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PAS-Umno symmetry

Some PAS people feel redha over their party’s loss in the recent Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar by-elections.

From Tranungkite:

Kita kalah, musuh juga pernah kalah dan akan kalah. Kita sakit, mereka juga sakit. Membezakan kita dengan mereka ialah, keredhaan Allah swt, suatu yang selalu mereka persendakan seolah-olah lekeh dan hinanya orang yang berjuang mengharapkan redha Allah swt.

Actually the Cina DAP are convinced that Umno and PAS supports are stupid, greedy (pemakan dedak), wicked and corrupt. No indication of redha whatsoever is felt by the evangelical party over the second/third placing of their minion, PAN.

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Terlalu licik provokasi dan propaganda mereka

The same Tranungkite article touched on the enemy of Islam whom they’re confronted with:

“Antara kepayahan dan kesukaran dalam hidup seorang muslim ialah menghadapi musuh Islam dengan segala rencana jahat dan tipu helah mereka yang licik.

“Tidak mudah untuk menghalang provokasi dan propaganda mereka, apatah lagi untuk menang mengatasi kekuatan mereka.

“Namun bukanlah mereka tidak boleh tewas cuma tidak mudah untuk kita menang. Ini sebetulnya adalah sunnatullah.”

Meanwhile some Umno leaders felt that their twin victories were delivered by Allah in holy month.

One ex-Umno leader Zaid Ibrahim observed that some Umno leaders are even crowing that “the Heavens are rejoicing in their victory”.

So, on one side you see Umno bersyukur kepada Allah wa ta’ala and on the other side PAS redha dengan qada dan qadar.

But how’s the DAP taking it?

On the outside following the disappointing twin by-election results, some of the Cina DAP are complaining that there is no future in this country and that they want to emigrate.

Tasmania is one of the states that has been successfully taken for Jesus. They should go there.


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20 thoughts on “PAS-Umno symmetry

  1. Bersyukur and redha are traits of a good Muslim.

    We proposed, God dispose. We plan, God also plan but God has a better plan…(only for believers.)

    Making excuses shows one does not subscribe to Qada’ dan Qadar…which is one the 6 pillars of faith. Look within and decide for yourselves. You know who and what you are. Be honest about it but if God closes your heart, you are doomed.

    This message directed, especially, to PAN and its supporters

    1. Melayu malaysia,

      The concept “Qada dan Qadar” are actually well known to Muslims. And in cases of UMNO an PAS, they accepted the winning and losing gracefully.

      The same cant be said with DAP, or species like Rafizi. Rafizi chided voters for supporting UMNO in the by elections. His action is a manifestation of “penyakit hati”, the ego feeling as if he has exclusive control on wisdom. Rafizi may not like to hear this. He is actually is suffering the fate not that different from Anwar.

      Once, Anwar mesmerized rakyat with his tales. But we are not fools. Over the years, we begin to learn about his character. And this explained why the not many bothered to attend Anwar’s ceramah.

      The same goes with Rafizi. The eagerness to attend his ceramah wanes as people begin to form judgement on Rafizi’s character. He lied to many times.

      1. re: “people begin to form judgement on Rafizi’s character. He lied to many times”

        Same with Annie Anakin.

        1. helen,

          Do you notice that nowadays ceramah by PR (or whatever it name) no longer attracts thousands of people.

          Rafizi, Kit Siang and species like them like Guan Eng promised the moon to rakyat. Unfortunately they are found wanting.

          I expect fewer and fewer people will attend ceramah by Rafizi. Ever wonder why he dares not contesting in his birth place, Kemaman?

  2. “On the outside following the disappointing twin by-election results, some of the Cina DAP are complaining that there is no future in this country and that they want to emigrate. Tasmania is one of the stats that has been successfully taken for Jesus. They should go there.”

    The problem is, these guys in the DAP leadership who harp on Christianity are mainly from the same City Harvest Church like their twin sister in Singapore are they not? It’s prosperity evangelism through and through. I really haven’t heard a word from lord Jesus telling lost sheep to go forth and make gold of salvation. But I think – please correct me if I’m wrong – it’s a carry-over effect from the prosperity folk taoism of the Chinese here in South-East Asia.

    1. What you mean is that many of this prosperity Christian converts from Chinese background have little understanding of their Chinese religious culture?

        1. I would agree with you but actually it is human corruption which has made Lao Tzu’s teachings into sorcery and propitiation rituals. Many people identify the common bad practices and superstitious beliefs with true Taoist/Buddhist teachings.We can see why the modern men and women don’t believe they can send their loved ones who have passed away jumbo jets and mercedes benz by burning paper effigies.

          Remember in Tao Te Ching it says:

          “The highest goodness resembles water
          Water greatly benefits myriad things without contention
          It stays in places that people dislike
          Therefore it is similar to the Tao

          Dwelling with the right location
          Feeling with great depth
          Giving with great kindness
          Speaking with great integrity
          Governing with great administration
          Handling with great capability
          Moving with great timing

          Because it does not contend
          It is therefore beyond reproach.”

          May the Chinese recover their noble roots.

        2. Brother,

          The altruistic qualities of Mr. Kuan, that ex-policeman who helps people in need – regardless of race and religion – demonstrate what is known in Sufism as “futuwwa” or “Islamic chivalry”. The Brill Encyclopedia defines it:

          “Futuwwa is the ethics followed by Ṣūfīs in order to attain spiritual perfection. These ethics and associated character traits include generosity, humility, loyalty, courage, and turning a blind eye to others’ sins. The term futuwwa embraces, in effect, all the Ṣūfī good manners (ādāb). As Abū Ḥafṣ al-Ḥaddād (d. c. 265/878–9) – an ascetic of Nīshāpūr who was one of the earliest Malāmatī exponents of the concept said, “Futuwwa is [virtuous] morals” (al-Sulamī, 305).”

          We follow the Messenger of Allah whose compassion towards the faithful and good was of the utmost degree. The Quran describes his character thus: “There has certainly come to you a Messenger from among yourselves. Your suffering is grievous to him; he is most concerned about you – and to the faithful he is kind and merciful.” [Quran: 9:128]

          Prisoners of war taken captive at the momentous battle at Badr were amongst his bitterest enemies. Nevertheless, he s.a.w. made sure they were given the best of treatment. Among them was Suhail bin ‘Amr, a fiery man who kept on denouncing the Prophet s.a.w. Umar, r.a. one of his closest companions, suggested that two of Suhail’s lower teeth be pulled out to teach him a lesson. The Prophet would only reply: “Were I to do this, the Lord would disfigure me on the Day of Judgement, despite me being His messenger.” He provided prisoners-of-war with the food the muslims ate and clothed them with their own clothes.

          Allah’s Messenger s.a.w. was the kindest of men in the same manner that he excelled all others in courage and valour. Being extremely kind-hearted, his eyes brimmed with tears at the slightest sign of inhumanity.

          It is therefore a tremendous betrayal of the futuwwa of Muhammad s.a.w. – who was sent by God on High as a mercy to teach humanity and the beings of other worlds – for radicalized individuals today to commit atrocities upon other human beings in his name and religion.

          1. Well, thank you for enlightening us. I always knew that the Islam as practiced by some of my friends is qualitatively different in nature than the holier-than-thou, in-your-face type of religion.

            The Christian mystic Thomas Kempis said: “A humble knowledge of thyself is a surer way to God than a deep search after learning … Be not angry that you cannot make others as you wish them to be, since you cannot make yourself as you wish to be … Purity and simplicity are the two wings with which man soars above the earth and all temporary nature.”

            Kempis composed “The Imitation of Christ” in the 15th century. It is probably the most widely studied classical work on religious devotions apart from the Bible. No other book beside the Bible has been translated into more languages than this book. And how many Christians today have even heard of “The Imitation of Christ”?

  3. Dear Aunty Helen,
    re: “On the outside following the disappointing twin by-election results, some of the Cina DAP are complaining that there is no future in this country and that they want to emigrate.”
    The Cina DAP must not only want to immigrate, but they must make it happen. Lots of problems will be solved. They should ask their good friend PAN to join them.

    1. ahmadalikarim,

      I am one person who would always encourage young people to think and to speak up – regardless of whether they are right or wrong.

      You are very brave for speaking up, young man.

      Many people will be very proud of you for holding such views.

      As you grow up, travel and meet more people from around the world, I hope you will understand why you are holding such views.

      Good luck on your journey through life :)

  4. On the outside following the disappointing twin by-election results, some of the Cina DAP are complaining that there is no future in this country and that they want to emigrate….

    Kalo nak migrate tak perlu bising2, go look for greener pastures and a happier and better future elsewheee. Freedom ma. Tiada siapa akan menghalang.

    1 million pergi, 1 million dok nunggu nak mai…

    1. RINA,

      Once one of my Chinese friends said that they(meaning Chinese) are unfairly treated here(meaning by UMNO led government). He said he wants to migrate to Australia.

      I reminded him that there is no vernacular school in Australia. And though Aussie loves to preach others on tolerance, they simply would not tolerate separate school.

      I advised him that the real issue is not where he lives but how he lives

      1. Bos,

        The reality in Australia is that there is a growing discontent against Asian (read Chinese). They come and buy up all the properties and drive the prices up. They don’t mingle outside their society, they just do their own thing.

        But the government happily accept them into the country. Talk about source of income.

  5. UMNO sudah tukar many presiden
    PAS also sudah tukar many presiden
    DAP still stuck with the same ol’ presiden or whatever
    Yet DAP got balls to claim to be more democratic
    Tukarla…Dynasty Action Party

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