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PAS-Umno kissy kissy and the Melayu DAP screw back

Wow, the global(Malay) warming phenomenon is happening at tornado speed. Yesterday Umno’s official media uploaded friendly photos from the PAS Facebook album!

BELOW: PAS leaders caused a stir with their Melayu apparel when making their entrance at the muktamar in Kota Bharu

Umno media PAS album

The ‘sirih pulang ke gagang’ gesture by PAS was greatly appreciated by Umno folks.

One Facebooker Md Rozai Shafian (screenshot above) was over the moon and welcomed PAS home.

Another guy on Umno FB, Muhammad Sufian, begitu teruja lantas menyeru, “Bersatulah kita semua!”

walking cat


As far back as five years ago, I already predicted that carik-carik bulu ayam, akhirnya akan bercantum juga. Refer to my 22 Aug 2011 posting titled ‘PAS-Umno acapkali bincang perpaduan mesti ada sebabnya‘.

Worlds apart … my past observation in 2011

Air dicincang tak akan putus

Back in August 2011, I wrote:

“Kedua-dua PAS dan Umno dianggotai orang Melayu Islam.

“Individu-individu yang serumpun adalah saling menyerupai.

“Mereka terdiri daripada satu bangsa yang seagama dan berkongsi satu bahasa serta satu budaya. Orang Melayu yang membentuk akar-umbi PAS dan Umno sementara itu tidak mempunyai banyak persamaan dengan golongan Cina yang menganggotai DAP.”

I’ve been consistently saying the above about perpaduan ummah against the grain of Dapster hysteria and harassment, and the DAP’s intense power hunger for Putrajaya.

Also in the same 2011 article, I had commented,

“Ahli-ahli PAS dan Umno mempunyai pelbagai ciri-ciri persamaan kecuali dalam pendekatan politik.

“Akan tetapi, adakah terdapat banyak persamaan di antara ahli-ahli PAS dengan para ahli DAP?”

A five-year passage of time is nothing in the scheme of elementals as basic as race and religion.

It is only the evangelistas who are in denial due to their greedy quest for Gold and self-Glory through exploitation of the Gospel via Jerusubang politics.


Talam dua muka lagak bertudung, bersahur

In 2011, I already saw it coming.

“Hanya apa yang saya nampak, kaum Cina dan kaum Melayu dipisahkan jurang begitu besar.

“Walaupun tidur sebantal, mimpi lain-lain dan kedua-duanya membawa haluan masing-masing.”

DAP evangelistas may be the sneakiest bastards at faking and masquerading but they can’t wear the mask forever. Sooner rather than later, their true face will reveal itself.

Ong Kian Ming, the DAP’s evangelical YB Serdang, is asked whether he is Muslim — see above.

When Hannah Yeoh was mistakenly assumed to have already converted to Islam, she threatened to make police reports against those who circulated the rumour.

BELOW: Hannah donning tudung when inside some sucker’s house


Wearing a false friendly face, DAP hooked up with PAS and the odd couple enjoyed a brief honeymoon period.

Some PAS nutters even opened the doors of their surau and masjid to the DAP evangelista occupiers.

Thankfully the mesra-Islam, cintakan hudud act by the evangelistas has, by now, been exposed as merely a calculated and cynical ploy.

BELOW: Hannah Yeoh’s interns Occupy Mosque

DAP kafir supporters Occupy Masjid

What kind of people are they?

Pembohong. Penipu. Pemfitnah.

Jenis yang selalu nak kenakan orang.

When at first the Dapster-evangelistas kenakan Hasan Ali, the pentaksub Pakatan gave DAP the benefit of the doubt.

In 2012, former PAS vice president Hasan Ali had correctly deduced that DAP and MCA were working hand in glove. And that the evangelical party harboured a “grand design” hitherto unsuspected by its naive (then) partner PAS.

Thus for his percipience, Hasan became one of the earliest victims of DAP who was unfairly sacked by PAS in a shameful misstep by the parti Islam.

Then the Dapster-evangelistas kenakan Nasharudin Mat Isa kaw-kaw.

The ‘crime’ of the then PAS deputy president was only to warn the ummah against the Christian ambitions of the DAP.

Once again the Melayu penyokong tegar pembangkang, most unfortunately, sided with sneaky DAP. To preserve Pakatan Rakyat, poor ustaz Nasha was sent to Siberia into the political wilderness.

People who tell the truth have been targeted in smear campaigns by the DAP hit squad. (Harap-harap para Protun yang masih belum celik mata dan jiwa akan boleh memperolehi sekelumit kesedaran beserta daya pemikiran kritis untuk menilai pembohongan si Melayu DAP.)

Today Hasan Ali, ustaz Nasha and on the other side of the political divide Norman Fernandez (former Johor DAP deputy chairman) and Tunku Aziz Ibrahim (former DAP national vice chairman) – all victims of character assassination by DAP – have been vindicated by events.

Truth prevails.

Melayu balaci DAP who is liar&fraud in high demand as hired gun

anime sailor moon snigger

DAP’s new tactics following tide turn

Previously the DAP could get away with their own people (Chinese/Christian agitprop operatives) carrying out the hit jobs.

Malays, being too prone to berbaik sangka, had been willing to embrace the Hannah Yeohs and the Ong Kian Mings in their tudung and #sahur guises, as well as their RBA disguising themselves online as Muslim or Malay or Protun-friendly.

But not anymore.

The tide has turned after the acrimonious breakup between DAP and PAS, and with the MCA-Umno relationship too heading for the rocks.

In fact, the backlash against MCA is beginning to be heard publicly from Umno figures. Among the prominent Umno veterans to speak up is former cabinet minister Rais Yatim — reported above by Suara TV.

BELOW: Umno Youth exco Armand Azha tells MCA president to bugger off

Melayu barua DAP kini diberi habuan besar

Goodwill between Christians (DAP) and Muslims (PAS) and its residue in the Sino-Malay relationship (MCA, Umno) has been drastically eroded — most recently in the wake of the “hudud crisis”.

Hence in response, DAP has needed to ramp up its Melayu-screw-Melayu strategy because Firsters associated with the evangelical party are no longer trusted for the coy love-love-love that they try to spread in the social and mass media.

sailor moon gigglingSo now more than ever, DAP requires the services of those 20k Melayu mercenaries to “build bridges” konon.

This is because the threshold for trust has been raised due to our deteriorating race relations, making it no longer possible for Cina DAP to pull wool over Malay eyes.

Obviously, they require Melayu DAP to do the dirty job.

You can actually see for yourself the Melayu barua DAP in how a certain Protun Umno reject blogger has been going over the top in pooh-poohing the hudud situation and at the same time downplaying the PAS-Umno thaw as ‘business as usual’.

Aside from his lebih-Cina-dari-Cina posture, he is also siding with Christian Philippines vis-a-vis Manila’s growling at Sabah.

Very soon, you will be unable to tell the difference between Melayu DAP and their handlers since both share identical traits (note: Melayu black ops personnel are recruited for their likeness in method to the standard DAP modus operandi).

Quite amazing his 20k journey from “Apa lagi Cina mahu?” to Kumbayah, the capital city of love.

laugh China girl


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48 thoughts on “PAS-Umno kissy kissy and the Melayu DAP screw back

  1. “Global (Malay) warming phenomenon”?

    Really? Bought into “globalisation” with all that it implies? Like capitalism, free markets, talent mobility and global supply chains?

    Considerable downside there for the less-talented and the sheltered-from-competition types.

    By coincidence, the Singapore Straits Times ( ran a report “Religious doubts? Use app for private chat with counsellors” (ST, June 1, 2016).

    The app was launched by the Singapore Religious Rehabilitation Group (RRG).

    To quote from the report:

    “… RRG. vice-chairman Ustaz Mohamed Ali said his biggest concern is individuals being influenced by ideology propagated by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS)….

    “”This has confused the community, so we need to explain to them about the caliphate, jihad, syariah, all these ideologies…””

    “Another concern is young Muslims here who might be against ISIS but are for the idea of adopting Islamic law in Singapore.

    “”We need to educate our community that they can live as Muslims and practise Islam anywhere in the world, not necessarily in a Muslim-majority country….and (they can) live harmoniously with people of other religions,” he said”.

    1. “Global (Malay) warming phenomenon”?

      Really? Bought into “globalisation” with all that it implies? Like capitalism, free markets, talent mobility and global supply chains?’

      Yes. 2600 years old too, BTW. Been to Sg. Batu lately??

      1. No. But I see Malaysia as #19 and Singapore as #4 on the World Competitiveness rankings.

        Not bad, eh? For “globalisation”?

        What’s the matter, bro? Scared of a little competition from the “gene pool”?

        1. Kineas 1067,

          Kamu ni mana asyik compare Singapore dgn Msian competitive rankings? Mana bole?

          Sana semua workers very2 experience wan, Nenek Aso2 wargamas pun contribute, kerja bengkok tulang umuq sampai mati..

          Kalo pergi Mall, supermarket nenek2 tua penuh masih dok kerja compare to here, budak2 lepasan SPM, mesti yg tua2 more efficient la. Kan Singapore skrg full of orang tua2!

          Infrastructure wise, haiyaaa.. Kayuh basikal round satu Singapore can make many rounds in one day, so small la. Apa susah sangat mau maintain such a small island? Kat sini macam maintain just one oilpalm plantation only..

  2. Dewan Ulama PAS bertegas GST adalah haram

    let’s hope that PAS kiss up with umno fast and let Malaysians know what they are. BUT, one thing for sure, PAS has better be prepared to be screwed by umno for the 2nd time. It’s clear that umno is flyfishing PAS with hudud.

    BUT, would PAS kissup with umno, when they oppose GST, and umno needs GST to live lavishly?

    PAS wants hudud, umno’s and it’s components oppose hudud. Someone might come out to say umno supports hudud, but the real game is umno will never impose hudud, except for kelantan due to political mileage only.

    1. Surrhead,

      Wise men said a picture is worth a thousand words. How true.

      Had Khairi worn the baju Melayu and making a grand entrance into UMNO General assembly, he would not have caused a sensation. But Nik Abduh caused more than a ripple with his Baju Melayu.

      For years, UMNO and PAS lock horns over everything under the sun. But things are changing.

      PAS seems are getting closer to UMNO and vice versa too. No doubt PRU 13 manages to put some sense into Malay politicians. PRU demolished the mantra that Chinese votes are the deciding factor.

      Utusan melayu once never failed to remind Malays that Chinese votes are crucial. Not anymore. The last election shows that UMNO prevailed despite many trying to convince the world that UMNO was about to lose power.

      There is no denying that UMNO was shocked at total rejection by Chinese despite Najib bending so much to please them. Suddenly UMNO’s who’s who are ‘enlightened” to the fact that the Chinese has abandon UMNO for good.

      PAS too learnt its lesson. It used to glorify how Chinese in Kelantan lives happily among Malays and spared of antagonism that is so common in UMNO ruled states. It soon learns that it never pays to sleep with the devil, DAP.

      Part of the reason is PAS too realises it needs UMNO support for any move in Parliament. And after being harshly treated by DAP, PAS realises that actually UMNO is not that bad after all.

      I believe UMNO too realises that MCA is another DAP. And I believe Malay majority seats like Titi Tinggi(Perlis), Kulim(Kedah),and Kuantan will be taken back by UMNO.

      1. Bodo lah lu.. Cina bagi Presiden UMNO duit, dedak, ma…
        Sebab tu Ketua Pengarah Pendidikan tk pilih TM..dia pilih Yeoh Tiong Lay.. TM tk boleh bagi komisen satu sen pun,.

        1. Ya lor. Cina kaya gila babi. Melayu bodoh hutan sakai. Cina kaya gila babi. Melayu bodoh hutan sakai. Cina kaya gila babi. Melayu bodoh hutan sakai. OK ah, Tailo?

      2. Shamsul, the sinister plan to sideline the chinese is obvious. And i can take that from you cos you did not come out potraying Islam1st, then having sinister plans, that would be sickening…..BUT, PAS can’t go along with this plans cos it’s clearly wrong and against the teaching of Islam (niat jahat) Anyway, you tend to overlook why did the chinese drop umno. And another thing that i am sure of is that DAP will never hold reign in govt with the amount of seats they are contesting. I thinks for the whole of the country. BUT you are narrowminded, you and your likes prefer to work along racial lines…..that’s why the Pas-umno kissup is longed after. it’s a good political strategy, and it has it’s consequences. Good luck on that…..And thruthfullly, i wish Hadi would kissup fast. At least, rakyat would know where PAS stands, or at least have a standing…..

        1. ‘Anyway, you tend to overlook why did the chinese drop umno.’

          Its all about the Chinese isn’t it? Apa lagi Cina mahu indeed?!

  3. Malaysia is a democracy, not a theocracy. Hadi is 200 years too late to fulfill his twisted ambition of wanting to be khalifah.

    He needs to end his perversion and embrace the 21st century….. or else. These PAS/UMNO hypocrites

    1. Exactly what I thought. Hadi has nothing with Islam. ISIS already form their caliphate. If Hadi go there, they will make him clean the toilet. They think they are so smart. Hello ramai lagi melayu yang pandai. Kita mahu kebebasan.
      Hadi dan Najib nak jadi Pope. Mereka nak menghukum perempuan melayu konon alim. Tapi semua orang dah tenguk mustafa ali muahaha..tuhan maha kaya.

      Dosa kita minum beer ke..seks ke bukan Najib boleh ampun. kalau anak gadis kita mengandung, Najib sebat pun bukan jalan yang terbaik. Dosa hanya tuhan yang hapuskan.Makin ramai gadis akan menyorokkan kehamilan mereka.

      Jadi fahamlah syariah Hadi hanya buang masa dan menyakitkan anak anak kita tapi tindakan itu tidak direstui Tuhan pun.

    1. Orang Perlis,

      Biasala..oghang luaq taktau keadaan sebenar. Dulupun ada oghang Pas masih ingat depa pakai cawat, ada jenis yang dok mimpi kata depa masih dok atas pokok. Haiyaaa.

      I had 3 Sarawakian classmates masa kat TKC dulu2. Lepaih tu depa pun sambung belajaq kat UK and US..balik sini steady aja malahan lagi mendalam ilmu (Islam) mereka. Takde terikut2 pun cara omputih??

      Lebai PAS ni pi sana tengok waktu pilihanraya aje kot? Kalau lebai PAS ni pi ziarah keluarga kawan2 saya kat Sarawak sekarang.. sure malu wan. Haiyaaa. Cakap tu kena la berlapik2 sikit jangan sekadar tembak sesuka hati.

      1. oh thats not my point. I know abt sarawak, im an Oilman, ive worked in brunei & sarawak.

        My point being: on the surface, chummy2 utk kepentingan politik.

        Di sebalik tirai, ideologi PAS sgt berbeza dgn UMNO.

        latest stunt pemuda PAS pun kena kritik juga dgn ramai pengikut PAS.

        UMNO has a liberal leader . PAS has a religious/spiritiual based leader.

        kalau nak join pun pasal kepentingan politk ja….

        nothing more nothing less…

        1. That’s par for the course for Ms Rina. When put on the spot, elak with a wiggle, wiggle….

          Sad, actually.

          Btw, didn’t the Sarawak CM say something to the effect that hudud would never come to Sarawak? Or was he misreported?

          As too some politicians in Sabah about the possibility of hudud in that state?

          In Indonesia, apart from Aceh, there is no overwhelming push for a nationwide implementation of hudud. The Pancasila recognises a number of “official” religions. 5 or 6, as I recall.

              1. Samala bodoh, ‘Federation’. Sabah dan Sarawak pun dalam ini ‘Federation’ maa. Haiya Singapore wannabee, sejarah negara pun tatau lagi baik koyak passport, hoh?!

            1. “Do not moralise for the sake of your morale”.

              The first law is to know and love Allah. The second law is to love and serve your fellowmen. The way (tariqa) to knowledge is to understand yourself by means of the illuminating sunnah of Muhammad s.a.w.

              “He that plans Sharia rule where there is no Tariqa is as he that sets a fire in the rain”.

              quotes by Sheikh Abdul Hakim Murad (Cambridge professor of Islamic sciences – a sufi and faqih)

  4. Perpaduan ummah kepala otak lo!

    Bukan main gaya pemuda PAS ni semua
    Tapi mangsa banjir Kelantan dua tahun lepas masih tinggal di khemah tanpa bekalan air
    Perpaduan kepala otak kot ini
    Kebajikan asas mangsa banjir pun tak mampu dibantu dan jaga!

    1. Biasalah sebab tu dia orang konon konon alim. Jual air liur.
      Hafal sikit sikit ayoq quran dah jadi ulamak semak.
      Mangsa banjir tu.. lantak dia orang lah..Gua nak jadi ulamakk PAS.

  5. Helen,

    DAP is able to maintain the multi-ethnic/Malaysian façade while being racist because MCA/Gerakan throw their bodies like fools into any issues pertaining the Chinese despite getting almost zero support from the Chinese voters.

    It is also clearly seen in the hullabaloo against hudud. While MCA and Gerakan is speaking out like some great Chinese heroes, the sneaky bastards of DAP are keeping a low profile. Did you notice the ones in Selangor like Hannah and Teresa are particularly close mouthed in this? I guess because they love their Pradas more than they hate hudud….

    1. Agree with your analysis 101 percent.

      MCA should be euthanized for stupidity. They’re dumbing down the gene pool.

    2. Perhaps they don’t need to.

      Perhaps recent initiatives will implode and be quietly consigned to oblivion.

      Especially initiatives that don’t/won’t improve the rakyat’s economic wherewithal.

      It’s amazing how dogma and theories get thrown out the window when you have to feed your family, educate your kids
      and hope that they have a good future.

      I don’t see you giving up your consumer goodies or not insisting that your kids have the right to a good education and a decent shot at a good life.

      Why should others have to do so because of certain recent initiatives?

      As for Helen, she is extremely adept at “ducking and weaving”. Especially when awkward questions are lobbed at her.

      You aren’t jumping on that particular bandwagon, are you?

      1. ‘You aren’t jumping on that particular bandwagon, are you?’

        Haiya, seriously why do you care anyway. You don’t even lives here. Or do you? Wink2

        1. Hahaha – good try. But as they say, no cigar.

          If you want to tie yourself up into knots, feel free to do so. Whatever rocks your boat.

          But spare a thought for your compatriots who are labouring to earn foreign currency in a foreign country.

          Where do they live, btw?

          And it is “live”, not “lives”. Grammar, remember?

  6. heran ada melayu agama islam anti perpaduan ummah.

    i nak tanya sikit, apa hai hah ?

    1. Melayu yang makan dedak DAP nyata anti perpaduan ummah.

      Ada satu blog Umno reject yang sering perlekehkan usaha eratkan silaturahim di antara PAS dan Umno.

      1. kak helen, melayu dap & yg kena reject ty mmg boleh faham, tp segelintir (maybe byk) dari geng umno atau penyokong umno yg sy x faham.

        in fact apa sebenarnya diorang punya perjuangan bkn ke nak melayu bersatu dan paling penting seluruh umat islam x kira bangsa ?

        1. Aik…awat geng UMNO ja kamu persoal? Geng PAS?:)

          The truth is ( alamak termasuk “pun” pulak)…

          Perpaduan atas nama politik ( tapi berselindungkan atas perkataan UMMAH) is hypocritical.

          SO either you are naive ( maaf ye) …. or cant see through the dense political strategies…

          Saya nak tanya: Boss UMNO tu kamu rasa liberal ke bukan?

          Selagi boss atas pun liberal…camna nak bersatu?

          betui tak?

            1. 1) Kut ye pun elaborate la…

              2) Its called an opinion. Kalau tak agree, belajaq la utk agree to disagree.

              3) saya ajukan soalan , bukan kat kamu sahaja, ramai yg lain, esp penyokong Najib ( yg duk counter kata family Tun M dan Tun M liberal lah sana sini)…semua tak jawap, except for Helen. Kenapa tu?

          1. Nothing is more scary and intimidating than cindap sinister plan to demolish islam. Not even when the level of piousness of practiceners and followers of Islam in this motherland of ours, is being questioned

  7. How amazing it is that the Melayu Islam are able to overlook the difference in each other’s level of piousness and start calling each other ‘saudara’ ‘saudari’ ‘lil sis’ etc., for something greater called ‘the perpaduan ummah’.

    And for one moment they even forgotten about the increasing number of Shia, Wahabbies, the Anti-Hadis etc amongst them, not counting the hundreds of thousands murtad once revealed by some pious muftis from different states.

    And they even overlook the fact as revealed by local newspapers that some of their kind who have been joining in the fight in Syria and Iraq have returned and plotting to do mischiefs in their own backyard. I am not sure but were there members of PAS amongst them ?

    And lo and behold this is one big family again.

    Kampung Memali incident surely is a history long gone. They said, blood is thicker than water. The Malaysian Chinese in general and DAP in particular must have scared the shit out of them and eventually the light shone upon them and made them realise the need to close ranks and whoops, perpaduan ummah.

    May God preserve the perpaduan. Amiin.

    1. Has anyone called out PAS on IS/Daesh/ISIL/ISIS, Abu Sayaff and Jemaah Islamiya?

      Or on the subject of ISIS fighters in Fallujah using civilians as human shields?

        1. Pity that.

          But, then, you are doing a good job of denying realities, aren’t you?

          As is PAS, apparently.

          I’ve yet to see Hadi’s economic manifesto.

          Maybe he doesn’t know what that means. Or doesn’t care.


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