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Reactions to ‘Kedah MB collapses, admitted to hospital’

These Malaysiakini commenters – screencaptured below – are god-fearing Christians cum Malaysian Firsters.

Mat Bashah collapses, admitted to hospital

admitted to hospital 3

Mat Bashah collapses, admitted to hospital

admitted to hospital 1

Mat Bashah collapses, admitted to hospital

admitted to hospital 2

Mat Bashah collapses, admitted to hospital

admitted to hospital

Mat Bashah collapses, admitted to hospital

admitted to hospital 4

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21 thoughts on “Reactions to ‘Kedah MB collapses, admitted to hospital’

  1. Says a lot about the mentality of Malaysiakini readers.

    I have never subscribed to Malaysiakini.

      1. you got confirm with their grand ma oh!!! that they are x tian? or a praticising one?
        adi confirm with your grand ma whao she was?

        1. From my past skirmishes with some of these regular Malaysiakini commenters back when I was a columnist with the portal, I remember that they expressed themselves as Christians.

          As for your insulting my long deceased grandmother, it just show what kind of people you Dapsters are.

          1. Did your former Malaysiakini colleagues describe themselves as Anarchists?

            1. I was a columnist. I emailed my column article to the editor fortnightly.

              It is inaccurate to describe the Malaysiakini people as my “colleagues” as I’ve never reported for duty in the Malaysiuakini office.

              Wrt your question, I’ve been reliably informed that mKini‘s Chinese section is very pro-DAP. I consider the DAP evangelistas to be anarchists.

              I believe the Bersih 4.0-type opposition Chinese want an Arab Spring to happen in Malaysia.

              I also believe some of the Christian Zionists in our country are receiving foreign funding.

              1. ‘I’ve been reliably informed that mKini‘s Chinese section is very pro-DAP.’

                So are the rest of them, including the Malays and Indians.

                Reading the comments sections makes me feel like I’ve stepped into a nest of venomous, bible-thumping snakes masquerading as upright citizens. Mkini is dominated by these serpents. I’ve also noticed lately that even their editorial style has been influenced by the resident rabid DAPster venom.

                Mkini is a disgrace to journalism. Even my veteran journalist friend thinks so.

          2. You deceased grandmother is at fault for badly bringing up you and your parents.

            1. Both my late grandmothers were Nyonya.

              They were not saka Bintang Tiga like you.

              1. Your grandmother must be turning in her grave seeing what a first class biatch you have turned out to be.

        2. Most probably non-practicing or not particularly practicing who use their religion as an excuse to serve their personal biases or or political agendas.

    1. RE : “Never mind if the Pope gets angry when his old pal asked him, how his wife and children are, because Popes don’t marry and have kids,,, but God does.”

      remind me of 40 hadith qudsi,

      “Allah the Exalted said: The son of Adam has lied against me but he has no right to do so, and he has abused me but he has no right to do so. As for his lie, it is his saying that I cannot recreate him as I did before. As for his abuse, it is his saying that I have a son, but I am glorified above taking a wife or a son.”
      bukhari 4212

      it is okay to say God has son but it is an insult to say popes and priests have son.

      yasin 36:78-79 ;

      And he presents for Us an example and forgets his [own] creation. He says, “Who will give life to bones while they are disintegrated?

      Say, “He will give them life who produced them the first time; and He is, of all creation, Knowing.”

      1. What’s hypocritical is your prophet having god knows how many wives and concubines and only allowing his followers to have four wives. That’s bloody hypocritical imo.

  2. They are anak bangsa Malaysia ,they comment right from their heart , and you can’t say they being raciest and insensitive .
    That the ways they are being brought up .

      1. 5k years of civilization, who were (are) these people actually, everyone of them? sama juga la dgn melayu mengagong2kan tamadun islam. ahli kimia la, ahli matematik la & ahli apa2 lagi la, depa ni semua melayu ka?

  3. you have to learn abt the prophet’s marriages in order to understand.

    his marriages to his wives have benefited muslims, especially muslim women because we derive a lot of islamic knowledge and rulings pertaining to women.

    all of his wives were of noble characters, pious, intelligent, perseverent, generous and other highly revered qualities.

    all of his wives were widows except for ayshah and some were also older than him. ayshah was the most intelligent of all. she was a scholar and has been a great reference for muslims of her time till today.

    if the prophet’s mariage was aimed at beautiful and young women he would have easily done that as history stated that women came to him asking for his hand in marriage but he refused. muslims (parents) were also very willing to marry their young beautiful daughters off to him. but that was not what he wanted. thus, this tells us that his marriages were with purpose and his wives were of great benefit to muslims in terms of their understanding of islamic knowledge and rulings.

    one example of prophet’s marriage to one of his wives was when he proposed ummu salamah (a very pious widow with great nobility by birth but she was poor and had many children).
    umm salamah narrated that when the prophet proposed her,
    “She told him that she had three reservations regarding his proposal. She was hot-headed and had a temper; she felt she might be rude to the Prophet of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him), and thus lose the reward for all her good deeds. Secondly, she was an elderly lady; thirdly, she had, many children. The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) answered that he would pray to Allah, and Allah willing, her temper would subside. As far as age was concerned, he was also an elderly man. Thirdly, as far as her children were concerned – that was the precise reason for proposing to her – he wished to be their guardian and share the responsibility.”

    “Ayshah narrated that it was the habit of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) to visit each of his wives in turn after the ‘Asr prayers. He would inquire about their welfare and if they needed anything. He would start from the apartment of Umm Salamah because she was the eldest among them, and finish his rounds at the apartment of ‘Ayshah.”

    if you read the biography of his wives they were exceptional women and worth of becoming example for all women.

    i want to also mention on how he dealt with the hypocrites in his state of madinah. even though he knew their presence and identity, he kept the secret to himself and his secret keeper only. none of other muslims knew including his own closest companions. those hypocrites were not only lived in the state but they also posed threats and problems to the islamic government yet the prophet let them live peacefully.

    another example was when the romans (the great byzantine empire) declared war against muslims, the arab christians of the northern arabia peninsular i.e. tabuk (battle of tabuk) pledged their alliance with the romans. before the muslim armies could arrive tabuk, the romans had withdrawn their armies leaving the arab christians and their territory’s fate in the hand of the muslims.
    when muslim armies arrived tabuk, the arab christian tribesmen asked for a peace treaty and the prophet gave them.

    you see, if the arab christians were in alliance with another powerful ruler against the romans, and out of a sudden that ruler and his armies withdraw from the battle leaving the arab christians to face the romans on their own, do you think the romans will grant them peace treaty if they ask one ?
    i’m sure they will get this answer from the romans,
    “yes ! we will give you peace treaty after we raped your women and killed you men”.
    if you know the roman empire and wars history you will agree with me.

    the prophet was extremely generous, always placing the interest of others ahead of his own (if he has nothing to give to the asker, he will ask him/her to borrow under his name), he encouraged forgiveness, forbade treachery, disallowed muslim from condemning sinners esp. when they have been punished (the punishment shld be a lesson to others).

    so the prophet’s marriage to all his wives was not for lust or sexual desire, for young or beautiful women but rather for the benefit of mankind, whereas the marriage of ordinary men who desire more than one wives are absolutely for young and beautiful women to fulfill their sexual desire.

    so, why envy he had 9 wives over the permission of 4 wives.

    hope this clears up your mind a bit.

  4. Why was the bungalow sold at below mkt value to that person? Wud the owner give you the same deal? Or

    Why was that person made the sec-gen tho he did not obtain highest votes?

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