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Beware alligator, do not enter water

Update: The boy’s body has been found intact.

In a statement, Disney chairman Bob Iger said his heart goes out to the family, and his “thoughts and prayers are with them”.

Updated on June 17
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Air tenang jangan disangka tiada buaya.

It was unfortunate that signs planted in Seven Seas Lagoon in the Orlando Disney hotel only said “No Swimming” and did not explicitly warn of other hidden dangers.

Thus yesterday, a hapless holidaying family from Nebraska lost their two-year-old son to an alligator that snatched the boy who had been wading ankle-deep in the water.


It was the third bad thing to happen in threes in Orlando, Florida. First there was the shooting of singer Christina Grimmie, followed on its heels by the mass shooting in the gay nightclub. And now this.

As a result of the reptile attack, five alligators have been caught by trappers and killed so that postmortems could be conducted to try and recover remnants of the toddler’s body. So far, none of the alligators were discovered to have eaten the child.

More alligators will have to be trapped and killed until the dead child’s remains are found.


God did not make dogs for our dinner

The public at large does not mind so much when scary, scaly alligators are killed. But if it was five dolphins that were being “put to sleep”, there would be a global uproar.

Let’s face it. We have double and triple standards in our outlook on the animal kingdom.

There was worldwide distress recently when a captive silverback gorilla was shot dead in the Cincinnati zoo after a four-year-old boy fell into its enclosure. Some online commenters pointed out that the western lowlands gorilla is a critically endangered specie while mischievous or unwanted children are far too many everywhere.

Dog play dead

ABOVE: This little doggie is only playing dead; to see reality of how Yulin Chinese blowtorch captured dogs alive, click HERE (Warning: Graphic photograph)

Equality is not something we practice with regard to animals. While idealists might proclaim that “all men are equal”, we certainly don’t treat all animals equally.

For example, human beings daily slaughter chicken, goat, pig and cow for consumption. But we get very upset when the Chinese eat dogs.

Yulin what kind of people

What kind of people

A total of 34 animals – including 21 dogs, eight puppies, and five cats and kittens – were rescued from “squalid conditions” at a slaughter facility in Yulin, in southern China, the Humane Society International said in a press statement yesterday.

Hannah Yeoh rat killer 3

Hannah the Great — Rat Killer Extraordinaire

hannahtikusCropWe do not bat an eyelid at Hannah Yeoh’s attempted genocide of the rat population in Subang Jaya.

That’s because rodents are pests and carry diseases. Hence Hannah is even viewed as a heroine for catching Subang Jaya’s super-sized rats.

As you can see from the pictures, Madame Speaker is utterly efficient in her take down of the rodents. This charmingly ruthless streak of the DAP evangelistas must be borne in mind at all times by the ummah.

BELOW: Hannah and her kill; she is flanked by her trusty Tonto, Rajiv

Hannah Yeoh rat killer 1

Some animals are more equal than others

Just as we’re neither stirred nor shaken when alligators and rats are culled, neither do we flinch when flies are swatted, mozzies slapped or roaches squished.

These are ‘bad’ animals which are harmful to people. It’s alright if they are exterminated.

BELOW: The Lamb of God leads the massacre

Hannah Yeoh rat killer 4

On the other hand, we will surely raise an outcry when cute animals – such as baby seals, emperor penguins and giant pandas – are harmed by humans.

Like I said, we apply different standards to different animals.

BELOW: Roast suckling dog

Roast dog

Nature red in tooth and claw

The Chinese opposition believe it’s a jungle out there. Cina DAP also believe that it’s literally an eat-dog world.

The DAP political animal’s credo is kill or be killed.

BELOW: If only 666 fewer rodents in Jerusubang after a successful Ops Politikus (we wish!)

Hannah Yeoh rat killer 2


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      1. Helen,

        Where did you get the dog-fake-death picture? It really made my day ! Hahaha!

        Thank you.

  1. Hmm…………………with the hudud brouhaha Prada is still here ? Dia belum mohon PR Australia ? lol

      1. This foto (ketayap men waving tayang2 the cheques) reminds me of the CNY lions.. using young boys as dancing lions, in the hot sun climbing tall ladders to grab at the hanging angpow packets!

        Anyway thats their culture kita kena respect and peghati aje.

        Harap jangan pula naik ghairah, satu hari depa gantung cej2 semua kat tingkap, pak2 ketayap kena berkompang naik tangga gi amik cek2 tu ya.. Manatau satni tak pasai2 UBAH nak menyesuaikan sangat cara menerima ‘sedekah’ depa kearah tu pula.

  2. Helen,

    An interesting article which connects the alligator taking that child in Disneyland to Hannah Yeoh and evangelical Christians.

    I know you did not say it but it is almost like Hannah Yeoh and evangelical Christians made the alligator do it.

    Thus the alligator represents Hannah Yeoh and evangelical Christians and that little child represents the Malay Muslims in Malaysia? Would I be right in thinking that?

  3. The Orlando incident ,did the alligator have a name ,maybe something like ‘ yusof ‘ that could be linked to something else .

    Helen ,

    The Chinese do eat dog’s and many other thing’s, beyond non dog eater imagination ,and it’s, their kind of life . Since it’s not on a slide for characteristic teaching is OK.

  4. Some groups here acting more like the “black widow”. Fortunately for some lucky “mates” they realise and quickly walk away from their marriage.

    Not satisfied some will still continue shooting their poison arrows to ensure their ex-mates die wan! Kekekeke

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