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“I want to take our country back” … trending

Today the Brits are voting in a referendum on Brexit, i.e. on whether Britain is to exit the European Union.

Reports cite opinion polls as saying that the ‘Leave’ and the ‘Remain’ camps are running at a dead heat and the outcome is too close to call.

Results from the Brexit count will be known by tomorrow.

CNN had a story yesterday title ‘Brexit: The UK’s Donald Trump moment‘. It compares the Britain First movement to Donald Trump’s harvest of “grassroots fury”.

ABOVE: Donald Trump holding a Bible in his hand

Evangelicals are against Islam

Among the chief resentments of nativists, both in UK and US, is an anti-immigration sentiment.

Says CNN:

“There is also a current of nationalism at work. It’s not unusual, for instance, to see both Eurosceptics and Trump supporters utter the phrase: ‘I want to take our country back’.

“In each country, such feelings have translated to hostility toward outsiders.”

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Trump Christian conservatives

Flashback … Trump has been actively wooing the evangelistas; Reverend Robert Jeffress (pix above) of the First Baptist church speaking for him in Dallas last February during the primaries

In the UK, the hostility is toward Poles and other Eastern European immigrants willing to work for low wages. In the US, the hostility is toward Mexicans and other Hispanic immigrants willing to work menial jobs.

And of course there is also the angst against Muslims.

Trump’s core support comes from Christian right

Donald Trump receives standing ovation at evangelical meeting‘ proclaims the  headline of a TIME magazine article two days ago.

On Tuesday, Trump met with 1,000 evangelicals in a Times Square hotel ballroom in New York city.

According to the TIME report, the Republican presumptive presidential nominee had told the Christians, “what you have to really do is you have to pray to get everybody out to vote for one specific person, and we can’t be again politically correct and say we pray for all of our leaders”.

Before Trump took the main stage for the discussion, he had met privately with the group’s steering committee. Said the TIME article, he told them: “I am so on your side, I am a tremendous believer”.

Hannah Yeoh Ugly Pendatang

At the same event with the 1,000 evangelicals, Trump told the crowd: “You’re the most powerful group in the country, but you have to band together.”

The event, moderated by Mike Huckabee, started on with the hymn “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God/And his righteousness”.

Trump has also appointed an evangelical advisory board comprising top names such as Dr James Dobson, famous televangelist Jerry Falwell Jr. and Christian Coalition founder Ralph Reed.

Subang already taken for Jesus

Next, they’re trying to take the city (KL) for Jesus as well as take Johor for Jesus.

In a similar vein to the American evangelicals, our Jerusubang evangelistas are highly politicized.  They’re well networked, well organized and well funded.

They are also well practized in making insulting innuendos like Hannah Yeoh.

If in the US and the UK, conflict is between the white majority population and the immigrant minorities, in Malaysia it is between the evangelistas and the Malay majority population.

Across Europe, various native populations on the right are beginning to rise up against Muslim immigrants. Here in Malaysia, it is the “only nine percent” minority religion that is doing the bullying.

Don’t be surprised if Malaysia follows the path of the UK, US and European trends, and Malays want to take their country back from the alien interlopers.


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22 thoughts on ““I want to take our country back” … trending

  1. I think its likely the the remain votes will trump ( pun alert!) the exit votes, at least from what I know from British friends.

    1. “The most ferocious debate concerns the issue of immigration. The argument has been over simplified with the Leave people being tagged as racists and bigots by the Remain campaign, whose voices strongly represent the liberal urban elites – especially in and around London.” — Maznoor Hamid

      “In comparison, I reckon Sabah and Sarawak got a better deal when they joined Malaysia. For instance Peninsular Malaysians need a work permit to work in East Malaysia and they are also restricted from buying land in these two states.” — Maznoor Hamid

      If I am in Leicester right now, I would vote for LEAVE. My reasons are very personal because of my empathy and concern for the plight of my work mates, my working class friends. — Maznoor Hamid


      re: “the Leave people being tagged as racists and bigots by the Remain campaign”

      I agree with Kak Maznoor above.

      I dislike the Dapster-evangelistas similarly tagging as Malays and Hindraf Indians as racists and bigots for what are legitimate concerns viz. our local issues. It’s plain demonizing.

      (Also Hypocrite Hannah for alluding to a Sin Chew columnist who criticized her mosque forays as being a Chinese chauvinist and religious bigot.)

      Like Brexit, there’s a ‘Yes’ and a ‘No’ option, and one is free to pick either. In Malaysian context, let’s say the vote on hudud.

      One may disagree with the other side’s choice but why demonize? I personally disagree with hudud and I hope it will not be implemented in Malaysia. But I don’t like the way MCA has gone overboard in their responses.

      MCA should simply have thrown the ball back into DAP’s court and compel PAS’s erstwhile ‘agree to disagree’ partner … in 2013 election, DAP also urged Chinese voters to support hudud assuring that it will only affect criminals – DAP said – and if one is not a thief no need to worry .. to explain how it (DAP) will stop Hadi’s bill.

      BELOW: Hannah Yeoh

      Why not MCA and its J-Star ask ‘ustazah’ Hannah her views?

      1. “Like Brexit, there’s a ‘Yes’ and a ‘No’ option, and one is free to pick either. In Malaysian context, let’s say the vote on hudud.”

        Yes. It would be fun we have a Hudud referendum. We will really see how many will support Hudud.

        1. MCA and Gerakan should do a referendum on their Chinese members,to leave in BN or to remained .

          Would their members decided to leave ,DAP should join BN instead because they can voiced whatever directly ,no needs of represented voiced .

          1. (1) Sometime post-GE12, the then MCA president Ong Tee Keat did conduct an opinion survey. The MCA members voted that they wanted to leave.

            (2) DAP may want to join the BN but why in the world should BN want to accept dajjal like the DAP. Isn’t it better to accept PAS instead?

            In any case, Tun is already working with DAP. You can see for yourself the intense negative sentiments and huge backlash from the Malays. This already tells you that the anti-Islam DAP is totally unacceptable to the Malays.

      2. Helen,

        MCA actually should not worry about Hudud. Though MCA claims to represent the Chinese, it was soundly rejected by the Chinese community itself.

        MCA should just ask the Chinese to air their objection to DAP. After all, DAP went to town and asked Chinese not to be afraid of Hudud.

        And despite UMNO being in power, it is still unable to get TV1, Tv2, Tv3, TV7, TV8, TV9 to air the footage where Anthony Loke said that Chinese should not be afraid of hudud.

        1. Shamshul, you’re so right.

          Going by who actually voted for MCA, then the party should represent its real constituency, i.e. the Malay Muslims. Hence MCA should support hudud.

          re: “And despite Umno being in power, it is still unable to get TV1, Tv2, Tv3, TV7, TV8, TV9 to air the footage where Anthony Loke said that Chinese should not be afraid of hudud.”

          Apo nak dikato? PPTA (Parti Paling Tidak Apa).

    1. With Donald Trump, I wonder what he thinks about non white Christians especially the new Evangelista Chinese Christians. Are they racially on par (as high class) with White Evangelistas or are they below them or the same level with other Chinese immigrants?

      1. Why don’t you ask him? Post the question on his website. Or ask Ivanka!

        Unless you are worried that a Trump presidency will be less than sympathetic towards Muslim/Islamic countries (both Sunni and Shia).

        Hopefully Wisma Putra is working overtime on building connections in the Trump and Hillary camps…..Hopefully.

  2. I think the evangelical brand of Christianity enables a sense of egoism and hubris that is a very distruptive force from family all the way up to national level.

    We never had this problem up until the 80s and 90s when the conversion movement became stronger as more Chinese language churches sprung up; unlike the staid English speaking denominations.

    But now that this genie is out of the bottle, so to speak, the only way is to contain it through registration and tax audits; it can’t be completely eradicated.

  3. I wonder whether there will be many Journey balloons landing at Penang International Airport once Brexit is in place. All those who entered UK on student visas hoping to hook at British person for matrimony will have to come back. Those who tore their passports too.
    I hope the Federal Government would not just forgive and forget and again simply reinstate citizenship. It is always the case of the government berlembut. So we must remind the government again!

    BTW. Of all the former Pakatan Rakyat members, PAS is still the most BERSIH. The DAP now has their Mangosteen and Tunnelvision sagas while PKR has the recent scandals and sagas.

    Actually why oppose hudud. With the track record of PAS, they are the most Bersih. No large scandals actually. If you want BERSIH, then the PAS way is the best way!

    1. quote,”If you want BERSIH, then the PAS way is the best way!’unquote. joke of the day.

      BERSIH, physically, is not that something can be said of Kota Bahru, the epicenter of “Serambi Mekah” aka Kelantan.

      I dare say that toilets in Japanese cities are much more BERSIH than some Kelantan suraus’ ablution areas..

  4. actually from what Brit friends have been telling me, both sides of the campaign have been going overboard with labels and what not.

  5. In the US, one can make fun of the Donald and Hillary. Happens all the time on the late night talk shows (Jimmy Fallon, Trevor Noah etc).

    Or even Obama.

    Nobody gives a damn – not even the Donald, Hillary or Obama.

    Americans have a healthy scepticism about politicians in general.

    The American media doesn’t treat politicians as sacrosanct.

    Unlike, say, in Asia (Modi, Erdogan, Putin, Xi etc)…

    1. Kineas1067,

      re: “Unlike, say, in Asia (Modi, Erdogan, Putin, Xi etc)…”

      In Malaysia, politicians from the ruling parties in Malaysia have a Mandate for Heaven.

      People like Najib Razak or Hadi Awang are gods in their own right.

      We can only make fun of Opposition leaders, so Lim Kit Siang is a DAPig, Anwar Ibrahim is a homosexual, and Mat Sabu is … what is Mat Sabu?

      It’s alright, you can tell me because we are allowed to make fun of Mat Sabu, he is an Opposition politician, so it is OK to insult him.

      1. You guys support the Oppo tapi macam tak pernah pegi Oppo punya ceramah. Pelik bin ajaib! Dalam erti kata lain, PENIPU BESAR!!!

        1. I am curious. Do you have your own private intelligence service and surveillance capabilities to be able to identify who attends Oppo ceramahs? And whether these attendees are there out of genuine interest or because they are the eyes and ears of a pervasive monitoring network a la the NSA in the US?


      2. You must be very naïve to not know the numerous insulting names labeled on BN politicians.

        Get out of your new Chinese village laaa…. there’s more life out there.

        1. “insulting names”???

          Ooh, spicy. Details, please.

          And don’t leave out the salacious bits!


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