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Tun 2.0, Melayu DAP and Protun puppets

Tun has traveled such a great distance in two short years.

Back in 2014 during the Teluk Intan by-election, the ex-premier had disapproved of an “anak orang Umno” having even anything to do with the DAP.

“Ibu kepada Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud menjawab tuduhan Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad kononnya beliau telah gagal mendidik anaknya sehingga mengkhianati perjuangan Umno dan menyertai DAP.” (See Astro Awani report on 20 May 2014 – link below)

Presently and horror of horrors, Tun is personally campaigning for the PAN candidates in the upcoming twin by-elections. Yesterday he spoke in Sg. Besar’s Hao Xiang Chi restaurant hall to canvass support for the opposition party.

PAN, as we know, is akin to the DAP’s Malay wing.

BELOW: Tun flanked on the left by his new BFF, and on the right by YB Ng Suee Lim — the DAP Adun in Sekinchan (a DUN seat under the Sg. Besar Parliament ward)



Mahathir Sekinchan

The DAP dedakers how?

On the campaign trail at a DAP colloquium yesterday, Tun insinuated that PAS has been given dedak by Najib (see video HERE).

Previously Tun had declared that those who makan dedak Najib are no better than animals.

He did not however express any thoughts about PAN makan dedak siapa.

And we mustn’t forget the dedak received by the Protun 20k prepaid blogger. From earlier bersekongkol dengan Cina ultra, he has progressed to running George Orwell’s Animal Farm (invented/inverted world where black becomes white, lies are passed off as truth).

BELOW: A blast from the recent past … Makan dedak Najib ibarat binatang

Mahathir makan dedak ibarat binatang

Perkasa/Umno rejects recruited by DAP

A bona fide Melayu DAP contested the Teluk Intan by-election of May 2014.

During the campaign, Dyana Samad had the microphone snatched twice from her hands in the midst of her press conferences. On those two separate occasions, Lim Kit Siang and Tony Pua preempted Dyana from responding to reporter questions but rather took it upon themselves to answer on her behalf.

Otherwise, short of holding the mic themselves, DAP stalwart Lim and party publicity chief  Pua were like ventriloquists channeling (giving voice to) their Malay greenhorn.

Similarly, one particular Melayu blog is reeking of Dapsterism because its tone has obviously made a 180-degree turn from “5 May 2013 — the day moderation died in Gelang Patah” to now saying hateful Umno is a “racist” and “despicable” party. It’s amazing what dedak can do.


Voice of DAP Chinese handlers coming out of Malay mouth

Prior to her sudden elevation as candidate for Parliament, Dyana’s political experience outside of DAP was as a Perkasa ‘flower girl’ (event reception committee, pinning VIP corsages, handing VIP souvenirs).

On the stump in Teluk Intan, Dyana was chaperoned everywhere by her DAP Chinese handlers. When left to her own devices, the 20-something Dyana was clearly out of her depth.


If she had joined Puteri Umno, Dyana would be a nobody. In DAP, on the other hand, she is very well taken care of.

The words of Umno Subang division chief Zein Isma Ismail:

Melayu DAP under the Chinese umbrella “diberi imbuhan tetap”, “kebajikan mereka dijaga sepenuhnya” plus “Ianya merupakan satu pelaburan yang AMAT BERBALOI untuk jangka masa panjang. Tindakan ini sebenarnya dilihat amat teratur, penuh kesedaran dan bersungguh oleh DAP…”

BELOW: Sg Besar’s PAN candidate (far left) pictured with DAP leaders wearing orange PAN T-shirts

Kit Siang payung umbrella

Dyana and the Lims

DAP boss calls the shots

DAP had sponsored election billboards to be erected in Sungai Besar but we’re not sure if the evangelical party was equally generous in Kuala Kangsar. Probably not.

The DAP billboard featured Umno’s Jamal Sekinchan and attributed the “Cina babi” slur to him. The point is, however, that DAP designed its billboard without PAN’s vetting, knowledge nor approval.

It looks like DAP is so bossy that the party simply bulldozes the Malays sheltering under its wing.

boneka DAPYou can also see the same bulldozing trend (i.e. reverse takeover) in a lying and fraudulent Malay blog that is enthusiastically promoting DAP interests, even during puasa month.

That Melayu DAP is hypocritically preaching restraint – macamlah 1.2b umat Islam lain tak mengetahui pahala puasa dan dia seorang-orang jer yang tak makan minum – while allowing the RBA on his platform to behave in excess (bermaharajela).

But in truth, RBA do not become like their Melayu DAP (no more bak kut teh, abstain from drinking alcohol). It is the Melayu DAP who instead become sebiji macam their malicious handlers.



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26 thoughts on “Tun 2.0, Melayu DAP and Protun puppets

  1. I see you’ve found someone new to vent your hate. Helen, have you considered Prozac?

    1. for Freedom,

      Helen just said the truth. And she articulates well. And this riles DAP and anyone who worships DAP.

  2. I like that face , ‘Dyana Sofea’ .
    Melayu should take over the DAP and make it a true Malaysian political party not just another Chinese party in Malaysia.

    1. re: “Melayu should take over the DAP”

      For seven years PAS bertahaluf siyasi with DAP. The Islamist party has 1.5 million members to tarbiyah DAP. In all of that period when PAS and DAP were together, how many DAP members did PAS successfully convert to Islam?

      The PAS people were confident that hati Hannah Yeoh sudah dilembutkan terhadap Islam beserta yakin bahawa dia akan memperolehi hidayah dalam masa yang terdekat ini. So how come Madame Speaker threatened to make police report against anyone spreading the false rumour yang dia masuk Islam?

      If Malays can take over DAP, they should start by finishing in the Top 20 of the party election so that they become exco members. But not a single Malay made it on merit (i.e. getting enough delegate votes) as party exco nor even finished in the Top 30.

      DAP has 100 Aduns nationwide (decreased headcount updated following recent S’wak state election). Out of the 100 YBs, only one of the DAP state assemblymen is a Malay — YB Mentakab Tengku Zulpuri.

      Do you have a blueprint on how Malays can make DAP more multiracial and less ultra kiasu? Look at Life of Annie blog.

      Is it Umno/gomen supporters or DAP/anti-establishment supporters who are in control of Annie’s reader section?

      The blogger is Melayu but are the majority of the reader comments oriented to praising Islam or towards criticizing the practice of Islam in Malaysia?

      Btw tebing tinggi, if you don’t already know, that Mr Alphabet Soup in LoA is a DAP lieutenant (operative). He’s being a great pretender in calling the Chinese “Cina babi”/
      cinabeng”, “sepet” and throwing other anti-Chinese racist slurs.

      He’s overdoing his faked hate (coverline) against Chinese but the viciousness emanating from him is genuine though. It’s the (real) nature of the beast that is very difficult for the RBA to hide.

      1. Helen,

        Many of my Chinese friends(those who worships DAP) often asked why the sudden change in PAS.

        I told them that the most important factor in the massive change in PAS direction(that is is it getting “friendlier” with UMNO) is the realisation of how vicious DAP is.

        PAS used to mock UMNO by saying it is successful in “tarbiah” DAP. Those were the days. But PAS soon learnt the hard way. DAP treats those who refused to kowtow to its command harshly.

        Being a part of Pakatan Rakyat gave PAS a chance to know DAP. And the picture is frightening. Instead of “tarbiah” DAP, PAS was wrecked right to the middle.

        Soon after ejecting PAS from Pakatan Rakyat, DAP wasted no time trying to weaken PAS by supporting Mohd Sabu . Unfortunately, DAP did not realise that Mohd Sabu is actually a liability to PAS. Mohd Sabu maybe a crowd puller. THAT IS ALL. He is popular but NOT TRUSTED.

        AS FOR TUN, he is playing a dangerous political game. malays can accept his non stop criticizing Najib, UMNO. And Tun no doubt has his points. Najib’s irritating habit for expensive consultants riles the high ranking civil servants.

        1MDB is taking its toll on whatever goodwill UMNO has. But Tun goes to far. In his mind boggling motive to dethrone Najib, Tun shows he is willing to drag UMNO down together.

        This is where Malays draw the line.And believe me vast majority of Malays cant accept Tun working with DAP to topple Najib (meaning topple UMNO).

        Najib has a point. Tun forgot that he became PM through UMNO. surely we expect him to have some nostalgia (soft spot) towards UMNO.

        Surely that is expected from Tun. And the result of these coming by election might just prove the point.

        1. whats your suggestion to stop the rot in UMNO then?

          just because there is no credible alternative doesnt mean you should watch / let UMNO sink under the weight of its excesses.

          and you know what….far from being a fan boy of TDM…

          but he has the balls lah to speak out ….

          muhyiddin pun kecut

          1. Orang Perlis,

            The rot is not limited to UMNO only. It is worse in DAP, PAN or PKR.

            What I mean is that UMNO people do not buy the idea that toppling Najib will solve the issue. Rather, toppling Najib (using Tun’s method) will bring down UMNO

            Even if Dr Zahid takes over, he too will be vilified simply because he leads UMNO . And UMNO is the only party standing against DAP. had not for UMNO, DAP now would have ruled Malaysia.

            Najib no doubt must change. So does UMNO. The by election this weekend will give a glimpse on malay perception on PAN.

            1. actually, i do get why many of you umno supporters are still supporting the seat of the PM.

              what I DONT get is why you are letting him get away with it. mind boggling.

              tgk lah..he will get away scott free with no ounce of accountability langsung. so no…i dont think your “change” is coming…

              recent events ( ie isu jet) pun ramai org dlm UMNO dah bising…

              and believe me….with the recent NSC. act…no way he will be held accountable for anything…

              of course none of our PM’s are perfect…aku pun menyumpah TM masa zaman dia….Muhyiddin lagi la


              its obvious the reasons people are supporting najib are different from the reasons people support TM….

              1. Orang Perlis,

                This is the answer. it is not that UMNO members perceive Najib as being outstanding. It is just that we know should UMNO be toppled, we realise that DAP will take over.

                And having DAP ruling Malaysia is tantamount to having Yahudi overlording Palestinians. We are privileged to have seen the preview of life under DAP. And it is bad.Very very bad.

        2. shamsul anuar,

          Betoi tu.
          …. In his mind boggling motive to dethrone Najib, Tun shows he is willing to drag UMNO down together.

          Many among us are very belly close to Najib and Rosmah.. many juga don’t like their perangai, baru2 ni our OGM meet..alahai macam2 cerita. BUT its not Najib or Rosmah that concerns us, its the SEAT, kerusi PM of MALAYSIA that we are protecting.

          Alaaa aaa TDM ada baguih dan ada juga kelemahan dia, sama la seperti Najib. Itu Perwaja apa jadi? Kambuih macam tu aje ke? Nak wiki pasai cerita lama…articles payah nak cari dah, pasai apa bole hilang?

          Proposed Singapore bengkok bridge. Awat nak buat bagi oghang2 biasa nak lintas? Ramai guna daily bukan sekadar nak jalan2 makan angin laut jat titi tu. Mujuq was abandoned.

          Dia pi ceramah kat Apek2 Dapsters?…alahai, zaman TDM berapa APEK billionaires dia lahirkan, hah puak2 ini pasti la tetap kenang jasa beliau. Zaman TDM oghang2 miskin atau students nak dapat dedak pun jangan harap apakan lagi BRIM, cheap medical facilities etc doksah berangan la.

          Jadi kalo nak pelekeh oghang lain, kena la suluh cermin selalu. Kita rakyat biasa peghati all angles la before casting our votes. Bukan pasai dia hensem atau ugly, anak bini gedik atau comel, dia boros atau kedekut!

          Kalau Justin Beiber mai Malaysia bergambar asyik berkepit dengan LKS, I rasa Melayu fans sure takmau gi concert dia.. TDM kata Melayu mudah lupa tapi ada “jenis2 muka” yang Melayu tak akan sama sekali lupa!

          BTW warna t-shirt seragam yang LKS pakai, puak tua family saya sejak kecik2 tak kasi guna.. sll kat Kedah dulu tengok warna pakaian Buddhist Sami esp from Thailand;

          Ordination Ceremony, Buddhist Lent Session 6th

          1. RINA,

            I agree whole heartedly with your comment.

            Najib no doubt has many weaknesses and many of them are quite glaring. He loves to pander to the very community that wishes him, UMNO, dead .

            I hope he learns his lesson. The lesson that on this planet, a politician must gives priority to the very group that supports him/her. I must say that had not for “kerja keras Makcik makcik UMNO”, UMNO would have lost the last election.

            Makcik makcik UMNO went all out reminding malays especially Malay ladies on the importance of supporting UMNO. I witnessed how convincing these ladies can be. Once I saw one vocal “makkcik UMNOat branch level asked a question that really make
            those initially mocking her tongue tied.

            She said ” Kalau rasa perit sangat di zaman UMNO perintah, boleh tak hang(Kedah dialect) bayangkan jika UMNO tumbang. Kalau dalam hati rasa tak kisah UMNO tumbang, pergilah sokong depa pakatan rakyat. kalau hati rasa tersentap, maknanya hang sendiri pun tak yakin dengan depa(Pakatan rakjyat).”

            May Tun realise that he is asking malays to give up the only bargaining power they have now:POLITICAL POWER. For once political power is gone, it is GONE WITH THE WIND

      2. matched d unlikely ‘herds’n tells d predictable course from d mismatch? surprise it turned savage by character. watabout reasoning on d reasonable endearing bond … a band together that allows a new ‘plot’ n jaunt down some old anecdotes for good? why made d characters betray d contrivance? dah x suka jibby plih je ksiang….xleh ke?

      3. re: how many DAP members did PAS successfully convert to Islam?

        Why use the benchmark above?

        re: So how come Madame Speaker threatened to make police report against anyone spreading the false rumour yang dia masuk Islam?

        Is it wrong to lodge police report against anyone that spread false rumour irrespective of the kind of rumours?

        re: But not a single Malay made it on merit (i.e. getting enough delegate votes) as party exco nor even finished in the Top 30.

        At least DAP didn’t prevent any Malay members from joining the party and contesting for any post. Compare it to Umno, MCA and MIC. Even for PAS, the non-Muslim supporters wing has no full rights like PAS ordinary members. In that sense, DAP is indeed multiracial but led by Chinese.

        If not mistaken, DAP has more Indian representatives in Parliament and state assemblies than MIC.

        1. re: “how many DAP members did PAS successfully convert to Islam?” / “Why use the benchmark above?”

          That was the religious rhetoric proffered to excuse their tahaluf siyasi, i.e. explain away why PAS found it okay to work with the kafirs but not with fellow Muslims in Umno.

          re: “Is it wrong to lodge police report against anyone that spread false rumour irrespective of the kind of rumours?”

          Although the rumour was admittedly untrue, don’t you think that the conclusion about Hannah Yeoh’s embrace of Islam is logical and reasonable given her consistent playacting?

          After all, she was wearing tudung (below) and frequenting the mosques – not just for buka puasa but other events too such as handing over contributions to kindergarten kids, etc.

          It is a fair question for the ustaz (viz. the FB posting that prompted HY’s threat) to ask considering her mosque activities.

          re: “At least DAP didn’t prevent any Malay members from joining the party and contesting for any post.”

          But it treated some Malay members so badly that they complained how DAP considers Malay members to be worth only 50 sen. Secondly, Malay members can contest party posts but they can’t win.

          re: “Compare it to Umno, MCA and MIC.”

          Umno, MCA and MIC make up the multiracial ruling party BN whose logo ‘dacing’ is on the ballot paper that we mark. When we vote BN, we’re “colour blind” because Umno/MCA/MIC are not differentiated in the election 1symbol.

          re: “Even for PAS, the non-Muslim supporters wing has no full rights like PAS ordinary members.”

          Because PAS is an Islam party. A Chinese Muslim or an Indian Muslim has full rights. PAS’s Anuar Tan Abdullah is a Kelantan exco.

          re: “In that sense, DAP is indeed multiracial but led by Chinese.”

          It is led by the Lims and their evangelistas.

          re: “If not mistaken, DAP has more Indian representatives in Parliament and state assemblies than MIC.”

          You’re correct in that DAP has more Indian MPs than MIC.

          But three of the party YBs come from one ‘Indian’ family alone — Gobind Singh (MP Puchong), Ramkarpal Singh (MP Bukit Gelugor) and Jagdeep Singh (Adun Datok Keramat cum Penang state exco).

          Other Indian YBs are beneficiaries of DAP nepotism — Kasthuri Patto, ex pol-sec to Kit Siang and P. Patto’s daughter, Rajiv Rishyakaran (Hannah Yeoh’s former Personal Assistant) and RSN Rayer (Karpal’s mentee).

          Another one was a parachutist. Charles Santiago only joined DAP in February 2008, a mere month before the general election on March 8. Isn’t that special privilege? He was certainly not DAP grassroots.

          Yet others are Indian Christian — e.g. Mary Josephine Pritam Singh, DAP’s Adun for Rahang, C. Santiago and of course Hannah’s fellow evangelista Rajiv.

          Considering that the Karpal clan is Sikh, Hindus are not commensurately represented among DAP Indian YBs.

          1. re: why PAS found it okay to work with the kafirs but not with fellow Muslims in Umno.

            Hence the break-up of PR. Now PAS is making overtures with Umno. The immediate test is Hadi’s bill. Based on MP count from Umno and PAS itself, not enough for a simple majority. Assuming PH parties oppose the bill, the burden is on Umno to convince other BN parties to support the bill. Looking at the amount of objections by MCA, MIC, Gerakan and East Malaysian parties, I doubt Hadi’s bill will succeed. In the end, Umno risked its relationship with BN parties for trying to advance the bill and PAS will use the excuse that BN is the one responsible for hudud failure.

            re: Hannah Yeoh’s embrace of Islam is logical and reasonable given her consistent playacting?

            Your analogy is too simplistic. If I eat Malay food frequently, does it mean that I am a Malay?

            re: Secondly, Malay members can contest party posts but they can’t win.

            At least they can be members and contest. Chinese cannot be Umno members and contest posts. Again, the majority prevails. In DAP, Chinese leads because of the huge numbers vs Malay. In BN, Umno rules because of the number of MPs vs other BN parties.

            re: When we vote BN, we’re “colour blind” because Umno/MCA/MIC are not differentiated in the election 1symbol.

            Just because during election, BN uses a common symbol/coalition you are satisfied that BN is colour blind. I am talking about party membership irrespective of race.

            re: Other Indian YBs are beneficiaries of DAP nepotism

            As if BN parties have zero of less degree of nepotism as compared to DAP? If you know the detailed background of DAP leaders and their connection of nepotism, surely you will know the same on BN parties as well.

        2. The hate mob on this blog is not interested in your way of reasoning. What you should be doing is celebrate with your friends everytime the Bugis sells the country’s jewels to foreigners to finance his rule. The more jewels he sells the faster this country heads to the trash bin. Get the message ? lol

          1. Sad, so are the Dapsters in tinny google Penang selling off lands and pearls to any bidder to balance their book.

  3. I don’t know whether you all saw 101 East this week on AlJazeera. It is about the rich kids of China. So glam so bling.
    One has so many designer clothes, she has to buy a new house to keep the clothes.

  4. An addition to akarimomar’s comment:

    DAP bin PAP (Singapore) …… Bapa borik, anak rintik.


    UMNO Semenanjung ….. nyawa nyawa ikan

    Umno Singapura …. RIP

    What experience and history teach is this – that people and governments never have learned anything from history, or acted on principles deduced from it. (Hegel)

  5. Lagi satu mai kita tengok % populasi Malaysia masakini;

    Nah… Minda generasi muda sekarang dah lain tau. Puak2 tua dok pi ceramah cerita lama2 pekena oghang tu oghang ni dah tak laku tau dak?

    Mereka nak dengaq perkara2 positif yang dapat membangun bukan saja diri mereka tapi masa depan Negara ini.

    Yang dah tua2 kubuq tak renti dok gamit..the future belongs to them. Kalau ideas dah lapuk, alahai.. zaman IT sekarang, 3bulan pun macam2 baru dan canggih keluaq.. Kalau 6bulan banyak dah kira obselete, apakan lagi kalau dah 70, 90 tahun!

  6. I was in a unique position 2 reconcile ds najib n tun m but I failed in my attempt simply because dtn sri rosmah did not want 2 assist n make it happen.

    knowing tun m, he wil not 4 a moment stop til his demise (God forbid) if he is convinced that something ugly is going 2 happen 2 this beloved country of ours.

    he has his weaknesses n made many mistakes (some major) but one thing is abundantly clear that he wil stop at nothing in his resoluteness 2 achieve his vision 4 the country. coupled wth his high intelligence we ‘trusted’ him 2 navigate this country through multitudes of barriers n obstacles. in large, he delivered.

    ds najib apart from his impeccable english n gentle mannerism ( just like his mom) is ordinary. full stop.

  7. pls look at what is happening in Indonesian politics 2day.

    bapak presiden jokowi who is a practicing javanese muslim is on d road 2 becoming a true nationalist loved by a very large portion of d population.

    bapak gov ahok (bjp) a Chinese Christian is doing a fantastic job in putting Jakarta on d world good governance map. he has d support of majority of jakartans bcos he is also a true nationalist. it is this sincerity that wil make him succeed even as n independent.

    religion is most important 4 personal salvation. we can achieve much more if we leave it out of politics.

    just like in islam where groups practice a deviant form which are in contradiction wth d Holy Koran n sahih hadiths, Christian 2 hv active cultist groups which should b monitored n if necessary banned.

    1. I agree with you wholeheartedly that religion and governance cannot mix. That is why in the US they have separation of church and state. Their civil laws are not taken from religious laws. That is why the future is Amanah and not PAS

  8. Generasi muda sekarang dak cerdik2, cara dan daya pemikiran mereka lain ya. If one goes around trying to impress others of their past experiences, once upon a time the greatest by degrading and smearing someone, their family members and whtnot tu semua menyemak telinga depa saja.

    Elok aje pi masuk dalam tempayan jadi tempoyak or budu.

    What they want to see is what achievements you are contributing now so they can LEARN from your success.

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