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PAS’s battle gear signals it is gearing up for battle

The future favours PAS.

By 2020 – which is only four years down the road – Muslims will comprise two-thirds (est. 66.2%) of Malaysia’s population.

In the next generation (year 2050), close to three-quarters of the Malaysian population will be Muslim, the Pew Research Center has projected.

Malaysia religious population Pew

Buddhists in our country will eventually decline in absolute numbers. Malaysia had five million Buddhists in 2010. There will however be only 4.87 million Malaysian Buddhists in 2050 — see table above.

Christians on the other hand are increasing. From 2.67 million Christians in 2010, Malaysia will have 4.23 million Christians in 2050. In another five decades, Christians will either equal or overtake the total number of Buddhists here.

Previously when Malaysian Chinese were largely Buddhists, MCA (the BN Chinese component) managed to persuade Umno to keep hudud at bay.

Presently when the most aggressive and sneaky segment of Malaysian Chinese are born-again Christians, DAP (the evangelical opposition party) is freaking out the Umno Malays after successfully demolishing the BN Chinese parties.


Malaysia moving up the green zone

Malays are orthodox Muslims and younger Malays are even more conservative in their practice of Islam currently than the parents.

Malaysia is inexorably inching up the global Muslim country/Islamic state ladder. We were a rare multi-ethnic Muslim country and closest in religious make-up to the multi-religious Lebanon — see table above.

In the near future, we’re going to closely resemble the typical Muslim country of the world where their populations are more than 90 percent Muslim.

 Hannah asyik mengidam dan makanan kegemaran tidak pernah lekan dari bibirnya
Hannah Yeoh in her half-covered tudung

Will Najib do it? Tun thinks yes

Tun Mahathir believes that Umno will back Hadi’s bill paving the way for hudud as the parti Melayu needs the support of the parti Islam at this moment, Malaysiakini reported recently on Friday.

In the past, long-time rivals Umno and PAS would not have cooperated on a drastic political manoeuvre. Today we see PAS donning the pendekar Melayu costume complete with keris tucked into the waist.

PAS was established in 1951. For 65 long years the PAS president never had any need to brandish an oversized keris, albeit a replica or its leaders dress in Malay warrior apparel.

It took the DAP to push PAS into putting its assabiyah doctrine on the backburner. DAP’s creepy Christians really freaked out PAS.

Clash of civilizations following the global trend

My opinion survey above was conducted in the second week of April 2014.

Three quarters of the poll respondents agreed for Umno to support hudud. If a majority of the Malay public do not object to hudud, what is to hold Umno back?

In his address at the recent muktamar, PAS Youth chief Nik Abduh said DAP is “an arrogant party” but the Chinese possess no self-awareness of the fact.

Similarly, DAP is vicious, malicious and dajjal but its delusional followers prefer to also remain in denial about how negatively the rest of Malaysia views them.

Hannah Yeoh Ugly Pendatang

Even the Dayaks in Sarawak were freaked out by DAP despite the brief duration of contact.

Yet the Chinese prefer to rant that Malays are “racists” and “haters”, and Muslims are “extremists” and “religious bigots” when the reality is that DAP Christians are acting like conquistadors and bringing their anti-Islam crusade into our political arena.

Beijing and the governments of the China provinces have taken harsh action against their own Chinese evangelistas. Are Dapsters going to accuse the Chinese authorities of “racism” too?

When PAS chooses to make its point with a display of keris, then the evangelistas should take a pause. But of course they’re not.

If PAS studies the outcome of the Taiping and Boxer rebellions in China, then PAS will realise that history is definitely on their side.

The evangelical Christians have traditionally so freaked out their brethren in China — to the extent that the Chinese masses taught the missionary zealots a lesson in the only language they’re able to understand.


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23 thoughts on “PAS’s battle gear signals it is gearing up for battle

  1. Wikipedia says:-

    “The Clash of Civilizations (COC) is a hypothesis that people’s cultural and religious identities will be the primary source of conflict in the post-Cold War world. It was proposed by political scientist Samuel P. Huntington in a 1992 lecture at the American Enterprise Institute,”

    You can read a paper on The Clash of Civilisations over here:-

    Click to access Huntington_Clash.pdf

    And buy the book here if you want.

    Samuel P. Huntington may be right about the clash of civilisations which we see happening before us today but the fact that he delivered the lecture at the pro-US-imperialist nest of warmongers – the American Enterprise Institute raises questions as to whether this clash is being deliberately formented to make it turn out to be so.

    Anwar’s good friend and supporter Paul Wolfowitz, an architect of the war on Iraq was a leading neoconservative and a key figure in the American Enterprise Institute. Following his first release from jail, Anwar backed Wolfowitz candidacy for President of the World Bank, which he became in 2005.

    Thus we should be wary of those forces – both open and the powerful hidden ones, which are trying to forment clashes of civilisations.around the world and in Malaysia in particular.

    I won’t mention names but do you recall one of your former colleagues or a former columnist with Malaysiakini – a self-described neoconservative who cheered on the U.S. imperialist invasion of Iraq and despite the rest of Malaysiakini claiming to be against the war, it did not curtail this columnist on its portal in the name of “freedom of the press”.

    According to reports, Donald Trump is opposed to the American Enterprise Institute and hopefully if he is elected president of the US, he will move to sideline or better still crush this nest of vipers – liberal interventionists who have advocated the U.S. into ruinous wars overseas which has caused so much disruption, chaos, instability and misery worldwide.

  2. Hellen,

    Are you telling the christian ,the buddhist’s and others, to gear up to out beat the Muslims ? .

    Muslim is always divided politically , but the rest are united by race .
    Those who unite are always stronger .

    1. The clash of civilizations is between Muslims and Christians. Thus I don’t see why Buddhists and Hindus should want to get trampled underfoot bila gajah sama gajah berjuang.

      It’s true that the oppo supporters are united by race but then again how do you explain our Indian Christians being giler taksub kat DAP?

      The truth is they’re also united by resent and hate, and their strong anti-Islam sentiment. The strongest anti-Islam sentiment is among the Christians and you can see this in the far right movements of Europe.

      (Which is not to say that there is no friction or conflict between Hindus/Buddhists and Muslims. There is. But these are additionally territorial disputes too e.g. in Rakhine Myanmar and in India.)

      And a little piece of kind advice for you, tebing tinggi. Jangan termakan dakyah blogger 20k Melayu reject tu. Sudah terang lagi bersuluh dia Si Kitol.

      Haven’t you noticed that not a single Malay blogger has spoken up for him, and his platform is only being desperately propped up by the RBA?

      Do you see his blog listed on any prominent Umno blogrolls — with the exception of a couple of staunch Protuns’ blogroll and that of his “blogging captain”?

      1. Helen,

        I can understand why UMNO does not object to any move by PAS to implement Hudud or any kind of Syariah law.

        The truth is that UMNO depends mainly on malay votes on its survival. And I agree with you that Malays in general(meaning huge majority) wants Islamic law. Not supporting Hudud or Islamic law will only make UMNO loses the precious Malay votes, something that UMNO cant afford to lose.

        Beside, there seem a new enlightenment among UMNO circles. The deep rooted belief that Chinese votes is indispensable was demolished when UMNO survives massive Chinese rejection. The anger for being almost totally rejected by Chinese is gradually replaced by the understanding that “untuk apa UMNO dengar permintaan Cina bila undi tak dapat”.

        DAP’s intransigence speeds up Malays into Hudud. There is no denying that PAS too soften its approach towards UMNO after it(PAS) was treated badly by DAP. Suddenly PAS realises that UMNO is not that bad after all.

        The biggest loser is the Chinese community as they are supporting the very party that is waging war against Malay/Islam. It is a dangerous political game as it brings them to collide with malay majority.

        AS FOR PAN or any Malay based party that kowtows to DAP, I believe it will learn the bitter lesson in the coming Sg Besar and Kuala Kangsar by elctions

  3. Helen,

    re: “In the near future, we’re going to closely resemble the typical Muslim country of the world where their populations are more than 90 percent Muslim.”

    If ever there was an argument against Malaysia becoming 90% Muslim, that table, “Muslim majority countries around the world” by Pew Research is it!

    I hope Malaysia will NEVER resemble the typical Muslim country where the population is 90% Muslim.

    1. The table shows a steady increase of 2-3 percent Muslims every decade. In about 50 years time, we should hit 75 percent.

      That would put us in the (current) Brunei and Kuwait band.

      What the stats tell us is that Muslim-majority countries are religiously homogeneous. Even if they were not religiously homogeneous to begin with, they will soon become so.

      Turkey and Pakistan used to have a bigger Christian majority but the Christians in Turkey were wiped out through the Armenian genocide. The number of Christians in Pakistan has shrunk tremendously since the country’s independence. In Bangladesh today, Christian pastors are targets of vigilante slayings.

      The reality of Malaysia being multi-religious is a unique phenomenon. Therefore we should always bear in mind that our socio-political condition is equally unique and learn to navigate with sensitivity and care. Not through the Western human rights sledgehammer of one size fits all.

      I may not have realised this earlier (pre-2008) but now with the benefit of hindsight, I can see that MCA has done a darn good job for the Chinese whereas the DAP’s method/approach is self-destructive.

      Hudud is the best example. More than 50 years of stable Alliance/BN relationship … no hudud. But once DAP comes muscling in to strut as Big Brother, there’s the equal and opposite reaction to the DAP’s action(s).

      That’s the problem with Dapsters. They’d rather be swayed by DAP propaganda than rationally appraise data.

      1. Postscript

        Ref. GREEN table above … nine countries are almost 100 percent Muslim. Very religiously homogeneous indeed.

        1. So if thats the case, why are you still a self proclaim buddhist?
          Why are you not converting to Islam since everyday and night you are ” concern ” about perpaduan ummah, pemakan dedak?
          Show the example. Dont just talk, talk and talk about islamisation and perpaduan ummah, fat soh!
          Be on par with your beloved comrade, Ridhuan Tee. May be he can assist you to get an ustazah title too.

          1. You’re part of the Annie Anakin cheerleading and name-calling squad, and conversely you’re being gratuitously verbal-abusive here.

            The more Annie goads his followers (i.e. the Dapsters propping up the Life of Annie blog) like you to insult me with his fabricated stories and lies, the more the LoA blogger loses whatever credibility he has left among those in the know.

            Those in the know are his “blogging captain”, his ex-bosses (editors), the Media Prima top guns, the Who’s Who in blogosphere, the journalism fraternity and those in the political circles (Ministry press secretaries, Minister pol-secs, Khalid Nordin’s boys, Umno media personnel).

            They are the people who matter. Not anonymous, pseudonymous and chameleon Dapsters/RBA.

            The establishment players know perfectly well that Annie is a fraud — lying about his gender, age, ethnicity and occupation as well as the pile upon pile of tipu bohong that Annie has perpetrated.

            Anime is cute. Annie lelaki hidung sudu senduk is even more ugly character-wise. His cartoon avatar is a perfect example of Orwell’s upside down 1984 where hate is love and peace is war and Cina DAP accuse the rest of Malaysia of being “racist”.

            The more Annie rants like a Cina DAP while keeping up his fake identity pretense through using cutesy Internet pictures of young China girls, the more jijik the Malay establishment feels about him … as you can imagine.

            They already pandang serong/look at him one kind already. That’s why you can see that only very few (with the exception of a couple of hardcore Protun bloggers) list Annie in their Umno blogrolls and Annie certainly doesn’t feature in the PAS blogrolls. Neither does Annie blip on the pro-PKR Malay bloggers’ blogroll.

            Annie’s support comes only largely from over-loud Dapsters (like you). Chinese are less than one quarter of the Malaysian population but so noisy and abusive. Likewise the Annie cheerleading noise.

            Malays are the silent majority. They’re quiet but in their deathly silence, they’ve actually been processing the situation. Only people like you don’t realise. And you’re surprised when ‘suddenly’ PAS switches to the keris mode.

      2. Helen,

        re: “What the stats tell us is that Muslim-majority countries are religiously homogeneous.”

        More importantly, what your stats tell us is that religiously homogenous they may be but they are economic basket cases – VIRTUALLY EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM.

        As a person who appears to understand statistics, do you think there may just be “a little” correlation between being a Muslim-majority country and being an economic basket case?

        There could be lessons here for a Muslim-majority Malaysia.

        re: “But once DAP comes muscling in to strut as Big Brother, there’s the equal and opposite reaction to the DAP’s action(s)”

        At the risk of being labelled a DAPig/DAPster, I don’t think DAP is to be blamed for the radicalisation in PAS.

        PAS has always been the last refuge for mad mullahs – the madder they are, the more they are accepted.

        PAS was even kicked out of the Alliance for their hardline Islamic views.

        In my opinion, PAS merely waited until they had a Muslim-majority country AND mainstream political acceptance, a la being a Pakatan, to push their Islamist agenda.

        DAP can object all it likes but the fact is that their traditional voter base, the Chinese, are now a minority and hence DAP cannot offer any meaningful resistance. I cannot believe that PAS does not know this.

        In fact, if PAS is reacting because DAP is “muscling in to strut as Big Brother”, this is to suggest that PAS is politically immature. I cannot believe that, sorry!

        1. You sound like a dapster, wether you are one or otherwise. To either fence sitters or hardliners, dap is no-no. Realy big one.

          1. No one does business or hire Nazis, especially Nazis that commit global financial scandals

          2. wawe,

            OK, anybody who provides an unpleasant observation is a DAPster.

            Thank you.

            Have you ever tried looking at facts in front of you?

            For example, look at the Pew Research graphic above and tell me that you think about the economies of those Muslim-majority countries there?

            Do you have any rational academic explanations for why their economies are the way they are?

            Do you have any rebuttals to my observations about PAS?

            Please show Helen some respect by making intelligent comments on her blog.

            1. One thing for sure, they have the biggest amount of refugees and asylum seekers in the world. Boat loads of people arriving at mediterranean sea everyday waiting to into EU.
              Quite funny why they dont go to middle east countries like saudi or Bahrain where the muslim brothers and sisters are there to welcome them. Or they not welcome at all?
              Some people are born to victims. Strange…

              1. Muslims are fractured by their religious schisms, just like 20th century Chinese were fractured by their political schisms. It is about religion mixed with politics in both cases. People suffer both ways.

            2. Haha, all the jargons and whatnot. All I knew I once told a mate who always complain to migrate, she suddenly became offensive and defensive. Later I suggestwd to her, you cld be patriotic fr outside like a family member of mine. Thanx n no thanx for all the jargons. Not my cuppa tea, I leave it to my esteemed advisors and compatriots of course not one like you, who only knows how to put forwsrd twisted lies. Not everyone will buy yr crap. Btw, what matters are the voters who will determine the future of the country not some juggernuts like you. Once I asked a banker rgdg the asb n th furore. he replied, leave it in the safe hands of th all knowing and the experts, not on liars and twisters who lurk everywhere all politically motivated.

              1. what furore abt ASB? about it being not Shariah compliant?
                memang betullah…its not.

  4. Selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa kepada semua Muslim disini dan seluruh dunia dimana saja anda berada.

    Pada masa yang sama yang bukan Muslim elok juga agar ambil kesempatan ini sama2 belajar apa erti sebenarnya dan kelebihan berpuasa.

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