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Chinese don’t want to prosper PAS

Continues from ‘Better to hold the “snap poll” in Selangor‘.


The Chinese community is pondering “the impact of PAS’s political ecosystem” on the future of Malaysia.

A Sin Chew editorial yesterday mused whether Pakatan Harapan “should go its own way and not engage in any form of cooperation and negotiation with the Islamist party at all”.

The influential Chinese newspaper suggested that the opposition coalition must adapt to the reality of third party spoilers during elections “instead of allowing PAS to have an opportunity to expand its influences just for the sake of lifting its [Pakatan’s] own winning chances”.

BELOW: Hannah Yeoh in a mosque

Hannah Yeoh pergi ke masjid untuk ma

Why should Chinese give space for PAS to survive?

Casting doubt on PAS’s “theocratic aspirations” and “hudud agenda”, Sin Chew further said that the “conservative and outdated ideologies” of the party are “posing a severe threat to the existence of our secular system and will bog down the country’s development”.

Sin Chew believes that the “theocratic philosophies” of PAS are “posing a severe threat to the country’s secular system”.

The newspaper then asks, “if we reject theocracy, why should we provide any space for this party to continue to survive and even prosper?”

BELOW: Mujahid in a church

'Mujahid Yusof Rawa Hannah

Chinese must support and help PAN to grow

Sin Chew cautions that the “religious ideologies” of PAS cannot be allowed to keep Pakatan in bondage, even at the cost of failing to avert three-cornered fights.

An alternative solution proposed by the newspaper is to “support and grow” PAN so that the splinter party “will eventually manage to restrict the development of PAS, forcing the Islamist party to back off to its East Coast fortress”.

Weighing the options, Sin Chew said that Pakatan can afford to lose a few seats. “But allowing PAS to expand its political influences unchecked will take us down the irreversible path of lslamization.”

BELOW: Chinese youths in surau (click to enlarge)

Cina di surau markas PAS Kedah

PAS properly snookered by the Chinese

Cina DAP are dead set against lslamization but didn’t mind exploiting PAS to enter mosques to fish for Malay support.

They made suckers out of PAS whose khatib even prayed publicly for Guan Eng to masuk Islam.

Didn’t PAS feel the sting of a slap in the face when Hannah Yeoh threatened to make police report against all those who spread the (false) rumour that she had converted to Islam?

DAP anti-Islam tapi pemimpin evangelista pura-pura berjinak

Bukankah PAS begitu yakin bahawa Hannah sudah mendekati Islam dan pasti akan dikurniakan cahaya hidayah dalam masa terdekat? Malah sampai Puan Speaker dijulang sebagai seorang srikandi Islam.

It’s been more than eight years since Hannah’s determined forays into the mosques and we’re still awaiting her conversion as tarbiyah-ed by PAS.

And what about those PAS people who sambut baik the #sahur tweets of YB Serdang – DAP evangelista Ong Kian Ming – and even invited him to the surau to kacau dodol?

Real dodos some of the PAS people were!

BELOW: Hannah Yeoh in tudung during her scores of visits to masjid dan surau

Hannah Dont say I am Muslim

Cina DAP supported PAN in twin by-elections

Back in early 2009, DAP Adun Hee Yit Foong quit her party and precipitated a crisis.

YB Hee was the Jelapang Adun in Perak. Her switch to becoming a “BN-friendly independent” catalysed the fall of the Pakatan state government led by PAS’s Nizar Jamaluddin.

Chinese all over the country hated on Hee to the extent of inundating her with death threats on top of cursing her family for seven generations.

BELOW: Hannah Yeoh’s interns Occupy Masjid

Hannah Yeoh's interns Occupy Masjid

Chinese double standards without batting single eyelid

When it was Hee taking away with her DAP’s Jelapang seat, that was a cardinal sin in the eyes of the Chinese.

But when it is YB Hasnul Baharuddin and YB Saari Sungib taking away PAS’s Morib and Hulu Kelang seats with them respectively to PAN, oh that’s perfectly alright. The Chinese did not blink that PAN is a party born in dishonor through the legacy of stolen property.

They cheered PAN and shitted on PAS.

Dalam hal ini, Cina memang bikin serupa cakap. They deserted en masse from PAS in Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar while giving their vote in bulk to the PAN candidates.

PAS dikenakan mereka kow-kow.

stabbed in the back heart

ABOVE: The love-love-love of DAP evangelistas for PAS was so fake; (below) Sungai Besar by-election results compared to GE 2013

PAS Sg Besarbyelection

Selangorians want new kerajaan perpaduan ummah

hannahmosquepurplecropPlease allow me to repeat that PAS people were such suckers for inviting the DAP evangelistas into their mosques and surau. (Pix left: Who else but Hannah the Tudung Mannequin)

Bertaubatlah wahai PAS. Harap-harap jangan jemput lagi.

But nonetheless, PAS is today still willing to bersekongkol with the enemy-of-Islam party DAP in the Selangor state government.

If PAS had any shred of dignity, it would withdraw its excos from Azmin’s administration as a protest against the Selangor government which includes two state seats stolen from PAS.

BELOW: Current composition of DUN Selangor

Selangor govt 2016


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10 thoughts on “Chinese don’t want to prosper PAS

  1. Helen,

    Why hit out at DAP alone , didn’t MCA and Gerakan are more DAP’s then the DAP herself ?, and never leave MIC too .

    UMNO propaganda is outdated to them ,UMNO always stress on “perpaduan” rakyat . UMNO always forget to achieve “perpaduan” rakyat mesti ada satu sahaja sistem pendidekan yang mengunakan satu bahasa sahaja.

    1. re: “Why hit out at DAP alone” ?

      Correct. MCA and Gerakan are anti PAS too.

      But MCA and Gerakan did not tipu PAS or make use of PAS like DAP did.

      Wanita MCA leaders do not pakai tudung untuk masuk masjid.

      And unlike DAP, MCA did not tell Chinese to support hudud with the story that there’s nothing to be afraid if one is not a thief or has no intention to steal.

      1. MCA came out in defenses of DAP being labelled as Kafir Harbi by Pahang Mufti .

        2 kali 5 = 10 5 kali 2 =10 .

        Political ideology may split the Malay ,but never the Chinese ,they just came with different labelled .

  2. Helen,

    Though Hadi is nowadays friendlier to UMNO, he and entire PAS machinery still view UMNO as a “sinner”. Never mind the fact that PAS opens the way to DAP to be closer to Putrajaya.

    PAS irritating attitude is a real problem. So used to lecture others(meaning UMNO) as if PAS has exclusive control on Islam make PAS blinds to its own glaring weaknesses.

    What is it with PAS that it is unable to accept reality that PKR is stabbing its back. PKR obviously backed PAN in Sg Besar. Is that not enough reason for PAS to be out of Selangor Government.

    As if that is not enough, PAS is still techically working with DAP through alliance in Selangor WHILE CLAIMING DAP IS ANTI ISLAM.

    Precisely for this reason make me feel UMNO is much better. UMNO though make numerous mistakes, is not that pretentious.

    The Sg Besar election is the proof. The bulk of Malay votes went to UMNO.

  3. Its a Brexit!

    This means a NO to immigration in the UK.
    This is also an encouragement to Trump and his supporters (and any anti-immigration proponents) that they are not the only one who are against immigration.
    For those who tore their passports, well Cherios to them. Perhaps now have to take the Journey balloon back.
    For those Bangsa Malaysias who hate this country and want to leave, UK does not want them. And if this trend continues, many other countries won’t want them. They better stay here, and shut up.

      1. The ones that SHOULD stay is the ones FLUENT IN MALAY and/or ARABIC. Otherwise you will just hate yourselves for staying. Malaysia will be better without DISLOYAL CITIZEN. And no, paying taxes is not being loyal, it is the cost of citizenship or living here which you will have to pay no matter if you are living in london or kampuchea. Only International waters do not have tax. House boat with pagoda features anyone?

        If thing would change it MUST start with total assimilation or total exodus. Anything in between is just POLITICS!

        1. ‘House boat with pagoda features anyone?’

          HY and mamat Singapore wanna be tu boleh try kat selatan Temasik bordering Batam! LOL. Pilot project pastu yang lain2 boleh menyusul!

          ‘Anything in between is just POLITICS!’

          Tepat sekali!

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