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Welcome to the family

Here’s Papa Dapster in a mosque, sitting at the head of the jemaah.

Guan Eng makan dalam talam
Pix credit: Cucu Tok Selampit blog

Melayu DAP love fest 

Evangelistas are so full of the Ramadan spirit. Papa Dapster is best buddy with the president of the Malay New Hopers.

Nowadays some Melayu sound just like Dapsters in promoting love-love-love.

You can feel their mutual lurrve for each other @ Annie’s blog, for example, in the BFF between its Malay admin and his Cina DAP commenters.

Guan Eng Mat Sabu BFF

Celebrating puasa through costume party

And below is Mama Dapster putting on tudung. It’s her bulan puasa standard dress.

She is just like Papa Dapster above. Both love to Occupy Masjid.

Hannah kurma

Hannah mugshot tudung

Grandpa Dapster #1

The picture below shows what Grandpa Dapster might look like if ever Kit Siang decides to one day join his son and Hannah Yeoh in their masjid jaunts.

Female DAP evangelistas wear tudung.

An elderly male version of the Dapster family icon would need to wear songkok and baju Melayu – as modelled by Grandpa Dapster in the photoshop below – to keep up with Papa and Mama.

Lim Kit Siang

Grandpapas morphing into each other

A couple of months ago, I’d observed how Kit Siang was beginning to sound like Tun, and how Tun was also beginning to sound like Kit Siang in the things they say and the words they use.

Hannah come join us

Tun is the de facto opposition leader — see poster below.

Like many other Dapsters, Hannah Yeoh has successfully cast aside her previous scruples about the ex-premier and is now even willing to tweet him.

BELOW: “Come join us” — Hannah Yeoh

Dah pun.

To the new addition to the clan, ‘Welcome to the family’.



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8 thoughts on “Welcome to the family

  1. In every democracy, the government must be criticized, scrutinized, ridiculed and if necessary defied. Politicians who can’t take it best find another job

    A government of absolute power (tyranny) must not be allowed to exist in a democracy (rule of the people)

    The four pillars of freedom in a democracy;

    1) Freedom of speech
    2) Freedom of religion
    3) Freedom of the press
    4) Freedom of assembly

    BN under Najib/Rosmah has failed miserably. They must be dealt with

    1. FOR FREEDOM!!!

      Alaaa baca dari buku mana ni? Sekolah Democracy DAP ke?

      ….BN under Najib/Rosmah has failed miserably…. Ya ka? Fail kot celah mana, habaq mai sat?

    2. Blàbbering, copy pasting..anyone could do that.typical of dapsterism, plagiarism, from the west.

  2. It’s good thing that if the Chinese starting to understand Malay adab and religion ,because all this years the have failed to do so .

    Masuk kandang kerbau ‘menguak’ ,masuk kandang kambing ‘mengembek’ and it’s very wrong kalau masuk kandang kerabau dan menyuroh pula kerabau supaya ‘mengembik’.

    Credit should be given to LGE ,because all these years MCA ,MIC and Gerakan hav failed to do ,they just want Malay vote .

    1. Tebing Tinggi,

      Kadang kadang Mlayu ni cepat besar hati. Orang bagi sekotak kurma pun kita rasa mereka baik sangat.

  3. Well, if the tokong did it sincerely, then it is very good, but knowing that manipulating man, he is ” using the malays to screw the malays”.This was voluntarily revealed by their muscleman Mr. Hew aka DAP Superman during the campaign in Sarawak recently. The malays should be aware of these political hypocrites.

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