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Padan muka PAS got hard slap in the face from Cina DAP

The real and big swing is that Chinese votes, earlier given to PAS in GE13, have now gone over to PAN.

Meanwhile, support for Umno is merely maintained at status quo (previous levels with little change).

PAN, the DAP’s little familiar, got more votes than PAS in the Sungai Besar by-election yesterday.

  • PAN: 7,609 votes
  • PAS: 6,902 votes

This is the first time that PAN has contested a Parliament election in the peninsula. Earlier PAN contested a handful of DUN seats in the recent Sarawak election. The PAS splinter party fared miserably in the Borneo state.

So where did the PAN votes then come from yesterday? Picture clue below …

kit siang mat sabu
PAN president Mat Sabu with the boss

Comparing 2013 and 2016 voting stats

In Sungai Besar during the 2013 general election, PAS obtained 18,296 votes. In yesterday’s by-election, PAS only obtained 6,902 votes.

Contrasting between 2013 and 2016 results, PAS lost 11,394 votes.

PAS Sg Besarbyelection

A loss for PAS is a gain for PAN

As a new party, PAN starts from a base of zero. However PAN still managed to obtain 7,609 votes yesterday in the by-election.

Needless to say, the bulk of those votes are from Cina DAP. This is the opinion of PAS vice president Idris Ahmad, who is also his party’s MP in Bukit Gantang.

Bernama quoted Idris as saying,

“Kalau kita tengok, Amanah mengatasi kita di semua pusat mengundi kawasan Cina kerana mereka juga mendapat bantuan DAP.”

See, ‘Undi kaum Cina punca PAS gagal atasi Amanah di Sungai Besar — Idris Ahmad‘.

During the campaign

BELOW: Tun shilling for the opposition in DAP Chinese-area Sekinchan during the Sg. Besar by-election

Mahathir Sekinchan

ABOVE: Meanwhile at Kuala Kangsar, Tun urged voters to hand a resounding defeat to the Umno candidate — a bereaved widow of the Umno MP whose demise caused the by-election

Sokong hudud Bantah GST

ABOVE: A bunch of pro-opposition Chinese who had supported hudud in 2013; the words on their armband says “Sokong hudud” (see below)

Sokong hudud Bantah GST close up

Chinese no longer supporting PAS and hudud

The 6,902 votes obtained yesterday by PAS comprises the Islamist party’s own secure Muslim grassroots in Sg. Besar.

Back in GE11 (2004) before the makkal sakti and Chinese tsunami factors of GE12 (2008) and GE13 (2013) respectively, the PAS man had 7,988 votes in the 11th general election.

So this cache of 7000-8,000 votes is the PAS fixed deposit.

Between the 2004/2008 and 2008/2013 general elections, PAS first gained 3,072 votes, then 7,236 votes in Sg. Besar. This ballooning of support for PAS in Selangor, as a member of the newly formed Pakatan coalition, was derived from Chinese votes.

The deflating of the balloon yesterday translates into ‘Back to the Basics’ for PAS.

PAS stabbed in the back

Sino-Malay calculus post PAS sacking by DAP

Last year, DAP kicked PAS out from Pakatan Rakyat.

In the 13th general election, PAS had gained an additional 7,236 votes in Sg Besar from the Chinese tsunami. Yesterday in the by-election, PAN collected 7,609 votes.

The two 7k-plus figures mentioned above are a close fit.

Thus we can logically infer that DAP moved its Chinese flock – 31 percent or almost one-third of the Sg. Besar electorate – from PAS’s additional 7,236 votes in 2013 to PAN’s new votes in 2016.

BELOW: Penghijrahan undi Cina

cinasokongpas berarak

Status quo between the Malay, Muslim parties

Subtracting PAN’s present gain of 7,609 votes from PAS’s hemorrhage of 11,394 votes, we have a discrepancy of 3,785 votes still to be accounted for.

Actually, these 3,000-plus transient PAS votes just bled away — not having gone to Umno either.

Umno buttonYesterday Umno collected 16,800 votes. In the 2013 GE, Umno won 18,695 votes due to Malay panic at the DAP mega raliies and other Chinese show of force.

Budiman Mohd Zohdi’s 16,800 votes in the by-election yesterday is comparable (matching) to his predecessor the late Noriah Kasnon’s 16,069-vote haul two elections ago in 2008.

So Umno did not really gain many more votes in absolute numbers but instead lost 1,895 this time around.

Umno’s reduced vote count may be attributed to:

(a) the lower turnout

(b) Sg. Besar registered voters who are working elsewhere (in the more developed urban areas) and did not return home to cast their ballot

(c) those who decided to sit out on the fence, either due to Protun or anti-Najib sentiments

(d) abstaining as a protest or simply from political fatigue

Umno flag wavingThe increase in Umno’s winning margin was huge — jumping from Noriah’s 399-vote majority in GE13 to the majority yesterday of 9,191 votes secured by Budiman.

However in terms of actual level of support, Umno saw an increase of a mere 3½ percent in percentage point. In 2013, the (late) Umno incumbent got 49.6 percent of the total 37,681 votes cast. Spoilt votes were 690.

Yesterday, the Umno candidate got 53.0 percent of the total 31,690 votes cast. Spoilt votes were 379.

It is not that Umno did phenomenally well (albeit Umno admittedly did put up a good show) but that the fractured opposition did not do so well due to their infighting.

PAS Chinese camouflage

ABOVE: Chinese support for PAS was always shallow and never genuine

Chinese showed PAS the middle finger

PAS’s plummet yesterday by more than 11,000 votes was a result of the Chinese electorate pulling the rug out from under the feet of the Islamist party.

The seismic shift showed that ~ what DAP giveth, DAP can taketh away ~.

In 2013, DAP herded the Chinese votes to PAS. In yesterday’s by-election, DAP shepherded the Chinese votes to PAN.

Similar to the trend in Sarawak recently, some Chinese vote in Sg. Besar did swing back to the BN — with possibly one-fifth or even up to one-quarter of the Chinese who came out to vote yesterday voting in favour of the BN.

This slight thawing among the Chinese electorate need not necessarily foreshadow a lasting trend with regard to the community as Sg. Besar’s Chinese enclave is in a semi-rural area.

Chinese living in towns and cities are affected by issues which are different from Chinese living in semi-urban and rural districts.

For instance, the retrieval (from Indonesian authorities) of two Chinese fishermen Sekinchan inhabitants had  won the BN brownie points. City folk Chinese are not fishermen and farmers. Hence political mileage earned from something like the ‘rescue’ coup would not be able to be replicated among urban Chinese for gaining BN the same goodwill.

In the DAP pekat area of Sekinchan, the Chinese votes were for PAN — see below the returns from one polling station as an example.

Cina benci PAS dulu, kini dan selamanya

Yesterday’s result in Sg. Besar provided another insight, i.e. the premise that with DAP missing from the cards as their first choice, and the Hobson’s choice being either the devil or the deep blue sea, Chinese voters inclined to Umno rather than PAS.

Boy, were PAS suckered by the DAP evangelista playacting into thinking that the Chinese have changed their superior attitude towards “ragheads” (derogatory label slapped on PAS people by Christian chauvinists).

Dah mesra-Islam, konon. PAS mampu tarbiyah DAP, konon.


Suckers!!! Pak Kopiah and Mak Jubah hosting Hannah in their home


PAS sent crashing down to Earth

The naive, gullible and careless action by PAS in throwing open the door of their masjids and suraus to the DAP evangelistas has been harmful to Islam.

It allowed the evangelical party to craft a false Islam-friendly image and to make inroads so as to deceive the ummah.

For years people (like me) have been warning PAS that DAP evangelistas are not to be trusted.

But nooooo, the PAS operatives instead called me a “bad Buddhist” for discouraging PAS’s embrace of the Selendang Squad and its Ops Kissy-kissy/Occupy Mosque campaign.

walking cat

Harap-harap PAS dah bertaubat

PAS should have learned its lesson delivered with a brutal sting by those who used to call PAS their “brothers and sisters”. Hilang 11,394 undi, bah.

By now, PAS should realise that it will not win any Chinese support in GE14.

Given this reality, PAS should opt to take MCA head on in the Malay-majority areas contested and lost by the BN Chinese party.

It is Umno that is enjoying the upper hand and holding the aces.


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22 thoughts on “Padan muka PAS got hard slap in the face from Cina DAP

  1. Malaysiakini tukar jadi portal sukan pagi ini, hahaha

  2. Helen, how many votes did PAS obtain at Sg Besar in PRU12? I bet it was about the same votes PAS got in PRK yesterday.

    PAS managed to proof to itself that it still has many loyalists and genuine supporters in both Sg Besar and KK. I can’t say the same for Amanah since it got most votes not from its own members but from the Chinese voters who supported DAP.

    Amanah did not make a stand on Hudud during the PRK campaign, but one would expect a splinter Islamic party from PAS should have the same aspiration, I.e Hudud. It’s an open secret that DAP got Amanah by its balls and it does not augur well to the Malays who support Amanah that their party is under the thumb of laknat DAP Chinese!

    Amanah will eventually lose its supporters and the party will eventually suffers the same fate as previous splinter PAS parties.

    1. re: “Helen, how many votes did PAS obtain at Sg Besar in PRU12?”


      re: “I bet it was about the same votes PAS got in PRK yesterday.”

      PAS only got 6,902 yesterday.

      1. Helen,
        Easy to analyse now the % of Dapsters who shifted their votes to PAN. Apa susah sangat nak kira station by station. Kampung saya we know exactly who are DAP supporters.

        They are mainly doing business, we kenal them so we kaw kaw ABCD them wan.

        1. re: “Kampung saya we know exactly who are DAP supporters.”

          Don’t forget the Melayu-screw-Melayu fraudsters who are on the party payroll.

            1. Yup, sekor tu terang-terang Melayu balaci DAP. So predictable his propaganda.

    1. re: “Umno keep saying lai Lai lai to Cina’s”

      Isn’t this approach what the Melayu DAP 20k cybertrooper is promoting? A self-defeating method (makan diri) untuk rugikan Melayu dan Islam, and to misdirect the BN’s PRU14 strategy.

      Expecting him to preach – “See, undi Cina sedikit banyak dah balik ke pangkuan BN dah”.

      1. Another poor spin merely to incite hatred against a race. How is it that you’re not in jail?

      2. Helen,

        Aptly said. I lost count on how many times I reminded my PAS friends(until PAS kicked out of PR) the danger of sleeping with DAP. But all of them whom I reminded accused me of being UMNO lackey.

        They proudly told me that in Kelantan, PAS enjoys a cosy relationship with Chinese. What they ignore is that in Kelantan, Chinese is vastly outnumbered by Malays. As such, it would be suicidal to be hostile to the Malays.

        As PAS never has any experience in dealing with DAP before, it had no idea on how brutal DAP can be. But the honeymoon can too turn sour. PAS was kicked out off PR. Only then PAS realises what UMNO is saying about DAP is the truth.

        AS FOR UMNO, I hope it does not now think Chinese are favouring BN . Though UMNO won big in Sg Besar, Kuala Kangsar,, the main reason is that the opposition votes split right down the middle.

        But UMNO can be comforted by the fact that it reigns supreme in Malay politics. Those who are analysing the data would have realised that around 70% of Malay votes goes to UMNO.

        Issues like 1mDB begins to sound like broken record. Tun I can safely say loses the goodwill from vast majority of malays. I believe Malays can accept TUn criticizing Najib or UMNO. But wishing for UMNO to be defeated is way out of line.

        AS FOR AMANAH, it may have the Chinese vote. But for any malay based party to be taken seriously, it must have Malay support. Even in Sg Besar or Kuala kangsar where the Chinese numbers almost one third, PAN still fails to deliver. I cant imagine how PAN will fare in constituents like Kota Baru, Jerlun, Pokok Sena, Kangar, Temerloh.

        It looks taht BN will prevails in next general elction

        1. It looks taht BN will prevails in next general elction

          I don’t think so. UMNO will prevail. Trust the Chinese to defy BN again. I believe DAP will again capture the Chinese areas. Again MCA will be kicked the testicles.
          For the Malay areas, I believe the popularity of PKR will wane. PAN will only get the Chinese votes. Perhaps this time the margin between DAP and UMNO in Penang will be razor thin. Perhaps Selangor with fall to BN…. Correction UMNO.

          1. Mulan,

            Precisely. What I mean is that UMNO is likely to prevail in next election. But as UMNO is the supremo in BN, its performance will dictate whether BN will prevail or not.

            The Sg Besar and Kuala Kangsar results have bearing with PKR’s fate too. The precious Malay votes from PAS block is not likely to vote for PKR too. Meaning from now onwards, PKR is to depend on largely Chinese votes.

            One factor that is often overlooked is new housing area. UMNO tends to overlook its implication. as an example, one condominium is scheduled to be built in Lembah Jaya. Lembah Jaya, Selangor is a heavily Malay area. It means that in future, the percentage of Malay votes in that DUN will decrease. The same goes to Balik Pulau, Shah Alam, Bangi, Pandan, Semenyih , Hulu kelang.

            The problem with UMNO is that it often misinterprets a small move in Chinese votes against PAS as a in favour of BN. Actually, in Sg Besar, Kuala Kangsar, Chinese voted against PAS BUT NOT IN FAVOUR OF UMNO.

            The Chinese votes went to PAN. Only a token voted for UMNO. But UMNO seems to be over excited.

            As for Malay votes, UMNO reigns supreme. But UMNO must acknowledge that sympathy plays a factor too. Both seats are won by UMNO in PRU13.

            Tun’s working with DAP actually upset the Malays. And this too bring Malays closer to UMNO. GST issue although affects everybody. But now many begin to realise the timing of GST implementation is extraordinary. It was implemented just as oil price tumbling down. Many secretly realises the wisdom behind the move.

            AS FOR PAN, its desire to replace PAS is a failure. Though PAN got respectable votes, the votes came from Chinese block. To be taken seriously, it must beat PAS( or more importantly UMNO) in heavily Malay area.such as Arau, Kota Baru, Bera, Lenggong, Jerlun, Langkawi, Tanah merah.

            And there is no denying the local Malay politician factor. Dr Zamberi is highly respectable even among PAS circles. Though many trying to mock Rosmah as an example, the strength of local UMNO who’s who pulls UMNO through. Which is the reason why in states like NS, UMNO captures the majority of Malay votes. MOhd Hassan commands respect among Malay community.

            AS FOR those winning on PAS ticket but switched allegiance to PAN, now its time to be worried. They are likely yo lose in next election.

            1. A Malariay area will remain a Malay area as long that there are no housing projects that will bring in imigrants from Penang especially the Chinese. Jerusubang if you notice has a Penang majority. One test is to see how people remain there during Chinese New Year.
              One important test is to see whether PAN can withstand PKR or not among the Malays. Let’s see that in the next by election.
              To the Peninsular Chinese DAP is their only choice. MCA and Gerakan are more likely to be voted by the Malays.

            2. In fact, the Peninsular Chinese will ever more vote DAP and more because they now think they have an easier to control Malay party… PAN.
              The dream of Putrajaya seems easier with a smiling fat lebai.
              BN would mean Bumiputera Nasional. You would note that the BN wins are mostly from UMNO and Borneo native parties. MCA, MIC… where?

        2. PAN should try Bukit Bintang and Seputeh…..and see if the Chinese REALLY favour them

          1. Oh yes. Another fallacy. The Chinese are NOT returning to BN. This time is to see 马来人打马来人,我门看。What fun is to see to lebais pulling their topi.
            In fact it is OK Penang is being destroyed. As long it is the Chinaman doing it, OK.
            The Chinese will back anything that will destroy UMNO. And 乐白打乐白。好也。[lebai fight lebai, shiok]

    2. Ulang tayang

      May 10, 2011
      Chinese are greedy ingrates despite getting the most from BN, says Dr M
      Filed under: Human rights,Politics — Hornbill Unleashed @ 12:00 AM
      Tags: Anak Sarawak Bangsa Malaysia, Human rights, Sarawak Politics, Save Sarawak
      Chinese are greedy ingrates despite getting the most from BN, says Dr MWong Choon Mei, Malaysia Chronicle

      Former premier Mahathir Mohamad, himself often described as a megalomaniac, insisted it was the Chinese in the country who were the greedy ones, implying that they were also ingrates for not appreciating what the BN had done for them although they were ones who benefitted the most and not the Malays.

      “BN has given a lot to the Chinese. Look at Kuala Lumpur. If not for Khazanah, what do Malays have? We are not asking a lot, we just want our small share,” he told reporters on Sunday.

  3. l o l Just imagine what the old man must be going through l o l The Idi Amin of Malaysia won l o l

    What we know for certain now is that Umno can expect a certain amount of votes come what may, no issues i.e 1MDB, GST will affect how core Umno voters cast their vote. All Umno has to do is, in Malay constituencies is to maintain an iron grip on this group of voters and victory is at hand l o l

    Pas has to contest in constituencies contested by PAN. You saw the split ? Umno doesn’t even need to formally invite Pas to form an alliance. Just make sure Pas is there to contest against PAN and you have a 3 way, 4 way contest and Umno walks away with the seats.

    Malaysia’s Idi Amin in the words of the old man. After yesterday’s results the old man should stop this anti Najib charade and exit gracefully from the scene. The tea is getting cold l o l

  4. I wonder whether DSAH will continue with his private bill after PAS lost the elections. Will DSN pander his motion this time?

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