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PAS’s keris is bigger than Umno’s

Of course the replica keris that Hadi Awang hoisted at the PAS muktamar is meant to send a message.

PAS is signaling to DAP that enough is enough.

hadi awang muktamar

PAS kena buli

It takes political Islam to fend off political Christianity

At the recent party confab in Kota Bharu, PAS Youth chief Nik Abduh described DAP as an “arrogant party” whose (Cina DAP) members were seemingly not aware of its own negative image in everybody else’s eyes.

The fact of the matter is Cina DAP are bullying all the other races in Malaysia while evangelista DAP – aided and abetted by the MCA’s Gunting Dalam Lipatan media empire – are bullying adherents of all the other religions.

I’ve said before that PAS is better equipped than Umno to battle DAP.


China taking stern action against Chinese evangelistas is not “racist”

PAS president Hadi Awang in his keynote address to the gathering reiterated his party’s political Islam core. It is this that makes PAS best able to understand the aggressive political Christianity of the DAP.

Umno simply does not have what it takes to comprehend, much less put up an effective fight against the relentless evangelical juggernaut.

Even Beijing and the provincial governments in China are being freaked out by the Chinese evangelistas. China considers its evangelista subversives as an existential threat.

Our country’s Umno-led government, however, remains clueless to the clear and present danger. But thankfully, PAS is not as blase as Umno with regard to the menace posed by the enemy of Islam.

Furthermore, it is Umno rejects and Protuns who are colluding with the DAP. In fact, some of them have plainly become covert Melayu DAP — for example, that shape-shifting liar and fraud Malay blogger who is lebih Cina dari Cina.

Meanwhile, among the overt Melayu DAP is Dyana Samad.

BELOW: The process of osmosis … Dyana mixing too much with the DAP fat soh

Dyana is wearing a Chinese dress, the cheongsam

Anwar Hannah Dyana

MORE OSMOSIS: Dyana seated between two DAP evangelistas — YB Damansara Utama and YB Bukit Gasing … her appearance is worlds apart from muslimah PAS and puteri Umno


Dyana’s eyes becoming increasingly sepet

Muka-muka Melayu DAP

TRANSFORMASI: It’s amazing how Dyana manages to look more and more Chinese every day; and likewise the Melayu (Umno reject) blogger on the ultra kiasu’s 20k payroll is similarly, with each passing day, posturing more DAP than even the RBA

Previously Pemuda Umno had tried to mengorat Dyana.

The action of Umno Youth desiring to sleep with the ‘enemy’ is one instance of how Umno is incapable of fighting DAP but looks to be co-opted instead (such as the Umno Youth chief hiring a Dapster to be his secretary).

Since Umno is not up to the job of taking on DAP, it is hoped that PAS will now pick up the slack. For starters, PAS is not likely to capitulate to critics like Hishammuddin Hussein did over his AGM keris display.

And the size of the PAS keris is definitely one up on Hisham’s.

BELOW: Dyana Sepet resembling a Cina DAP

Dyana Samad


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37 thoughts on “PAS’s keris is bigger than Umno’s

  1. Cute girl si Dyana tu. Not like some Fat Soh the ugly piece of disgusting sh*t.
    No wonder day in and out condenming Dyana and HY, obviously, out of jealousy.
    The Fat Soh and Rosiemah are from same specie, the fat, ugly and disgusting specie.
    Accept the fact Fat Soh, you and Dyana and HY are universes apart.
    Even pemuda umno cant resist Dyana’s charm.
    Fat Soh you should consider joining wanita umno. Thats where you belong, the party for fugly bitches.

    1. re: “Cute girl si Dyana tu. Not like some Fat Soh the ugly piece of disgusting sh*t.”

      You’re correct. The first Dyana picture in the article above, where she and Hannah Yeoh took a selfie together, indeed shows how Ah Soh the 30-something Hannah looks in contrast to the 20-something Dyana.

      Many MIC and Umno supporters agree that Hannah is indeed a “Fat Soh … ugly piece of disgusting sh*t”. You should read the forums where real people chat instead of merely hanging out at Annie’s alone (a platform which is obviously propped up by Dapsters and RBA).

      re: “No wonder day in and out condenming Dyana and HY, obviously, out of jealousy.”

      What an interesting contrast the DAP chameleons are. Dyana tak tutup aurat and wears mini skirt, skinny jeans.

      Whereas Hannah Yeoh is more Melayu than Melayu in her tudung, and with her buka puasa and Occupy Masjib bhabits. But it is Ridhuan Tee that is being condemned day in and day out by Cina DAP. Their condemnation of Ridhuan is obviously out of jealousy.

      re: The Fat Soh and Rosiemah are from same specie, the fat, ugly and disgusting specie.”

      We can all see how Fat Soh Hannah is. “Ugly and disgusting specie”? If you say so.

      The First Lady and Selangor’s first lady Speaker have a mutual love for branded handbags – if you insist on listing one thing they have in common.

      re: “Accept the fact Fat Soh, you and Dyana and HY are universes apart.”

      Absolutely. I don’t wear tudung to Occupy Masjid or deny that my bangsa is Cina or got rejected for PR by Australia. In this, I’m a universe apart from Hannah Yeoh.

      And unlike Dyana, I have a poor opinion of ZKJ.

      re: “Even pemuda umno cant resist Dyana’s charm.”

      That’s why PAS is better equipped than Umno to fight DAP.

      And the above reason (i.e. Umno Youth’s ineffectiveness) is also why KJ the Pemuda Umno chief is being supported with such enthusiasm by Melayu DAP bloggers.

      re: “Fat Soh you should consider joining wanita umno. Thats where you belong, the party for fugly bitches.”

      I will try to pass the message to friends who know Hannah Yeoh’s people to tell their boss that the Fat Soh should join Wanita umno (“the party for fugly bitches”) since she is not a Cina, i.e. stating her keturunan as bangsa “Anak Malaysia”.

      And who knows, Madame Speaker might possibly scale greater political heights in Umno than in DAP or in her missionary zeal, she might want to infiltrate the Melayu party to proselytize and tahaluf siyasi.

      1. Helen,

        re: The First Lady and Selangor’s first lady Speaker have a mutual love for branded handbags

        The First Lady of Malaysia is the Raja Permaisuri Agong.

        Why should Her Royal Highness not like branded handbags?

  2. i used to think hannah is the best looking gal in dap, but no more, dyana now take over, no wonder manyak orang umno n pas rasa cemburu. viva dyana!

    1. Possibly Dyana looks fresher due to her free hair. Nonetheless wearing tudung does not necessarily have to make one look older or middle-aged.

      Hannah should learn how to wear her tudung more neatly, that’s all.

    2. HY,

      Just as DAP cant stand A Chinese named Dr Ridhuan Tee, UMNO and PAS too cant stand people like Dyana or Mohd sabu.


      Actually UMNO is in the position to face off DAP. But since Najib is unable to accept reality that his government still survives even after massive Chinese rejection , all available methods to deal with DAP “terbantut”.

      Najib still sees fit to appoint MCA into Ministerial post. UMNO MBs still want to appoint EXCOs from MCA when everyone can see that the state governments won by BN are actually 90% UMNO Governments.

      Najib despite having trapping of power, still unable to ensure ROS acts against DAP. And Guan Eng still is free without any action from SPRM.

      Many things can be done. Dont tell me a sovereign govt is unable to locate those insulting Dr Zahid by wishing him dead instead of his son in law. Were i to be the PM, in no time I would punish those insulting in social media. I will punish severely in order to send message that I do not tolerate garbages from DAP lover.

      Refusal to act is a crime. By the way, what actions are done against Immigration officers who betrayed the nation by tampering with state of the art machines?

      No wonder people are daring to mock, insult or ridicule laws.

      1. Because Najib is worried about the economy. And the road to international trade hates UMNO racist policies and also hudud,

        Most malays are UMNO and PAS supporters, so what do you expect?

      2. re: till unable to ensure ROS acts against DAP. And Guan Eng still is free without any action from SPRM.

        Only two plausible reasons. The 1st is that Najib is ignorant on the powers vested in him as PM. But this is unlikely as he used his powers to remove Muhiyiddin, Shafie, Mukhriz and AG. If there is wrongdoing by DAP and LGE, surely the authorities will act on Najib’s instruction.

        The 2nd reason is there is no wrongdoing by DAP and LGE at all. Hence, no further action by authorities as they are unable to find a single shred of evidence. It is either DAP/LGE are so good in concealing any evidence of wrong doing or Najib decided to play it clean by not fabricating evidence.

  3. Takpela, sidiana tu mix dgn cindap.mana tau dia dapat naik rank and file dalam dap. then, masa tu kita doa banyakbanayak dia beralih arah. mana tau Allah bukakan hati dia utk bawa semua cindap masuk Islam. AMINN! Aminkan rramai. Dia and her mom kan ke suka berubah pendirian. Sekali pantai berubah, camtu.

  4. Right – so we have a failed journalist cum parasitic blogger – aka Helen Ang commenting on weight? Will she publish this comment?

      1. That’s a blatant lie again – Fatso. No one initiated anything until you lost your marbles in trying to earn your dedak. But the way – when’s the next Lipo?

        1. Look who’s lying again. Kalau tak tipu dan bohong bukan Dapster namanya.

  5. Hadi buat PAS mabuk la. One day Pakatan, one day UMNO. Make up your damn mind.

    Don’t be hypocrites or sneaky bastards. Where do you stand?

    1. FOR FREEDOM!!

      Amboi.. macam2 dah mula nak mengata pasai PAS nuuu.. Masa kawin duku syiok semacam…kehulu kehilir pakai T-shirt dan selempang PAS.. hayun bendera PAS bagai nak gila?

    2. It is better to be a naive believer than an intellectual bereft of intuition.

  6. Why is PAS so pissed with the DAP. PAS’ electoral base is 99% Malay-Muslim so why worry about a party which Haji bawang view as pigs. Please explain. Helen next time you want to condemn the DAP please be more clever. This latest write up of yours is not even worth shit. You can and used to do better. I am very diappointed.

    1. VAGH watave, If it is a ‘shit’ pc of writing, why do you sound worried and offended? and why do you still come here to read the shity staff? It is typical of those of you who talk bad about the country, nothing good whatsoever but still refuse to find the exit door. If I were like you all, I’d be long gone, somewhere coz if you talk bad, you do not llike it.

      1. I can just imagine your handler looking at this and thinking for all that dedak – they get pictures of opposition. Some serious soul searching required on their part.

        1. re: “for all that dedak – they get pictures of opposition”

          If I appear to have more confidence in PAS crushing DAP than I do in Umno, then obviously your endlessly repetitive accusation about “makan dedak” is rubbish. Like you.

          re: “Some serious soul searching required on their part.”

          On the part of Dapsters, any serious soul searching is mission impossible. You’re in the ‘No hope, no cure’ category.

          Your lot needs to be decisively dealt with. PAS likely has a plan in mind.

          1. Helen,

            Many people wrongly interpret that Malaysia is a secular country. And the very same people never fail to shout that Malaysia is an Islamic country whenever they have to deal with other Muslim majority countries..

            No where in Constitution that says or implies Malaysia as being a secular country. And constitution too is silent on vernacular schools. It never says anything about preservation of Vernacular schools. what Constitution states is that the no one should be prohibited from learning or using his mother tongue.

            On a different topic, the recently concluded PAS Muktamar , i must say ranks high on this year political dimension. No more flowing Arabic jubah so common in PAS who’s who. Instead, they opted for Baju melayu.

            I believe that this is PAS telling Malay community that now PAS recognises the very cultural aspect of the very race that supports PAS:THE MALAYS. and by extension, PAS is telling UMNO is not wrong in its “perjuangan” for Malays.

            Though UMNO and PAS locked horns for decades, I must say I am quite happy with recent warming up between 2 parties. Both make mistakes. Both has strengths. PAS now realises the only way for any Islamic based laws are only possible with cooperation from UMNO, the largest Malay based party.

            And UMNO too believes that not so hostile PAS means it (UMNO) will srtill rules Malaysia.

            1. re: No where in Constitution that says or implies Malaysia as being a secular country.

              You are right. Msia is more of a hybrid. A mixture of secular and Islam. However, between the Fed Con and Islam which one shall prevail in the event of conflict? Which one derives its position/privilege from the other? Is it Fed Con that gives privileges to Islam or the other way round? By answering the above, you will know Msia is more of a secular nation with some Islamic elements. Islam cannot have more rights, positions and privileges than what the Fed Con gives.

              re: It never says anything about preservation of Vernacular schools.

              You are also correct. No such protection stated in Fed Con. The existence of such schools rely on the protection of parliament act, i.e. Education Act. Easier to abolish compare to if the same is protected under Fed Con. Fed Con is just one of the many sources of law. Fed Con cannot possibly cover every single matter. If a matter has to derive its legitimacy from Fed Con, imagine the number of pages the Fed Con will have. Any matter can derive its legality from parliament acts, state enactments and local council by laws.

  7. ‘it takes political islam to fend off political Christianity’…
    interesting observation, Helen. Though my worry is with increasing Islamophobia all across the world, and seeping into this country as well, it won’t turn out so well for the Islam side :(

    1. Before 1963, the peninsula was Tanah Melayu.

      Islam is an integral DNA of the land.

      Muslims have to fight to keep Malaysia beautiful. The toxic Dapster-evangelista uglify everything that they touch.

      I believe PAS has sounded the war drum. In Malaysia, Islam will win.

      Over their dead body they’ll allow the DAP evangelistas to rule this country.

      1. re: In Malaysia, Islam will win.

        Your statement is very misleading and lack legal basis. The supreme law in Msia is Fed Con. Not Islam. The position of Islam is given by Fed Con. Islam cannot have more rights/privileges more than what the Fed Con gives. Not everything which is against Islam is illegal is Malaysia. Eg. unIslamic economic activities like interest based banking, manufacturing of alcohol, number forecast (eg. Magnum, TOTO), casino, beauty pageant, disco etc are perfectly legal in Malaysia.

        The much debated hudud issue will face lots of constitutional hurdles. Even if BN secures the 2/3 majority and Rulers Council approval for amendment, not every part of the Fed Con can be amended. To implement hudud, the clause on equality has to be amended to allow discrimination between Muslim and non-Muslim offenders. IMHO, equality clause is so fundamental that it cannot be amended. Any amendment is ultra vires the Fed Con itself.

        It remains to be seen if Hadi’s bill (whether the ultimate aim is to enforce hudud or otherwise), will secure the basic simple majority approval in Parliament. With Umno 88 and PAS 14 MPs (after defection of 7 to Amanah), the count is 102 only. Short of 10 to reach simple majority of 112. With so many parties from both sides objecting Hadi’s bill, wondering where the 10 support will come from?

        1. re: “Islam cannot have more rights/privileges more than what the Fed Con gives.”

          But no other religion can be exalted above Islam vis-a-vis Article 3.

          PAS are defending Islam. Their rival os DAP.

          1. re: But no other religion can be exalted above Islam vis-a-vis Article 3.

            That depends on context. Eg, funding from gomen. Islam enjoys such funding. Mandatory in fact. For other religions, gomen has no obligation to fund them. You can say Islam is supreme than other religions in this context.

            Another eg, hudud being an Islamic law cannot be enforced on non-Islamic religions even if hudud is passed with 2/3 majority together Rulers Council consent. Fundamental rule here is a religious law cannot be applied to non believers. If hudud is forced on non-Muslims, then the basic core principle of a democratic nation is destroyed. Fed Con is rendered useless. In this respect, you can’t say Islam is supreme than other religions vis-a-vis hudud.

  8. if you are criticizing politics of oppossition,ok lah,what to do with the chinese or mata sepet?you got problem with it?

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