Menteri Pengangkutan boleh letak jawatan sekarang: Isma‘, Liow was told not to busybody himself meddling in the affairs of the Muslims.

Backlash against MCA from various quarters

Perkasa Islamic affairs bureau chairman Dr Amini Amir Abdullah was quoted by the Malay Mail as saying the MCA president, together with his Gerakan and MIC counterparts, are welcome to make their exit.

Only those who respect the Federal Constitution basics as well as the majority Muslim population need stay in government, said Dr Amini according to an FMT report yesterday under the heading, ‘Tak setuju hudud, sila letak jawatan, kata Perkasa‘.

Aside from the Malay rights movement, the Muslim NGOs have similarly called upon MCA to leave the government — “Eloklah MCA keluar sahaja dari BN jika mereka rasa mereka sudah kuat”, urged Muafakat sec-gen A. Karim Omar.

Umno blogger Dr Novandri Hasan Basri noted, “Dengan menakut-nakutkan kaum bukan Islam terutamanya kaum Cina, parti DAP akan masih dapat sokongan untuk terus relevan dalam politik negara ini”. Nonetheless he was nonplussed to find BN component parties also hopping on the bandwagon.

MCA deputy president Wee Ka Siong, MCA vice president Chew Mei Fun and MCA sec-gen Ong Ka Chuan all told a press conference yesterday they if Liow jumps (out of Cabinet), they too would jump.

Zakhir Mohamed aka Big Dog responded by asking Wee and his party colleagues to “Just do it”, i.e. resign. See his tweet below.

MCA scammed by ‘wag the dog’

Raja Petra Kamarudin believes MCA has joined DAP in its anti-Islam stance.

“It is time MCA, MIC, Gerakan and those other anti-Islam parties go join Pakatan Harapan so that Muslims from Umno, PAS and others can unite against the onslaught on Islam and Muslims by the non-Muslims,” said Raja Petra.

In his opinion, the non-Muslims are banding together to launch an assault on Islam as the fault line over the issue of Hadi’s bill is clear-cut.

Unfortunately MCA has been made the patsy in a case of ‘wag the dog’. MCA is the ‘dog’ that is being wagged by its tail, the Nest of Evangelistas.

Meaning, although it is mainly Buddhists who man the MCA mothership, nonetheless it is the evangelistas piloting the party’s media empire that has set the belligerent agenda.

BELOW: Liow Tiong Lai is a weak leader; it is J-Star CEO Wong Chun Wai who is the driving force behind MCA’s public tone via media

Liow Tiong Lai WCW

Baling batu sorok tangan

Like Ridhuan Tee said, musuh-musuh Islam ini kebanyakannya Kristian evangelis.

MCA is not an evangelical party and neither is its top leadership Christian, unlike the DAP. Yet in the current backlash following the eruption over Hadi’s bill, it is MCA that has borne the brunt of the opposite reaction by Malay-Muslims.

This only goes to show how adept the anti-Islam DAP are at exploiting useful idiots (MCA!) to act as the buffer or shield while its Dapster-evangelistas slyly throw stones unseen.

The DAP sneaky bastards are masters at getting others to do the dirty work, such as its the Melayu-screw-Melayu agitprop and psywar crew. (Think the lebih-Cina-dari-Cina Umno reject currently on the ultra kiasu 20k payroll.)

While it is actually DAP inciting the Chinese against Malays and vice versa, it is MCA ministers however that are made to pay the price. It is MCA leaders who are being called upon to quit their posts, e.g. MCA’s Gurun Adun who felt compelled to resign as Kedah exco.

You won’t see the DAP Selangor excos – or Hannah Yeoh the Speaker – resigning as challenged by MCA’s Ti Lian Ker despite a belief that DAP is responsible for the “hudud crisis”.

After all, the evangelical party had made false assurances to the Chinese community not to fear hudud if they’re neither robbers nor thieves. (See press statement yesterday by MCA publicity bureau chairman Chai Kim Sen.)

The DAP evangelista leaders are unscathed and sitting pretty enjoying the perks of power and not to mention salaries almost equal to the prime minister’s. But you can expect the MCA suckers to lose their government jobs very soon come October when Hadi’s bill is resubmitted to Parliament.

Raja Petra admonished, “Chinese should stop trying to prove they are stupid”. No further proof is needed that the MCA Chinese have been soundly snookered by the DAP Christians.

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Updated @ 7.45pm on 7 June 2016


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37 thoughts on “Ridhuan Tee hammers final nail into MCA’s coffin

  1. Basically MCA is now slapped left and right, up and down by all and sundry- Chinese, Malays, both the pro-establishments and pro-oppositions, pretty much everyone incl. Raja Petra joining the whacking fest, wow. Now I wonder whether I should submit my MCA application form for life membership (100 ringgit for that).

      1. 100 ringgit is cheap already, you still want discount ah? UMNO membership seems to be free though. The member card looks nice to me , could be a very valuable memorabilia that I can show to the future generations 50 years from now when MCA is no longer around.

        1. re: “100 ringgit is cheap already, you still want discount ah?”

          RM30 = fire sale price. But methinks MCA membership nowadays if they give free also nobody wants to join anymore.

          re: “UMNO membership seems to be free though.”

          No idea.

          re: “The member card looks nice to me , could be a very valuable memorabilia that I can show to the future generations 50 years from now when MCA is no longer around.”

          Hahaha, a collector’s item. MCA will be an extinct organization soon. Umno is beginning to backlash against it.

    1. “Basically MCA is now slapped left and right, up and down by all and sundry-”

      I humbly recommend Mr. Liow and his compatriots to respond in the manner of the Heart Sutra:

  2. Same old dung – if it’s not pitting the Malays against the Chinese, pit the Muslims against the Christians…….get a life, Helen…..

    1. Yes. Intoxicating others is her occupation. Can you tell any difference between the fat soh and the lebih melayu dari melayu cinabeng ‘ professor ‘?

      1. Exactly. I just realised that Tee is the male version of Helen muahaha..angry with their chinese ancestry for whatever reason.
        Just take it all as entertainment.

        She may be harbouring a post in Najib cabinet though… she is all for whipping muslim women,

        Dont who dont agree..islamophobia!!! haha

  3. Never know that Dr Reduan Tee is a MCA life member ,all these years ,they say that Dr Reduan is more Malays then the Chinese .

    Like DAP ,MCA just keeps Reduan Tee name at the bottom ,thus make MCA and DAP no differences .

    1. re: “they say”

      They lie.

      Just like that liar and fraud blogger. Who’s so obviously being propped up by his equally lying handler and the RBAs. 2 X 5 fakers.

      Why do you think so many Malays view the dajjal DAP as an enemy of Islam? What does that make the Melayu macai on the DAP payroll then?

      1. Perhaps the majority of Malays do not hate the DAP as UMNO, PAS and people like Helen Ang would have us believe

        1. You are wrong. The majority Malays really really despise DAP and hope something really bad might happen to the leaders that they would disappear altogether and so is the party. Most of us are observant Muslims and we know DAP is anti Islam. Those who are anti Islam are our enemies.

  4. This goes out to all you JAIS, JAKIM and Hadi lovers.


    Now I’m off to the local pub for a pint

    1. We are the majority, either you take it or go else where, we don’t give a damn!

      1. So do I, punk. Now if you have a problem with someone pouring himself a pint then you can go live with the Taliban

      2. Aku Melayu……for malays who are arrogant like you, i say “EAT SHIT”…..who the fuck gave you the authority to chase a fellow citizen of his motherland, you dumbfuck??

        Helen, do not censor my words…..i want aku melayu to know i too can be asshole….

        1. Do you think we the Melayus really care what you think? Syariah law has been practicing by the Melayus way back then even before your dirt poor ancestors reached our Malay land shore. Now you ingrates want to teach us how to practise our religion? You are an ungrateful bastard and a piece of shit!

          1. AM….you are talking kok again….Sharia law is just being strengthened in Malaysia……Muslim in Malaysia were not bound by Sharia law for centuries as what you are trying to lie here…if sharia had been in practice for ages, we would not have had this add around in 50s….

            You are a racist and a liar…..a true umno trait…..and a true dumbfuck

  5. Saya pelik sangat kenapa DAP and MCA is so anti hudud? Did they give their reasons anywhere Cik Helen?

    Why are they so scared, takut sabit bersubahat mereka juga akan dikenakan Hudud ke?

    Robbery, prostitution, adultery, snatch theft, free sex, cheating and kelentong cases will definitely be reduced or better still erased totally, so what is so bad about implementing hudud even for non Muslims here?

    1. You’re sounding holier-than-thou like those PAS islamists. The Malay community has been broken up by them and the Anwaristas. If Nik Aziz and Hadi Awang had their political ambitions realized, we would be like Saudi Arabia way back during the nineties – of course, for true blue Malaysians that would be an abomination of sorts. Their political horizons have never risen beyond the implementation of corporal punishments, and we all know they have consistently failed to articulate a comprehensive appreciation of their hudud proposition to the social exigencies of our contemporary times.

    2. Saudi Hudud law works because of their extensive welfare state which makes life easy for their citizens.

      1. Vincent Ang,

        Towkey2 counterfeit, fake, stolen goods, prostitutions etc are all rich rich wan, what welfare are you talking about nih? These are the people “encouraging or assisting” in all sorts of crimes. Sabit kesalahan macam ni ke DAP and MCA gerun sangat bila sebut Hudud?

        La aaa doksah asyik dok sangkakan yang miskin2 saja commit crimes tau.

          1. Vincent Ang
            So are you fighting so hard to protect these people kenapa owh? Nampak gaya yang hang sebut semua ni tak perlu welfare..

            Jadi lain kali hang jangan dok ingat yang miskin saja commit crimes tau…

            1. It is your PDRMelayu you should ask as to who are the people protecting these syndicates. The whole country is run MALAYsians. Tepok dada tanya seleraPetty criminals are usually poor but IMDB under hudud law? You tell me Hero of Islam.The nons have NEVER taken government for we are just getting back some of the taxes we are paying. Remember Mahathir said the nons paid 90% of the taxes in Malaysia.

    3. Saudi Arabia: A true princess speaks up for justice for her people against the abominations of their elitist culture – especially against women.

    4. re: Robbery, prostitution, adultery, snatch theft, free sex, cheating and kelentong cases will definitely be reduced or better still erased totally,

      You sure? Despite death sentence, we still have drug trafficking cases.

      Hudud is a form of God sanctioned punishment. Before you can punish with hudud, there must be investigation, trial, conviction and appeal (if accused decides to do so and exhaust all his avenue).

      No point implement hudud if you fail to improve the prior processes. Take example theft. Consider below:-

      1. Police fails to investigate properly, there will be no further action;
      2. Even if police does it job, AG can still decide not to prosecute despite evidence being sufficient;
      3. Even if AG prosecutes, if the judge fails to hear the case independently the accused will be scot-free.

      Implement hudud without improving all the processes above is making a mockery on God’s laws. Go and compare the punishment meted out by courts in the case of Khir Toyo corrupting millions vs the case xyz stealin sardines, shampoo, milk powder etc. Can you see the fairness? Not to mention Khir Toyo got a parole.

    5. Rina…..people are not afraid of hudud. People are afraid of the administrators of hudud……wisen up, please….

  6. As I commented somewhere here or another blog: what is all these ruckus? I just want to ask are we all thieves that we are so scared to have our hands chopped off?
    If not then why worry.
    Are we also all adulterers? Then why all these fuss?
    Saudi Arabia had already been implementing the hudud requirements for years but everytime I was there whether in Makkah, Jeddah, Medina or Taif I have not seen any Saudi without hand.
    But one thing for sure the shopkepers can just leave their stores unattended to go to the nearby mosques after every Azan.

    rejal arbee

    1. 1. We are not Saudi Arabia. Mainly a homogeneous society and mainly one religion only.

      2. I think its too simplistic to think that a) hudud will NOT affect the live of Non Muslim b) that of all things, Non Muslims are mostly scared of are “potong tangan” . I believe if you speak to most of them , its goes beyond merely potong tangan issues. As Muslims, i believe its only fair we should also put ourselves in their shoes and it should be our responsibility to properly communicate about it ( i believe the Gov has somewhat failed in the communications about this)

      3. Personally, i think hudud CAN be implemented in Malaysia. However, it cannot a straightforward implementation , because as mentioned, our countrys genetic make up is more diverse than Middle east or West Asia. Thus it will take time and more discussions…

    2. Sir, the following excerpt was what former Chief Justice Tun Abdul Hamid said two years ago during a forum where he gave a public talk on hudud implementation in Brunei (and compared to the situation in Malaysia):-

      “Adakah negara Brunei, yang sudah pun aman tenteram itu, akan menjadi lebih aman dan tenteram? Setakat ini negara-negara yang melaksanakan hukuman hudud, seperti Pakistan, Nigeria dan Sudan nampaknya masih jauh di belakang berbanding dengan negara-negara yang tidak melaksanakan hukuman hudud seperti Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark dan Jepun.”

      Furthermore he added,

      “… pelaksanaan hukum hudud Mekah dan Madinah tidak boleh dijadikan ukuran kepada keberkesanan undang-undang Islam tersebut kerana situasi yang berbeza.

      Mereka yang ke sana untuk mengerjakan haji, sekali seumur hidup, membawa wang yang cukup , mahu mendapatkan haji mabrur dan kebanyakannya orang tua dan insaf.

      Pastinya mereka tidak akan melakukan kesalahan jenayah.

      Pelaksanaan undang-undang tidak berakhir dengan hanya menguatkuasakannya.

      Apa yang lebih penting ialah bagaimana ia dijalankan, apakah kesan dan akibatnya, adakah ia akan membawa kepada kehidupan lebih baik, keamanan dan kemakmuran, atau ia memperbaiki tahap keadilan dalam negara.”

      I trust the wise former Chief Justice.

      Click to access IMPLEMENTATION%20OF%20HUDUD%20IN%20BRUNEI%20DIFFERENCES%20BETWEEN%20BRUNEI%20AND%20MALAYSIA%20IAIS%2011%2002%202014.pdf

  7. Which part of the Koran talks about Hudud laws. I can find some of your Hudud law punishment in the Bible though. Wow!!! PAS and UMNO are more Christian than the Christians.

  8. Helen, terjumpa ini. Apa Zainudin Maidin kata mengenai Wong Chun Wai:

    “Bagaimanapun atas hasutan beberapa orang disekelilingnya yang anti Dr.Mahathir,Abdullah telah melupakan izin yang diberikan kepada saya apabila akhbar The Star mendedahkan bahawa individu yang bersedia untuk menjadi orang tengah bagi pertemuan ini adalah Gabenor Melaka Tun Khalil Yaakob.

    Saya telah memberitahu ini kepada Ketua Pengarang Akhbar The Star Datuk Wong Chun Wai untuk pengetahuannya sahaja dan bukan untuk disiarkan tetapi dia telah mungkir janji.Rupa-rupanya dia seorang kawan yang tidak boleh dipercayai.”

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