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Opportunity but also overkill during bulan puasa

“We live in a real world and I think it is dishonesty of the highest order if you deceive people through your make believe and fantasy world. So Life of Annie blog is a no no for me.” — Datuk Abdul Rahman Mohd Noor @ 2016/06/07 at 6:41 pm

Helen says Annie munafiq sebiji macam RBA

It is true that the deceitful Annie fabricates all kinds of fantasy stuff.

To suit a situation, Annie would either create his feel-good anecdotes (which are fraudulent) and hence the seemingly picture perfect vignettes he is able to recount, or he’ll concoct malicious stories (false!) against the people he’s bitching about — such as Norman Fernandez, Rahman Dahlan, Salleh Said Keruak and of course Khaled Nordin plus many more.

Actually lots of people (those who matter) know all about Annie already.

But the delusional Dapsters are determined to prop up Annie’s blog like desperados because they too live in a make-believe world. One where the Chinese are the only  non-racists who, predictably, can do no wrong. (Perhaps it’s only par for the course that Annie should fake a half-Chinese parentage to pander to the DAP mob.)

Birds of a feather flock together … cluck, cluck, cluck. Annie spits venom – even during bulan puasa – and on cue, like Orwell’s Animal Farm, the RBA will stand up and cheer “Annie two legs good, Annie nice”.

The thing about such scheming and slimeball collective dishonesty is that one day – and it will be soon, trust me – Annie’s slick Dapsterland and the real Malaysia will collide.

The business of fooling some people some of the time may be lucrative but it’s a dangerous game and there will be hell to pay. By then, only very few will might sorry for that bloody lot of sneaky bastards pretending to sing kumbayah tapi cakap tak serupa bikin.

Updated on June 7

Original posting

Siakap sinohong gelama ikan duri

Melayu cakap bohong lama-lama jadi DAP

anime sailor moon snigger

Semboyan sudah berbunyi

Puak dajjal wajib diperangi

Hadi Awang keris

Law of diminishing returns

Come Ramadan, the DAP evangelistas would predictably don tudung and commence their Occupy Masjid.

However in order for them to enter the mosques, they need to be invited. Obviously those invitations have been drying up ever since the acrimonious breakup between DAP and PAS.

Likewise photo ops for the Kodak moment (sahur, buka puasa, masak bubur lambuk di surau) to be uploaded to their social media is similarly becoming fewer now that the DAP Yang Berhormats are getting the cold shoulder from PAS.

Click to enlarge pix


ABOVE: Blast from the past … YB Serdang, the DAP evangelista Ong Kian Ming in the surau stirring an empty pot during fasting month

Melayu DAP commands a high premium nowadays

Due to PAS giving them a frosty reception, DAP has had to turn to new tactics to gain access to the Malay community.

If you thought the DAP’s political Christianity and its faking love-love-love (thy enemy, turn the other cheek) was a turnoff, the evangelical party’s attempt to hijack Islamic lingo is even more nauseating.


As things stand, DAP has already milked dry its Melayu celup for his Islamic value-add to the party image. Aside from Zairil Khir Johari, the actual number of Malays elected as YB on the DAP ticket are only two! — Ariff Sabri (YB Raub) and Tengku Zulpuri (YB Mentakab).

In the photo above, Zairil is in full Malay ‘regalia’ while in the background you can see the crowd of Cina DAP sedang buka puasa.

The late Khir Johari’s Chinese stepson is perennially trotted out by DAP in songkok and baju Melayu. Poor Zairil is ‘overworked’ (overexposed) as DAP’s Malay face.

There’s a famous Beatles song that says “money can’t buy [DAP] love”

But moolah sure can buy them Malay mercenaries, especially when its a seller’s market — given the DAP’s real dearth of genuine Malay grassroots.

Enter frame … the 20k Malay blogger

Ubah — DAP’s Melayu-screw-Melayu strategy

First of all, you must keep in mind that the DAP of today is unlike the DAP of, say, 10 years ago. Today the DAP is a well-connected evangelical party with ample funds.

And in recent times, the DAP’s new prosperity has been directed towards recruiting Malays. We know who’s oiling the frying PAN.

Ridhuan Tee believes that the parti ultra kiasu has been using its war chest fruitfully to “buy” Malay operatives ripe for the picking (i.e. disgruntled Protuns, Umno rejects, etc)

So don’t be shocked that DAP 2.0 has Malay RBA like how the MCP had its 10th regiment — the Malay communist unit.

BELOW: Our political landscape has UBAH-ed and the old order upended after the sea change brought by tsunami

Macai Melayu who are “well taken care of” by the DAP

sailor moon gigglingThere’s nothing surprising in the existence of Melayu Baru DAP if we reflect on the time-tested tradition of Chinese tycoons who know how to “take care” of their Malay network.

Presently, DAP is merely following formula in taking care of its Malay dedakers.

“Kebajikan mereka dijaga sepenuhnya,” revealed Umno Selangor info chief Zein Isma.

“Ianya merupakan satu pelaburan yang amat berbaloi untuk jangka masa panjang. Tindakan ini sebenarnya dilihat amat teratur, penuh kesedaran dan bersungguh oleh DAP,” Zein explained.

He further exposed how DAP has been cultivating a coterie of Malays who are vociferously pro-Chinese. They are lavished “imbuhan tetap” dan ganjaran … like erm, who is financing Dyana’s jalan-jalan in negeri omputih?

BELOW: Anakin obsessing over KJ’s handsome looks is causing colleagues of the 20k blogger to laugh at him behind his back … they feel geli also


Imperative for Malays to behave “nicely”, konon

A tactic to benefit the Chinese opposition’s political cache is by preaching the Malays into a guilt trip.

If a Malay person says anything remotely negative about Cina DAP, he is immediately branded a “racist”.

Today the well-rewarded Malay macai is willing to call other Malays “racist” on top of  labelling Umno as a “despicable” and “hateful” party.

The ordinary Malay individual is browbeaten into believing he has to always be “nice” to the Chinese, and this present month of Ramadan is the best window of opportunity to carry out such indoctrination under the cloak of dapat pahala and with some Arabic phrases thrown in.

(Hannah is good but not good enough to spout Arabic.)

It’s easy to spot which Melayu on the ultra kiasu payroll is attempting to brainwash his Muslim brethren into being “nice” so that resistance to the DAP power-seeking agenda will be weakened.

One Melayu DAP who’s identical to RBA in character, i.e. they’re practised liars and shameless frauds

laugh China girl

Melayu DAP doing all he can to dissuade Umno-PAS hookup

If a Malay fencesitter is supportive of perpaduan ummah and shows signs of softening to PAS, the Melayu pemakan dedak akan cepat-cepat cuba untuk menggagalkan apa-apa usaha ke arah mengeratkan talian silaturahim.

At his paymaster’s behest, the 20k Melayu hired gun will quickly throw a wet blanket to dampen any overtures by Umno folks to PAS folks. The parti Melayu Islam and the parti Islam Melayu working together to defend Islam is shot down as promoting religious extremism.

A Malay is required to do this particular job because it requires venturing into Islam-speak terrain.

As sneaky as the RBA are at masquerading online as Malays and Muslims, they’re still nonetheless not steeped enough in the religion’s nuances to be able to carry out propaganda appealing to Islamic sentiments.

In this bulan puasa, you can see how the Melayu DAP is first off the block to take advantage of the lembut psychology inherent in the holy month to do his tarbiyah.

It’s not difficult to tell which Melayu DAP are frogs, for example Dyana who hopped from Perkasa into Kit Siang’s office, and that other hidung sudu senduk fella who made a 180-degree turn from “Apa lagi Cina mahu?” to “Jump? How high?”

Well, whatever lah as long as the cash register continues ringing in the wages that bankroll his massages at the spa and the Japan summer holidays.

Hiding behind a cutesy anime avatar does not take away from his bitchy lies and niat jahat that continue unabated even during bulan puasa. He is business/politics as usual despite putting on an extra coating of Islamic veneer for this month.

walking cat


Oh. Today my blog passed seven million hits.

Hmm … it looks like the continuous smear campaign against me conducted by that Lying & Fraudulent Protun blog is not convincing readers with a capacity for critical thinking.

Ataris Boys of Summer


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86 thoughts on “Opportunity but also overkill during bulan puasa

  1. everyone has a price, sigh. Kadang2 sedih fikir how some org Melayu begitu senang kena beli.

    Also, i’m genuinely curious, in light of these bloggers that have been bought over – has anyone ever approached you, Helen to ‘pay’ your to write in favour of certain things?

    also this ‘However in order for them to enter the mosques, they need to be invited. Obviously those invitations have been drying up ever since the acrimonious breakup between DAP and PAS.’
    …makes me think of those lores of how vampires has to be invited to be able to get in, ha

    1. re: “has anyone ever approached you, Helen to ‘pay’ your to write in favour of certain things?”

      Nope, nothing published here is ever or has ever been ‘made to order’ in return for (cash) payment.

      Everything in my blog is entirely my own personal thoughts. I blog to push my ideas but sometimes there’s no take-up like when I pointed out that the Deklarasi Mahathir gathering not too long ago under ZI’s auspices was held on Easter Sunday.

      To me, the date of the event was significant and I wished that someone in gomen or BN or Umno would catch the ball I threw but alas, nobody did.

      It’s obvious that I’m the one throwing fresh ideas – sometimes I direct my missives to the attn of minister (say ARD, SSK or PMO) – in the hope that the authorities would adopt some of the strategies I’ve suggested.

      It’s hardly the case of my taking orders from anyone. My highlight of the Easter Sunday alignment is one example. There I was screaming – hello, hello, can you people in the corridors of power see this? It’s something significant, trust me – rather than my being instructed by anyone to broach a specific topic.

      In fact, a number of the news items I’ve raised has not registered on the radar of the BN war room at all, such as the S’pore City harvest church corruption trial. It’s very frustrating and hence my being pissed off at MCA, in particular as well as my view of Umno as Parti Paling Tidak Apa.

      Same like Ridhuan Tee is pissed off at MCA. We’re giving FOC to the BN parties useful ammo to shoot at DAP but the clueless buggers who are in a position to fire the shots, and who have the resources/wherewithal, are sitting on their hands.

      I really, truly find the Dapster-evangelistas too despicable for words, especially their capacity to simply lie, simply concoct false stories and simply buat fitnah. They have no boundaries. They’re dajjal, period. Many people have been their targets and victims, incl. me.

      Must someone be paid if he hopes/wants to see that such demon spawn are crushed?

      Some of the things I’ve been writing about – e.g. DAP is an evangelical party, J-Star is Gunting dalam Lipatan – are things I’ve been saying consistently for five years even before the topic came on the radar of the general public.

      Certainly no one’s paying me to write about Hannah Yeoh. Even her supposed rivals in the MCA are not criticising her. Use common sense and logic lah. If no one in the political arena is condemning HY, who in the world is it that’s supposedly paying me to be critical of her?

      I genuinely despise how the RBA carry out their character assassination (that’s why I was upset at the dirty job they did on Chew Mei Fun during the Kajang by-election) and the evangelistas are worse in their hypocrisy (the way they kenakan Isma by fabricating a false charge wrt to purdah).

      The only deviation from the highly individualistic and idiosyncratic writings in my blog are the several pieces where I’ve lent my platform for the Hindraf write-ups. As I’ve mentioned before, I advocated for Hindraf. They’re not a movement with big money bags to dispense.

      I admit to toning down on criticisms of Najib at the earnest persuasion of a close friend. He convinced me on the theory that toppling Najib will bring down BN along together with the premier and the ensuing power vacuum/anarchy will allow the DAP to usurp Putrajaya.

      I believe that at the critical juncture when Tun was (still is) trying to decapitate Najib, the more objective and thinking person would have to choose sides. I’ve picked mine.

      However I don’t diss or demonize anyone who feels uncomfortable about 1MDB or the RM2.6b donation. I’m willing to allow that they have their reasons to be anti Najib just as I have my reasons to oppose the removal of Najib (which would allow DAP to come to power).

      I’m someone who puts into practise the ‘agree to disagree’ maxim by allowing readers to plonk their 1MDB commentary/C&P in my space even though it is a topic I myself choose to avoid dissecting.

      On the other hand, those who preach ‘agree to disagree’ ban you from their timeline. See the scores of social media users whom Hannah Yeoh has banned from her Twitter —

      Tak leh tahan the lot of them, esp. the Dapsters/Cina ultra who pick on my long deceased grandmother and my late mother.

      My grandmother is also grandma to my cousins. Just b’cos the RBA want to get at me, they resort to calling my cousins’ (also) grandma “a whore”. They’re not just insulting me alone. They’re slandering a dead woman who’s got nothing to do with politics and a woman who’s the matriarch to dozens of my relatives.

      What kind of people are they?!

      Must I or anyone else critical of the DAP be paid to despise their dajjal behaviour?

      1. thanks for your answer – as well as not slagging off my forthright question/ blocking me for asking like some of our politlcal leaders tend to do ;)

        actually I asked because I curious if someone from the opposition had ever tried to approach you. You have written remarkable astute observations on nature of certain political parties to correctly predicted certain outcomes – that I wonder if they would consider you to be more beneficial closer to them than against them. My apologies – if my question seem to insinuate something, I really didn’t intend it to be.
        It’s just that sometimes – in this current toxic political scene – it’s refreshing to see someone at least not be zombie or a sheep, and I hope you’ll always stay that away. At least for the sake of the little people who want no part of this awful power struggle in the corridors of power, but are often the first ones sacrificed should anything go wrong :(

        (if the Dark side ever beckons to you, stay far away, Helen!! Though I imagine they’ll come disguised in a shower of light and feel-good kumbaya choir, so maybe I should say stay away from the light? ;)

        also, I’m equally disgusted that they would take potshot at your late grandma and mother. I’ve seen their modus operandi all across the internet to anyone who has opposing views to them – intimidate and insult, rinse and repeat.

      2. kak helen,
        do you know that the p*****rs who insulted your grandma look even more p*****r when he/she did that. they just cud not stand the truth.

        in the eyes of many of us, you are great….
        the RBAs who come to your blog, attack you, leave afterwards in acute sorrow…i’m sure

      3. So you’ve never received payment eh? Careful with the lies now. Seems like you’re slipping fatso. Karma won’t forget you.

        1. I’m not surprised that you’re an amphibian (frog) and not a human being.

          It’s cretin like you – who simply say anything, simply throw any accusation, simply mock and insult – that makes the rest of Malaysia (EVEN THE SARAWAK DAYAKS) despise you lot, as well as prompted PAS – likely for the first time in the party’s 65-year history – to bring out their keris.

          Do you know the fable about the frog being slowly boiled alive in the cooking pot but not realising its fate because the creature was not thrown immediately or suddenly into boiling water but instead immersed in water that was was slowly and gradually being heated up?

          That’s the karma awaiting you and your fellow foul-mouthed Dapsters and you know what? The majority of Malaysians will not be sorry when it happens.

  2. Our UMNO government has decided to declare war on the minorities that so happens to belong to 2 of the worlds most populous and richest races.


    1. You forget that our motherland in the past two years alone has

      – demolished hundreds of churches
      – removed thousands of crosses from church rooftops (mostly in Wenzhou city in Zhejiang province)
      – detained dozens of subversive pastors and church activists for being a threat to national security
      – jailed several corrupt Christian priests (slapped up to 14-year prison sentence)
      – executed a couple of deviant Christian cult leaders, i.e. who had been responsible for the killing of an innocent woman in McDonalds
      – cracked down on underground churches as well as curtailed even the legitimate churches

      If you think that anyone has declared war, then surely it is Beijing and the provincial governments of China.

      And nope, the Chinese authorities taking such harsh action against its born again Christian Chinese citizens id not “racism”.

      If you’re looking for “freedom”, I suggest you approach Talentcorp to facilitate your upward career relocation to Tasmania.

      1. China and India has no problem with Christianity. I can assure you that. You have to stop your little hate/propoganda campaign against the Christians

        1. re: “China and India has no problem with Christianity.”

          Your just so full of bullshit. Typical evangelista.

          re: “I can assure you that.”

          Really? Action speaks louder than words.

          BELOW: The rubble of Sanjiang mega church in Wenzhou, April 2014; and Dongyang church cross comes tumbing down the month after

          re: “You have to stop your little hate/propoganda campaign against the Christians”

          On the contrary, it is you who has to stop your little hate/propoganda campaign against the Muslims. The jail sentence against Vivian Lee is just the beginning but better court sentence than mob justice.

          Do you live in Jerusubang? I expect it to be the first flashpoint.

          Plenty other pictures … because the demolitions are ongoing even as we speak. See Friday (3 June 2016) article,

          1. Yes, yes go one up and declare war on the worlds most populous religion also. Dammit you malays are burying yourselves and can’t even see it. Well you had it coming

          1. This article appeared in Christianity Today..

            “And the final, horrifying twist for those of us affiliated to the church: Huckle is reported to be a “practising Christian”.

            Worse still, it’s allegedly Huckle’s Christianity that has created his opportunities for access to and abuse of children. He groomed children while performing voluntary work in Kuala Lumpur with a church-based charity. When in the UK, he was an active member and Sunday school teacher at a church in Kent.”

            But this part is striking
            “Huckle himself rightly now faces a lifetime in jail, but even so, that’s not the end of our association with him. As his story is reported in the coming days, those words “Christian”,”Church”and “Sunday school teacher” will doubtless come up time and again, scratching against each of us as they do. And as this happens, we’ll all get a small taste of what it must be like to live as a peaceful practising Muslim in an age when the media reports daily on ‘Islamic terror’.

    2. buekk, if they reslly care abt their anak bangsa, they shd hv offered fr them to emmigrate to the huge mainland and not merempat di tanah sempit di hujung ni.

    1. Like two-faced Annie and the rest of the hypocritical Dapsters.

      Pretend to be “nice” and religiously good but full of spite.

  3. ANGER is one step to DANGER. Accumulation of anger, hate, bitterness, etc is really bad for your health. You’ll never know which hour or day that your blood vessel will burst. Too late then.

    1. Correct.

      You clearly speak from personal experience of what your kind (smug Dapsters) has been perpetrating on others.

      The DAP’s politics of hate foments nothing but anger, resentment and vengeance. It arises from deep within the souls of party supporters/provocateurs like you.

      That’s why your lot celebrated the Sarawak heli crash, the passing of Zahid Hamidi’s son-in-law, the hospitalization of Mat Bashah and last year’s stampede deaths in Mecca.

      The anger, bitterness and hate harboured by your anti-NEP lot is unleashed upon a proxy nationality (Indonesian women) since Malays don’t work as maids in angry, bitter and hateful Chinese households.

      Remember the Indonesian maid Nirmala Bonat who was tortured? To see what her employer Yim Pek Ha did to her, click HERE.

      Indonesian maid Isti Komariyah, 26, was starved to death and weighing barely 57 lbs (weight of an 8-year-old child) when her bruised and battered body was autopsied. That’s what her bosses Fong Kong Meng and his wife Teoh Ching Yen did to her.

      Another maid Siti Hajar Sadli was scalded with hot water and hit with a hammer by Hau Yuan Tyng.

      Yet another maid Nurjanah Matiah (also spelled Matyak) was beaten on the head with a rattan cane as well as punched on the lip by Yap Sow Li.

      Indonesian maid Kusiah Manijan was hospitalized in the ICU with a fractured skull and had to be put on the respirator. Her employer was Cheah Lai Mooi.

      Indonesian maid Meriance Kabu had her teeth pulled out with a pair of pliers, object inserted into her vagina and was caned, kicked in the head and administered with electric shock. Her employer was Ong Su Ping.

      For details, read my past posting ‘Why so much rage in them?

      You see, I’ve been objectively observing your kind and your provocation. Looking at your provocative behaviour, I’ve asked many times – What kind of people are you?

      It’s obvious that the rest of Malaysia (including the Dayaks in Sarawak) have come to realise your real nature. That’s why when you made your comment above, your were looking at the mirror.

      I’m not surprised PAS brandished the keris at their muktamar after how DAP continuosly kenakan they all.

      Go ahead lah. Continue being smug.

      Tick tock, tick tock.

    2. I think you should advice your comrades in Malaysiakini as they are full of venoms!

  4. The editorial in today’s Singapore Business Times ( “Malaysia’s hudud bill doesn’t bode well for racial ties”.

    Quote: “Two top leaders from Sabah and Sarawak have also voiced their opposition. They all fear that this is the thin edge of the wedge in the push to impose a theocratic legal system on the people. They argue that if the Bill is passed, it will, at the minimum, divide the criminal code in a way that would make Malaysia’s justice system exceptionally unfair….

    “Investors will also want to know whether it would also impinge on the laws of tort and contract, now based on English Common Law…

    “Whatever happens next politically, the potential for social upheaval and damage to Malaysia’s fragile race relations should not be discounted.”

      1. No problem chewing gum in Singapore.

        But vape-ing cannot, lah..

        Better get up to date with the neighbourhood….


  5. Harharharhar……..semua orang pretend to be this and taht,
    except U kan HELEN………….Hehehehe.
    Angkat bakol tu tinggi-tinggi, supaya semua
    orang nampak how ggod U are, Helen.

    1. Yeah. I must be “good”, real good, to attract a notorious RBA like you to carry out a drive-by-shooting.

      A number of regulars in this blog suspect that you’re one of those “pretenders” too, i.e. a Chinese Dapster pretending to be Malay.

      But I bet makcik ‘Cik Kiah’ is not as effective as that one who’s a real Malay pretending to be a half-Chinese awek cun. That’s why your bosses are paying him 20k … and you? For your abysmal standard, you get 50 sen per comment, right?

      Go ask for a raise so that you can enjoy the good life (spas, Japan holidays and buffets) like him.

      1. HAHAHAHA……..U are so funny, shooting in the dark.
        OK……suka hatilah Helen.
        It is your blood vessel after all yang akan meletop.
        Continue on hating.

        1. Hahahaha, you’re very entertaining. Data and stats are so boring. It’s the RBAs that liven up my blog.

          Continue coming to my blog to do your target practice. So … you have bullets while PAS has keris and “lutut dan siku”. Somehow I don’t think you’ll win, as the interregnum-1945 history has taught us.

          Rant and rave all you want if you have the energy. Bukan Muslim tak puasa kan kecuali kalu you terikut-ikut gaya evangelista Ong Kian Ming.

    2. Postscript:

      I’m serious about my suggestion that you ask for a payrise.

      Kesian you — in a Hew Kuan Yau-Dyana Samad situation pulak.

      An old-timer DAP cybertrooper like you having a Malay newbie (in terms of length of party association) parachuted over your head and collecting a fat paycheque while you’re still stuck at 50 sen a pop :D

  6. my hope is for all 2 respect d mth of Ramadan. it is a time for all of us 2 engage in self reflection. it wld b of tremendous help if one can share d goodness that d religion brings instead of denigrating other religions.
    to me all religion teaches good over evil. unfortunately some of its theology is misguided. it is our duty 2 help our religious gurus sort it out amicably.

    in this holy mth, let us hope that that every body wil take a break from politically charged religious topics n help maintain good decorum.

    1. Good advice, Datuk. Thank you for sharing.

      I’ve noticed that you no longer comment @ Life of Annie of late. For that matter, a great number of genuine Malay commenters have also stopped frequenting LoA (Life of Annie) since he was outed by SAA.

      Annie’s Dapster BFFs however stalk my blog 24/7. I feel your advice best suits them as they can never seem to shrug off their malice and viciousness.

      It’s a pity that during the seven-year honeymoon period, PAS failed to tarbiyah the Dapsters despite their love for attending buka puasa.

      I’d also like to add on a note about MUNAFIQ. I feel that Muslims and non-Muslims can learn about this from the goings-on in LoA. It’s quite a lesson to see how Annie invariably fails to practise what he preaches.

      A very 1984 Orwellian doublespeaker. Well worth the 20k he’s touting.

      1. we live in a real world n ithink it is dishonesty of d highest order if u deceive people thru yr make believe n fantasy ‘life of annie’ blog is a no no for me.

        as I hv said b4, once u mix up religion 4 political xpediency n worldly gains, d effort 2 ‘tarbiyah is no more relevant. just look at Kelantan – eithrt they r completely incompetent or simply corrupt. u need people like jak gov (ahok) or pres jokowi (Indonesia) 2 put things right in Malaysia.

        najib has lost d moral legitimacy 2 govern Malaysia. I do pity d party n its members. they know that something is not right but r reluctant or powerless 2 put it right. those spokesmen (including ministers) hv become d but of jokes 4 being stupid n incoherent in their attempt 2 defend things that r indefensible.

        I hv known najib (eventhough he doesn’t know me) since his student days in Nottingham u. I plan 2 write a letter ‘warkah terbuka buat ds najib bin tun razak bin tu rahah’ n publish it in d coming days.

        its a plea that he resigns n face d consequences like a man.
        ‘a stateman thinks of d wellbeing of d people n country even in their sleep. but once u r preoccupied in trying 2 find n escape route 4 yr indiscretions then u r just ordinary’

        1. The world is weary of statesmen whom democracy has degraded into politicians.
          – Benjamin Disraeli

        2. Datuk,

          I’ve highlighted (on top) a part of your comment in my article above.

          However I have to warn you that Annie is a vindictive person and I’m afraid he’ll soon be badmouthing you.

          A few other public figures – such as Norman and Dr Boo – have been given the ‘Nasty Annie Treatment’ before.

          Incidentally both are ex-Johor DAP leaders who happen to be in the bad books of the Lim dynasty. So we can guess at whose bidding Annie did the hatchet jobs on them.

          1. its ok. truth hurts n d act of deception itself wil fail.
            salam ramadhan.

            1. I’m convinced of the same. Annie can fool some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time.

              Pity the small handful who still choose to be fooled because it is in effect being fooled by the RBA who are desperately propping up Annie.

              Btw Datuk, the rest of your comment (which I didn’t excerpt), is very popular and making an impact.

          2. Wonder why Helen chose to highlight only the first paragraph, when there were a lot more truth in the rest of Dato Abdul Rahman JPC’s writings.

          3. Helen, you are becoming deranged. Take some time off and blog about cats or gardening.

            Not so much about Annie

            1. I remain perfectly level-headed. You’re the one calling yourself ‘Mad Hatter’.

              And anyone who knows Annie’s identity is aware that he is the one who’s “deranged” — particularly in his creepy male-on-male obsession with KJ’s good looks, his depicting himself as a cute anime girl as well as leading on his readers with all those Internet-sourced pix of China lasses in order to dog whistle the RBA chorus “Is that you Annie?” (of course not!. I’ve already pinpointed the source of those pix used by Annie, i.e. they’re from China and Japan websites.)

              Even during bulan puasa when Annie is preaching like an evangelista, dia tak bikin serupa cakap and continues (man)bitching and spewing love-love-love vitriol.

              Actually Life of Annie is well worth highlighting to point out the lying blog to the Umno bloggers so that they can look and learn (to hone their psywar skills) because LoA is practically crawling with RBA.

              All the black arts of Goebbels 101 handbook is manifested by Annie and his cohorts the RBA.

              If you don’t know nuts, that okay – you can remain in your cocoon. After all, you’re not an Umno blogger and not likely a pol-sec or ministry press sec and I don’t reckon you’re one of Khaled Nordin’s boys nor someone from the PMO.

              The guys in the fields of work I’ve listed above will find a study of the modus operandi carried out in LoA useful in helping them plan how to counter the opposition GE14 agitprop. “Know thy enemy”, so to speak — and the new strain of enemy is the Melayu DAP.

              As for your present incarnation as (pseudonym) MH, you’re just being a nuisance. If you want to read about cats and gardening, there’s nothing to stop you from visiting websites devoted to those hobbies.

          4. quote,”najib has lost d moral legitimacy 2 govern Malaysia. I do pity d party n its members. they know that something is not right but r reluctant or powerless 2 put it right. those spokesmen (including ministers) hv become d but of jokes 4 being stupid n incoherent in their attempt 2 defend things that r indefensible.” unquote.

            Helen, I am intrigued as why you did not respond to Datuk’s statement above. I am pretty sure a highly opinionated person like you is able to respond to such statement that belittle your Najib.

            And I absolutely agree with Datuk’s statement.

        3. Salam Dato Abdul Rahman

          I dont know who you are but I look forward to reading your letter.

          Let it be known here that im 110% Anti Najib ( but im not fanboy of Tun M either, he has a lot of things to answer for too, but thats for another day). What he did for 1MDB and what he did in response to the ëxposure about 1MDB is 1) an act of cowardice 2) despicable

          Tak ada accountability langsung and as you have mentioned, he no longer has the moral legitimacy to lead this country.

          And yet ramai mengangkat dia sebagai “Panglima Islam”, which to me , such an insult to Islam itself.

          Salam Ramadhan.

          1. saya berhajat utk menulis 3 article lagi ie :

            1) warkah utk ds najib bin tun razak bin tun rahah,

            2) tun razak – seorang muslim yg engkar pd perintah agama,

            3)rosmah, rosmah, rosmah.

            ia berdasarkan fakta serta pengelaman saya.

            insya’allah setiap article saya akan saya kemukakan pd mereka utk editing sebelum d siarkan. saya akan turut cadangan mereka asalkan jln cerita serta fakta tidak d ubah.

            pendekatan yg serupa saya guna apabila saya menyediakan article ‘sengketa d antara ds najib dgn tun m – usaha ikhlas yg tak kesampaian’ pd tahun lepas.


            1. “tun razak – seorang muslim yg engkar pd perintah agama”

              boleh ke kita mengaibkan orang yg. telah mati ? org yg hidup pun kalau dia seorang peminum arak, penzina ke, tak boleh kita membuka aib mereka.

              1. pls read my article ‘hari2 terakhir tun razak d London’.

                para 22 article tersebut memberi gambaran apa yg berlaku yg saya saksi n terlibat secara langsung semasa d arah menjadi peg petugas selama 3minggu/sebulan .

                saya amat keberatan utk berkongsi pengalaman saya semata2 kerana memikirkan jasa nya terhadap Negara. hormat saya tlh terhakis sama sekali n ‘misplaced’ ekoran drpd perbuatan anak nya yg dgn sendirinya memalukan nama baik tun razak ..

                saperti saya nyatakan, deraf article akan saya serahkan kpd rosmah/najib utk d edit terlebih dahulu.


                1. With all due respect Dato Abdul Rahman, if you give it to them to edit they will only paint a rosy picture of themselves or ban it completely

                  Why not published the raw unedited version?

                  1. I can assure u that it wil not happen .insya’allah I wil tell d truth however bitter it is. facts n story line wil never b altered. probably they may disagree wth d choice of words.

                    we must b brave enough 2 confront them. insya’allah truth wil prevail.

                  2. Mad Hatter,

                    Bila dah publish lepaih tu apa? Sekadar syiok sendiri or take up the challenge and kamu fight to become our next PM yang lebih hebat?

                    Macam tu baru la best .. ni sekadar hang tu jahat, aku baik, bini aku cantik, bini hang huduh… pelekeh dan asyik nak selak kain pelikat oghang, haiyaa boring la kami as rakyat biasa nak follow.

                    Generasi muda sekarang tak minat tu semua, ayuh mai kita sama2 ikuti perkembangan sikecik 2 orang ni. They utilised their “little experience” campoq sikit intelligence and some creativity;


                    1. re: “ni sekadar hang tu jahat, aku baik, bini aku cantik, bini hang huduh…”

                      It’s their politics of hate which is full of venom … Protun Annie “nice”, Protun Annie “good girl”, Projib bloggers makan dedak, Projib bloggers evil/wicked/racist/despicable/extremist/bigot yadda yadda

                      Just listen to the way they ‘talk’.

                      They keep repeating politics is “dirty” because it is the only way they know how and it’s exactly what they’ve been doing to uglify our country. Continuously flinging mud and dragging everything into and through mud.

                      Comments by opposition supporters on / directed at Umno’s Kuala Kangsar by-election candidate below.

                      ~ MIRROR! ~


                      Richie Nga — “politics is as dirty as anything gets, and ur mom still wants to go into politics when u guys can’t handle it?”

                      Sterling Nic — “Cannot tahan insult don’t be involved in politic.”

                      Desmond Lim
                      — “wait u se (sic) the $$$$$ then everything boleh tahan”

                      Victor Robinson
                      — “If it is hurt, then pull out from the race!! Don’t expect people’s sympathy when you are in a race.”

                      Edmond Kong — “Welcome to the real world. You can’t take it. Leave it. Expect more to come. You’re at the wrong side Bro.”

                      Loh Jane(partial excerpt) “In politic if you can give, you must also be able to receive.”

                      It shows an attitude or belief that it’s a a dog-eat-dog world in the jungle out there.

                      The DAP’s hate politics believes that you have gotta kill or be killed. That’s why they can carry out their character assassination and smear campaign without batting an eyelid.

                    2. ms rina, I think u r refering 2 me. fyi I m Pekan born. 4 d sake of malaysians n country I m considering of offering myself as a candidate in this coming ge14 if I can find a suitable political platform. wth d arsenal at their (najib’s) disposal, I m always aware that it wil be a daunting task.

                      however u can never know d reception if u don’t try.

                2. Salam Dato

                  Saya rasa kalau Dato bagi draf kat depa…

                  Im pretty sure nothing will go through…..

                  1. pls read my article ‘sengketa d antara ds najib dgn tun m – usaha ikhlas yg tak kesampaian’. at first they appealed (pmo n d sri azizah abod) that I shld not publish but when I insisted they relented n edited it. fyi that article got d approval of tun m also wth n observation that it is a bit mild.

                    I believe that kita sebagai se orang islam tidak d benar memfitnah.
                    itu lah sebab nya apa yg saya tulis wajib d ketahui olih ‘subject’ berkenaan terlebih dahulu.


          2. It is of the adab of the high path of Islam to abandon lying, for lying is unlawful. Allah Most High curses liars by saying, “May liars be slain” (Qur’an 51:10), in which the word “slain” means “cursed” according to the Arabic idiom which likens the accursed person, who loses every good and happiness, to one who is slain, that is, he who loses life and every blessing. The Qur’anic exegete al-Khazin notes that “May liars be cursed” originally referred to those who sat on the various roads outside Mecca warning people against heeding the words of the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) to keep them from becoming Muslim. This verse, however, like other Qur’anic verses, is not limited to the original circumstances in which it was revealed, but applies universally, to the end of time. Those who lie, except in circumstances in which Sacred Law permits it, are cursed by Allah.

            The blessed Prophet s.a.w. warned in his Farewell Sermon among other things:
            “O people, the Devil has despaired of ever being worshipped in this land of yours, but he is content to be obeyed in your other works, which you deem to be of little importance.”


  7. life of annie

    last few months i went to his blog 2 times only i think or the most 3 times. and just now i went again…reading the comments below, i have the same feeling, i think 70% or more of commenters were himself. 99% of his blog commenters are also anonymous. it is kind of weird. true men wouldn’t want to be close to his blog, while ladies will run away. it is kind of scary.

    anyone can check out the comments, they sound like being posted by very one person and sound like annie.

    previously i noticed he spelt ‘terima kasih’ as ‘terima kaseh’. kaseh is a spelling style during those days maybe before 1970 or 80.

    i do not accuse him of anything but this is merely my observation.

    1. I have the same thought as you. After the expose, I have stopped visiting his blog..

      To those who are anti-Najib above, look at yourselves in the mirror. Cakap berbuih-buih, bulan Ramadan bulan yang mulia blah, blah tapi masih mengutuk. Tak boleh ke stop mengutuking Najib dalam puasa ni? I have a lot to say about Mahathir but I cease out of respect for the month of Ramadan.

      1. re: “Cakap berbuih-buih, bulan Ramadan bulan yang mulia blah, blah tapi masih mengutuk.”

        Exactly! Annie cakap berbuih-buih, bulan Ramadan bulan yang mulia blah, blah tapi masih tak habis hari-hari mengutuk.

        Never trust the love-love-love people to practise what they preach.

    1. Mulan
      Yap, I went through that long list weeks ago .. few of our kids (among my group) are working there, Singapore, Korea, UK, Dubai and Canada and and doing pretty well.

      My son pulled in 4 of his friends to work in his company kat Singapore, you earn the same rate here for the same job but paid in Sgd/Aud plus lots of perks siapa takmau? Kali 3 tau..

      I encouraged them to go out.. Save the extras $$$, learn well, get the right attitude/motivasi and experience dah kejap baru balik mai. Sambil selam minum air, boleh safe and invest.

      Sini struggling for young graduates tambah lagi for ordinary citizens like us. Golongan puak tua sini full of experience tapi priority serta daya creativity depa malangnya tak sehaluan dengan citarasa dan semangat membangun anak2 muda sekarang , apa yang dapat anak2 kita belajaq dari depa2 ni?

      Yap Helen, dok hasut benci membenci last2 generasi muda kita kena dok makan pasir aje.. megah dapat anak2 muda jadi macam Alvin Tan dan Namewee dan Mat Hater, haiyaaa kesian betoi.

  8. Did you all read thjs?
    Calsberg, Tiger and Guiness if PAN wins!

    “Begitu angkuh sekali kenyataan ADUN Sekinchan, Ng Sue Lim. Baca pendedahan yang dibuat oleh Jocelyn Tan dalam kolumnya di The Star hari ini, 09/06/2016.

    Menurut artikel Jocelyn, dalam satu ceramah, Ng Sue Lim menyatakan “Jika PAN mendapat undi lebih baik daripada PAS, kita akan raikan dengan Carlsberg, Tiger dan Guinness Stout”. Maka setiap undi orang Islam kepada PAN akan menyumbang kepada minuman Carlsberg Beer, Tiger dan Guinness Stout.

    1. Ok, just to clear the air because I notice the word anti-Islam has been thrown around a lot lately.

      If you don’t want to be muslim it does not make you anti-Islam

      If you don’t want to be buddhist it does not make you anti-buddhist

      If you don’t like to eat durians it does not make you anti-durians

      If you don’t play/watch football it does not make you anti-football

      If you criticize your government it does not make you anti-government

      If someone doesn’t want to marry you it does not mean they anti-you

      If you don’t want to work for company-x it does not mean you anti-company x

      The list goes on

      It is called Freedom of Choice

      1. Can I join the conversation and
        make the rejoinder?

        If you don’t condone the DAP’s behaviour, it does not mean that you’re anti Chinese (you’re merely anti one particular power-hungry political party)

        If you find the behaviour of some Malaysian Chinese to be biaDAP, it does not mean that you’re a race traitor (the ‘real’ Chinese in Beijing and the rest of China similarly find the behaviour of the DAP’s cousins, i.e. born-again Christians, very freaky)

        If you convert to Islam, it doesn’t mean that you repudiate your Chinese roots (the ones who have renounced their race are DAP’s evangelical converts who claim to be bangsa ‘Anak M’sia’ and actually declaring our country has “zero Chinese”)

        If one is a Melayu DAP, it does not mean that he genuinely has the interests of the Chinese community at heart. He is just following the money trail where it leads to dedak.

      2. Yes, you have a point sir. It is to think rationally and having good values. Confucius said:
        ‘By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.’

        He also said: ‘Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart. Respect yourself and others will respect you.’

        1. Mr. Kung, classical Islamic education also emphasizes the nurturance of wisdom, and the cultivation of humility.

          “And never concern yourself with anything of which you have no knowledge about: Verily, hearing, seeing and the heart – all of them will be held to the reckoning [on Judgement Day]!
          (Quran 17:36)

          “Granting wisdom unto whom He wills: and whoever is granted wisdom has indeed been granted a bounteous providence. But none bears this in mind save those who are endowed with insight.” (Quran 2:269)

          “And do not walk upon earth with arrogant self-conceit, for verily, you can neither split the earth apart, nor ever grow as tall as the mountains!” (Quran 17:37)

          The blessed Prophet s.a.w. said that words of wisdom are the lost property of the faithful. Wherever he finds wisdom, he has a right to claim it. He also stated that the seeking of knowledge is obligatory upon every Muslim, as much as the prayers and the fasts, and that it is the best of charity to pass on true knowledge to others.

          Sheikh Hamza Yusuf speaks on the concept of freedom in society and the wisdom it takes to exercise true freedom – Zaytuna College Commencement 2016.

            1. Kak Helen, whether it be a super-blogger, ruler or scholar, should we all not heed the warning of the Lord concerning “kibr” (arrogant big-headedness)?

              On the authority of Abu Hurairah r.a., who said that the Messenger of Allah s.a.w. said:
              “Allah (Almighty and Sublime is He) said: ‘Pride is My cloak and greatness My robe, and whoever competes with Me in respect of either of them I shall cast into Hell-fire’. ”
              (hadith qudsi recorded by Abu Dawud and Ibn Majah)

              1. Yes, we should. The advice is best heeded by egotistical Annie.

                Plus I’m sure there are other teachings against munafiq such as playacting what you’re not, i.e. middle-aged man pretending to be a young woman, Malay pretending to be mixed-race, reporter pretending to be educator, hired gun pretending to be peacemaker …

                on top of fabricating countless lies and concocting all kinds of fitnah. Such hubris stems from a huge “arrogant big-headedness”.

                But such dajjal behaviour is also reflective of his willingness to bersekongkol with the enemies of Islam. For this, hell fire awaits as you’ve most timely reminded.

              2. It is all very well to have Hamza Yusuf telling us what is best and excellent in Islamic education. And the Turkish sheikh in the ceremony insisting that Islam is about the universal brotherhood of humanity, and unity in multiplicity, and open civilizational dialogue. So what is happening with Turkey’s Erdogan’s vision of Islamist society? He has cracked down on mosques and churches in his country which he justifies by means of his holier-than-thou policies that have effectively drowned the voices of democracy among the Turks?

      3. If you speak Chinese and are fluent in all Chinese dialects does not mean you are a Chinese, can aso be a Malay or an Indian

        If you wear kurung with selendang or baju Melayu with ketayap does not mean you are a Muslim. Kacau dodol does not mean you are a Malay

        If you are an Arab does not necessarily mean you are a Muslim, very probable those asylum seekers are Christians or Jews

        1. If you’re a university top debater, it does not necessarily mean that your argument must make more sense than an Umno division chief’s.

          Fact is, DAP put up the billboard because the evangelical party practises hate politics. Period.

    2. What is the problem for non-Muslim/DAP to celebrate using beer if Amanah candidate gets more votes than PAS? Is it illegal based on any laws?

      It may be “angkuh or insensitive” for certain people but perfectly fine for others. Chinese will usually celebrate a happy occasion with beer. Unless DAP is drinking beer together with Muslims or in front of Muslims, I don’t see any issue unless the extreme sensitivities of certain intolerant people.

      Who standard to follow? PAS or DAP?

  9. If one Chinaman votes for BN this does not mean one is stupid.
    If a Malay is an UMNO member this does not mean he is racist.
    If one supports DAP one does not automatically become a genius.
    If an evangelist comes to visit you, you have a right to refuse to listen.
    If you call yourself Bangsa Malaysia, it does not mean you have successfully destroyed all Indian DNA in your blood.

    We can play this game a week.

    1. What if your uncle bequeathed you the orchard, and you found bottles of Xango mangosteen juice magically growing on trees? Would you a) sell them and get very rich? b) donate them all to cancer patients? c) wait for them to grow bigger? d) become fascinated with the biological sciences? e) or give thanks to the Maker?

  10. “Freedom of speech is a principal pillar of a free government; when this support is taken away, the constitution of a free society is dissolved, and tyranny is erected on its ruins.”

    “Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freedom of speech…”

    -Benjamin Franklin

    1. Go practise your brand of free expression elsewhere. I suggest white Christian Tasmania since you’re so averse to PAS’s Islamic conservatism.

        1. Below is a description of potential Potus in the New York Times yesterday under the article heading, ‘The Indelible Stain of Donald Trump‘.

          We can just as well strike out The Donald’s name and replace with Dapsters.

          “The less resistance there is to Mr. Trump DAP now, the more political damage there will be later.

          “The stain of Trump Dapsters will last long after his campaign. His [their] insults, cruelty and bigotry will sear themselves into the memory of Americans Malaysians for a long time to come, especially those who are the targets of his [their] invective.

          Mr. Trump DAP is what he [it] is — a malicious, malignant figure on the American Malaysian political landscape. But Republican primary opposition voters, in selecting him DAP to represent their party, and Republican so-called NGO leaders now rallying to his [its] side, have made his [its] moral offenses their own.

          “There will be a fearsome price for Republicans Malaysian Chinese to pay for their embrace of Donald Trump DAP.”

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